2018 Resolutions and Lessons!

2018 is over; It was mostly and generally a dull year full of disappointments, sad events, loss of great people and economic crisis that led many to lose their jobs and a certain level of living.
Despite, we always learn and improve:

  • Personally, I was convinced that exercise and workout should be a habit, a life style and so it was. I lost 34 pounds and maintaining my weight perfectly.
  • I learned to enjoy my own company and to embrace quality time with myself.
  • I was convinced that some people have a short role in your life, some have only one scene, some just pass by in the background of your life events…when you know that, you just let go and it’s not nonchalance or rudeness, it’s just accepting the facts and moving on.
  • I was convinced that marriage is the worst institution ever and society is so fucked up struggling to maintain a fake image and many innocent creatures are paying a huge price.
  • I was sad to realize that the woman in my country is not respected as they are claiming especially as a mother and partner; even her children won’t stand for her when she needs them, those children that she gave them her all and her life…
  • I witnessed how Lebanese society is retarded, judgmental and racist apart from a small percentage of very well educated and respectful people that are lost among these garbage and ignorance.
  • I was convinced that when you are good and give without expecting anything in return, even people that considered very good and decent will use you.
  • I was convinced that being stubborn and holding grudges is the worst thing a person can do! Nothing deserves to close your doors permanently in the name of pride and the claim that you are right and the other person is wrong.
  • People don’t change unless they want to and unless they work hard to, otherwise don’t bother.
  • The more you give the more people will take; they won’t care if you’re drowning and falling apart.
  • I witnessed how overconfidence is causing destruction, misjudgments and overestimation and when you are aware of the real facts and figures, you realize how stupid these people seem! And how unfair they are!
  • I closed my doors for some people or friendships to prevent negative and ungrateful attitude and I don’t mind opening them again if the behavior has changed.
  • Some friends closed their doors for me as well and they are totally free.
  • Nothing is free; everybody wants something in return…Except your mother, she wants you to be good and happy.
  • People that everyone consider rude and weird will surprise you the most when you need something…
  • Travel is the best therapy, too bad we have the worst passport in the world! And the worst economic situation as well!
  • No one will ever treat you the way you treat them so lower your expectations. Or cancel them as I did.
  • Whenever I confuse a dream with an expectation, I cut it off immediately even if it means destroying my dream!
  • Words mean nothing, it’s good if they are nice and soft (as they should always be)! But always watch the actions! Always! When people want to do something, they will just do it, they won’t shower you with words and promises, they will just do it…
  • Honest and real people are hated by most. Even though everybody claims that they crave honesty and real and tired of lies and manipulation. Just bullshit. People will change what they want constantly and when it suits them they will love lies, when it suits them they will hate lies….
  • As an employee, you’ll always be a “servant”, someone that can be replaced anytime and you’ll never be able to save money.
  • Most Lebanese business partners and managers won’t show you appreciation and won’t give you any credit for your work and devotion, because they are afraid you might feel good about yourself and have some self-confidence and probably believe in yourself and feel good for some short of time! It threatens them…
  • Worst thing that can ever happen to you is working with bitches, narcissists and double standards people.  
  • Stupidest people are the ones who act as if they are smarter than others; They presume the other person is average just because they’re not them! They assume they are cleverer and know more than others.
  • When you suspect anyone and everything, when you judge anyone and anything, you might be right sometimes just because you can’t be wrong all the time! But it doesn’t mean you’re right all the time either…So imagine how many times you prejudiced, you were unfair or you hurt!
  • Despite how good, decent, well educated, funny, etc….people might look like, their true colors will show when money is involved! No you don’t want to borrow money from them! You just changed your payment terms that’s it, after years of commitment and high level of respect and dedication….Well, the result is astonishing!
  • Well not all the couples know what love is, as not all the single people are lonely or loveless. Probably they are single because they know exactly what Love is and that’s pretty enough…
  • Following your dreams is essential but helping others fulfilling their dreams is good too! 
  • You are lucky if material things can make you happy…because they are the cheapest things in this world!
  • I have seen many death certificates for people that had diseases and suffered before they die, but when I checked the cause of death it was always: Cardiac arrest.  You are alive until your heart stops beating, despite how bad is your condition…So take care of your heart and make sure it’s beating and it’s working.  Because the day it stops, means you are dead!
Written in December 2018 

8 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions and Lessons!

  1. I’m definitely glad to have dropped by and checked out your resolutions and lesson.

    I loved this line of yours. “Following your dreams is essential but helping others fulfilling their dreams is good too!”

    And you’ve mentioned reading numerous death certificates and reading cardiac arrest. Do you work in the medical field as well?

    Great blog post 😊

    1. Hello Eva, thank you for dropping by and taking time to read and comment 😊
      Well this line of following my dreams is a life time practice and when I feel I didn’t realize most of my dreams, I like to remind myself of that!
      No I’m not in medical field but I lost many dear people so I literally check their death certificate and of course I wanted to say that people should use their hearts more and love more…thank you for your lovely words 😊

      1. It was my pleasure. I like that motto of yours. I’ll try to remember that as well.

        Sometimes we do forget our true intention … but as long as we remember them it’s fine.

        Love like there’s no tomorrow 😊

      2. Yes Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die today or tomorrow 😊 wish you the best of luck in your journey

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