Looking back and tell yourself you were stupid, I should have done this and not that is judging yourself the same way you judge others when you criticize without knowing the people circumstances, what they are going through, what’s their story….you are only a watcher, a spectator from afar and you’re not in the middle of the situation, so having an opinion about their behavior and actions is just judging.

Same case when you look back now, while you are sitting, has nothing to do, with no stress, you watch what happened in your head and judge yourself. You just can’t take your mature self, your comfortable and stress-free self, to the past and say why I did this and not that! It’s so useless, so wrong and unfair to you as it is unfair to others as well.

Regret the past is the stupidest thing you can ever do. You can just see if you can learn from your previous actions and improve not more.

Written in November 2017

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