Gift Or Curse?

If you have the gift to touch people’s hearts, you will realize that it’s not really a gift, it’s probably a curse! Because people tend to run from those who can see through them and touch their heart so you will always stay alone…

Written in September 2017

27 thoughts on “Gift Or Curse?

      1. I loved reading through your excerpts 🙂 I have heard of Lebanon only in my history classes back in school days. I think you are the first Lebanese I am talking to

      2. Thank you so much and it’s a pleasure talking to you! I also know little about India from movies or random information…I hear the people are very kind and warm! I hope you will visit Lebanon one day and you’ll know more about our country, history can be misleading sometimes 🙂

      3. Oh for sure. I would love to. As for the history is concerned..well history was never my fav I forgot what I learnt… Good to meet you huguetta (how do I pronounce ur name.. hug or hugh?) I am mathav

      4. Yes history can be annoying sometimes 🙂 Nice to meet you Mathav, my name is Huguette, you pronounce it like Uget but the U is the French pronunciation since it’s a French name, the H is silent 🙂

      5. Hello, huguetta just wanted to say.. Thank you so much for going through my poems and since I am online now, I understand how you take your time to read my poems and give a honest feedback.. I appreciate it very much 🙂

      6. Well you are talented and I’m enjoying your reads 🙂 Plus I believe in treating people the same way they treat you! But I’ll be honest for sure in my comments! And thank you as well for your time 🙂

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