Strong faith

I wish sometimes I can have the deep and strong faith I used to have as a child when I used to drop my small ring on the big road full of gravel, sands, grass and sometimes thorns…And I always knew I will find it…and I always did! (I still have this ring)

Written in December 2018

23 thoughts on “Strong faith

  1. I have the ring, but i lost it in the grass and i cried a lot i was searching everywhere with my parents, but it was lost, in general when we are kids life looks easier, but more we grow more difficult it gets, we have more worries and more fears❤️

    1. 🥺🥺 yes ! This is what I wanted to say from this post
      Life is the same but people are so Fucking complicated!
      Thank you for the great comment ❤️

      1. And we are making our life complicated and we understand that and we not changing it😁

      2. It was supposed to be today 😂 it didn’t though! 😁 well I don’t like to speak negative but many days I wish so I guess

      3. Oh yes I know this feeling very well! My life was mostly sad but I just don’t mention it so I understand what others feel more than anyone! People read my posts and think I’m Thanos hahhaha that’s good because I have a reputation to maintain 😁

      4. It’s not for me, but most of people prefer comfortable lies than bitter truth
        I don’t, I look into your eyes and I rather hurt you once than a life time!

      5. I feel better now, i dont know if its you or sunlight which came up to my window, but now i will get a coffee and i will chill on the blog with very very very tiny smile😁

      6. 😁😁😁wow! This is amazing actually ! I’m so blessed I could change your mood ❤️
        Enjoy and hope soon you will be very very good and the smile will get bigger and bigger
        And I’m available also via email if it’s better for you
        Always ready to help 😊
        Make this weekend rocks 👌🌞🌞

      7. Saved the e mail, you know sometimes there are some points about what we can’t talk on comments so e mail is better idea sometimes❤️

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