Little girl: Mom, let me take my dolls with me
Mother: no, we don’t have time, we need to leave now!
Little girl: but mom, please! I will carry them!
Mother: we will return, it will not be for long!
Little girl: at least my favorite doll, please mom
Mother: let’s go

The little girl was so sad, what will happen to these dolls alone…She used to be afraid to play with them and break them; she wanted them to stay brand new! Well they stayed…or they didn’t?
She was thinking the entire time and whispering to herself: They were afraid in the dark, in this big living room? She placed them in the best place in living room to remain untouched and new! They were hurt when the house was destroyed? I hope they didn’t feel any pain…I hope my favorite doll was sleeping when they invaded! She was on my bed; I hope she was sleeping….

The little girl wasn’t concerned that she lost her house, and everything in it! They snatched her from her hometown, her home. She slept having everything and woke up having nothing! They took everything in seconds…But she was concerned about the dolls!

And by the time she had the chance to be back to her home, she was too old to play with dolls, she was too broken to care and sometimes to even feel…The house was destroyed and empty even from memories. They even stole her memories…

Mom, you said it will not be for long! But it feels eternity to me…It was long enough to forget who I was, who I am and how to even feel.

H.A – January 2019

57 thoughts on “Flashback

    1. Because it is sad actually! But sorry to make you feel sad 😦 Well we had many civil wars in my country and in one of them we were displaced from our hometown and of course it wasn’t happy at all…Yes it sad and unfair robbing childhood and even memories…you have no idea…
      Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

      1. It’s okay. It’s not all about the happy but the sad as well.

        Oh wow sorry to hear that. Are you and your family okay now?

      2. Yes Thank you for your concern and empathy 🙂 it was long time ago and we were back but things change of course, happy we didn’t lose any family member, this is the most important 🙂

      3. That’s definitely the important thing. We all go through tough times. I simply just varies from one person to another.

  1. Got here from the nominated post. Aw 😥 This is one of those time when I seem to be running out of word to say. Ok. fine, I’m writing a lot for someone who has nothing to say but that’s because I’m a writer and I’m bubbling right now because I have no idea how to comfort you… 😦 I’m sorry, I know how terrible it is to lose precious things that you can’t get back.

    1. This so kind and heartwarming Jessica ❤ yes it's so hard but some people lost family members so we're grateful our family was safe, material belongings can be compensated (at least you discover this after a long journey of struggle 🙂 ) Oh please don't worry, it was long time ago and I'm doing great now 🙂 Although your words are so precious and relieving

      1. I never actually spoke about it except through this post…and flashback 2 as well
        Sometimes you just keep everything inside
        Thank you Chris 😊 much love to you

      2. Didn’t realise there was a follow up. I’ve a lot of reading to do later it seems 🙂
        Running around like a headless chicken here at the moment. And I have an issue to face later as well. Going to be an interesting evening at least.
        Talk later Huguette

      3. Ha ha yes, I was all over the place.
        Thanks for the link.
        I remember as a child I always wanted a soldiers uniform and toy gun. My mum would never let me. Years later I find out it was because she was worried I would get shot.
        When the British Army first came to Northern Ireland is was to protect Catholics. They soon became the opressors.
        It is sad to think people are so willing to kill each other. Normally at the order of their government. Where is the humanity?

      4. I liked how they came to protect you and then they became the oppressors! They all do! I can imagine of course your mother fear and she was completely right, I also encourage parents to not let their children thinking that guns and wars are the best toys…I mean teach them to play with some educational games, peaceful games that make them love not hate.
        Believe me nothing is human of what’s happening on daily basis, killing someone because they have different opinion, religion, beliefs…eliminating populations and creating thousands of refugees! Nothing is human at all! And nobody cares; even United Nations is biased in favor of the powerful countries

      5. It all comes down to the global rulers and their self-serving agendas in my opinion.
        The best way to control people is to keep them divided. At war with each other to avoid seeing the puppet masters strings.
        Sometimes I despair. Thousands of years and nothing has changed.
        Will it ever?!

      6. Yes division is the key to control people and take over, we certainly know this and practice this especially in the Arab world! Conspiracies, divisions, religious conflicts and all for the service of the big masters
        No, it wi never end, we just need to do what suit us to live happy and in peace, if we ever had this privilege

      7. It’s the same here. Our government hasn’t even been sitting for over 2 years as the two main political parties can’t work together! It’s pathetic really.
        You’re right. We just have to try our best to make the most of what we have.

  2. Very emotional. It’s really worth reading.Thank you so much for writing.I was reading and all of a sudden I had to stop reading I mean I wanted more of it.I hope you will continue…..

    1. Thank you so much for your time and kind appreciation!
      There’s a flashback 2 only if you want to read
      Probably I will continue if I the inspiration flows
      Thank you 🙏🏻

      1. Flashback 2 is already there, after flashback 1
        Probably not the remaining story but you can check it
        I don’t know how to share the link here

  3. As i already know, what happening in your life this post just made me feel not sad, but a life i guess❤️

      1. It gets tuff when it comes to the feelings at least for me, i may express them by crying laughing or screaming..

      2. I scream when i’m angry on someone, i cant hold back emotion, well after i regret, but the at the moment, i just have to do it..

      3. Well each person reaction is different, probably it makes you feel better
        I control my emotions very well but I wish I can smash people’s faces that will be so relieving actually 😁 but illegal 🙄

      4. 😂but how about your soft hand are you ready to break it in someones face? Or you prefer to use hummer?😂

      5. Hahhaa oh don’t worry at all I’m ready to break my hand if that means smashing some jerk face 😁 but hammer will be awesome 😎 😁

      6. You got full box of tools😂i’m trying to imagine you carrying it with you😁

      7. Not a big fan of horror except « Saw » I watched them many times! They are 8! You should watch them as well if you love horror

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