Flashback – 2

Soldier: where are you heading?

Mother: to our house

Soldier looking at the teenage girl: what do you have in this bag?

Girl: clothes

He took the bag and dropped all the clothes on the floor and the girl felt so angry so mad…this soldier supposed to protect her not humiliate her…

She gathered the clothes, put them back in the bag tears in her eyes silent as a grave, and it was the day she stopped believing in the military motto….which supposed to be very noble and very respectful!

Soldier: go!

Mother: don’t be afraid now, just stay close to me

Girl: I’m not afraid

Mother: you just need to stay away from these green circles ok?

Girl: ok but what are these ?

Mother : walk now and I’ll tell you later.

The mother was walking fast grabbing her girl’s hand and looking up at the buildings from time to time anxious and terrified…

Girl: what’s up?

Mother: walk silently

We can hear random bullets, the Kalashnikov rythme is playing in my head, it became a music…I love to think it’s a music and not an ugly war!

Eventually we won this war! Oh We did! We were lucky we weren’t chosen randomly by the snipers! Luckier than many people who were chosen and killed in the same spot we crossed many times!

We won! We didn’t step on these land mines…we didn’t blow up

We won, we didn’t take any random bullet!

The war is over, we won because we are breathing but inside us there are many wars that need a peaceful closure…Will I ever win these wars?

H.A – January 2019

34 thoughts on “Flashback – 2

  1. Ugly stories of war 😢 I’m glad to see that you choose to hear explosions as music instead. It keeps the mind at ease.

    This definitely made you stronger. Great post 😊

    1. Hello Eva, hope you’re good today😊 thank you for reading and for the support as well! Yes definitely, all the difficulties we go through make who we are eventually…I was never afraid of death because of these moments I spent crossing these lines where snipers were watching us and decided not to shoot…that day I remember I was more angry from humiliation than afraid from a bullet or land mine…
      Thanks again and looking forward to reading your new writings as well 😊

      1. I definitely woke up on the right side of the bed thank you😊 That’s definitely something one shouldn’t have gone through. But definitely an experience worth looking back and realising that, “that made me stronger, that made me who I am.”😊

        Have a great day ahead 😊

      1. I like to know more about people who i follow, who they are, when they started and what was the first post, i translated your first post the google was so messed up, i didn’t knew what to say😁

      2. Well in my posts I revealed how I think and who I am like big time but whatever you want to know, you can ask and let me know which post and I’ll work on a good translation for you 😊
        I will laugh a lot on google translation 😁
        Appreciate your devotion and care 🤗

      3. 😂Well i was reading your very first post, do you have english version about it? 🤗

      4. Oh my hahah this is a political article that was published in a Lebanese newspaper
        I’ll work on a translation as soon as I can
        This is a promise 👍😊

  2. A breath taking Flashback. Everything happened and Glad you are alive NOW! Better than Ever! We coudlve not Heard it from you if we lost u on war. We couldve not had a Strong person like Huguette now. We couldve not read a surviving story. Glad none of your family member injured. But could feel how you couldve felt. These wars, they never cared about people. This journey of yours is a ✨MEMORY ✨. It is a motivation. It is a strong message to people ✨ Proud of Today’s HUGUETTE !

    1. Thank you so much Simon again for clicking another post inside the post 😊🙏🏻 these 2 posts are the only words I wrote about my feelings from the war we lived…I never said a word before them and I’m humbled by your appreciation and kindness!
      I’m so glad we survived as well to meet the great people here like you 😊🙏🏻

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