Winter is here!

I was always a summer person, I love the sun appearance and sensation, love to feel the warmth, the peace that a sunny day brings. I feel good, I feel happy just from seeing the sun!

Winter has started and it seems serious this year! The winter starts officially in Lebanon on December 21st.

I was checking random posts on Instagram and a post for Natgeo has stopped me, a man on January 12, 2016 was sitting beside the sea, smoking a hookah in Raouché district of Beirut, Lebanon. This place is beside the sea, there is a Corniche where people enjoy walking and cycling and so… and they were saying that the weather could not have been more different from this January (2019) with storm causing heavy rains, high winds and freezing temperatures in Beirut and I remembered how Winter 2016 was almost like summer! It was sunny and warm. I know it shouldn’t be and winter and rain are major! But the sunlight has always improved my mood somehow and made me feel good, hopeful and happier.

Natgeo Instagram Post on January 12th 2019 showing winter in January 2016

Winter always made me worried, since I was in school and then high school, university…then work…I was concerned, I don’t want to carry this stupid umbrella, but I have to! I hope today the heavy rains will not flood roads! One shower at home is really enough☺. Hope there will not be too many puddles and the drivers will not be total jerks! Splashing is something the drivers do sometimes deliberately, I don’t know what fun it brings to them but it only brings cold and showery sensations the entire day, I mean I like to fantasize I’m having fun at the Water Park! but it’s not the case, all what you get is sickness and runny nose!

I never been able to enjoy winter…even though I don’t hate it, probably I hate the uncomfortable events that happen because of the lack of regulations, good roads, Infrastructure and sometimes good manners….

Winter in January 2019 (this was supposed to be a highway)

Rainy days and nights trigger only specific thoughts: I’m inside, sitting beside the chimney, having a glass of wine, watching the raindrops softly tapping the window, I can see the wind blowing outside, playing with the trees but it can’t touch me! I’m safe from all the mud and water and from chasing my umbrella in the air because the wind is blowing inside it and it became upside down…I’m carrying a satellite now, I look so funny! The wind is pushing me, and the rain is slapping me! Damn what a scene! I remember the time I just dropped the umbrella in the middle of the road and enjoyed the rain…Oh just for 1 day it was somehow romantic because after that I had some deep flu for 2 weeks, it was less romantic of course with the red eyes, the sneezing and coughing…

Previous Instagram Story

The only way I enjoy winter is from inside home even though I love the earth’s smell after the rain so much, I love nature, the green, the trees smell…But I never loved cold though…

Today it’s rainy and cold even though my friends and family in Europe and Canada or USA always mention that this is not cold! I mean you should try -15°C  or so, 8°C  or even 5°C is not cold! But for me it feels like -15°C! I mean with -15 I will freeze literally.

Cold and rain make me want to eat and sleep and be so lazy! I mean I was working today but my productivity was really awful…I’m sitting in front of the computer, dreaming  of the moment I will step inside the house and feel the warmth…Even though I’m exercising so I’m not being lazy as I wish to be.

“Winter is here” “Winter is coming” “Winter has come” are only acceptable to me when House Stark says them since I’m a Stark lover in Game Of Thrones series, otherwise it’s a unpleasant announcement, it makes me feel unenthusiastic, listless and down.
24 days have passed, 66 days to go!

What about you? Are you a summer or a winter person? 😊

H.A – January 14th 2019

13 thoughts on “Winter is here!

  1. Winter. Mostly because of the unannounced rain holidays I use to get when I was in school. In South India Monsoon is from November to December and coincidentally this is when our exams fall too. I remember jumping in sheer joy when the local news report announces that schools are closed today. I would spend rest of the day with cartoons and some delicious snacks I steal from the kitchen. Oh and snuggling under cozy blankets and watching lord of the rings…ahh sweet heavens

    1. Sounds great 🙂 Well if I get to snuggle under cozy blanket and watch my favorite movie, then winter would be great! Thank you for stopping by and for for sharing your experience as well!

  2. I THINK I’m a winter person … it’s merely a presumption since I’ve never experienced snow. I’m a home buddy and I do enjoy being cooped up in the house. So I’m definitely a winter person. Staying in bed with hot choco. Definitely my cup of tea 😊

    1. Hello Eva 🙂 welcome back! How have you been? It is a presumption indeed, because if it’s as you’re describing, I’m a winter person too! I mean if I will stay inside, warm with hot drink or wine than I have no reason to not be a winter person 😀 But when you try winter in the circumstance I was describing, then you’ll probably change your mind 🙂 We have snow here but I’m not a big fan of snow, and it doesn’t snow anyway in the city. I go just as curiosity to see the Snow and do some Snowmobiling but I prefer, green, nature and sun 🙂

      1. The past couple of days were pretty hectic andddd I feel so uninspired. Hopefully all the creative juices will come back. How are you as well?

        Sun is good. But sometimes the heat could be unbearable. I think it’s definitely good to have a sense of balance between warm and cool climate. Nothing of the extremes would be best. But that isn’t the case for us. We did wrong to Mother Nature 😢

      2. Yes there are some days we feel uninspired and unproductive as well so hope the upcoming days will be comfortable and inspiring 🙂 I’m doing well, thank you, the usual routine and I’m preparing some throwback post for a previous trip, it’s taking some time
        Well, here the weather was always balanced, we don’t have the extreme heat they have in some countries or the extreme cold as well, we are known by this weather but things changed a bit worldwide because of the Ozone layer issues and what we did! we really messed up big time! Enjoy the weekend and relax so you can have your energy back 😀

      3. Take your time. Don’t rush in putting out content. I think it was definitely my fault for overloading myself too much. It’s good to have momentum but loosing it is a nightmare.

        Have a great weekend ahead 😊

      4. Yes I am, working slowly…but I believe that some days we are more energetic and we have plenty of things to say, so it might seems “Rush” but it’s not…And we don’t lose it, just some days we are less energetic and less motivated so you’ll be back don’t worry! You can even write about how it feels now you see? 🙂
        Thank you same to you ❤

  3. I hate when the cars splash water on me after the rain, just want to take hummer and kick the car😂, i use to like winter, when i was a kid, but now, i’m a summer person, it makes me feel good as it does for you🤗

    1. Hahhaha i want that too! Stupid drivers
      Yes summer and sun change my mood! Plus you can do lot of activities in summer and travel and have fun 🌞 thank you for reading , I was surprised you’re catching old posts 🙏🏻🙏🏻appreciate your time 🤗❤️

      1. I was curious😏and interested and i liked them, i decided to read you out today😁

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