Capharnaum Film – Oscar Nomination

The Lebanese movie “Capharnaum” for the amazing Lebanese director and filmmaker Nadine Labaki is nominated for an Oscar for “Best Foreign Language Film”.
We feel honored and proud to see such news, despite all the political and economical issues, Lebanon is still rising through talented and incredible citizens!
Noting that Capharnaum is also the WINNER of the Jury Prize from the “Festival de Cannes 2018”.
I feel more proud that the post production company I work for, is a part of the team that worked on this movie and it’s a great feeling to be a part of a successful journey.

Looking forward to having this Oscar on February 2019! Fingers crossed!

Capharnaum Cinema Poster

For more details you can check the news from the below link:

Credit for featured image: from Capharnaum Twitter account

H.A – January 23rd 2019

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