Practice What You Preach Or Change Your Speech

Sentences like: who do you think you are? You think you’re so beautiful, good-looking, you’re arrogant, you’re so proud, you’re selfish, you’re heartless, you’re cruel etc.., to someone that doesn’t like you or love you back or doesn’t want to be a part of your life…nagging everyone about it and judging people based on it, is usually hypocrisy and double standards! Why?

Because these same people that are muttering the above mentioned sentences, are bragging in front of their friends and acquaintances that this girl or that guy is dying to be with them, texting and calling and chasing… BUT: they are not interested! They say it with a smirk on their faces; they can’t hide how cocksure they are!

You should really focus and stop nagging unless you are willing to be with the person that you don’t like back. I mean what’s wrong with them huh?

Life is harder when you’re a double standard person, when you’re unable to switch roles for one second! No offense, I respect all people and you’re free to love whomever you want without any exception! Unrequited care, love, crush, friendship, etc… If it’s your choice, you are free!
But you are not free to attack people because it’s not mutual… I just strongly believe that you should “Practice what you preach or change your speech” as simple as that.

All these people you are attacking, they do have a heart but it’s not yours! Or they are unable to love; unable to care so how you force them to? They have their own demons and issues, their own stories and disappointments; sometimes they are even unable to love themselves!
Therefore, easy with your judgments, it’s really not about you; it’s always about the other party.
If you’re unable to see it this way, just force yourself to love someone that means nothing to you or tell me how it feels when they force you to and they blame you as well, and then you will understand.   

What are your thoughts regarding this subject? What’s your point of view?

H.A – January 24th 2019

19 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach Or Change Your Speech

  1. I think with the era of technology and social media, this culture has become more rampant. People are so quick to judge others without truly knowing the person first which is really sad.

    Like one example was that one teenager collapsed and died at a party and apparently the cause of death was a drug overdose. It was publicised on a newspaper and on the internet. A lot of people then posted in their comments, some of them were quite rude saying that she deserved to die coz she did drugs. Their reactions saddened me.

    I mean they don’t even know the whole story yet. They arent 100% sure that the cause of death was really drug overdose since the autopsy didn’t come out yet. Maybe she was drugged by someone who meant to cause her harm. Many possible explanations.

    So AMEN to this post. We shouldn’t be too quick to judge others. And if we don’t have anything positive to say, might as well hold back our comments.

    Sorry if i ranted a little bit.

    1. Oh don’t worry! You can state your mind just the way you feel it 🙂
      Yes I know what you mean, social media is being really misused, and between respecting people opinions and the need to really control the hatred and prejudice and ignorance, I feel sometimes I might not choose the respect! Especially when people hurt and judge so harshly! The example you gave is happening on daily basis on Social media and I used to be a so provoked and sometimes comment in what it eventually becomes a nonsense conversations full of rage! Now I prevent interacting when I see hatred and judging…It’s true that I limited the subject on relationships but it goes on every aspect and subject in the society!
      Thank you again for taking time to read and interact 🙂 Always a pleasure to discuss points of views and ideas with you!

    1. Hello Gauri, (hope I’m spelling your right name :)). Thank you for taking time and reading and for your comment as well! Unfortunately, we are all hypocrites in some situations, we need to fight it as much as we can and be honest and have common and single standards…We can always improve and evolve when we face our flows.

  2. Standards has to be broken, changed needed, you know, i’m not sure again if i got it write, as you said someone texting and care, but we dont care, because we are expecting it from someone else right? I know the feeling, i want someone to care who doesn’t and i do have someone who cares but i dont?

    1. Yes that’s it!! You can’t force me to love you and call me arrogant or so because I don’t love you, while you can’t force yourself to love people you don’t like and moreover you are proud that you reject people, but when someone says no to you, this person becomes not good ..
      Mainly this what I meant 🙂

      1. Understood, but is always like this life, i love someone who doesn’t give two shits about me and i ignore the person who is ready to give the world to me, well i dont ignore pushing away nicely, but still, why it must be this way?

      2. Because we can’t force love and we can’t force feelings right? Same applies on everything ! Can you stand to eat something you hate? Or allergic to!
        My message is dont’ preach what you don’t practice, yes it’s happening daily but accept it that’s it

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