Lebanese Arabic:
بتذكر من زمان لما كانت جمعة العيلة الكبيرة حلوة، كنّا ننطرا مناطرة ونقضّي أحلى وقت بلا تفكير وتحليل….كانت ضحكاتنا صادقة وكان في كتير حب ودفا
 هلق بطّلع  وما بشوف إلّا خبث وكره وتفرقة…بشوف الوجوه المزدوجة وبسمع قديش في كذب وكلام مؤذي
وبسأل اذا الناس بتتغير او نحنا منكبر ومنصير نشوف الأمور ع حقيقتها
منكون ملهيين باللعب نحنا وزغار وما منشوف الا بعيون البراءة
وشو منتمنى نرجع زغار وما نكبر ت تضل العيلة الكبيرة حلوة ويضلوا القرايب قراب ومحبين

I remember long time ago, when the extended family’s reunion was so lovely and beautiful, we used to wait desperately to spend such a great time without thinking or analyzing. Our laughs were so honest and there was a lot love and warmth!

I look now and all I see is hypocrisy, hatred and division. I see the two-faced attitude and welcome and I hear how much there are lies and bitter words!
And I wonder if people change or we just grow up and we see things as they really are, we see clearly.
We used to be busy playing when we were children and we used to merely see with innocent eyes…

And how much we wish to become children again and never grow up so the big family remains beautiful and the relatives remain close and loving!  

Do you miss your childhood?

H.A – January 25th 2019

Featured image credit: Adrian Murray

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. It’s so ironic right that when we were children we were so eager to grow up now that we are adults we wish to go back to our childhood instead.

    I think this exemplifies nostalgia perfectly 😊

    1. Thank you Eva 🙂 it is ironic! even though they told us when we were young that we will wish this one day but we didn’t listen as also the children nowadays don’t believe it when you say it…this world is becoming more bitter and cold, so we find ourselves reaching for innocence and warmth most of the times through Nostalgia!

  2. I had a pretty horrific upbringing filled with fear and abuse. The child that was born to this world was locked away along time ago sadly enough. I am just now coming to understand how to allow the child in me that was so terrified to live alongside the adult me and not be afraid to express an open loving heart to the world. Because you are right the world is becoming a bitter and cold place. But, it is the strength I have found as an adult to not allow it to scare that innocent child away anymore. The adult me walks side by side with the younger me, being silly and having fun now. Loving life and others nowing it is my job to be the change I want to see in the world as difficult as it is sometimes.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and glad you reached this point now! it’s really amazing! Especially that the adult is walking side by side with the younger you, it’s really a blessing! It’s a challenge to give light when we used to be in darkness for a long time, I’m sure you are very proud 🙂
      My childhood was also tough but I always focus on the good memories I had even if they are few, probably I don’t like to even remember some events so I buried them deep down!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and to share your thoughts 🙂

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