Why blogging if it’s not for interacting?

I started this blog in 2012, I just wanted a forum to publish my writings, then I discovered that I can do that in a word file on my computer so why bother and make a blog? I misunderstood the blog concept at the time, and the blog was neglected since.
In 2018, I decided to go back, to really blog, to make my writings reachable for as many people as I can, probably some will be inspired probably my words will be useful to some, reach some people’s hearts, give them another perspective of things and also to find people that probably have the same thoughts and perspective as me! People who care to read, to discover your mind, not just to like your posts so you can follow them...
And so it was…

I read other bloggers experience and thoughts and feelings, no I don’t do that because I need followers, I do that because blogging is about interacting, I have my own ideas, thoughts and feelings but so others do.

I believe that everyone can teach me something: younger, older, sad, happy, fucked up, healthy, romantic, realistic, ….I can always learn something new, even if the subject is not my favorite or doesn’t touch my heart, I will certainly learn something new as I strongly believe that my thoughts and feelings are very important and you are totally free to agree or disagree with respect and without bullying of course.

When you write a blog, why you do it? If it’s only and strictly to let them out and feel better, then you can do that in a private file on your PC. You are publishing a blog, to whom you are addressing? Sometimes you’re asking questions and you don’t want us to interact? I find it a bit weird especially when I take time to read others feelings once and twice, sometimes I need Google help with some words, no shame of that…
Then as a respect to the writer, I interact honestly and gladly but the writer is not concerned about your interaction so again to whom you are addressing if you’re too afraid to communicate?
You decided to blog and to spread your thoughts so others can read them and interact, you’re chasing likes? Okay then, here’s a big like for you as you wish, really!

It’s your right to choose your followers and to unfollow certain people or block their comments but when you choose to follow, I believe in mutual respect and reciprocity that’s it. No it’s not a duty at all, if my thoughts are not interesting or even lame, you are totally free to unfollow, don’t worry at all, just do what you feel but respect those who are making an effort to connect and communicate.

I want this forum to be different than Instagram and Facebook where people add you sometimes because of your profile picture (that can be edited and photoshopped), they like posts randomly, they act like zombies sometimes when they don’t even see what they’re liking…
I really read, I read and I put myself in people’s shoes…

I read, and sometimes I just like because I appreciate your efforts but I’m not an expert in the topic you write so I have nothing valuable to say.

It’s my point of view and the way I see things. Doesn’t have to be yours of course!
Why you’re blogging? You agree or disagree with the above?

H.A – January 28th 2019

47 thoughts on “Why blogging if it’s not for interacting?

  1. I agree completely. I wrote yesterday on Twitter how we are all created to be in community to lift each other up. Where some are weak others are strong. It is through blogging through social media, using the internet for such an incredible use as to love one another that I blog.

    I had to ask myself why I write and why I want to inspire others. It’s because of the loneliness and sadness I have felt in my life the isolation and terror of having no one around. I write, and I reach out because i never want anyone to feel that they are in this alone. I never want anyone to feel like they have to give up on life because they are unloved. I may not know you personally, but I love you as a human being that has to live on this planet. And I want you to live an amazing life. I write, i blog, i interact because i pray that by doing so maybe my strength can help. I don’t know everything, but I know that people kill themselves because they feel lost and alone. I want to be able to say i went out everyday and tried my best to love and lift others to feel included and to do their best. Thank you for writing. I really enjoy reading your stuff.

    1. Thank you Matthew for reading and your valuable interaction as always 🙂 we need more people like you that really care about others feelings and your striving to inspire them as much as you can and you are doing so through your blog so thank you again for that 👍😊 as you said we really need to use the social platforms an incredible use and what is better than spread love and inspiration and be the reason for someone’s smile or maybe much more: be someone’s hope and purpose and motivation…
      Keep the great work Matthew, you are a great inspiration indeed😊

  2. I first misunderstood the concept of blogging actually. I thought it was simply just posting and writing things online.

    Later did I realise that it is not simply just about writing but sharing your thoughts as well. And it doesn’t just end here…

    Blogging is a community. A community where one interacts with one another. Giving one another genuine feedback and creating relationships that still needs to be cultivated over time.

    This post is a great opening to those who are new to the community. This post could also be a constant reminder to each and everyone here as well.

    I enjoyed this 😊

    1. Hello Eva, nice to see you 🙂 Yes I did too because maybe I thought it’s a platform to publish my thoughts and people will know in some paranormal way that I exist, me and my ideas hahaha…I mean as I said, I could simply keep them saved in a word file or write them down…And as I’m noticing, many just like your post so you can follow them! Or follow you so you follow them but only to be “their follower” you read all what they write while they’re not willing to even read what you write…This is what made me write this and as explained, everybody is free but the way things is being done is really unfair…Like Instagram, they follow, you follow back so they unfollow and you remain a follower. I mean come on!
      As you said “Community” ” interaction”, it requires 2 parties or many parties not one-sided effort and care…And believe me it’s not about being new or old I guess, it’s the way people think and act…some people are old bloggers but probably think that their ideas and thoughts are worthy while other’s thoughts are not…
      Glad you like it and thank you for taking time to read and interact 😀
      Hope all is good at your end?

      1. Some people do follow just to unfollow in Instagram. That’s why I keep my Instagram for personal use.

        My blogging platform so far is just WordPress. I haven’t explored other medias yet. I realised that my goal is not about the number of followers but the connection I actually make.

        So slow and steady wins the race. I’m glad to have met bloggers who share the same ideas with me… one of those people is you. So yes it is all worth it in the end.

        I’m good but I haven’t had much time for blogging. Been so swamped with work. My students are so interested to learn more things so I have to study even more. But it’s fulfilling non the less.

        How is it there over at your end?

      2. I keep it for personal use as well but sometimes you say why not follow back some businesses or talented people that requested to follow you…That’s it
        I care about interaction as well, 10 followers that read are way better than 1’000 that don’t really care
        glad to have met you as well, yes for sure it’s worth it 🙂
        You’re a doctor I believe? I can understand, sometimes it’s so hectic that you hardly have time to yourself! Wish you the best of luck 🙂
        I’m working but as you can see not so much load so I can interact and write…the benefits of sitting in front of a computer all day 😀 I can do both…

      3. Yes I’m a Doctor. I took a year off before heading into residency training coz I felt like I really needed it after years of studying. I needed to breathe and enjoy life. I wanted to wake up at 9 am and not be late for anything. I’m glad my parents agreed to my wish. For the time being I’m teaching at the medical school where I graduated from so it’s like giving back and paying forward at the same time.

        Is your work related to writing as well? Are you still continuing your humanitarian works up to now?

        And yes I agree with you. I’d rather have 10 followers who truly read and interacts 😊

      4. RESPECT, I appreciate doctors work and message a lot, I love the white suit even though I avoid visiting doctors as much as I can 🙂 I wish you the best, and taking a break is major most of the times!
        No I’m actually working in a totally different field, an administrative work that involves finance, administration, HR and a bit of production in a post production company…I started this work after I left Human Rights and I got promoted so I stuck around 🙂 I’m trying to stay in touch and return to the humanitarian work but I need my job and mostly my income so much 🙂 and with full time job, it’s a bit hard to do other stuff
        Glad to know you and wish you more success in your career and personal life as well 🙂

      5. The white suit looks good but it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

        Well as long as you are doing what you enjoy there is nothing wrong with that. There are various ways to help people and being a humanitarian doesn’t confine you to one certain job. We can help even in our little ways 😊

        Wishing you all the success that life has to offer 😊

      6. Yes sure it does! I can still love it 🙂
        Well, when you live in a country where almost 70% are unemployed or their income is so low, you learn to appreciate what you have…My work in Human Rights wasn’t enough to have an average life, but as you said we can always help in our little ways 🙂
        Wish you all the best and success as well 🙂

      7. I agree as well. My country has a low unemployment rate as well. So earning a living is quite hard. I now realise that after finishing school. We can’t take any opportunity for granted

  3. I started my blog simply as a place to “put” my poetry, because, otherwise, I would compose poems, never write them down, and usually forgot them! Now, while I don’t really care so much about getting tons of followers, I do also enjoy sharing with some very nice people in a very nice blogging community! It warms my heart to see that there are so many nice people “out there!” Thank you for making me think and for being “nice!”

    1. Thank you for reading and for your contribution as well 🙂 Yes I agree with you, nice community and people are surely better than tons of followers that don’t even read your writings! Thank you again for your time and nice words as well 🙂

  4. Wow ! Loved your perspective towards blogging.
    I too started this blog to let out my feelings. But when I started gaining readers ,I took it as a responsibility to interact & inspire my readers. Also I always try to learn from different people on wordpress.


    1. Thank you so much for taking time and reading and for your contribution as well 🙂 I’m glad you loved it and you’re interacting and inspiring people, it’s the essence of blogging I guess 🙂 Best of luck!

  5. Wow ! Loved your perspective towards blogging.
    I too started this blog to let out my feelings. But when I started gaining readers ,I took it as a responsibility to interact & inspire my readers. Also I always try to learn from different people on wordpress.


    1. Thank you so much for the nice words and for following as well 🙂 sorry I missed this comment! Glad it’s aligned to your thoughts, it’s what matters I believe
      Following as well and love your blog 👍

  6. Completely agree on this one. Reading through all the comments, I realized we all somewhere started for completely different reasons and later in the process figured out the true meaning of being the citizen of this blogosphere. However, I am still looking for genuine conversations that go long and not just the ephemeral ones like ‘I loved this post. Thanks for writing!’ – no. I want to know what’s your take.

    Do you have any other related thoughts that you wanna share? Are you going to be around? Do you need a friend to listen to your rants? I know the skepticism when it comes to interacting with a stranger first but slowly we would know each other and then we all can open up a bit. Effort should be from both sides. I want to build my happy little community whom I can tell things freely (something that becomes a luxury when we get in the rut of jobs and other thousand anxieties). Thank you for putting this up in such thoughtful words! Love your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you Chandan for the lovely words and for the valuable interaction 😊 exactly my point from writing this post and as you said the skepticism when it comes to interacting with strangers but at the same time to whom we are writing? To whom we are addressing? It’s well known that the blogger friends and family are the last who read their blogs! They might not ever…If the blogger is interested only in them, they can make some group or so and share stuff…so basically we are targeting strangers and no harm from interacting and we can always draw our limits when we feel we are bothered or else…
      I write this after I used to write a really long comment on a post and then I get a like to my comment 🙂 I was like wow! Why these people are writing and complaining sometimes from something if they don’t want us to read and really interact?
      So thank you again for following and for the interaction 😊

      1. You’re welcome Huguetta! (Is this your name btw? Sorry I’m not familiar with typical Lebanese names). I love writing long comments to someone’s post and even more so if the other person replies in equally, if not more, enthusiastically. It shows that I have taken my valuable time out to read & understand your viewpoint and here’s what I think about it. I know it can sometimes put an unnecessary pressure on the author if that’s get to her mind that her work would be critically analysed but that could be overcome once we truly know the people who would be regularly reading our posts. You know something good gonna come out of the comments that await even if you posted your raw thoughts. That comfortably and companionship is something I seek from my readers. So great to find a fellow bloggers like you who thinks on the similar lines. Hopefully we are here to stay for the journey together 🙂

      2. My name is Huguette, it’s a French name, in Lebanon there are many French and foreign names in general 🙂 yes I understand what you’re saying and I don’t think it’s a pressure on the writer, a person must just state their mind the way they’re comfortable with…but I believe in reciprocity in general and when someone waste their time to read deeply and interact, it should be mutual
        As I mentioned,sometimes I don’t find something valuable to say but I really read what people have to say
        Thanks again for your time and contribution 😊

  7. Lovely topic and also proper explanations about your views,I like your straightforward way of speaking, I mean practical way of your chatting.It’s good to call a spade a spade that helps us to avoid misunderstandings.I hope I have understood the exact meaning of your post.If not then you are there to help me out.Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you for taking time and reading and for your interaction, glad you liked my post and my direct way, I believe it’s the best way to communicate..
      Your comment went to spam, i recommend again one comment to the main post so you prevent such a problem
      thank you so much!

  8. I myself fell pray to this. I thought that blogging was just posting and writing and waiting on the views and subscribers to pour in. Really it’s much more than that. It’s a community of people to share and connect with. Just like how YouTubers have their community to connect with. Bloggers have one as well. Now I am aware of this and know how to go about blogging the right way. Am still learning tho. Excellent post.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and so glad you liked it! I can relate, as I mentioned, I fell prey too but we learn everyday and glad I did, the community is great, finding like-minded people is great and it’s not easy to keep it up and respect all your readers, but it’s worth it of course 🙂 Thank you again for the kind words

      1. Anytime anytime. Yup I am definitely learning that lesson right now. As I grow in followers I would love to read everyone’s post but I can’t get to everyone. Just some people at a time. Definitely it’s always a joy to find like minded people
        I feel like sometimes that it’s hard to come by like minded people but when you do definitely make the most out of it. 👍👍👍

      2. Yes it’s certainly harder with lot of followers and loyal readers! As you said some people at a time
        It’s hard to find like-minded people but if there’s a chance to find them it will be here I guess
        Wish you the best of luck ad happy blogging 🙂

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