What’s the special about you? I mean your walls seem so high and you seem so arrogant! 

Arrogant? Wow! What a sharp eye! Anyway, Can two persons have same fingerprints?

Not as far as I know!

Well, there’s no fingerprint similar to other. Even identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.


Each person is unique as fingerprints are…this is firstly,

Secondly, unless you truly know a person, how they act in certain circumstances, mostly tough circumstances, how they react and apply their thoughts and beliefs…Even if you see them and deal with them on daily basis, you’ll never know what’s special about them! Like ever! Judging is always easier than making an effort to truly know people
and discover who they really are! 

You are focusing on the wrapping and packaging while the package is still sealed and you’re too lazy to even unseal it!

H.A – February 5th 2019

27 thoughts on “Lazy…

  1. Yup no two individuals can have the same fingerprint. Unless if you manipulate it but that’s so unnatural.

    What I got from this is about not being quick to judge. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own identity.

    It was written at a totally different angle which was so refreshing to me. Great work 😊

    1. Hello Eva 🙂 I’m glad you liked the way it was written! Yes exactly I want to show that each person is really unique, whether you like them or not, it’s irrelevant, but their true nature and colors will show in certain circumstances…again you might like it or not, but from my experience with people, you will be surprised and shocked what people can hide (good or bad) so we must not judge them, if we don’t want to waste time to know them, we can at least not judge them, that’s it 🙂
      Thank you again for your valuable interaction 🙂 Hope you week is passing smoothly

      1. Yes there are people who are quite good as to hiding their true nature. Call it their talent. It really does take time to uncover this.

        Hope your week fills you up with a lot of inspiration 🙂

  2. Sorry for my bad english is not my first languages, still learning, but i understood all what you wrote!

      1. Lithuanian, but I live in France, got to learn french too, when I was a child it was so easy to learn, but now with age it became much harder🤦‍♀️

      2. C’est bien que je parles le francais,c’est plus facile pour vous je crois 🙂
        Je comprends ce que vous disez, mais vous etes encore jeune et difficile c’est pas impossible, quand on veut on peut 🙂 Bon courage

      3. c’est super, ou est-ce que vous avez appris le français? quel est votre premiere langue? a 27 ans c plus difficile d’apprendre une langue qu’à 14 mais j’essaye de rester positive et de m’accrocher. merci de me suivre et de regarder mon blog 🙏

      4. Ma langue maternelle c’est l’Arabe et la langue française est une langue essentielle à l’école 🙂 au Liban vous pouvez choisir dans quelques cas entre le français et l’anglais et parfois les deus langues sont obligatoires 😌
        27 ans vous êtes très jeune et vous pouvez conquérir le monde, et sûrement vous devez rester positive, c’est essentiel 😊 merci à vous je suis ravi de vous connaître

      5. j’avais une amie algérienne mais elle a déménager a paris c est triste. c’est super vous êtes très doué pour parler toute ces langue. moi aussi je suis ravi de vous connaitre 🙂

      6. Merci c’est très gentil 😊 j’essaye toujours d’apprendre et de m’améliorer c’est ça.
        Désolée pour votre amie, j’espère que vous aurez autres amis 😊 Bonne journée

  3. I completely agree. I have a cousin who’s 2 years older than me and when we were teens, she made my blood boil by almost buying exact same clothes as me (probably the same underwear too) the worse part is that she’ll wear it the same day I wear mine and tried imitate me. She also manipulated my mother to give her my brand new shirt which I save up for so long and refused to give it back until it was filled with stain… grrr! … hmm…🤔 I should make a post about this hahaha 😄

    1. It’s annoying, jealousy and copying people is certainly is and I gave you an idea for a post hahhaaa don’t forget to mention the same underwear 😂😂😂😂
      She manipulated you mother and had your shirt? I would have killed her and return my shirt 😂 (me dealing with cheaters😂😂)
      BUT this post is about someone that is judging you from the way you look and appear and they’re not willing to truly know you so they know how great you are…Instead they judge you,…
      Thank you for checking my old posts dear Jess, if I start to publish love, I’m sure you’ll be so happy 😄😄

      1. If I killed her, I think I’ll be killed too. Because I think her father match your discription more. He always thinks that I’m a bad influence to her and I always up to good for no reason at all other than how I look haha 😀

        Yes, if you start posting about love I’ll dance around with a homemade pompoms like a lunatic 😂

      2. okay then 2 people to be killed! So easy 😀 😀
        Yes I know these parents that think their kids are angels and somebody is corrupting them but then they turn out to be serial killers and hypocrite psychopaths! This is scary Now :O
        Love is coming, I will start to translate some Arabic writings…so I can see some lunatic scene 😂😂

      3. Haha 😄 I sometimes hate my cousin but I don’t think I want her dead. She was still a kind of older sister to me. The most annoying is her father.

        The funny thing about that uncle is that he always accused me of being a slut and having boyfriend left and right (so not true) while I know for a fact that his daughter have boyfriend for every town we visit. I’ve warned her a lot to be careful and pulled her out of trouble many times. But a year after I got to Europe I receive the news that she got pregnant and the man ran away… 😥 I want to beat up that uncle. Instead of keeping an eye on me he should have been watching over her. I just feel bad for my cousin’s kid having no father…

      4. See? I was right! It happens the entire time, we judge the good people and we’re too busy to watch our own shit! But in this case even if he was strict with her, she’ll find a way to do what she wants but hope he learned a lesson to not judge people that’s it!

      5. And eh??? You’re trapping me to something crazy in exchange for something beautiful? …😑 I’ll do my best 🙇‍♀️

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