Answers… And you can imagine the questions

  • Actually I’m very modest, I’m just not interested. You must start tell the difference.
  • I’m not heartless, I do have a very tender heart, but it doesn’t take my opinion when attracted to someone, we don’t get to choose whom we love.
  • Well I did the craziest things you can imagine when I cared; I’m cold because I just don’t care!
  • My heart has been broken many times; you don’t need to wish me this! I just know that it’s a part of having a wild and crazy heart…and I just move on.
  • I do cry, some nights were so rough that I felt I won’t see the dawn but I make sure when I wake up, to wipe my tears, to smile because life goes on. 
  • I don’t reveal my points of weaknesses …not because I’m ashamed, just because I don’t respect someone trying to reach me through my weaknesses, I prefer fighters and strong people.
  • I don’t work at all when ignored, probably teenagers do. I just retreat and stop trying.

H.A – February 12th 2019

23 thoughts on “Answers… And you can imagine the questions

    1. Thank you for reading and for your interaction 🙂 These answers are addressed to an admirer or maybe more that want you force you to care about them and they insist sometimes…
      Probably life made me a bit firm and cold, but what I meant here, that I just don’t care about this specific person, I’m not cold all the times 🙂

      1. It’s actually irrelevant, I’m single because I don’t settle for anything and anyone and Valentine’s Day is just another commercial day, love on the other hand is the truth feeling that has so specific day

      1. This is true! Intimidating for some…but not for those who truly know me!
        It is very mutual dear 😊 can’t wait for your next chapter 😌😊

  1. you’re a really interesting lady. and well, intriguing. you seem romantic yet shy. so wise, yet childish. you i guess, are simply beautiful. hoping you’re well and smiling.

    with love

    1. Thank you so much for taking time and reading and for the nice interaction! Appreciate your kind words as well! I’m doing well, thank you hope you’re good too 🙂

      1. that’s absolutely fine. i did like reading you. are you rather shy at first? you do feel like someone who is really romantic and loves love. although i didnt see you write a lot of love, but one can still tell 🙂

      2. well, i dont really assume. i just express, what i feel. and well, you did feel romantic, so i said it. apart from this, i also feel pain in you that you seem to hide. that’s why i thought, i’d stop by and just tell you that it’d get better. you’re a sweet lady. i wish you all the best.

        with love

      3. Thank you, so nice of you! We all are mix of different feelings, who doesn’t feel pain? Wish you the same and all the best always 🙂

      4. yes, everyone does feel pain. but i just like any other being, dont like to see beautiful ladies such as you upset. or in pain. umm i’m right here if you someday need someone to talk to. 🙂 that’s why, i asked you, if you were shy. :))

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