Touch Of Love

Some musings I wrote occasionally on love and feelings…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hearts are made to be broken…we don’t protect them by building walls; they just become as rigid as walls!

It’s either you don’t cross my mind at all or I think about you non-stop for 1 year or so…When it comes to feelings, I’m extremist what can I say!

I make addictions this is why I choose my habits very wisely…But you are a bitter-sweet addiction chosen by my heart and I don’t mind!

Not all couples know what love is, as not all single people are lonely or loveless. Probably they are single because they know exactly what Love is and that’s pretty enough.
(Published before as a part of 2018 Resolutions & Lessons)

And how many crimes I committed against my heart in the name of pride and fear of rejection!

I have seen many death certificates for people that had diseases and suffered before they die, but when I checked the cause of death it was always: “Cardiac arrest”.  You are alive until your heart stops beating, despite how bad is your condition…So take care of your heart and make sure it’s beating and it’s working.  Because the day it stops, means you are dead! (Published before as a part of 2018 Resolutions & Lessons)

Few lines from a love story:
D: I love you!
S: I don’t know if “I love you” is enough for what I feel!
D: I feel the same…but I can see and feel everything! Through your care, efforts, generosity, your crave to make my dreams come true, to make me happy, to make me live! To make me alive! To stand for me and beside me! To reconcile me with my past! Oh yes this is much more than love! I don’t know if they invented a word!
S: yes it is much more! And I don’t care if they’ll invent a word! You can call it S’s way!

H.A – February 14th 2019

31 thoughts on “Touch Of Love

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. … I mean belated Happy Valentines Day. Finally I got a little breather from my busy schedule.

    I really enjoyed your version of love. Most especially this line.
    “Not all couples know what love is, as not all single people are lonely or loveless. “

    I don’t know if this spoke out a lot to me because I’m single but none the less it is very true. A lot of people would assume that most people who are single are lonely. Can’t they see it in another perspective that some people are single but CONTENTED.

    In my opinion, I’d rather stay single rather than staying in a toxic relationship and be miserable. What’s the point of having a companion if you’re not really enjoying the company.

    Oooo. This sparked a lot of thoughts in me. And it has been a while since I left a lengthy comment. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts😊

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Glad again you could have a time to breathe 🙂
      As you mentioned, it is very true whether it speaks about us or not, because it is a pure fact, but it certainly speaks a lot to me, this is why I wrote it and many times…
      We have a lot of misery in this world, because of the lack of honesty and the difficulty people find to be true to their-selves….therefore, we have more divorces, more hate, more cheating, more hypocrisy, double lives…This is why when someone decides to stay alone to not contribute in this, well I respect them so much! If they find someone suitable and it was a successful relationship, then great also! Otherwise, we don’t need more lies and hypocrisy…
      Always delightful to see your long comments back 🙂

      1. Yes. Yes and yes to everything. If it’s not working out. Don’t force it. If you have something great going on, don’t ruin it.

        I really don’t understand why people cheat. If you’re unhappy when not end it and start over? Or maybe it’s to satisfy the ego… irregardless of the reason. It’s not justifiable. Hurting others by cheating is such a coward’s way out of the problem.

        We are all entitled to one rest day right? I’m making the most of mine. I hope you get to rest in the upcoming days since it’s the weekend.😊

      2. Exactly! “Don’t force it” and “don’t ruin it”…
        Well people cheat because it’s easier than confronting, than being honest…People always chose the easy ways and they don’t care how much hurt they’re causing!
        At some point, we need to leave, to let go, this is how relationships should work! even after years, love change, people change, perspective change but people tend to be stubborn and sometimes they rather this person dead than not with them (we had many crimes committed against women by their husbands for many reasons! and this is awful) The fact of not accepting that love has ended, can really be devastated and energy drained…
        Have rest and enjoy your weekend! It’s mine too and it will be rainy weekend so mostly eating and sleeping 😀 😀

  2. A writer at heart, I have so many things, so many thought rambling through my head right now, thanks to this post. Love? I think it’s what we make of it. But, being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship…just doesn’t make any sense.


    1. Thank you so much for following and for your nice interaction as well! I’m glad the post could reach you and speak to you in someway 🙂 Yes sure being in relationship for the sake of it, is waste of time plus it’s unfair for both parties! Thank you!

  3. Not all couples know what love is, as not all single people are lonely or loveless…
    That’s my most favorite and the microfic at the end. ❤ But Hug, it feels as if D and S are shouting at each other because of all the exclamation marks. But maybe that really was the way it’s supposed to sound?

    1. Thank you dear for reading and thank you for the sweet interaction 😊 it’s my favorite too! I don’t know what is microfic 😳😳
      Well yes probably no need for all these exclamation marks, I use them to express strong emotions and anyway posting part from like 400 pages is not a good idea I guess and there’s a reason I can’t publish it all unfortunately
      Ah no it’s supposed to sound very passionate and crazy but no marks for that I guess and some sentences were removed also so this is why 😊
      appreciate your sincere note on this ❤️

      1. Your very welcome Hug. Thanks for sharing this part 😊
        Microfic is short for Micro fiction. Fiction stories that are less than 1000 words. But it was wrong that I called the story here Microfic because it’s a part of a much longer work. I should have call it excerpt instead. Oh well branding is not important. It’s a joy to read that’s all that matter. 😘

      2. It’s good to learn something new 😊😊don’t worry at all, How you could possibly know what the hell it is 😊 and glad you enjoyed reading! It’s almost nothing in comparison to my huge love library that I restrain from publishing…

      3. I won’t ask if you don’t feel like telling why, but it’s not easy to write a book, it takes months or years even, it’s such a shame not to publish it.

      4. Oh well, it’s not that  « I don’t feel like » it’s I cannot say why at least for now, it will remain just for me and will see if I can extract some paragraphs from time to time…

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