Pain is Practice…

Everything is practice even pain! There is a certain level of pain, when you reach it, the previous levels become insignificant. It’s similar to level up in any game, when you level up and reach level 10, level 1 becomes so easy and even trivial.

So when you are so eager to play this game, make sure your opponent is not level 20+ and you’re merely some pretender that just joined the game acting as if you’re playing solo against your computer!

“It’s OK, I didn’t die before so I won’t die now” What I whisper to myself when pain is unbearable.

H.A – February 19th 2019

21 thoughts on “Pain is Practice…

  1. “What I whisper to myself when pain is unbearable…” Me too! It was Nietzsche who said: that which don’t kill me only makes me stronger!

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