May I have your attention please?

This post is addressed to my followers and to all bloggers as well and I will be as brief as possible.

To whom you are blogging and why you’re hitting the publish button?

Why I’m asking this question? Because I believe that logically you are blogging for others to read not for you to store your information.

Therefore, you should respect your readers, your followers and the people that are wasting their time to read your thoughts.

Wasting their time? You might ask!

Well yes, can you imagine what a hectic day looks like? Full time job, additional volunteering work, workout, hangout, cooking, sleeping….whatever we have to do during day and night and despite, we make a room to read your posts and your thoughts and your experiences…But some bloggers act as if they are movie stars or more, Gods!


Well when you totally ignore people comments or you just like a comment that I spent 15 minutes to write, I feel like, oh really? Okay thank you! I’m sorry for digging so deep and trying to be a compassionate and respectful human!

Moreover, when you totally ignore the comments and here I wonder why you’re blogging? To collect information? To collect likes? Followers? They all can be bought I guess except of the real reading and real interaction, these are so few! So when you find them, you should appreciate them and respect the readers.

My time is so valuable; the time I’m spending to read your posts and interact is taken from my time to write a good post you see?
Besides, your thoughts are not more important than mine, so wake up, you’re not the president, you’re not God…You’re just a person that have things to express, and all your thoughts are appreciated, just respect people that give you their time, we’re not your minions dear, we’re people that appreciate the different thoughts, the diversity, all kind of feelings and point of views! I believe it should be mutual as well no?

I’m not claiming to be a blogging expert, there are many rules for blogging but I wanted to focus on this one point that I consider a logical matter and related to a simple principle “mutual respect”.

Especially when your blog is about asking questions but you’re not ready to respect the answers and others thoughts…Are you some king making a speech? I guess you’re not so chill a bit and show some respect. If you got thousands of followers and some hundreds of likes on your posts, doesn’t mean you need to be arrogant or superior, your progress is great, all what you achieved is respected but again your followers are not your minions.

You need to check your dashboard, click WP admin at My Site then check the comments section to see if the comments are going to spam, you will find there many spam comments with links and ads, but many are not! So make some effort and do some real blogging.

At the end of this post, WordPress will certainly recommend another post related to this one “Why Blogging if it’s not for interacting” so you can read it also, I don’t want to repeat myself.

After this post, you should discover why people suddenly disappear from your blog, or even unfollow and retreat.

Thank you for reading, if you ever did!

Huguette Antoun – February 28th 2019

47 thoughts on “May I have your attention please?

      1. It’s actually a great concern. Thank you for addressing this. Have a nice day too 🙂

  1. True, interaction is meaningless if that is not a two-way exercise. One needs to respect the time, care and energy spent by another person. 🙂

    1. Hello Deepa, hope you’re good today 😊
      Yes I believe everything in the world should be two-way exercise except some few things of course…Maybe the post is a bit rude but I hardly find time tbh to read the posts and interact and then nothing!
      Now I’m at work, I have employees that need to get their salaries plus other stuff at the end of month but I still find time to respect those who waste their time to interact on my posts…thank you for the nice words as always 😊

      1. Thank you, I am fine, Huguetta. It happens sometimes, to all. While we are stressed out, we might really feel bad about the kind of omissions, that we would otherwise do not care much about.
        Could be that some of the comments might have gone to spam folder and the reader does not know about it. You were honest and straightforward in venting your thought, friend. 🙂

      2. Yes you are totally right, sometimes we ignore things and some days we just can’t, it depends on our mood 🙂 I’m honest and straightforward but I try as much as I can to not hurt people feelings…
        I assumed that maybe the comments went to spam so I added the paragraph to explain how to check the comments but I’m sure only few read it 🙂
        Hope you’ll be having a good day / time ahead 😊
        By the way my name is Huguette it’s a French old name, on my username the first letter of my family name is added 😊🌺

      3. Noted, Huguette :). I love Lebanon, just as I love Turkey( there is a story behind it).
        Continue posting, and continue interacting too. Just keep in mind that, there are many who love to talk to you, friend 🙂

      4. There is always a story behind our feelings and emotions 🙂 hope you will visit Lebanon soon if you didn’t yet 😊
        Thank you so much for the heartwarming words, it’s a great pleasure to interact and talk with people like you, it‘s meaningful and valuable 😊

      5. Same with your words too, Huguette.
        I haven’t yet visited Lebanon, but I am sure I will visit one day. 🙂

  2. Finally found someone Intellectual with such Practical thoughts .
    I absolutely agree with what you’ve summarised .
    Blog content isn’t limited to just ‘Publish’ button
    but with what productive content we’re providing and what impact we’re generating from the readers is what genuine BLOGGING about.

    Thank you for sharing this post Huguetta ✌

    1. Thank you Abhi for your kind and encouraging words as always 🙂 I’m also glad that some people agree with what I stated so I would say just the same about you and about you being a real blogger!
      Thank you for reading and for your valuable interaction 🙂

  3. Wow that’s a lot of anger there. Didn’t help that I had Eminem stuck in my head while reading this but I do agree with the fact that a lot of people are guilty or not reading or interacting with a blog. A person usually follows another for a reason so comments do help all of us here.

    1. Well I was angry 🙂 But anyway sorry if the tone was a bit loud…I’m sure the bloggers I wrote this for, didn’t even read it but I wrote it and it’s there!
      I don’t want to force people to comment, not at all! But when we take time and write a whole paragraph to them, it’s not respectful at all to ignore it that’s it and the idol is to have mutual respect (people that visit you often, deserve a visit as well).
      Thank you for reading and for your interaction as always 🙂

      1. It’s ok sometimes we need to make things explicit as not everyone can read between the lines or even get the same interpretation. I just thought it unusual that today seems to be angry day here on WordPress as all the posts I’m reading are very personal and in-depth.

      2. Yes you are right! It happens some days you feel like everybody is angry 🙂 Usually personal blogs will mostly reveal personal emotions so hope anger will be few! Will try to post something different today if I could have time, I’m not angry anymore 🙂

      3. We often stop being angry when we have discovered the reason for the anger as then we can resolve it. Nice to know you have worked out your problem.

      4. I guess my new comments on your new posts went to spam…it gave me a message that they need moderation, which is weird because it’s not the first time I comment..Check your spam if you want. Thank you

  4. Hello, oho, i didn’t even new some people doesn’t respond to your comment, it’s really strange, at least simple thank you for stopping by i’m busy, but i will answer your questions soon as i can, come on, i’m shocked. When i don’t have time i click like and say thank you, after when i get home, i take time to answer. I actually unfollowed about 12people, not because they wasn’t answering, but i felt like, come on they never read my blog, well i guess if they didn’t commented even one post out of100, never liked your post, so i don’t need them, they followed me first i just followed back, but now i started to think do i really need to have them here on my following list?

    1. Exactly my point! When someone makes an effort to read others blogs it should be mutual! Even if sometimes we just like because we don’t have something to say, but we do stop by and for me when I like, means I always read!
      Yes there are some bloggers that actually liked this post but didn’t reply to my comments 🙂 so i mentioned that guys maybe the comments went to spam, please check…but I’m sure they didn’t read
      One time I saw some comments in spam, I felt so bad! I put myself in other shoes and people mix between respect and minions!
      Me too I unfollowed some blogs and will always do, I’m watching everyone 🙂

      1. But, i mean still if you asked a question and didn’t got answer any at all, it’s not nice…

      2. Actually they do ask questions and you interact and answer a very detailed answer but they totally ignore you, so why asking? This is sick not blogging actually and I don’t really tolerate disrespect or stupidity
        I hate both

  5. Interaction is key to having a great blog – thanks for writing this. I find the Like button annoying at times, I’d love to hear opinion, rather than loads of likes: Was what I wrote worthwhile? Feedback helps the author understand if they are doing the right thing… Having said that, I do write for me – comments are a huge bonus. Lol.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your interaction 🙂 Exactly my point from writing this post, but nowadays I feel a bit hesitated to comment, many people don’t check their spam and therefore they completely ignore your comment which is not nice or they read and just like your detailed comment 🙂 worse! I write for me as well, but blogging is different, it’s not a diary or so, you are sometimes addressing to people, sometimes you just want to express your feelings / thoughts but why publishing them if you’re not interested to have readers and opinions as well 🙂
      Thank you again for your time!

  6. Totally worth reading… True indeed… Agree, many bloggers don’t respond to this the comments made by the fellow bloggers and many respond to selective comments… I am seeing this for many years and I personally think if someone is giving his/her valuable time to read and share his views on your writing, feel yourself to be lucky enough that someone has given his time for that and it should be ignored but must be responded… Each and blog post is unique and once you have entered into blogosphere, you should have some kind gesture for your readers as well because at the end, readers views will only reward you in the long run…

    Very nice post indeed… Liked it… 🙏👏👍

    1. Good morning Ashish and thank you so much for taking time to read and appreciate 🙏🏻 yes it was really frustrating to me reading once and twice and interact sometimes in a long comment as you can see from the posted comments, but sometimes nothing, sometimes a like, and there are few bloggers that are really respectful and know really how to blog
      Each post is important, if not, people can unfollow, it’s not a shame if someone blog subject or posts don’t interest me at all, even though I make an effort sometimes as a sign of reciprocity and respect
      As you said each blog is unique and we might learn something
      I’m glad you likes the post and your contribution is highly appreciated 😊

  7. point made and point taken… everything is relational… I second the motion! But it is out of our control and we don’t always know what someone is dealing with. Have a great day and put on your joy jacket:)

    1. Thank you for reading and for the interaction as well! Well probably everything is relational, I’m not judging why people are not respecting and answering, I’m just stating that it’s very important in blogging, it’s always in our control what to allow in our space and whom to allow 🙂
      Have a great day as well, always joyful but honesty seems grumpy perhaps 😌

      1. honesty is not grumpy, when it does not move us emotionally to the point that who we are can’t be shown. You have a heart of love, but if anger wins… what will the people see. I love the truth and you spoke a truth that is valid. You have helped someone. it is a pleasure for even our conversation people will see and know you are about honesty, not grumpy…lol I smile with you and for you!

      1. It wasn’t harsh what you wrote. The truth cuts like a two-edged sword. People will get hurt just by the truth, what they need to hear verses what they want to hear. It was true and straight to the point. You just had very strong feelings on the issue that you are repeatedly witnessing. I think it’s great you wrote it.

      2. Thank you! I always appreciate the people that not offended by the truth, most people are!
        Thank you again for you support!

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