Mutual Connection

Published previously on September 3rd 2018

Yes the world population is 7.6 billion but good luck in finding a mutual connection and chemistry with just one person!

Some people live and die without knowing this feeling.
you will meet hundreds and thousands of people, yes! But you are lucky if you could find your home in someone’s eyes
You are lucky if you looked into someone’s eyes and they looked back and you can feel the connection and affection!
This is a priceless and amazing feeling!
So if you ever find it, don’t assume there are plenty of people outside,
Because all the world population is not enough without this connection.

H.A – March 1st 2019 (republished)

27 thoughts on “Mutual Connection

  1. Hello, i hope you are having great day, i could easily connect with your post, i know the feeling, when you look in to the eyes of some people and you just don’t feel anything you see just another human, but there is some which changes your mood and makes you smile and you just don’t want to let them go because they did something to you what you won’t forget❤️🤗

    1. Hello Ilona, doing well thank you, hope you’re good too 😊 thank you for taking time and reading and for the lovely interaction 🙏🏻 mutual connection is priceless for me, it’s a great feeling and I’m glad you could connect to this post 😊
      Hope you’re enjoying your week 👍😊

  2. I think it is often us who make connection with others difficult or impossible.

    The world raises us up to wear masks, to hide ourselves behind masks. We don’t stop to think what that means.

    If you want to connect with me — with the real me — and I am wearing a mask , then what chance do you have of connecting with me?

    A few weeks ago, I got an email. One of my women blog readers telling me how much she liked me. “Paul you are wonderful! Can we be friends?”

    “Sure! I like friends! I have many, but not too many. There is room for you!”

    For weeks she asked my all about myself, Hugugetta. But she would tell me nothing – nothing revealing — about herself Then, one day she tell me how lonely she is, how so few people know her, how no one tries to connect with her but me.

    I do not blame her at all. She was only doing what the world has taught her to do. She was only playing it safe, you see.

    1. Thank you again for reading and interacting deeply! Yes of course we’re the one responsible but sometimes we’re just not interested or simply unable to…so it can’t be mutual, but when it is, this is the feeling I’m describing and I’m speaking mainly about mutual love
      But the example you give, this woman is the one who’s making herself lonely, why? Because she took the initiative with you but she still kept her distance so it’s her problem to deal with…it’s either we say no thank you I’m not introducing or we are and the relationship whatever it is should be mutual
      Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts!

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