Remember You are Dust and to Dust You Shall Return!

I don’t like to post religious topics but I consider “Ash Monday” a very important day! Today, is the “Ash Monday” which is the beginning of “fasting” for Christians Maronite and Catholic in Lebanon.

Why it is important to me?

Because they remind us on this day that we as humans, are dust and to the dust we shall return!

In Arabic they say: “Remember human that you are from dust and to the dust you shall return” (ouzkour ya insan annaka menal tourab, wa ila el tourabi ta3oud).
أذكر يا إنسان أنك من التراب، وإلى التراب تعود

I used to be very attached to my religion, and this is something that has changed, fortunately, over the years, I take what is suitable and logical, I drop what is not, I respect other beliefs and religions as long as you’re not imposing your beliefs on me. My ultimate belief is separating “faith” from “religion” especially “Men Of Religions”.

The ash that churches use to celebrate this day is coming from the palms of the previous “Palm Sunday”. They leave them to dry, than they burn them and crush them and they add holy water until it’s a mixture.

I hope that people will really get the meaning of this sentence today, to realize that we are very tiny, this body that we keep worrying or bragging about, will become dust, as we should remind our selves to remain very humble, very loving and very compassionate, and we should embrace this life while we can.

H.A – March 4th 2019

42 thoughts on “Remember You are Dust and to Dust You Shall Return!

  1. Good evening Huguetta, interesting ritual, to remind for all of us, how important is to live, because as you said we come from dust and the live is so shortand we go back where came from – to dust🙏this post was unusual, but very interesting, i’m not in to religion, but from every religion i pick up something i like🌺🙏i hope you had a great day, thank you for sharing something, what i can pick up and put into my pocket of knowledge❤️🤗

    1. Good evening Ilona, my day was great thank you, hope you had a great day as well 😊 thank you for stopping by!
      Well as I said I don’t like religious posts but this is a very powerful message and we as humans regardless our beliefs should think about it and appreciate what we have and mostly be humble and loving human beings as much as we can…
      Glad it has added something to your library and appreciate your interaction ❤️🌺

  2. In Ireland Roman Catholics have an ‘Ash Wednesday’. So this is something new to me. Very interesting.
    Not really a believer myself although I can appreciate the message.
    I like the separation you make between faith and the institutional organizations. Here in Northern Ireland the Catholic church has been responsible for terrible things. Mainly the protection of paedophiles within their ranks. Also there’s a terrible division between people of the Catholic and Protestant faiths. I’ve never understood how people can claim to be Christian yet their actions are anything but.
    Very engaging post Huguetta. Much love to you.

    1. Hello CJ, thank you for the information!
      As you said even if you’re not a believer you can always appreciate because I believe it’s just a pure fact and personally I despise many practices of the religious organizations, I just take what suits me and I don’t follow blindly…not only in Ireland, in the entire world the church wasn’t really as it should be! This is sad and led many people to hate their religions and more…I don’t understand either where is the Christ message in all this reason why I kept faith and dropped all the fake emballage
      Thank you for the real reading and your time 😊

      1. I don’t think you are alone in retaining faith but dropping the false emballage. (Had to find the meaning of that word. Thanks for teaching me something new…again lol).
        It’s the essence that I think is important.
        Chokran Sadeeqati (Lebanese Arabic seems so difficult. Even with Google! 🙂)

      2. I’m glad I could teach you a new word with my poor English 🙂 I believe it’s mainly used in French…We use it a lot here
        Yes faith is always good even though sometimes we all feel angry and drop even the faith…But we shouldn’t stay there…You can choose what to believe in and to what extent..But faith is good..
        You’re doing a very good job, it’s right! With Lebanese, the translation will not be accurate, with classical Arabic it’s much better! Most welcome my friend 😀 (Tekram Sadeequee)

      3. Ah I see. Having a very informative morning here while trying to get my tired son ready for school. I love it! Haha
        Would enjoy conversing more but I must go. Take care Huguetta. (Oh my name is Chris by the way 🙂)

      4. Have a good day Chris and best of luck to your son as well 🙂 Don’t worry I’m at work as well, take good care 🙂

      5. Thanks Huguetta. Anyone that wishes good luck to my son is always held in high regard!
        Ha ha working and on WordPress. Best of both worlds 🙂

      6. Lol. Thank you. Multitasking is something I struggle with and someone here is shouting for pancakes! Until we talk again…

  3. Hey Huguetta! I nominate you to write answers to some very interesting questions. I’m very sure you’ll have immense fun answering them just like I did!
    Please leave a comment on the above linked post stating the link to your answers post if you acknowledge it so that I don’t miss it! Have a great time answering! Hope to be hearing from you soon!

    1. Hello and thank you for nominating me! I will go through and hope I will answer them all 🙂
      By the way I left a comment in some of your posts but guess it went to the spam, tou need to check your spam , because I thought it’s not nice to be ignored 🙂
      Thanks again, you will know when I post the answers

  4. An ultimate truth, that I believe many people are blind to on their rush to conquer the temporal and carnal realms. Well explained, Huguette 🙂

    1. Hello Deepa, yes unfortunately they are! We reached a scary level of cruelty and egoism…Hope people will be back to their humanity and sympathy…”Temporal and carnal realms” is a powerful expression and it’s bad what people are willing to do to maintain these realms!
      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  5. This is such a great thought. Unfortunately people fail to get this. We should embrace life as long as we are alive.. no one has seen tomorrow ☺️

      1. Exactly. We should focus on ‘now’ and make the most of it. 🤗

  6. I’m curious about something. There are segments of Christianity who do the whole ash cross on their faces, but didn’t “Jesus” say to do your fasting with an uplifted countenance?
    Matt 6: 16 When you fast, do not be somber like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces to show men they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they already have their full reward. 17 But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, 18 so that your fasting will not be obvious to men, but only to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.…

    1. If you read this post very well, you know that my point is how much I like to remind myself that we are dust and to dust we shall return, if people put a cross or whatsoever on their faces because they like to be reminded, no it’s not hypocrisy, you’re not reading their hearts, judging them is hypocrisy
      I might want to be reminded but I don’t want to fast, I’m totally free
      Thank you for your contribution

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