The Power Of Imagination And Writing!

Suddenly I felt I’m not interested in following your news and what you’re doing anymore, after months and more of a consistent follow up!

In my head and in my story, we were together the entire time, we had some divine time…you were incredibly caring, astonishingly crazy, more passionate than me!

I’m not sure I recognize the real you anymore!

Who are you? 

You look totally different than the person I was spending time with during the last month…
We are inseparable and we love it…you can’t take your eyes off me and everybody is so jealous and envious!

Your real version is a stranger to me and I’m not interested in you anymore,
I’m not into people who ignore me and don’t appreciate me and treat me differently…

I’m very busy having a great time with my hero story to the extent of forgetting completely about you!

The power of imagination and writing!

And now I’m so afraid to confuse you with my hero story if we ever met again…!
I’m afraid of being unable to tell who you really are and act foolishly! 
I’m afraid…
But I’m also a dreamer and dreams do come true sometimes!

Huguette Antoun – March 6th 2019

43 thoughts on “The Power Of Imagination And Writing!

  1. Hello, interesting post, yes it is difficult to follow what everyone is posting specially when the amount of followers are growing, but in my head some of people are remember more, than others, maybe because they made a point so i have the reason to remember them, i’m not really sure, if i understood about who you are talking, you are talking about the same person who ignored you not long time ago?

    1. Hello Ilona, oh no it’s a romantic post let’s say 🙂 it’s about love and imagining the person you care about
      Thank you for reading and for your interaction as well 🙂 Appreciate your efforts to get my posts ❤

      1. Okay, i misunderstood, still trying to improve my English, bonne journee 🤗

      2. Don’t worry 🙂 Appreciate your efforts! Even though I think your English is very good!
        Bonne Journee a vous aussi 🙂

      1. I know I am sorry for my absence I have been doing like 3 interviews a day barely able to get any writing done of any sort built a new website haha lots happening I missed getting to read your blog. After this month some of the madness slows down and I will have more time again.

      2. Don’t worry! I know you’ve been so busy, it’s hectic I can imagine! Wish you all the best and more success always 🙂 Always happy to see you here

  2. Wonderfully written! 😊The way you described the dillema that accompanies the unforeseen event of being ignored, is amazing!😊 I could totally connect with the article! It is always tough to let-go, but sometimes that is the only choice that is worth making!

    1. Thank you Gauri for stopping by 😊 it’s good to see you and hope you’re good!
      I’m glad this post has spoken to you and appreciate your nice words a lot 😊❤️

      1. My pleasure! 😊
        Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing post! 😊
        And also, sorry for the late response! 😅
        A project has been keeping me busy these days and hence I have decided to take a break from blogging! 😊

      2. Oh Gauri I thought you were kidnapped! Was contacting the Interpol! 😁
        Don’t worry at all I can understand, hope your project went well and all is great at your end 😊 the bad news that you took a break from blogging! Hope you’ll be able to be back very soon ❤️

      3. 😂😂…
        The project is still in the process so let’s hope that everything goes well! 😀
        And I agree, I really wanted to avoid the break but it is very difficult to get into a creative mindset at the end of a long day! Already missing the blog! 😭
        I will be back as soon as the project gets concluded! 😊❤

  3. Imagination is such a power which is infinitely unlimited .
    I’m always in love with such uniquely cognitive posts ❤

    And as usual well described 👌
    Keep going Huguetta ✌:)

    1. Thank you for reading and for the nice words as well 😊 glad you loved the post and always happy to see you here 😊 Imagination is infinitely unlimited indeed 👍👍

  4. I like the way you have written this, very thoughtful, a spring of imagination of what might be! Keep up with the wonderful writing! Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you will come back again!

    1. Thank you Steve for taking time and reading and for your thoughtful comment!
      Thank you for following my blog as well, surely will visit your blog often, we’re here to express and to read others experiences as well 🙂

  5. Always dream. Dreams might not come true, but they’re fun when experienced without interruption.. especially from the darn alarm clock ☺

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