Happy International Women’s Day!

Most of the world celebrates Women’s day on March 8th from every year.  Some countries still don’t, and I can only imagine the women’s situation in these countries!

Sometimes I wonder why women need a special day. Aren’t they half the society and they should be equal to men? We should all be human beings and therefore a subject such as “Women rights” “Women’s day” shouldn’t really exist!

Then I look around and I discover that in 2019, many countries and civilizations are treating the woman as a half human! I check the history and I discover that no, even in the very civilized countries (now) women have struggled to have their basic rights…
Do we blame God for creating Adam first and then Eve from one of Adam’s rips?  Or we blame Eve for she was the reason we were banished from the Garden of Eden?

I don’t want to blame anyone even these retarded countries and civilizations…I just hope that we’ll be able to find a way to impose education and knowledge, to make it mandatory! As major as food and water to all people out there and this is the only way humans can live equally and stop treating each other’s like slaves and trash pile! But who will impose this without interfering in the country internal affairs? Even though it’s a trend now! How we impose education and knowledge while some people are still lacking food and water in 2019!

In 2019, Salute to the women that are fighting to have a work, to be independent, to be recognized as a human being!

To the women that are fighting for their kids’ custody after they were snitched from her just because the religious laws are too harsh and unfair! Laws that are against God!

To the women that are victims of violence and there’s no one to stand up for them and they are too broken to stand up for themselves!

To the workers, the business women, the leaders, all the successful women that managed to be successful in spite of all the stones thrown at them!

To the mothers out there that are giving their all to their children and sometimes scarifying their own happiness and well-being in a shitty marriage to maintain their children mental health and happiness. You are heroes!

To the refugees women that are facing this horrible and harsh world! The cruelty and inhumanity, the horrible methods people are using nowadays to hurt them, to use them…How many crimes are committed on daily basis and Human rights watchers are asleep! When Human rights become “paper work” and stupid procedure, the rights will be lost and the human will die!

To the women that are treated like slaves and properties just because the society is retarded and the religion is ruling over! Again, religions that have nothing to do with neither humanity nor GOD!

To the women that lost everything just because they couldn’t stay in an unhealthy marriage or relationship! They lost their children’ support and respect…they lost their normal life just because they are women!

To the women that lost their daughters for good for a jealous and terrible husband that decided to end their lives! “If you’re not with me then you can never be with anyone else’s logic”. Your wounds are forever open and you are almighty for carrying all this pain and moving on!

To every woman out there, victim of ignorance, poverty and retarded systems…I pray that you’ll find a way to rebel and save yourself…I hope you will be able to live as a full human being, I hope you will be able to be free! To choose your life, your path, your journey! Freedom is a blessing; it’s a privilege that many don’t have!

I hope that every day will be a day to honor women and men as well! To treat each other’s in reciprocity and respect, to stop fighting for the basic rights, to just be humans and live freely and fully, equally and with dignity without the need of a special day and a special occasion to be reminded!

“This is dedicated to all the Lebanese women that are struggling to have their full rights, to survive a trauma, to just live and be free without being crucified” To you I say: Every day is your day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women of the world especially the ones reading this post ❤

Huguette Antoun – March 7th 2019

46 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind appreciation! Least I can do is being bold and truthful in front of all this agony and oppression! Glad you liked it

  1. Thank you for talking about the different phases a female has to go through and the agony she experiences in various aspects of life. Women are victimised for every wrong act and left behind for every leisure. Just like you said, be bold, strong and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Happy women’s day!

    1. Thank you for reading and for your valuable interaction! There’s a lot of agony in this world and I’m glad I could speak boldly about some cases…I hope a day will come and we’ll be all living in harmony and in peace! Happy Women’s Day to you as well 😊

      1. We’re seeking the minimal rights sometimes not even close from utopian! It’s a life time struggle and we shouldn’t stop
        Have a great time 😊

  2. Yes one shouldn’t stop. But it’s not yet a major issue, cases granting women rights is lying in a dust laden file in parliaments, never seriously taken into consideration. Force shall be exerted on the government if possible for a major legal action. Peoples organisations and many women activists have taken the initiative towards this which I’m really proud of.

    1. Yes you are completely right! Here Lebanese people made lot of progress through years of struggling and making pressures and we accomplished a lot and we’re still fighting
      Human rights activists are the key and the dynamo for these accomplishments and we are all proud of them! Unfortunately it’s all played in politics and this is what’s delaying the process but we should keep fighting

  3. Agreed! You told the case about Lebanon. Here in India, where I live, very few people take the effort which receive very less support. This is because in most of the rural and backward regions of the country, it’s taken by pride and tradition that women are domestic workers with zero role in social and political arena. So it’s not encouraged on a large scale. But urban localities have succeeded to a large extent. Happy with the progress.

    1. Yes same here, it differs from rural and villages to city and from religion to another as well hopefully India also will achieve more progress in the upcoming days!

  4. Good evening, yes in France we celebrate it tomorrow March 8, i think many days, even Valentines is more commercial, i’m not against, but in France on women day guys always have to spoil women, at least to buy flowers, so all the markets who sells flowers makes big profit on this day, even on TV they said like on Valentines and March 8 they have the best sales🤔

    1. Good morning Ilona, Happy Women’s Day! Hope you will enjoy your day
      Thank you for reading and for the information as well. Well every occasion can be turned so easily into commercial one, like Valentine’s Day as well…Businesses look forward for these occasions, the matter is to not wait for 1 day to spoil our beloved ones, to always do it
      Have a great day 😊

  5. As usual well written Huguetta 👌

    Being a Feminist I believe every gender must be given equal deserving priority based on their Potential irrespective of their Gender.

    Also, Women seek every kinda potential to accomplish any Work provided.
    They are the driving force of Society .

    Women were Suppressed adversely in past.
    But now things have differed a lot
    Women are considered a strong source in any kinda betterment of development & progress .

    Also I believe there are many who speak much about Women ,
    still they’ve mindset somewhere that they are superior in every means
    Such mentality needs to be Obliterated.

    One must treat everyone equally everyday based on their attitude and not just on Gender ✌

    Happy Women’s Day ! ❤ 🙂

    1. Thank you Abhi for your rich and valuable interaction! Thank you for the sweet wishes as well, Happy Women’s Day to all the women in your life…God bless them!
      can’t agree more with you words and thoughts! Yes sure equality is a must and to all human beings! But unfortunately we must always raise the women rights subject every now and them because of the harsh violations happening on daily basis and hope someday as you said this mentality will be Obliterated and we’ll no longer need to mention the gender, it will be just a human beings and we will all be equal!
      Thank you again for the truthful thoughts 🙂

      1. Pleasure all mine lovely lady ❤

        Also I wanted to ask
        When is Men’s Day ?
        Why isn’t any day celebrated for us ?
        We also need some recognition 😓

      2. Well it seems with specifying only 1 day for women, all the remaining days are your days! 🙂 You have a point though, you should have some special day! 🙂

  6. Very interesting and informative post Huguette! Obviously you had to focus on the women of the world due to the nature of the day in question. I agree it should simply be a question of equal rights for all humanity.
    Unfortunately when religion is a dominating factor in countries there will always be issues.
    I hope you are well and enjoyed your special day. Much love to you.

    1. Thank you Chris for reading and appreciating as well! Yes the violations are really not acceptable in 2019! And from my point of view, religions have ruined everything!
      I’m doing well thank you, it was a regular day here, no special celebrations 🙂 hope you’re good and enjoying the weekend

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