Happy Teacher’s Day To All Of You!

Probably most of you will wonder what’s wrong with this blogger! Teacher’s day is on October 5th! Well not here in Lebanon! We celebrate Teacher’s Day on March 9th every year! It was a Saturday this year and I was out and busy enjoying my weekend, so I didn’t have the chance to say thank you to all the teachers out there that are providing power to the generations! Yes knowledge is power; it’s an ultimate power that never stops to grow daily! (Or at least it shouldn’t) Happy belated Teacher’s Day!

Can you imagine yourself 10 years ago or maybe 20 years ago, the things you used to believe, the mistakes you did (which is not a shame but just a simple comparison) the beliefs you had, everything that you know now and you didn’t know before! Imagine how your life would have been if you still the same…If you still naive or shallow, arrogant or hateful…If your knowledge was only limited on the things you learned in school or high school…
If 10 years passed and you didn’t improve, I mean can you imagine?
(If you still the same, then this post is not for you 🙂 )

Imagine what knowledge could perform in your life! Knowledge is not necessary this diploma you have, knowledge is all what life taught you so far, books you read, people you met, experiences, hurdles, good and bad moments, losses, love and friendship, family support or neglect… Every single moment and each person you ever met! As they say we’re all learners and we can also be teachers! And how lucky we are if we were the ones who provided the good lessons not the hurtful ones!

On this special occasion, happy belated teacher’s day to all the people that came into my life; yes all of you without any exception! Thank you for those who were loyal and loving, you taught me to be softer, thank you for the very sensitive friends that thought it’s only about them and walked away, you taught me how to close my doors very tight, to the bitches, the ungrateful, the narcissist, the charming, the humble, the children, the young and the old, the open minded and the fanatics, the smart and the stupid, the mean and the goodhearted, the snakes and the lambs, the hard and the flexible…to the people that thought they used me and hurt me, you have no power here except you provided me with superpowers!

To every person that ever walked into my life, I have learned something from each and every one of you because I believe everyone I meet is a teacher, they cross my path for a reason, and so it was! Whether good or bad, whether I was taught to do or not to do, to be or not to be, you are all a great asset and major part!
You are all teachers and I’m a continuous learner!

Can you relate to this post? Love to hear your thoughts!

Huguette Antoun – March 11th 2019

59 thoughts on “Happy Teacher’s Day To All Of You!

      1. Glad I do 🙂of course we’re not , we die learners , or at least we shouldn’t stop at all! There are a lot and lot to learn…sometimes very tiny things that we simply don’t know.,,

  1. Happy teacher’s day. They sure are previous in our life. We celebrate it on 5th september in India. 😊

  2. Sorry for being late! However my heartiest congratulations to all of you on this special day.
    Its great to know this day!
    And my dear Huguetta! My special thanks to you for deciding to follow my blog!I hope you will like to read my posts as and when you do it!
    Love and hug!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the heartwarming words! Not actually a teacher I wanted to deliver a specific message from my post and honor the teachers out there!
      You’re welcome and looking forward for your posts, and thank you for the likes, hope it will be mutual in case you find my blog worth reading as well 🙂 I believe in reciprocity
      Best of luck!

    2. Thanks for your nice comments! I found your blog and posts superb and brilliant and i wud love to read them and give my comments and likes.
      I too believe in reciprocity.

  3. Powerful stuff, learning from every person and every experience is the way of fulfillment. No thing is too small or out of our perception. I love your perspective Huguetta it is beautiful to see a mind open up and realize there is no good or bad there are only experiences what we take from them how we grow from them is up to us.

    1. Hello Matt, I’m really glad to see you here! Thank you for really reading because you’re the one who gets my message from this post 🙂 yes indeed, this is what I learnt and it wasn’t easy at all, some days were rough and I’m glad i’m here so far! But the sooner we do, the quicker we live in peace! Hope you’re doing well

      1. I am doing better than I ever have been 😊😊 because of understanding what u so beautifully wrote about. I hope one day we all get it. Sometimes I want to shake people and scream at them to wake up haha. But I know it’s not for me to wake someone up they have to see what’s directly in front of them and make that choice for themselves. Always happy to read what you write.

      2. Thank you so much! It really makes me happy when someone really read and understand and appreciate as well! 😊 yes i totally can relate haha I want to shake them as well! But as you said it’s their choice always 🙂
        hope you’ll always be at your best and wish you more success and progress 🙏🏻😊

  4. If you still the same, then this post is not for you 🙂 this one don’t know why, but made me laugh😁, i remember now i always had my favourite teacher, she was teaching math and don’t know or because i loved math or she made me love it with explaining everything so perfectly for 100times until i finally understood, thank you for bringing me back to school, feels good to remember. And about life as well, all people who comes to our life they come for the reason doesn’t matter what kind of lessons we got, but need to be thankful and let go and move forward, because all the people who we meet is just the passengers in our train❤️

    1. 😀 Thank you Ilona for your continuous effort and support (what’s the meaning of your name? )
      Well imagine yourself when you were 13 or 15, do you still the same? I’m sure not, so we always improve, learn, we should! This is why I said so and I’m glad it made you laugh, I was smiling while writing it 🙂
      I always hated Math, it started with the bad teacher we had and I never could be good or love Math since! The teacher is very important, they can run your entire future sometimes! Yes always great to remember the school and the lovely memories 🙂
      I actually wrote this post for the last part you mentioned: people who come to our life and teach us lessons…Yes all kind of lessons is what make us who we are now…
      Thank you again for your time and kindness ❤

      1. My name means the light and yours? Is it French? I know you are not from here, but sounds kinda🤔

      2. Liked the meaning 🙂 Nice to know you!
        My name is a traditional French name, probably in France you will not find it so easily nowadays since it’s old! It means “Intelligence”

      3. You got the name which really matching you🤗☀️🙏it sounds French, beauyiful name🌸

      4. Thank you Ilona so nice of you 😊😊 yes totally French 🙂 same as your name as well, perfect match you’re glowing 🙂😊👍

  5. Lovely thoughtful post Huguette. Would agree we are all learners and teachers. Everyone has something to bring to the table.
    Much love to you 🙂

    1. Good morning Chris, thank you for reading! Yes it was the main message I wanted to deliver through this post, glad you liked it 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day!

      1. Good morning/day to you Huguette (I must figure out our time zone difference 🙂)
        Great message to give!
        Just ready to face the new day here. Well, I am. My son is dragging his heels…
        Hope all is going well with yourself 🙂

      2. it’s 9:30 AM here, hope you’ll have a good day ahead! Your son doesn’t sound so excited haha hope he’ll have a good day as well!
        Doing well thank you, the day just started, at work 🙂

      3. Ah very good 🙂 (only two hours behind here then).
        No he isn’t. I can hear the groaning coming from upstairs ha ha
        Much love to you as always Huguette!

      4. Yes very good, logical time zone difference 🙂 I know he isn’t , it was a joke 🙂 How someone can be excited at 7:30AM! Only aliens are haha
        Much love to you as well 🙂

      5. I really lol’d there. That’s a great start to the day for me anyway 🙂
        Got to go. His lordship has risen! Duty calls 🙂 Take good care

      1. It is truly a pleasure! I am a teacher myself, I have stepped out of the public school. This piece was very enriching, Teacher’s on every level deserve to be celebrated.

      2. Happy teachers day to you then 😊 I believe you didn’t celebrate it yet
        Thank you for reading and for such nice words 🙏🏻😊 yes sure teachers deserve all the appreciation and respect ✊ 💕

  6. Huguetta, for me it was Sharon, the school librarian. She was about ten years older than me, but I got a heavy crush on her. So much more sophisticated than the girls my own age. At 16 she was so very attractive to me. Which was a good thing!

    Whenever she suggested a challenging book — and most of her suggestions were indeed challenging to me — I took up any challenge out of my desire to impress her. When she told me things about myself that I myself could not see at such an early age, I faithfully took her messages to heart and came to believe in myself. Because of my crush, she got through to me like no teacher before her.

    And it helped a lot that she herself reciprocated my crush in a purely platonic way by mentoring me. She protected me against the teachers who didn’t like me, arranged for me to spend my free study hours in the library, ordered books with me in mind, etc.

    Now days, I look back and think, “Sharon was the reason this under-performing kid made it through university with honors.”

    1. Thank you Paul for reading and sharing your experience and the source of your inspiration and success at certain time.
      Teachers play a great role in our life, a crush can be a plus or a reason to deteriorate, it depends so glad it turns out to be a reason to improve
      Have a good time

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