Promoting My Comments into Posts! Part 1

Have you ever discovered that your comments on other posts can make a great post or even posts? Moreover, have you ever thought that your comments were underrated and treated like a pile of trash? Oh yes it happens and happened to me where I spent time reading the post very profoundly and then I interacted with some thoughtful comment probably better than all my posts and my comment were neglected (oh I got a big like though 🙂 ) and sometimes I didn’t.

I believe sometimes when we respond to other thoughts or questions; we can be more creative and deeper!
Even the times when my posts weren’t neglected, on the contrary, they were highly appreciated, I thought that they deserve to be promoted and be “Posts”.
And the winners are:

On inspiration:
I believe that being an inspiration has nothing to do with how fucked up we think we are. The candle burns to spread light, no one notice that it’s dying but they benefit from its light…
We are perfect in some people’s eyes, even the time we forget to even love ourselves, they still love us as we are…and these people will always stay and even if they had to leave (because sometimes they don’t have a choice!), we can always love them while they are here and have good memories with them…We live in the present moment, the past is gone and the future is not here yet…

On Judging:
Just know that there will always be people who judge and criticize almost everything, even if you’re perfect “from society point of view” (because perfection is very relative to me), there will always be people who criticize, judge harshly and gloat sometimes…
It’s not easy to not feel hurt and wounded and offended, but these people are not your concern even though it’s hard sometimes to apply, but they will eventually face their own Karma don’t worry
Unfortunately the ignorance level increase the judgment and hurt and we can’t do anything about it…What we can do is control our own reactions and thoughts and not be affected by this ignorance and sometimes it’s not easy at all!
I tell you that many times I nearly smashed people faces for being disrespectful and rude! It’s not easy at least for me! I love instant Karma more than eventual Karma to be honest so I know the feeling very well! But I work hard every day to not let people’s reactions and ignorance provoke me and irritate my inner peace and I fail most of the times 🙂  but still I don’t give up! I shouldn’t be affected by ignorance and judgments; if I do, they win, they have a power on me, to make me angry…and believe me they shouldn’t be given this power...They are so weak and so useless without this power…  

On Embracing all your feelings:
I believe that as human beings we discover all kind of feelings and we should embrace them, be true to ourselves and if we need to cry, to mourn, to be depressed, we should not fight it but the most important thing is to not stay there, to not be drown in sadness and misery…
All our feelings are what make us who we are, and there’s always a good reason especially when we see the big picture, when we step away and look to our life just like a puzzle, then each piece will be at its perfect place so our image can be completed! Regardless our religion and our beliefs…God knows what is the best for us even if sometimes God’s answer is “NO”…

More promoted comments to come! Stay tuned!

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on this post idea and content as well

Huguette Antoun – March 13th 2019

72 thoughts on “Promoting My Comments into Posts! Part 1

  1. The reason why I comment is because I didn’t had made a post on that topic which was put forward by the author. It enables me to think and present my perspectives on that particular topic even though I hadn’t posted something similar. So, a sincere comment is nothing less than a post and requires the same thought process and innovation of mind! Comments for some reason are more engaging because I feel that they are spontaneous, and a reader writes it just after reading the post and is overflowing with ideas and thoughts which isn’t planned beforehand. 🤗

    1. Thank you Priya for reading and the valuable interaction 😊 I believe even if you already made a post, you can have another point of view while commenting on others posts, as you said comments are spontaneous and they require same thought process and innovation which made me honor them and promote them 😊
      As I mentioned sometimes the comments are deeper because the way we respond to other’s thoughts make us sometimes more creative!
      Thank you again for this spontaneous comment 👍😌

      1. So well said “sometimes the comments are deeper because the way we respond to other’s thoughts make us sometimes more creative!” I too think that sometimes we are able to discover some mindsets and thoughts that we never believed we could! It surely makes our mind more flexible and adaptable to different views.

        And please, don’t thank me for these interactions. We talk because its mutual, so no thank you, okay?🤗

      2. Well it’s the more polite way to respond 🙂 Sure it’s mutual and communication is really enjoyable 🙂
        When someones asks a question, it triggers our mind to answer and sometimes we’re a bit surprised that how I don’t know what I really love and want…so it’s always healthy to respond and check others points of views 🙂 ❤

      3. Yes I understand it’s a more formal way of welcoming someone to your blog 🙂
        Yes sure, sometimes unknown facts are disclosed while sometimes we tend to teach others, even if we aren’t really on the same page.

      4. Exactly, we are constant learners and teachers at the same time…we should be open to other’s perspectives and thoughts, I’m sure we will always learn
        Have a great day ahead ❤️

  2. Terrific idea. And I agree with everything you said. Interaction with a whole new people is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss out on. And I have similar thoughts to punch people who are rude to me..😐
    But nevertheless, there are people who care! 😊 Loved the idea! ❤️

    1. Hahah let’s punch them 😂 I can relate to this feeling
      I’m glad you liked the idea 😊 After all they are thoughts and words coming from heart
      Yes there will always be different kind of people and interaction is really the gist of blogging I believe
      Thank you for stopping by 😊❤️

  3. Very good point, honestly I agree with you, there are those who read deeply and if necessary they read again, for the depth of the text, words… For inspiration too…. Very good and thought-provoking text,…

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your nice words as well 🙂 I do read and sometimes I don’t interact if I have nothing to say or the blogger doesn’t do the same, I believe in reciprocity
      J’aime vos poèmes, ils sont simples mais profonds 👍

      1. Thank you to you, yes, you are absolutely right about reciprocity… Thank you also for reading my poems…. Have a good evening

  4. I love receiving your comments Huguetta & I can tell you put a lot of effort into them… So yes, maybe you should follow them up with a post… I’ve had people respond to my posts through a post of their own because their comment would have been too long… So go for it! ❤

    1. Thank you so much 😊 (what’s your name?) I love to really read and interact when I have something to say because I believe the blogger is addressing to others for a reason…otherwise we would have saved our writings in a word file or so 🙂 I’m glad you love my comments despite how long they are sometimes
      Well after reading, you can tell if they deserved to be a post or not ❤️

      1. My name’s Suki… I agree with you totally in this matter. Some posts really hit home & get us thinking, also we like to share or experiences relating to that post… And the whole point of blogging is the interaction we receive through our posts… ❤

      2. Nice to know you Suki 😊 my name is Huguette and always happy to meet like-minded people, it’s the reason I started this blog, yes I wrote a whole post about interaction because I thought it’s really illogical how some bloggers act
        Have a good time ❤️

  5. The best is when i have meeting with doctor and i enter and i say laud good morning there is like 10people they all heard it, but answers only 2 of them, but i’m sure they heard me, even in simple situation like this i get ignore, there was much more but whatever, i don’t want to remember. About comments sometimes i write long comments to people, sometimes i don’t have much to say, so i just say great post, for example i’m really bad with technology, but the person followed me i clicked back, i always read the post, but for me is so chinese, but at least i can say write from 2 to 10 words about it. I have some amazing comments from other people on my blog from you as well, and i wrote some i think really good ones for some bloggers, it could make really great post, maybe it will one day. I understand how you feel, believe i got ignored many times, now i just let it go, enjoyed your post, thank you so much for sharing it and goodnight 22.49 here❤️🤗

    1. Good morning Ilona, hope you’re good today🙂 well here is was 23.49 so I was in sleeping mode
      Thank you for you valuable reply and I can relate because I used to feel very bad when I say good morning and some people don’t answer, used to speak to myself and get angry
      Now I just say it, and if they respond it’s good, if not, their problem not mine
      Regarding this post, I really felt that some comments deserve better 😊 even if the bloggers did reply and appreciate, I thought why not, it’s a good post ideas and it includes lot of subjects, probably you should do the same 👍😊
      Thank you and have a good day ❤️

  6. I don’t have anything extra to add apart from what has been said in other comments. I do think you’ve hit upon a great idea though.
    However 1 thing that I haven’t seen people mention is just how time consuming it is to reply to comments. Personally I have very little reading time and only have the odd moment to read something, leave a comment or reply to any comments I receive.
    Because every person is important I would hate to neglect anyone. Imagine you had thousands of followers (which I hope you do someday 🙂) and they all left comments expecting a reply. That would be a job unto itself!
    I am happy with any interaction. Even if it just a like or emoji.
    That said I do enjoy a thoughtful comment from yourself ☺

    1. I can tell you it’s time consuming and it prevents me from posting daily but I consider also this interaction very important and educational to read other thoughts and interact
      I still believe most people don’t really read but nothing to do about that!
      Well yes with thousand of followers I believe it’s a full time job but I know I will find a way to respect them all
      Yes interacting even in small word or emoji is good, but I still appreciate readers and those who make some effort
      Glad you do, long comments might bother people sometimes 😊
      Thank you again for your time and nice comment 😊have a great day

      1. I agree it is important especially as the commenter has taken the time to do so. You’re a better person than I when it comes to replying then as I find it a struggle trying to find the time to reply when it’s only a few commentators nevermind if there were more.
        I agree not all read. I had someone like all my posts in about 1 min ha ha
        Either that or they were extremely gifted 🤔
        Much love as always Huguette!

      2. hahah I doubt they are gifted, it needs superpowers! Yes I get people invade my account with likes! I mean who asked you! I do the same and I don’t read their content…If likes is what they want, they shall have 🙂
        I don’t believe I’m better, I just practice what I preach that’s it, I complain about something then I do it, it’s not me…
        Much love to you as well!

  7. So many intellectual points have been discussed here ,
    It bewilders me which one to answer

    Anyway, I strongly agree with the Topic 👍
    At times, some comments provide great impact but unfortunately it is neglected or may be given seldom importance (which I experience mostly )
    At times, people just like & comment without even a proper read (that is disappointing )

    People really need to understand BLOG isn’t a ‘Social Networking’ zone or medium to just do the sake for formality.

    Post, Content, Writer’s effort, Comments everything matters here.

    One optimistic comment can make someone’s day and at the same time pessimistic one could destroy their day too.

    I can write many thing here but it’ll take too long to consume for people
    So I’ll just put up that,

    BLOG is a medium to Learn, Seek Knowledge & Wisdom.
    So respect the post and writer Whole- heartedly ❤

    1. Good morning Abhi, hope you’re having a good day 😊 thank you for taking time to read and for your respect always! I believe as you said we should respect the post and writer wholeheartedly 👍 well said and you’re one of the very respectful bloggers so salute to that!
      I hope the comments that turned into posts were useful somehow to the readers even though many don’t read and it’s disappointing as you said but I hope I will get more readers than followers, it’s my aim actually
      Thank you again for the valuable interaction and time, it is always appreciated and heartwarming 😊👍

      1. I had a good day ..Thank you
        Hope you had a great day too😇

        I believe I’m still a learner and a good listener,
        And there’s so much to learn from you Huguette 🙌

        Comments are way more valuable than Posts sometimes, it lies in the beholder of the Reader’s eyes how the person visualises it.
        Hoping every Blogger realises it and appreciate comments too .

        Anyway, Keep the pace of your work going ✌
        I’ll be Always there for you 🙂

      2. My day is good as well, thank you for asking 🙂 I definitely learn from you as well, I appreciate the people that are eager to learn and always open to listen and receive 👍 big quality!
        We will meet different kind of people and bloggers and it’s the quality not the quantity that matters!
        Stay blessed and all the best 😊

      3. Agreed! 🙌

        Qualitative people is all we need where
        Life becomes more beautiful
        – With no hatred and more Love
        – With no competition and more Knowledgeable learning.

        And Blogging is the best platform to learn and provide learning too.

    1. Sorry comment went to Spam! I recommend to you commenting one time only to the main post, otherwise your comments will go to spam …and not all bloggers check the spam folder regularly. Thank you for these encouraging and heartwarming words!

  8. Oh! I hope I did not neglect any comment you made on one of my posts. Sometimes, comments get stuck in the Spam folder. Some of the good ones end there sometimes. Great post, by the way.

    1. I’m sorry! your comment went to spam 🙂 just retrieve it! Thank you for reading and for your interaction 🙂 I don’t recall I did, but anyway check your spam folder when you have time 🙂 Your words are appreciated ❤

  9. Wow! You sure packed a lot of great ideas into a short post! You’re a creative thinker, Huguetta. Did you know intelligence and creativity are only loosely related? It’s true! check out the science on creativity.

    Too many ideas to cover them all. I’ll focus on just one: Judging people. I’m an old man and my old eyes think I see way too much unnecessary judging in the world today — especially on social media. But beyond that, I have adopted Spinoza’s attitude as much as I can:

    “I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them.”

    1. Hello Paul, thank you so much for taking time to read and for your nice words and great appreciation 🙂 I’m a work in progress project I believe, and hope will always improve 😊
      Thank you for adding your wisdom to this blog and Spinoza’s attitude is a great accomplishment and great power nowadays!
      Thank you for following and certainly will check your blog closely 👍😊

      1. Exactly ❤️ and anyway if you would like to get in touch please contact me via email, or social media platforms it will be a pleasure 👍😊

  10. It’s such an innovative idea to make a connection with other fellow bloggers. It is interesting to the comments. Missing the actual bloggers name. Who ever contributed such inspiring comments and your addition and beautiful quotes are added beauty. Well started task. Eager to read the other parts.

    1. Thank you Simon for reading from the beginning 🙂 I actually can’t recall the posts and names, I just saved my comments, the idea was most of my comments were ignored or just had a like from the blogger so I decided to publish them because at the end they are thoughts and ideas as well and sometimes when we respond to others, we express in a different way
      Appreciate your time 😊🙏

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