Remember this the next time you envy someone!

We hear it the entire time and sometimes we say it as well: damn, they are so lucky, they have a car, they have a job, a partner, children, beauty, money….etc…their life is perfect…If I could have their life I will certainly be happy.

We are just slaves of our envy and jealousy and no matter what we have, we always look around to monitor and spot what we don’t have, to envy people, to crave what is not even suitable for us sometimes, not compatible, not applicable but we just want it!

Regardless that no matter what are the circumstances, you shouldn’t envy or be jealous, even if some people are born with a golden spoon and others extremely poor, even if some people didn’t work for what they have and others have nothing despite all the hard work, we shouldn’t envy! As hard at it seems but it’s only a waste of energy and time.

But I’m writing this post to tell you that regardless the above mentioned, next time you envy someone and you hate them for jealousy reasons remember:

This car was purchased after years of pain and sweat, years of public transportation, taxis, hitchhiking, walking long distances in cold and hot, legs and back ache.

This body is shaped because of the hard work out, the continuous exercising and the healthy choices albeit the very busy schedule, the physical and mental pain!

This job has been granted and maintained because of the hard work and dedication and after many failures, up and downs, jobless days or months or years, debt! After a time when the market’s visit was a very big privilege!

This house is available after years of sharing apartments, fake and unwelcoming relatives accommodation, bad neighborhood, stupid and annoying roommates!

These hangouts, parties and leisure time in fancy restaurants or pubs or else, are after years of eating on the go, sitting in free public places to save money and some days eating only bread because this was the only food available to eat!


This smile is shining after nights of sadness, depression and gloom! It’s a choice to be strong and fierce and shine no matter how dark the nights can get.

Next time you envy someone, remember that people don’t hold signs on their faces mentioning their struggle!


You see the result and you’re oblivious of the journey and struggle, of the sacrifices that have been made throughout the journey, the tears that have been shed, the hard work and the sleepless nights, the love that has been lost, the dreams that have been postponed, the dear people’s company that has been compromised, the time that has passed and we couldn’t stop it.

You know nothing but the stupid appearances and believe me dear appearances can be so deceiving!

Don’t perpetuate in hate and envy, it’s a total waste of time, as futile as catching the air in your hand, it’s ugly and gruesome.

Time is valuable, just use it to embrace and love what you have, to improve and enhance your life, to create and shape a unique personality, and if you’re not satisfied with your life, get up and change it instead of watching and envying others.

Thank you for reading! Please share your thoughts and opinions.

Huguette Antoun – March 18th 2019

95 thoughts on “Remember this the next time you envy someone!

  1. Absolutely spot on with this post. I really can’t understand people who envy others! Years ago I had little money so couldn’t afford to take the family on holidays. and one particular workmate always tried to make me jealous of his upcoming holiday. I tried explaining to him that I wasn’t the jealous type so why try to make me jealous over something I’d never be able to do for my family. I actually felt sorry for him and his petty mentality

    1. Hello John and thank you for reading and for interacting! I can understand what you mean, it’s happening on daily basis and it’s really sad and waste of time! I mean the people want to make you jealous by force sometimes, you have all the right to feel sorry for them! I certainly do

      1. it is sad indeed! Hope we’ll have more loving and original people, this world has become a very hard place to live in! Thank you for your contribution 🙂 Stay blessed

  2. So true Huguette. Envy and jealousy are such a waste of energy. Energy that is better spent on love and appreciation.
    Well said. Great post!
    Hope you’ve had a great day.

    1. Thank you Chris! Yes exactly we need more love and appreciation! Thank you for reading and appreciation 🙂 we’re back to the chess, check you post haha

      1. Ha ha here we go again 😂 I’ll be a good multitasker in no time 🙂
        Bit late on this one as it was bedtime when I commented. Sorry.
        Always enjoy your posts. They are interesting and very thoughtful.
        Now am away to see what your other comment is 😂😂
        Good morning Huguette!

      2. Good morning Chris, I’ll be your multitasking coach 😂😂
        well don’t worry I was sleeping as well and struggling to reply, I hardly completed the post before midnight and I’m glad you enjoyed it
        moving to the other post 😂

      3. 😂 No better coach to have. I would even say you’re a master! 😂
        Late night for you then. I hope you had a good night’s rest at least.
        Ha ha I am struggling to keep up this morning 🙂 Love it! 🙂

      4. Hahaa thank you! 😌 I’m doing fine I guess
        Yes somehow, one more hour would certainly be perfect 🙂
        Have your tea then so you can recharge some
        Energy 😊 or it’s some post idea?

      5. Oh I’m sure it is, we say in Arabic “Yaateek El Aafieh” something like God bless
        Still at work, leaving in a bit, a normal working 🙂

  3. This post is so spot on! Why waste your time envying people for what they have.
    You probably don’t know how many countless sleepless nights they’ve had just to acquire what they boast of now. Rather appreciate it and work hard for your own.

    1. Thank you so much for reading for your lovely interaction!
      Exactly my point! It’s really a waste of time Thank you and wish you the best of luck 😊

  4. I could make a long list of the ways in which I have been a bigger fool than my friends and peers, Huguetta, but envy will not be on that list. I have so many flaws, but envy is not one of them, and I cannot remember a time in my life that I felt it as more or greater than a brief and fleeting whisper. With two exceptions — but only two.

    When I was growing up, I could envy those peers of mine who were smarter than me or who were better artists. But I got very lucky with that. I grew up in a small town and there were only a few kids my age. Of them all, I maybe envied one or two for being smarter or better artists than me.

    Yet, envying people for being smarter thinkers or better artists was gone from my by the time I got into uni.

    Why? I have no clue why I’ve never much felt envy in my life. Neither have I any clue why I have been so slow and backwards about some other things — such as my ability to love. I was in my 40s before I began developing much of an ability to love. I have no clue why. And neither have I any clue why I never much felt envy.

    Genes, maybe. Or maybe my mother. She seems to have never felt envy all the years I knew her. Maybe she somehow taught me while I was very young how to dismiss it too. I say “dismiss” because I cannot believe I am completely without it. That would humanly impossible I think. it must be that I just so very quickly dismiss it that I don’t actually feel it much at all.

    1. Good morning Paul, thank you again for sharing your experience and it’s really a great quality not feeling envy except rarely as you have mentioned. People spend most of their lives feeling jealous and envious and it’s really a waste of time and energy.
      Probably the genes or the education or just a character, but it’s a very good one
      Thank you for taking time to read and interact and wish you a very good day

  5. Very good post Huguetta! You are absolutely correct with this. Envy and jealousy can also hurt people mentally and physically, it’s just such a waste. Why worry about such things? Enjoy your day, or night, whichever it is!

    1. Good morning Steve, it was a night and now my day started 😊 hope you’re having a good time and hope it’s a bit warm there
      Appreciate your interaction and glad you liked the post, yes people are really so unaware how harmful and useless it is! Hope they will before it’s too late for them.

  6. I used to be so jealous of others…and then for Lent, I decided to stop doing it! It’s been very helpful…and I wish I’d done it years ago. Great post!

    1. Sorry comment went to spam
      Thank you for reading and for your interaction 😊
      I believe we all are at certain point but we shouldn’t stay there. Good for you 👍

  7. Sigh. If only everyone can understand what you posted here. I married a Norwegian and this became the cause of my bother and sister’s jealousy. They think now that I’m out of the country and living with my husband in his land that I live like a queen. Whenever they chat to me all they want was to get a large amount of sum for this and that… they refused to believe that just because I’m out of the Philippines that I no longer have financial trouble. Two years ago we suffered such a bad blow after an injustice from the Norwegian Immigration department. Me and my husband with our 7-month-old son lived in the car for weeks. My husband had to beg lounging areas to let us stay in exchange for physical labor. But do you think my two sibling stop to listen? No. Up to this days, they’re angry and blaming me that they have financial difficulties. I could say more but I feel like I’m writing my memoir all over again, and it’s no fun. Sorry for ranting. Your post just opened a sore spot. 😦

    1. First, don’t worry at all! You can express yourself as much as it’s needed! And sorry I opened a sore spot 😐

      I hope things are better now for you and your husband and son and I can tell you that the post I wrote is exactly because of these people, unfortunately they are your siblings and they always are the closest people anyway!
      Their envy and jealousy are blinding them from seeing the truth, I can relate because I had a tough life, I worked hard for all what I have and the things I mentioned in the post happened literally, this is why it was authentic and the subject spoke to many people because we’re all experiencing it on daily basis
      My advice you just do what is convenient for you and your family, ignore all the blaming and hate because it’s not your responsibility at all if some people don’t want to make some effort and improve…
      you’re not responsible for their financial problems, you’re not a bank and it’s not selfish even if you are rich! So how come when you’re not
      Best of luck ❤️

      1. Thanks. And no harm done 😊

        My husband and I are moving in baby steps but I’m happy to say we are in much better situation now than 2 years ago.

        Thank you for the advice. ❤ That’s exactly what I’m doing now. I can’t let them keep going under my skin when I have my own family to care for.

  8. Amazing post and very true. If only everyone could understand. People do stupid things in jealousy. We have got to understand that we we get is what we deserve,well yeah, sometimes we deserve more but jealousy makes it worse.
    Well said😊

    1. Thank you Ramyani for reading and appreciating 🙂 I’m glad you liked it and as you said jealousy only makes thing worse, we need to get up and work for what we want no matter what’s the result, we just need to keep moving forward
      I wish you a good day 🙂

  9. Hi!Your post is superb,brilliant and splendid! Alas, your targetted audience may read and perceive these facts and execute in their life.You have also so beautifully explained your thought process with relevent photos and diagram!
    Loved every thing you have written,Huguetta!
    You deserve a hug from me!

    1. Thank you Ravi for such nice words and appreciation! I’m glad you liked the post and the photos as well. Well I don’t know how many people will read this but hope everyone will apply it in their daily lives because if they didn’t they are the big losers
      Thank you!

  10. I second each of your point! I thoroughly enjoyed your post❤
    Just like you, I also believe that jealousy and envy are negative part of our personality and do nothing more than draining our energy.
    Over the years, I have developed my own formula to overcome envy and I can say that it has worked very well for me. What I do is… the moment I realise that I’m being envious of someone, I change my focus and energy from negative part of my personality to positive part of my personality. I start thinking about things I’m grateful about and how blessed am I. This immediately shifts my mood and makes me feel good. Also, I keep reminding myself that everyone have their own timing and that universe will bring everything in my life when I’m ready for it. 😊

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and communicate 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it and it spoke to you
      I loved this formula you developed, it’s great and you should share it so people can be inspired from you 🙂 Because no matter how hard we try, there are moments that we feel the envy but we need to fight it as you’re doing and not stay there
      Exactly, everything comes in the right time but also as I mentioned, we never know what people have sacrificed to have what they have…
      Have a great day

      1. Couldn’t agree more! We definitely don’t know what the other person has gone through and how much has he sacrificed to reach there. Like you said, that’s something we should always keep in mind.☺
        Also, I love your advice on sharing my formula with others, so that they can also benefit from it (Ahan, new blog post idea😉). It reminds me of your earlier post, where you talked about how sometimes your comments on other people’s post turn out to be more inspiring than your post. I think this is one of that happy realisation for me as well (hahaha😅).

      2. Glad this post was so useful and inspiring 🙂 Well I’m also glad you recall other posts..:) well yes, comments can definitely be posts (they should be) because as I mentioned we respond to other thoughts in a different way than we write our own posts so go ahead and make a new post 😉 It is sometimes more inspiring I agree haha

  11. I love the way you explain that people (in general) have worked hard for what they have got. I try not to envy others and to appreciate what I have got.

    1. Thank you for reading and for the nice words! Glad you liked it, it’s very true in fact and from own experience
      Glad you are trying, this is very important and envy is a waste of time anyway

  12. interesting and insightful post with meaningful points…I think most of us don’t know that our downfall might be speedy and create a more negative impact rather than positive, if we have what others whom we envy have…personally, when i dont have something I believe I should have (or something which I asked God for, but haven’t yet gotten), I rather look at negatives or less impact I could have created if I had it… look at the poor, eyeless, or limbless ones; some of them have happiness that the rich can’t buy; some rich people with all material wealth have committed suicide—we could give endless examples, but let’s stop here: what do these few illustrations tell us? not all that glitters is gold; also, most of the things we crave for and envy in others might be the very things that could destroy us our environment if we had them…

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and interact! I’m glad you liked the post and find it meaningful and insightful, it’s just coming from daily struggle and experience and I’m sure we’ve all been there…we all envy but we need to control it and stop it completely hopefully…
      Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s one strategy to react when we don’t have what we want or asked for…In some of my posts I mentioned that sometimes God’s answer is “NO” and I’m sure there’s a reason for that…like you said, it’s true!
      “Not all what glitters is gold” yes indeed! and appearances can be deceiving certainly, hope people will be deeper and less shallow and search for meaning for their life outside the material stuff
      Thank you again for the valuable interaction 🙂

  13. since i feel so strong about your post,I have reblogged it.Lets hope max people take advantage of your post which can change their life for ever.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and the nice interaction 😊 glad it brought you peace and inspiration
      Well appearances are always so deceiving, even though sometimes they better than we assume they are also, so judging will always be wrong if we don’t truly know the person 👍😊

  14. Bravo pour ce texte instructif, c’est vrai… On voit que la façade, la vitrine…. On ne se demande jamais ce qu’il y a eu avant, comme sacrifice, comme douleur, les concessions qu’ils ont dû faire et bien d’autres choses… Bravo encore une fois pour ce texte qui donne vraiment a réfléchir…👍

    1. Merci beaucoup pour lire et intervenir! Ravie vous l’avez trouvé instructif et donne à réfléchir
      C’est ce que j’ai voulu dire en fait, on ne sait jamais ce que les autres ont sacrifié! J’ai mentionné des choses qui sont vraiment passées et ce post reflète l’expérience de nombreuses personnes, j’en suis sure
      Merci bien pour l’appréciation 🙏🏻😊

  15. Envy, Contempt and Gloating are all nasty human traits. We’ve all probably experienced one of the three at some point. Be at peace with yourself, and the rest will take care of itself.

    1. Thank you Baldy, you are absolutely right! I am actually, I just express through writing and as you said the rest will take care of itself 🙂 Have a good day

  16. Hey hey hey, finally i’m here, i believe, that jealousy and hate goes together and until someone hates as we go up by stairs, directly to the stares, the people who are busy by hating others they will never get in to there, they will stay stocked at the first step, well its still a hope for a change❤️

    1. Welcome back 😊 thank you for your interaction! exactly my point hate and jealousy are waste of time and there is always hope of course, we just need to appreciate what we have, work hard and never envy others 😊❤️

  17. Although there are a lot of material things it would be nice to have, I have never suffered from envy. I use the word “suffered” because I knew someone who was tormented my other people’s gain.

    On one occasion he was being “eaten-up inside” because his neighbour had been awarded a financial grant to upgrade the contents of his home. I helped him put his way of thinking into perspective when I pointed out that the reason for his neighbour’s good fortune was because he was severely disabled. I asked him if he would prefer to have new equipment for his home or to be able-bodied, because if he was disabled like his neighbour then he could have the same material gains.

    People who are not content with who they are, have a tendency to be discontented with what they have.

    1. 💯 totally right if they are not satisfied with who they are, they will not be content with what they have! Moreover how they know they’ll be content when they have it? And not crave more and envy more?
      Gratitude is a blessing and you should embrace each blessing you have otherwise you will never be
      Thank you really for your time and valuable interaction
      Looking forward to reading future posts for you, it’s been a long time

  18. This is totally amazing!!!You picked the right scenarios though literally common but often overlooked.Thanks for such a beautiful reminder.You are a gem!

  19. Envy has always been the root of all evil. And I think it is but human nature to never be contented of what we have. But it is our character that enables us to be contented of what we have. So build character not envy!

    And you are right… we only choose to see what we want to see. We dont know how the journey was that for that person in order to get to where they are. So lets not be envious

    1. We must keep trying, we’re weak but it’s really a waste of time…
      If we knew what some people went through, we will never envy! And this is something people don’t write on their faces! Thank you so much for reading and interacting ❤

      1. I think this post is a great reminded especially in times of weakness! We shall overcome with constant reminder!

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