The Spring Flowers Are Blooming For You Dear Mothers!

Today, March 21st, we celebrate the spring beginning and most importantly we celebrate Mother’s Day!

Lebanon and some Arabic countries celebrate Mother’s day on March 21st.
Most countries celebrated it the second Sunday of May. Other countries celebrate it the first Sunday of May like Spain and Portugal. And countries like UK and Ireland and Nigeria celebrate it the fourth Sunday in lent, this year it’s March 31st.   

I’m really thrilled that spring is officially here, never been a winter lover and the weather really affects my mood. I love to see the sun, the green, and the flowers.
Welcome dear “Spring”! 😀

I find it really great to honor the mothers with the Spring beginning, the season of the new beginnings, the weather is warmer, the flowers are in bloom, trees and bushes begin to grow new leaves, colorful flowers and beauty…The same feeling that a real mother offers and feels when she gives birth to a child!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and to my mother mostly!
You deserve to be honored daily and continually but we are too selfish and you are too loving and devoted!

What can be said about the Mothers? Many words have honored the mother and many words have been spoken but the most honest are the ones coming from the heart, from a child who lost their mother, from a child that had the chance to receive the care, the tender and devotion of a loving mother! Nothing compares to that!

The day you decide to be a mother, is the day you decide to give your life and all to your children, sacrifice will seem eternal and you will forget yourself for the sake of your kids’ happiness and comfort! You feel their pain and you wish you can carry their problems and give them the world and many days you will be so desperate and down because they won’t listen and they might take wrong decisions but you will just pray for them and remain by their side, I believe mother’s prayers are powerful and I wrote about this in a separate post: My Mother’s Angels

 Despite all these sacrifices, the children don’t belong to their parents, as Gibran Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese writer and poet said: “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

As hard as it seems, it’s the reality and a pure fact, but the mother that plants a good seed, will always reap the harvest of greatness!  The kids will leave, but the love will never fade, they will be away but they will carry the devotion and care they’ve been granted and this will affect their entire life!

No one can replace the mother’s love, the mother’s place, the mother’s affection. No one can fill the void that a mother absence leaves. Or the lack of her affection and care’s void. No one ever!

Napoleon Bonaparte’ famous quote on mothers says it all: “Give me good mothers and I shall give you a great nation!”

This leads me to ask if every woman that gives birth to a child is a mother?

Frederick Douglas said: “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.

I’m asking this question because of the horror that’s actually happening nowadays and the crime of producing without the will or the ability to raise these children and take care of them!
I’ve been working on a legal study for an NGO I’m volunteering with in my free time; this study is about the Children with unknown or absent parents, how to register them in the official records and grant them identification documents. Any paper that proves they actually exist!  

Close your eyes and imagine: you have no parents, no ID, no papers, nothing that proves your existence, you can’t go to school, graduate, or work, you don’t have a life! A disaster…The details are shocking, this study has really drained my energy! Even though I know the situation but having true examples, true human beings is always different!

How grateful I felt for having parents and identity while working on this study!

In some European countries the mother is allowed to leave her baby born in some box if she doesn’t want to keep them. In France she has the right to deliver under X (Enfant ne sous x), means she can abandon her child after the delivery immediately and there are procedures to take the child and put them in an institution until they’re adopted.  
In many other countries, babies are found abandoned on the streets on daily basis in the trash, or in front of some church or Mosque.

Here I wonder again if every woman that gives a birth is a mother (Just because the topic is about mothers but both parents are equally responsible).

But I also ask how a raped woman can keep a child and raise them properly?
How an abused woman can raise a child properly?
How can a child raise a child when you force a girl to marry at 11 years old! Disgusting!
How a single mother can raise a child alone?
How and How!

It’s a very long subject and deserves certainly a new post! But I believe that it’s a crime to bring a child to this world only to abandon them or neglect them or abuse them! It’s a crime!

Therefore, salute to all the single mothers that are struggling to raise their children and they are succeeding despite the difficulties and stones thrown on them.

Salute to this woman that was dumped but decided to keep the child and give them the ultimate care and love.

Salute to the mothers that are making lot of sacrifices in unhappy marriage just to maintain a healthy environment to her children.

Salute to the hard working women that still find time to raise and take care of their children and they’re doing a splendid job!

Salute to the women that are having a full time job raising their children and taking care of their partners and the house needs! Believe me what you’re doing is much more than a full time job and it’s not even paid! You are real heroes!

Salute to the mothers that lost a child. It’s a wound that will never heal! “No parent should have to bury a childIt is not in the natural order of things” (Stephem Adly Guirgis).
But As men, we are all equal in the presence of death (Publilius Syrus).
I was only 8 years old when I saw our neighbor wailing and weeping for the loss of her 2 boys, adorable young men that used to play with us as kids! I was curious even though they banned me from approaching but I hardly do as I told! And until this day I can’t wipe out from my mind and heart neither the image of their dead bodies neither their mother face nor screams… Since that day, she was never the same!  

Salute to all the real mothers, the loving mothers, the devoted mothers, you made and still making history! You create a better world, better human beings and a more loving place!

I will end with a part of an Arabic song to the Lebanese composer sand singer: Marcel Khalife “My Mother” with English translation.

أحنّ إلى خبز أمي
وقهوة أمي
ولمسة أمي
وتكبر فيّ الطفولة
يومًا على صدر يوم
وأعشق عمري لأني
أخجل من دمع أمي

My mother:
Longing for my mother’s bread
And my mother’s coffee
And my mother’s touch
And the childhood grows up inside me, a day on my mother’s chest!
And I adore my life because if I die,
I will be ashamed of my mother’s tears

Happy mother’s Day to all the moms!  Happy Spring everyone 🙂  
Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts and opinions!

Huguette Antoun – March 21st 2019

74 thoughts on “The Spring Flowers Are Blooming For You Dear Mothers!

  1. Wow, this is incredible. I want you to come on my show and talk about this, please. It is so important to get the conversation out there about this especially how children are raising children, how mothers are leaving there babies in the streets because they were raped or are alone and scared. There are so many without parents, let alone a loving mother. I am so blessed to have an angel for a mother she has and is my biggest fan and support, she has seen me at my worst and always believed the best in me. Without her I would not be here today. Such an important topic. Thank you for writing..

    1. Thank you Matt for reading and for the lovely interaction 😊
      Believe me I will be honored more than you know but I’m shy 😐 although I promise I will think about it
      Yes I’ve been in human rights field for a long time as employee first then volunteer and what you witness is beyond awful, this study has really frustrated me big time!
      I’m really happy you have a great mother, god bless her! Yes mothers make history when they raise properly, obviously she raised you very well 👍😊
      Thank you Matt 🙏🏻

  2. Good afternoon, sometimes we really forget how much our mothers did for us, 9month inside her, 3 years in the arms and forever in heart, great post, enjoyed it🌸❤️

    1. Good afternoon Ilona and thank you for reading 🙂 yes right we often miss the mothers sacrifice and we should show more gratitude and love ❤️ thank you 😊 glad you enjoyed it

      1. Yes, sometimes we forget, how much mothers did and still does for us❤️is not mothers here, not yet, but cant wait to congratulate mine🤗

      2. Yes in France it’s on May 26th. God bless your mother and you can always show love and care even before May 😊❤️🌺

  3. Amazing post dear. Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there! I agree with everything you say❤️

    1. Thank you dear Ramyani for reading and for appreciating 😊 god bless all mothers indeed and wow you agreed on everything 😊 So nice of you really ❤️

  4. In answer to your question, “is every woman that gives birth to a child a mother?”:
        Not every child who gives birth is a woman. The world of women should be Stepmothers to the child and her baby, the innocent one, that she can not raise herself because she is lost and sad, undernourished in food or spirit, an orphan from hope, wandering the Earth in need of love, having fallen and being too weak to get up, yet worthy with potentiality are they both.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read and for sharing your perspective
      Yea I actually mentioned that a child or abused woman cannot raise a baby
      Yes as you said there should be a solution so we can help both the mother and the innocent child
      Thank you again for your time 👍

    1. Thank you Stephanie for the sweet words 😊so happy you loved it and Happy Mother’s Day to you even if you don’t celebrate it now ❤️

  5. No one could ever replace one’s mother. Love this post to pieces! I’m becoming a spring person myself. It does something good to my mental state when I see fresh blooms!🌺🌻🏵️ Happy Mother’s Day to you all! A mother’s love is unconditional and absolutely irreplaceable! So thankful for all the wonderful moms out there raising wonderful children!♥️♥️ Have a good afternoon Huguetta!

    1. Thank you dear for reading and the kind appreciation 😊 I love the sun and warmth I can’t help it 🌞 it changes my mood drastically
      Yes nobody ever can replace the mother! And no love is even close to the mother love ❤️ Salute to all mothers and god bless them all indeed 🙏🏻
      Have a great afternoon as well ❤️😊

  6. This is truly phenomenal!
    Mothers are those who take on the responsibility of providing the environmental, nutritional, educational, emotional, developmental, and safety needs of a child. No, not all women who give birth, are mothers. Likewise, many women who didn’t physically produce children are! In the days of 1980s and before, when communities were more tight nit, others children became your own… And everyone looked out for all.
    I love this beautiful coincidence, that Mothers Day and First of Spring, fall on the same day! There’s so much new and hopeful about both…
    Well done with this one!! I’m so blessed to have read it 🌸🌸

    1. Thank you so much Nova for reading and the lovely interaction 😊 oh yes they are all this and thank you for adding what I missed to mention, not intentionally, “many women who didn’t physically produce children are!” Oh yes very true! And happening on daily basis! It’s whom raise not give birth 👍
      Spring and new beginnings with the Mothers day just beautiful! And happy Mother’s day to you as well 🌺😊 God bless you and your lovely child (or children if there are more😊❤️)

  7. I’m so glad spring is in bloom! 🌼 🌺 … We are celebrating mothers day on 31st March & with my mum, mother-in-law & me, ours always a crazy hectic day! This year it’s also falling on my nieces birthday! So lots of celebrating in one day 🎂❤ 🎉

      1. No all is good, but when you make many comments the system might send them to spam. It’s better to always comment on the main post
        Thank you for your interaction 🙏🏻

    1. Oh lot of great occasions to celebrate with 😊
      Happy Mother’s day to you, your mother and mother-in-law as well 💕 may God bless you and your families as well
      Happiest birthday to your nieces as well 😊 lot of cakes don’t get fat 😁
      I take it you’re in UK? March 31st
      Enjoy and thank you for reading and interacting ❤️🌺

  8. I salute you Hug for your such a comprehensive knowledge and command on this sensitive subject. Trust me,Your post brought smile on my face and tears as well in my eyes.I could not take my eyes off your post for a single moment and i read your post again and again. your narration is so heart touching that i have no words to express my feeling.
    You are a unique and good human being and believe me if i was not married, i would straight have come to lebenan and proposed you if you are single.
    You have left a great influence on my mind and i will always carry it with me.
    I give you all my love and best hug to you Hug…..

    1. Thank you so much Ravi! Your words are heartwarming and highly appreciated
      I’m glad this post caught your attention and you read it more than one time, I’m thankful for your dedication and respect 🙏🏻
      I’m a just a regular human being and a work in progress project and please don’t travel so far, I’m actually not interested in marriage or else 🙂 but I’m flattered by your kindness!
      Best of luck to you and I wish you all the greatness and joy
      Greetings to your wife as well 🙂

      1. Remember Hug- you only live once in your life time(YOLO). So live a kingsize life and enjoy every moment of it! Who has seen tomarrow?
        Love and hug to you!

  9. Almighty couldn’t be there always so he created MOTHER ❤❤❤

    An Angel down to earth who resides with us ,
    Who make our home an actual Home ,
    who supports and encourages us not only in our Best but also in our Worst patch of Life ,
    We work for a limited time but she compromises her most precious thing called TIME and work even on Sundays and other Holidays for our betterment & convenience ,
    Innumerable sacrifices she does ,
    Doesn’t really matters whichever nation she belongs to

    Undoubtedly Fabulous & Exceptional write as usual❤
    What a great description👌

    Shout out to all them Mothers present in the World 😇

    Happy Mother’s Day Huguette ! ❤

    1. These are lovely and meaningful words that all mothers deserve and there are more to say! It’s never enough to appreciate the lovely and fabulous mothers out there 🙂
      No match found elsewhere indeed👍👍❤️
      Thank you Abhi for the incredible intervention as usually and I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day as well to all the great women in your life 😊

      1. This is extremely nice and heartwarming 🤗 I owe her for all her sacrifice and devotion and I make sure she always is! I’m sure yours is, and Big time! 😊✊

      2. Stay blessed both of you 😇

        And Yes! My mom and I both are proud of each other 😊
        Perks of Being an Alone child know 😎✌

  10. Wonderful words! 💕 Sometimes we miss our mother’s sacrifice or we are too young to care. Growing older and not having her anymore you start realizing all that she did for you but you cannot thank her anymore. For those that you still have her, be grateful and show her more gratitude until she’s near you 💕 Have a lovely spring! 🌷🌸

    1. Good morning Ribana 🙂 Thank you for reading and for the lovely interaction! Yes you are right, when she’s gone, we realize her importance and the sacrifices she did, this is why we should try to always be grateful while she’s here
      Have a lovely spring as well ❤

  11. Of course mothers are in the hearts of their children. It’s a natural thing.
    Although it does sadden me to think of the horrific situations like you’ve described.
    To be really honest I find subjects like this a difficult read due to my, and mostly my son’s, experience over the past years. I have tried to write a comment a few times and keep deleting them. It is not like I don’t agree but to read things like “no one can fill the void that a mother absence leaves. Or the lack of her affection and care’s void. No one ever!”. Actually makes me sad as it makes me aware of the ‘void’ my son is experiencing. A ‘void’ that I cannot fill. That’s just my own issue though.
    Otherwise this was a very interesting and thoughtful post.
    Hope you are well and much love to you as always Huguette!

    1. Hello Chris, hope your weekend is going smoothly 😊
      Thank you so much for reading and believe it or not while writing this I thought that fathers like yourself will not feel so good reading them…but it’s a pure fact unfortunately, you’re a great father that’s for sure I have no doubt, but the Mother’s love and affection is major! If the mother doesn’t want to give this love, it’s unfortunate and we can’t force her but it won’t affect the child? It certainly will and even if the child didn’t realize that but it’s all inside during all the stages of his life, the impact will be different from person to person…
      Your son is lucky he has you but many don’t have anyone at all! Believe me some situations are more than horrific
      Apologies if my post made you feel bad, while working on my study I felt terrible even though I’m aware of what’s happening but still it’s not easy at all.
      Wish you all the best and much love and support to you as well 😊

      1. Hi Huguette. Good morning to your lovely self 🙂
        The reason why some of it was difficult reading was because I know it was true. I have a mother too after all! And everything you said certainly applies to her and the feeling I have for her.
        And if that love isn’t appropriately given of course it affects the child. How could it not. That is one of my biggest worries and why I stifle my own feelings so my son’s mother feels comfortable when visiting. Especially as he will not go to her. I guess it’s just a sensitive subject.
        However I am still thankful my boy does have two parents who love him. As you say many are in awful heartbraking situations that are difficult to even think about nevermind having to live through them. That is the saddest thing off all.
        I appreciate the love and support. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂 And much love to you 😊

      2. Good morning Chris, and thank you for your reply, yes I know we’re angry most of the times because it’s true and we can’t do anything about it…as you said your son is lucky and hope anyway things will always get better and improve, I really hope so!
        The weekend is great thank you and I wish you a great day ahead 😊

      3. Thanks Huguette 🙂
        Sure the sun is shining here and my boy is feeling happy. What more is there 😊
        Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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