Are You Really Waiting For April Fools’ Day To Lie?

April Fools ‘Day, we call it in Arabic “Kezbet Awal Nisan i.e. The Lie Of April First”,  in French ” Poisson D’Avril”.

April 1st is an annual celebration where people enjoy pranks and lies, Wikipedia can tell you about this day’s history and stuff.

What I want to say is simple: do really some people get excited on April 1st to spread hoaxes and lies while all their life is an entire lie?

Do you really need an official day while you’re practicing lies on daily basis? What’s another day is going to change?

More particularly, I’m just wondering what April 1st will mean to some people:

To the man that is stealing from his work and lying to his wife and kids so they can have a certain amount of living and maintain their social class. Would you stop lying for one day?

To the person that is married someone and sleeping with another, or others. Would you be faithful for one day?

To Casanova who’s willing to pretend anything and be anyone in order to drag a woman to the bed! Would you be ingenuous for one day?

To the persons that are faking a whole life, social class, money, houses and acquaintances just to impress people they don’t even know. Would you be real for one day?

To the politicians that lies are their daily bread and they’re destroying nations and populations. Would you be virtuous for one day?

To each person living a big lie, having double life, would you be true to yourself for one day?

To the man that beats his wife at night and act as a gentleman during day.

To the woman that preaches about justice and humanity while she’s torturing her kids in the darkness.

To the one billion fake I love you, to the one billion fake I care, to the billions of broken promises…To each and every lie that broke someone’s heart…

To all of you I say: no you don’t need one day to celebrate lies, you just need to be honest at least for one day!

Happy April Fools’ Day dear friends, watch out tomorrow and stay focused 🙂

Huguette Antoun – March 31st 2019

56 thoughts on “Are You Really Waiting For April Fools’ Day To Lie?

  1. Quand on était petit je me rappelle qu’on chantait “poisson d’avril sur le dos des imbéciles ” 😂 , thank you for your meaningful words

    1. 😂😂c’est drôle! Oui on a fait beaucoup des plaisanteries, c’était innocent et comique 😊
      Merci de lire et pour votre interaction 😊
      I wanted to deliver strong message about honesty despite how funny the pranks can be 🙂

  2. Je pense que c’est plus pour faire des blagues entre enfants mais j’ai du mal a comprendre les adultes qui y participe. Je suis d’accord avec toi malheureusement ce monde est rempli de mensonge et de personnes fausses. Une journée de vérité ne suffirai pas pour les sauver malheureusement. Les gens sont manipuler par la television les magasine et autre, ils pensent qu’ils ne valent rien ou ne sont pas assez bien car ils ne collent pas au stéréotype qu’on leur colle sous les yeux chaque jour. je pense que c’est pour ca que beaucoup s’inventent une vie ou mentent constament. Ils feraient mieux de s’accepter tel qu’ils sont et arrêter de penser ce que pourrai penser leur voisin. Que chacun vive sa vie, s’aime et vive heureux. Toujours un plaisir de te lire. merci pour cette article plein de bon sens❤️💃

    1. Merci beaucoup pour lire et pour votre appréciation, oui les blagues sont drôles, les choses innocents qu’on a fait pour rire un peu sont des beaux souvenirs mais ce qui se passe est vraiment triste, ravie vous avez aimé, j’espère que les gens deviennent peu à peu honnêtes, originales et réels, on a déjà beaucoup des clones
      Passez une bonne journée ❤

  3. very very interesting, educative and informative post on the innumerable numbers of fooling that have been making the rounds day in, and day out… people already fool others almost every day of their lives, so what’s the need of creating an official date for fooling people

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind appreciation! Well yes we need more honesty, more real people, there are lot of lies and fooling and when I hear they need a day to celebrate, I feel I need to write these words. So glad you liked it

    1. Hey Priya, thank you for reading and your kind words 🙂 Glad you liked the idea, I couldn’t but think about it every time they mention April Fools’ Day.
      Casanova is every man that has many lovers at the same time and he can’t stop. Casanova is a real historical character, he was an Italian author and also he was passionate about women and seduced all kind of women. Here we use the word Casanova the entire time to call a man that can’t be loyal and he’s proud of the many relationships he’s having at the same time 🙂

      1. Oh I now know. Very creative and thoughtful. Seriously, I wonder, how do such people exist? Don’t they feel guilty? Don’t they have a heart that tells them to stop? Don’t they have filial feelings? How can they play and goof around with someone’s tender heart?!?!?
        It always takes me to surprise.
        Very provoking Huguette!🎀☺

      2. I believe these people are sick, they don’t feel the same way normal people think and feel, they think they are doing nothing wrong and they are unable to feel guilty anyway
        Glad you loved the post and appreciate your kind words always 🙂

  4. Amazing. You have described quite truly the ironical situation we all face. I agree with your every example. It’s such a pity that we celebrate lies..

      1. My pleasure Hug! I love to carefully read each line of your post bcz its worth it.

  5. Oh very well said! You have described the day to day life of a lot of people. The lies are in everyone’s life. Sometimes some people are lying so much that they even don’t know anymore what is the truth 😖 I always hated the lies and I was not very well seen and also still today some people try to stay away from me just because I’m very direct and I’m always telling the truth. I know in business people are trying to be “political” but for me I always said that the truth is the right way. Luckily I don’t have my own business because I’m very bad at being “political” 😂 Well I think can see that I’m not a big fan of April Fools Day 😂

    1. So sorry, the comment went to the SPAM :/ Thank you for reading and the lovely interaction 🙂 Oh yes many don’t know anymore what’s true wand what’s not! Let them stay away, for your good! Never stop being direct and truthful! I am very direct, sometimes I don’t speak to not hurt people feelings but I never wipe asses for any reason! It’s hard at work, sometimes you wish to smash someone’s face but you can’t! You wish to tell them how bitchy they are but you can’t! Not easy but at least you cannot be fake and exaggerate as many people do and they pretend and smile and stuff, you can be yourself and honest but you keep some words to yourself hahaa I ran a small business with my friend, it was an online business but believe me if some people were in front of me, I would have smashed their faces haha, not a fan too, so obvious from this post
      thank you for your time ❤

      1. I don’t know why sometimes the comments go to the SPAM and then I keep commenting 🧐🙄 I’m not sure it’s me or WP. However, yes, you’re so right! I need to keep a lot of words to myself 🤪 Very difficult to work with people 🤪

      2. It’s because probably you make many comments at the same time so WP thinks you’re a spammer 🤔 not sure though haha
        Oh yes we must! To not mention that no matter what you say, people just don’t change 😑😐 I rather work alone as well, I cannot stand 90% of people OMG😂😂😂

  6. Oh very well said! You have described the life of a lot of people. Sometimes some people are lying so much that they even don’t know anymore what’s the truth 😖 I hate the lies! Some people are well aware to stay away from me because I’m very direct and I always tell the truth. I know in business some people like to be “political” but I’m definitely not one of them. Luckily I don’t have my own business 😂 I think can see that I’m not a big fan of the April Fools Day 😂

  7. That’s was awfully true about what’s going behind closed doors in our society ❤ everyone is pretending, everyone is lying. Kamena ne7na hon hamdellah 3aysheen bi akbar kezebeh esma lebnen, kel youm mnkozob ino nehna mnehb ba3ed w nehna mosh ta2ifiyen.
    I really loved this line "To the one billion fake I love you, to the one billion fake I care, to the billions of broken promises…To each and every lie that broke someone’s heart…"<<<<<<<< How true!! "I love you" nowadays is said as much "Hi" and "How are you" it becomes meaningless and void from any emotion

    1. Thank you dear Nadine for reading and the lovely interaction ❤
      Unfortunately the society is living more and more the hypocrisy and double standards, lying is a daily bread so this post came easily the moment I heard that tomorrow is April fool’s Day
      Ma huwi hal 7aki mn mujtama3na tale3! El 3am bisir mukhif, men kel nawe7i, 7abbayt el mathal taba3 men7eb ba3dna w mesh ta2ifiyin, de22i b za3imun w shufi el 3ajeyeb! Haaha
      Hayda el line coz ma 2edra ejma3 kel araf el 3am bisir, many lies and lot of hurt!
      Appreciate your kind words ❤

      1. Sorry my other reply was intended to the other post, 7ayda yalli byekbos 3al tab bil comments heik bsir fi7, rah en2oul reply la teneh post and you should delete it from here
        . Alas lying and hypocrisy are necessary to get ahead in our society. Ta2ifiyeh is in our DNA lil asaf. Yiii chu fi examples 3ena metel hayda yalli bi saleh bas ykhales sala biysrou2 2 bi chabe7 3al 3alam, aw hayda yalli mzawaj w m2adiha 3al facebook wl insta benazel souwar la marto hob w gharam bkon bi nafs el wa2et msahab 3a marto aw byeb3at sexual messages to other females,aw rajoul el din yalli binazer w bwou3az bil mbade2 3am ysre2na w 3ayesh 3ishet a8niya w bey3moul sab3a wl dmetta, hata nice simple comments 3ena sar kelo hypocrisy metel comment “tyebek chu helwein” hiyeh btbrom dahra bi2oulo “nya3, chu hal nawriyeh chefteh chu kent lebseh, min wayn chariyeton hol min sou2 el ahad, etc. 3anjad really tfeh no wonder we are fucked up society

      2. Ma te3tali hamm 😊 Halla2 bma7i mn hown
        Shu baddi zid ba3d ma ana elton bl post la2an 3am shufun kel yom,, wel examples taba3ik 💯! W ba3d 3am bisir eshya aswa2 miyit marra! Be7terim saraha el shakhs yelli msh fer2eni ma3u aktar mn el hypocrite!
        We are but I choose to live according to my rules and morals despite how fucked up this society is…I don’t care anymore

    1. Yes when we were kids and innocent it was fun certainly 🙂 pranks were funny and enjoyable, but lies and dishonesty of grownups are not
      Thank you for reading and interacting 🙂

  8. Bravo encore une fois pour ce texte, et comme tout vos textes … Il donne vraiment a réfléchir, on devrait peut-être faire du 1 avril un jour de vérité, le jour ou on met tout les mensonges dans placard ! Pour une seule journée… Et pour une journée on se sentira mieux… Bravo 🌹

    1. Merci beaucoup pour lire et pour votre appréciation! J’espère vraiment, nous avons besoin d’être honnête et direct, pas célébrer les mensonges, même si pour un seul jour!
      C’est triste qu’on souhaite un seul jour, on ne peut pas demander plus que ça!
      Merci 🙏🏻🙂

      1. Absolument ! Je vous suit sur ce coup… Et c’est un plaisir de vous lire, vos sujets tiennent de la réalité et c’est formidable… Merci a vous

  9. Really enjoyed your take on this Huguette. So refreshing and original. Best thing I have ever read regarding April Fool’s!
    Hope you had a great day. Much love to you 😊

    1. Glad you enjoyed Chris 🙂 thank you for reading and the kind appreciation 🙏🏻
      It was a very busy day, hope yours was good as well
      Much love to you 😊

      1. Thanks for writing it Huguette. It really was a unique take on today. Very impressive.
        Yes, good day today.
        Much love to you too 😊

  10. I do get where you’re coming from. And I don’t make a fool out of people just because the calendar says so, but… yes I know, I shouldn’t have but, but I like but (no pun intended) haha :D… on this day I like playing harmless pranks to my close friends and family because I know that they know I won’t do it any other day. And I have a feeling that they are actually paying extra attention (or even betting) on what kind of prank I will pull this time 😀

    1. Thank you Jessica for reading 🙂 I just wanted to deliver a message about lies and honesty. But harmless pranks? Oh you should ask my best friends, I don’t need a day to freak them out hahah and it’s so funny 😀 I always loved to do funny and harmless pranks since school, I was naughty haha

      1. 😂😂 Oh believe me we’ll spend our entire time paying back 😂 Do you think I’ll just leave you in peace hahahha

  11. I’ve never thought of April fools in this perspective. Never knew there was a deeper meaning to this day. April fools isnt quite celebrated in my country… well I dont think it is.

    I dont particularly enjoy people pulling pranks on me. It’s just mean and dishonest. I mean.. are you willing to risk your whole friendship for some prank because it’s april fools? Friendship should be built on trust. And trust could be easily be broken with merely one prank.

    “To all of you I say: no you don’t need one day to celebrate lies, you just need to be honest at least for one day!”—– Couldnt agree with you more!!!!

    1. For me if it’s a small prank, something not harmful, I can take it! but these stupid pranks that can ruin your entire day or mess with you! Well you don’t want to see my reaction then haha
      For a person that craves honesty, it was so easy to write such a post the moment i kept hearing that tomorrow is April’s 1st…So this is what came out, so glad you loved it and you agree with this statement 🙂

      1. yes people wait to lie and do pranks! The name is literally “the lie of April’s 1st”
        Some people don’t care but others just wait impatiently!

      2. Ahhhhh wow. What’s common here is that people post that they are either pregnant or for guys that they are expecting a kid along the way.. A really really bad joke.

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