3.2.1 Quote Me – Attitude

I was nominated by Ribana for 3.2.1 quote me and the topic is “Attitude” Oh wow! Thank you dear Ribana for this nomination.
I must dig deep to see what I still didn’t mention about you? Oh she makes a very delicious food and I’m always teased! Go ahead and check, don’t be such lazy now!

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me! 

  1. Thank the Selector
  2. Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day
  3. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

The 2 quotes that came to my mind the moment I read the topic “Attitude” are:

A bad attitude is like a flat tire: You can’t go anywhere until you change it


Our attitude towards life, determines life’s attitude towards us

John N. Mitchell

My Nominees:

Eva : https://ultimatetidbits.wordpress.com/
Priya: http://whenanintrovertspeaks.home.blog/
Matt https://seekingpurposetoday.com/

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to share your quotes on attitude in the comments 😊

Huguette Antoun – April 16th 2019

40 thoughts on “3.2.1 Quote Me – Attitude

  1. Woah! This is interesting!
    Congratulations and thanks for the nomination Huguette!😊💕
    Great quotes on a very important topic!
    I have a question, do we need to make our own quotes or mention our favourites?

    1. My pleasure 😊 I thought you’ll love this
      Well as per the post who nominate me, it’s a favorite quote only. I also thought I need to make my own quote which is cool also 😊 but you can do that if you want of course

    1. I read it once and it was stuck in my head 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it 😊 Thank you for reading! Do yo have a favorite one on attitude?

  2. Thank you for the Nomination Huguetta, I will have to go get my spare tire and find some quotes to match those. As Attitude is something I can control unlike the wind or the thoughts of another person. My Attitude toward this is one of gratitude. Thank you. Award-winning WRITER Huguetta

    1. 😂😂 get a spare immediately
      My pleasure Matt you also deserve all the nominations but i know how busy you are but despite you have another nomination and you’ll be the award winning Writer Matthew Whiteside hahhaa
      Looking forward to reading the quotes 👍😊

  3. Woooww. I’m still part of your nominees. A big thank you to you again Huguette:) This is my first time to have stumbled on this 3.2.1 quote me. This is very interesting indeed 🙂

    1. Oh yes you are 😊you better start soon 😁
      It was my first as well and didn’t hear about it before receiving the nomination
      Glad you liked it, enjoy 😊

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