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Okay firstly, I know you’re tired of these nominations, so I’m sorry in advance folks. I just believe in mutual respect and this is why I’m taking all these awards and not apologizing despite the tight time and hectic life (I have a full time job a and a hectic life for those who think I have nothing to do at all 🙂 )

Back to this, Kriti: That Ambitious Introvert (The Introspective Scribbler Blog), has tagged me in the “Behind The Blogger Book Tag”. Totally new one, yes I know., Kriti loves to write poems, extremely rational, loves to sleep and eat a lot and spend vast majority of her time daydreaming as she describes herself. Check her blog to read beautiful and deep poems. Thank you for the sweet nomination, I really appreciate it 🙂

The creator of this tag is: Ellyn@Allonsythornraxx

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer all the questions down below
  3. Pingback to the creator
  4. Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about, to do this tag.

The Questions and relative answers (The questions are the same for the nominees)

1- Why did you start blogging & why have you kept blogging?
I started this blog in 2012 and then neglected it because I just wanted to publish my writings (I write from a very long time but in Arabic) but then I discovered that blogging is much more than that so I started over at the end of 2018, I mean how people will read if there are no people at all! So I started to visit the sites, read other content, interact, and then people started to read my thoughts as I wanted to,  I wanted readers who appreciate your mind and soul, I wanted to inspire if possible, and find like-minded people. Happy I’m succeeding with such lovely community.

2- What is your favorite type of blog post to write?
As the name of my blog is: “my emotional fingerprint” so mainly my personal thoughts on different subjects and my experiences / travels / feelings that might be inspiring or just useful for someone. I have my political articles in Arabic that I try to translate and post. Most my writings are in Arabic in fact. Blogging here changed that and I’m writing mostly in English now because I want many people to understand.
I like to read human behavior, psychology and inspiring posts.

3- What are your top 3 favorite blog posts?
Tough one, because each post is different  but I guess my favorite are “A bird without wings in the big jungle 1 and 2” because it wasn’t easy to write such posts and “searching for a homeland”

4- What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?
If I’m in Beirut, where I live, best thing to do is to sleep. Outside the capital, it’s driving in mountains where there’s no traffic , music so loud and I sing out loud then I sit alone in the nature.

5- What are 3 of your favorite things?
Traveling mostly, quality time with people I love, helping people.

6- What are your proudest blogging moments?
When I heard words such as I’m an inspiration, such as  ”Your words are hopeful and inspirational” “my posts changed someone’s day” Oh wow! Me the very regular person is an inspiration! I was so proud especially when a very dear blogger: Chris, wrote a post speaking mainly about me!  Well it brought tears to my eyes to know how inspiring my experience is! If you want to check his post.

7- What are your hobbies outside of blogging?
Mainly traveling, I have a full time job so don’t have time to do lot of things and human rights volunteering (more than a hobby a passion) and going out with friends.

8- Describe your personality in 3 words:
Passionate, honest and loyal (very stubborn and I have a short temper to stupidity) to not just mention the good things.

9- What are your top 3 pet peeves?
I have more than 3 certainly! But let’s see: bad hygiene and poor choice of scent, slow drivers and when they break without traffic,  people who sneak in line in front of you.

10- What’s something your followers don’t know about you?
Well they don’t know many things about me, there’s a good reason I guess so let’s keep it this way 🙂

My Nominees: (feel free to apologize)

Guy Worthey:
Miss B:
Amazing facts:

Hope you enjoyed! Your thoughts are welcome as always 🙂

Huguette Antoun – April 17th 2019

73 thoughts on “Behind The Blogger Book Tag

  1. Congratulations Huguette, yes nominations takes time to answer, but i’m glad you do, is always good to know more about you, have a productive day❤️🤗i know how you feel about fish smell😂

    1. Thank you Ilona 😊 oh yes it does! Time consuming and appreciate you stopping by and reading 🙏🏻 ❤️
      Have a productive day as well 😊 hope you won’t be smelling any fish though 😁😁

  2. Congratulations Huguette! You’re wrong you know. We’ll never tire of your nominations. They’re great for learning a bit more about you 🙂
    I thought being on WordPress was your full-time job 😂
    It certainly looks like you are getting what you want from blogging. People that like you for your mind and soul. Meeting like minded people. And you have inspired so many. How awesome is that!?
    Oh I’m glad you decided to write mostly in English otherwise I would’ve missed out on your great posts and getting to know you 🙏😊
    You do have me thinking that Beirut is a bit boring if the best way to relax is sleeping, or maybe you just like sleeping 🤔
    Can just imagine you driving through the mountains having a good old sing to yourself. And with no traffic around I guess you’d be going pretty fast. There’s a term some people here use for that: Sucking diesel! 😂😂
    It makes me happy knowing my blog post made you proud 😊 You should be. You have a lot to be proud of and have inspired many. Keep up the great work!
    Totally not surprised slow drivers are one of your peeves haha God help anyone who pulls out in front of you. Go easy on them. They know not what they do 😂😂
    Lovely finish there as well. You gotta keep some secrets to yourself. Everyone needs a bit of mystery haha
    Anyways, I enjoyed learning a bit more about you.
    Hope you’ve been having a great day and much love as always 😊❤

    1. Have you copied the congratulations word? 😂 Oh it is a full time job as well! I’m about to lose my real job for good 😂
      Thank you Chris for always lifting me up! I appreciate it a lot! It is awesome 😀
      Oh yes who wants to read or learn Arabic now! No one from my family or friends bother to read anyway!
      Chris dear the question is what to do to relax not to have fun, so the moment I step out the door, I’m not relaxed anymore you see? hahahha 😂😂 no Beirut is not boring at all, Lebanese people know how to live and have fun certainly 😊😊
      You imagined it right Chris hahah I will be flying actually, repeating the same song over and over OMG (sucking diesel , good to learn new word haah)
      They know not what they do hahhahaah I will remember this next time especially that Good Friday is in 2 days!
      Of course I was so proud Chris, thank you again for all the encouragement and inspiration really!
      Thank you for reading and for taking time to interact really means a lot! 😊😊
      Oh yes, we all have many untold stories I guess…Much love to you ❤ 😊

      1. Haha I might have to type congratulations but as soon as I do your name pops up on the predictive text 😂😂 Even the phone knows 😂😂😂
        Ah Huguette. That lifting up is a two way street. You do it for me too 😊 It brings me joy as much as you ☺
        Wish there was just one language for us all. Damn them for building that tower in Babel hahaha
        Ah right. Now I see. It did make me smile the way you said ‘Chris dear’. It seemed like a ‘let’s get this clear’ type of thing haha
        I’ll take your word on Beirut and Lebanese people knowing how to live and have fun. That’s good enough for me 😁
        Thought you’d be a demon on an open road haha And repeating the same song. I’m terrible for that too 😂😂 My boy cracks up. But you obviously know what it’s like when a song fits how you’re feeling. At that time no other will do.
        Ah sure all the reading and interaction means a lot to me too 😊😊
        Going to cut this comment short. I feel like I’ve written a book tonight hahaha
        It’s now 12:46. Oh dear. Tomorrow morning is going to suck 😂😂
        Much love always Huguette 😊❤
        Hope you have a lovely day ahead 🤗

      2. Oh yes you told me your phone has added me to the predicted words 😂 you tyoe huguette 100 times per day😂 so make sure when you have someone in your life to change your phone hahha😂😂
        Loved the tower of Babel approach (can be a post huh?) thanks God for English then imagine what we would have done without it! for real now 🙂
        You got it right hahaha “Chris dear” let’s get this clear
        Oh yes it’s well known that Lebanese people used to go out and have fun during the cease of fire in the middle of the war! I don’t know if you read my posts Why Lebanon is special 1 and 2. Whenever you have time you can check them
        I love to repeat the same song that lift me up and make the adrenaline level a bit high so I keep repeating it until the CD is corrupted😂😂 lately it was Flames for Sia and David Guetta and Natural for Imagine Dragons…I really tried to be patient while driving, not working at all! despite all the speed tickets I just enjoy the speed 😊
        I’m sure you’re so very doomed today hahaha I have no work tomorrow, it’s Easter vacation here in Lebanon and my Easter (because the Orthodox Easter is next week) so heading to the family place and I don’t know how active I can be 🙂
        Much love to you and have a great day ❤

      3. See, after you said I hadn’t found the comment that explained why you were still up I had to go looking for it 😂😂
        You’re at your family home. That’s great. Hopefully you’ll have a lovely time and get away from WordPress a bit. You need the break haha
        Oh I’d definitely have to change my phone. There would be many questions and much jealousy 😂😂
        Oh Gees. I don’t think a ‘God got it wrong by dividing us with language’ post would go down too well haha
        But yes. Very thankful for the English and that you know it 😊
        Must check out those posts. That’s unreal! I take it all back. Sounds like Lebanese people know how to Party!
        Haha I’m like that too. Two great songs. I also do that with really sad songs as well when am in a mood.
        Patience and you driving sounds like two things that will never meet. ‘Despite all the speed tickets’ 😂😂 How many do you have? Do you like collecting them as a hobby or something!? Hahaha
        Oh today has been a day of suffering. It was worse than some hangovers I’ve had. Wasn’t fit for conversation until around 11am 😂😂
        We’re off for Easter too. Today and Monday woohoo! So the Orthodox is next week. Wonder if I can convert to get more time off work haha
        Anyways, enjoy your family time and I hope you have a great weekend.
        Can’t answer anymore comments tonight. Sleep is calling me.
        Much love to you Huguette. It’s always a pleasure 😊❤

      4. OMG I’m giving you a full time job Chris 😂😂 you can block me don’t worry 😁
        It would make a great post some philosophical one 🤔🤔🤔 you can skip this sentence though 😂 find other format
        Well I didn’t focus on how Lebanese have fun but I mention it many times and they really are! Our nights (Lebanese restaurants or pubs and night clubs) are the best and we know how to live and party certainly
        I’m not collecting them, I hate them 😣 I hate to pay one penny to this system! but this government is such a jerk that’s it 😌😌 they should increase the speed limit and I will drive the way I love and enjoy and pay my tickets gladly 😁 until I find a way to not pay them 🤔🤔
        WordPress hangovers 😂😂 they are worse because you need to write and focus 😂
        Happy Easter 🐣 even if you don’t really celebrate but color some eggs and tap them with your son, he’ll have fun I guess i know I do😊
        Hope I can send you some kaak and maamoul hahha
        Have a great time and much love to you ❤️😊

      5. Ha ha Think I’ve written as much comments the past few days as I’ve done in months 😂 Full time job indeed. But one I enjoy 😊
        You’d think we’ve nothing better to do…but my house is getting messy, there’s still clothes in the washing machine. Got to make time somehow 😁
        Sounds like fun then. I’m going to have to investigate your country more. It seems to have more going on than I imagined. That’s just me being an ignorant westerner it seems. Have to work on that.
        You have a jerk of a government. We don’t even have one! I read just yesterday that last year one of our politicians ‘earned’ over £117,000 in salary and expenses for doing absolutely nothing! Seems government folks are crooks all over. I can see why you hate giving them money.
        Also I think you really need to go to the autobahn in Germany. Sometimes it has no speed limit! You could drive as fast as your heart allows hahaha (Just glad I’m not your passenger 😂😂)
        Haha yes. I never thought writing and focusing could be difficult. Am learning otherwise 😂
        Oh I celebrate Easter like most Christians. By eating chocolate eggs and rolling boiled ones haha
        Don’t know what the eggs have to do with it. Or bunnies for that matter 😂😂 but like yourself I’ll enjoy it anyway 😁
        Oh my boy and me know how to have fun. We carry on a lot. I’m only getting this reply done now because he was attacking me with a plastic bottle!
        I’ve no idea what kaak and maamoul tastes like! Gonna have to look that up 🤔
        Have a great time with your family and a joyful Easter. Much love always Huguette 😊❤

      6. I’ll see you later Chris, I’m on my way to have a visa to autobahn in Germany 😂😂😂 your loss you’re not my passenger
        I’m glad at least you enjoy this job 😊 I certainly do
        Oh neglecting duties is same here! We’re humans and not easy at all!
        Well our government and system is all corrupted, they steal our money and we’re in endless debt! So I really hate paying them anything especially that all services in country are shitty and we pay lot of taxes! But we manage because we are survivors
        I can sew in Ireland it’s not better at all! Too bad really
        And you’re not ignorant! Most people think we are terrorists when they hear Lebanon, or a Muslim country and many other things…Stereotypes are everywhere
        Your son sounds cool and fun as you I guess! so I’m sure you enjoy each other company and believe me probably they told us about these customs but I don’t recall them and I don’t care 😂 will eat and color eggs and tap them that’s it! Well hope you will visit one day and taste the kaak and maamoul, very tasty, I posted some pics in my last post

        Guess it’s the last comment hahah
        Have a great day and much love to you 😊😊❤️

      7. Haha Germany watch out! 😂😂
        Auch, that’s just me being chickenshit. I do need to keep getting past my fears so I’d go along for the hell of it. (Still would wear a seatbelt though haha)
        Glad to hear I’m not the only one neglecting 😂 Something has to give…and it’s not going to be this. As long as my boy is ok and the house is still standing it’ll be fine 🙂
        I think you’re just being kind there. But you’re right some people’s idea of your country and the Middle East in general is shocking. But that’s usually just the people who only listen to the mainstream media. The media that lies constantly. There’s idiots everywhere. Even some that think they’re educated.
        Do you think I’m cool and fun? 😂😂
        Very nice of you to say so 😊 Sure if we’ve no fun in our lives what’s the point?
        What’s with tapping the eggs? Am curious. We roll ours down hills.
        Would certainly love to visit. You paint a good impression of your country and it does look beautiful. Same as the people I guess.
        Think this is the last comment hahaha
        Hope you’ve been enjoying your day. Much love as always Huguette 😊😊❤
        P.s. found me a new song today. Haven’t stopped listening to it this past hour hahaha (Billie Eilish. Lovely with Khalid) Her voice is beautiful.

  3. Your posts are inspirational! And funny. I love the joy and stories that you share. (And I TOTALLY will respond to your nominations. Please forgive my delay, I am a stay at home mom and barely have time to eek out my poetry! But that isn’t a very good excuse since you take the time to nominate and read my work. So I promise to get to them soon.) So happy to have found your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Elyzabeth for reading and for the lovely words 😊 glad you find them inspiring and funny 😁
      Don’t worry at all! Take all the time you need, and I do understand it’s a great reason actually which is better than excuses so don’t worry at all 😊 no deadlines
      I’m happy as well I have you in this community, your opinion and words mean a lot ❤️

  4. No not getting tired of this at all! This is a super cool thing. And thank you for your nominations—I am getting there—just going slowly. Feeling a bit overwhelmed-and humbled here—trying to stay focused on this fairytale—not sure if it’s bravery or rashness! Ha! Trying to keep a sense of humor—trying to stay in a place of humility- oh good lord-even that sounds pretentious!

    You and Ilona and all the awesome blogs I am getting to know (one of the reasons I’m taking so long to respond) you do inspire me! Every day I look forward to my morning coffee and reading all these great posts. So grateful for the exchange. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and appreciation 😊 and you’re most welcome! Take all the time you need and don’t stress your mind, we’re here to support each other’s and you are brave and awesome 👏
      Glad my blog is inspiring some people, this is more than anyone could ask! And sure Ilona is such an inspiring and positive woman as well and her blog is full of positive vibes certainly 😊
      Thank you for reading and for such great interaction ❤️

      1. Ahhhh…thank you…do I say too much? Not enough? Oh no-did they get the joke? Should I just quit this blog and go back to my old life? What am I doing??? Oh wait-breathe…

        Thank you for being here and for your supportive direct and otherwise honest words. 🙏🏻

    1. Thank you dear Sonia for such lovely words! I’m humbled ❤️
      You deserve the nomination and it’s great to have you in this community 😊❤️

  5. Congratulations dear Huguette! 🎉 Traveling is so beautiful! It opens our mind and heart 💜We are richer with every new travel we do 😊 Nature is my relaxing place too 😊 Happy blogging! 🤗

    1. Good morning Ribana and thank you so much 😊😊 Oh yes I wish I can be a tourist forever just like you! Nature is a blessing indeed, it’s my relief!
      Thank you for reading and wish you a great day ahead 😊😊

  6. You know I’ll never get tired of your nominations. Again thank you and much congratulations to you as well.

    It just takes a while getting back to them but you know me… sometimes late but I always try to deliver when I can.

    I think this is a great way to know bloggers alike. I get to something new from you as each day pass. So this is definitely a great thing 😊

    1. Good morning Eva, hope you’re good today 😊
      Thank you dear for the kindness and my pleasure always! Now you’re back so it doesn’t matter how slow it is, take the time you need
      Oh yes if you check all these awards, I can assure you that you’ll know me better than my parents do 😊

      1. It’s the holy week so I’m getting the chance to take a little rest and spend time with my family.

        I’ve been reading them and every question seems to get more unique compared to the last. So i enjoyed that as well 🙂

        Have a great weekened ahead!:)

      2. Well Happy Easter again and hope this week will be holy and bring you all the blessings
        Yes so many questions and they get better each time haha
        Enjoy the weekend as well 😊

  7. Once again, Congratulations Huguette! 😃( I’m using this phrase so much, that now phone use it as predictive text. Hahaha😂)
    We share same favourite things and pet peeve of bad hygiene and poor scent choice. Hehehe😂
    I agree there’s no better feeling than someone telling you that you changed their life. Last year, I got a call from my roommate who said and I quote, ” You will always have very important place in my life because you changed my whole outlook towards life.” I was like WOW! This gave me sense of achievement and was the motivation behind me starting my own blog😅

    About last one… I thought I know you well…Dang man, that was mean! Hahaha😂

    Have a Happy day!😃
    Lots of love to you💖💖💕

    1. Hhaaha join Chris’s club, his phone is predicting my name each time he types an H 😂😂😂I told him you must change your phone once you have someone in your life! 😂
      Thank you dear Swastik for the lovely words as usually 💕💕 and yes we share so many things so far! It’s indeed a great feeling to receive such a call, to recognize what others did to us, which many don’t! it’s a character, gratitude is such rare quality!! Don’t expect it from many people 🙂
      Some fellow blogger here, I noticed he always likes my posts but he didn’t post from a long time so I encouraged him to be back and so after I asked him why he’s not posting..I was surprised that in less than few days, he started to post! Maybe it wasn’t me, but anyway, some people don’t bother to say a simple thank you or so…Even though he’s so active on other blogs, he never left a comment on my posts no matter how good they are (it’s a character I guess) just thought I must share!
      Just tell me what do you want to know and I’ll answer but privately 🙂 If I’m not comfortable, I’ll say I pass
      Oh yeah it was mean hahhaa 😂 I couldn’t help it, it was tempting (I’m naughty I know 😂)
      Wish you a great day ahead and lots of love to you 💕💕💕

      1. Hahaha…he better change his phone by that time if he wants to avoid unnecessary rapid fire quiz😂😂
        It’s sad to hear about people like these. But as you said gratitude is a character. You cannot expect it from everyone. Maybe they don’t know how powerful feeling of gratitude is. I wish they knew that…Gratitude can not only brighten up other person’s day but also helps you find happiness. So sometimes I really feel sorry for these kind of people who don’t appreciate what others have done for them.
        I really like people who have this quality. They generally are happy people.😊

        O dear, I was just kidding 😂 I think I know you well enough to know it in my heart that you’re one of the few people I want to stay connected to for the rest of my life😊❤

        I hope you’re having a great day😊 More love to you❤

      2. He better does hahaha😂
        Yes sad but the world is full of lot of lot of people that we’ll not get along with, but there are lot more that we will certainly 😊
        I know you were joking but I wasn’t 😉😉
        Always a pleasure interacting with you and sure we’ll stay in touch 😊😊
        My day is slow at work which gave me some time to read, comment, reply and post something before the easter holidays
        Much love to you ❤️❤️ hope your day is going smoothly 🤗

  8. Congratulations once again Huguette! You certainly do get a lot of these awards but you deserve them all! Enjoyed your answers, I don’t know how you can manage to come up with new answers all the time. Great fun though. Have a wonderful day!😄

    1. Thank you so much Steve for the kind words 😊 nice of you to say that! Just doing my best
      Well not easy 😁 probably with more nominations I’ll be out of answers 😁
      Hope your day was good 😊

      1. My pleasure Huguette! I doubt you will run out of answers, there is always more to share, especially with a cat named Muffin, really helps me anyway! Made your questions easier!😂😹

  9. Hi dear. Congratulations, you deserve the award because you work hard and surely have all the talent needed.
    You surely inspire people to be honest and straightforward which I admire in you. I also love to travel and I want to visit the whole world and I will visit Lebanon too one day 😊😊
    I love the blogging community I have and I will read your favourite posts.
    And absolutely I agree with you on pet peeves part because I hate them too😂

    1. Thank you dear for reading and for the lovely words (I know you’re busy so don’t worry at all)
      Appreciate the admiration and the uplifting words so much 😊❤️
      Hope you will visit our country anytime soon 😊😊
      Hahah pet peeves! I have some damn long list 😁
      Thank you so much 😊 have a great day

      1. I am kind of busy but I could always take out some time to read all the amazing posts because it works as refresher for me. Writing is always an escape kind of a thing for me and ofcourse my passion. I can’t afford to miss your posts also and I mean it.
        I also am so glad to have met a person like you, thank you so much.
        I will visit your country one day and I will let you know😊
        I also have a long list of pet peeves you know 😂😂
        Have a great evening ❤️

      2. Yes I understand don’t worry and hope you’ll always manage to read and write so you keep your spirit high 😊 again thank you for all the lovely words it’s mutual and the pleasure is all mine 😊
        You’ll be welcome of course! hope you’ll be able very soon 😊💕
        Oh yes I can imagine how long this list can get 😂😂
        By the way, I have nominated you somewhere I don’t know if you could catch this one 😊
        Have a great night I guess 💕😊

  10. What? You have a job? I was sure you’re rich enough not to work and just do what you want! Joke haha 😀
    1: yep. Exactly the reason why I return to WordPress. Interaction is something I miss on other platforms. So happy I did because I met you.
    2: There’s something so satisfying about blogging in your own language but then you’re missing a lot of audience cause let’s admit it. English is bigger.
    9: people sneaking in line… urgh! I can’t explain how annoying that is. I even got in a fight because of that, and the man towered over me by 60cm, huhu 😭 I was scared but was mouth moved before I could stop it. When it was done I tried to put a brave front and gamble that everyone else will back me up. No one did. Justice people!

    1. Oh yes I’m very very rich 😌😌😌 always been rich 😁
      Exactly this community is amazing! And so happy to meet you Jessica 😊
      Oh yes I’m restraining from following some blogs, I understand nothing
      Fights? My entire life I’m fighting with people because of their disrespect and vulgarity 🙄🙄 hahha over you by 60cm 😂😂i can imagine
      Guess we’re so alike in this, I don’t give a shit even if they have guns!!
      Thank you for reading dear and for the lovely interaction ❤️😊

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