100 Posts Achievement

Yesterday after I published the Easter post, I received a notification saying Congratulations on writing 100 posts on WordPress! I was like wow! Not bad!
Surely it’s the quality not the quantity but 100 posts is a great milestone and I always work hard to keep the quality as well!

Thank you to all WordPress community for reading and for all the encouraging and inspiring words I have read here! It’s really heartwarming!😊😊

The traffic is amazing: 10K+ hits and 400 followers already and mostly lot of very loyal readers.
I feel so happy I reached this point so far and again thank you for each person who took time to check my website, to read and interact.

This great community and this traffic was the reason I didn’t move to the personal website I bought, I just imported the domain name to this platform and bought the premium plan here.
So my site now is: huguetteantoun.com, nothing has changed and I still have the other domain: huguetta.wordpress.com as an additional option.

Please to all readers out there, appreciate not spamming my blog with liking my comments and other comments blindly (like 20 or 30 likes per second) or answering other bloggers on my page. Unless we’re all friends and there’s a reason to.
This is the last warning. My temper is really short I’m sure you know that by now.

And if your site is not clickable and shows me it’s deleted, you’ll never get to comment on my blog.
And you can like all my comments and all my posts, and you’ll not get my attention if your blog is not interesting. Understood?

Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend and time 🙂

Huguette Antoun – April 19th 2019

99 thoughts on “100 Posts Achievement

    1. Come on Priya, these words are not addressed to you certainly 😌
      Thank you so much for the kind words 😊😊😊 now I’ll be rich hahahah

      1. As if I didn’t know😝
        Yeah, you’ll earn additional money apart from your full time job! That’s great! I want a party soon!😜
        Got to sleep now. Good night!😊😊

      2. I thought you didn’t 😎😎🤓
        Well we can throw a Paty now hahah we’ll not wait for the 100$ per year 😂
        Good night and sweet dreams 😊

      3. Hehe. I took it for granted😎
        I’m down for the party! Only on one condition, you won’t keep your diet food in menu as it’s gonna be after Easter, you know what I mean!😜

      4. Don’t take anything for granted my dear 😌 anything at all 😎
        No diet of course so I hope you’ll do the same and hope drinks are allowed 🤓🤓 🥂

      5. Oh my! Diet food is not even allowed to cross the door dear 😂😂 start preparing the menu even though we have thousands of options here hahaha OMG food is love 😁😁😁

      1. Not a joke, you are gone, along with some others, some have come back so it might have been something about WordPress. You are in my post today!😃

      2. Dear Steve, these are glitches and bugs from WordPress ! Some comments are still disappearing and it’s really frustrating
        I checked and I’m still following you
        Geez this wordpress is annoying !
        When I want to leave Steve, you will know which I have no reason to dear 😊

      3. Thanks Huguette! There was about a dozen who disappeared this morning, had me worried! All but 2 have come back now. Now I can breathe again.😄😂

      4. hahah well it’s really stupid that’s it, any blogger cannot keep the spam folder open :/ they should do something about it

  1. Congratulations, Huguette for your achievement! I feel so happy to be your friend here.
    You have been going and achieving with leaps and bounds and I am really looking forward to your amazing posts.
    And I understand that liking comments on your blog is irritating 😂

    1. Thank you dear Ramyani 😊 appreciate your kind words, it’s very mutual
      I think you missed some important posts while you were away 😊
      Hopefully you’ll catch the new ones
      Oh yes it is! Extremely annoying 😖 let’s hope they will retreat
      Thank you for stopping by 😊

      1. Yes, I did miss some important ones. I will read them for sure because I can’t miss a single post made by you☺️

      2. Thank you dear 😊whatever suits you, I never ask people to catch up just because I wrote the 2 most important posts for me and for most of the bloggers as well 😊 have a great time 😊

  2. 🙂 Nicely done, Huguette.

    100 posts are just the beginning; I am sure that you will have many more to share with your viewers.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.

    1. Hahahhaa certainly not for you dear Ribana 😁 thank you so much! Same here dear, it’s great to have you here! Happy blogging to you 🤗🤗😊

  3. congratulations for the milestone… keep up the motivation…I’m annoyed reading about your frustrations regarding the number of likes, etc, etc. well, that’s why you have the “block” option, and should use it whenever your mind convinces you to. thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Ihagh for the kind words 🙂 I’m using it even if it’s so not so practical but you can’t block anyone from liking comments and believe me it’s so annoying, I will edit the post to add the pictures I screenshot yesterday
      Thank you again for your advice which I followed and stayed in this community with a premium plan 🙂👍

      1. your welcome. I’m on premium plan too. hope you joined the wordads programme so your views could earn for you; good traffic will make earnings move up faster. yea, it’s not possible to block likes.

        i wish you the best with the premium plan and wordpress.com. personally, If I’m interested in wordpress.org, then I would have a separate domain on wordpress.org, which I can use my wordpress.com domain to link my followers and traffic to, in order to strengthen it, but I would never migrate my wordpress.com domain to wordpress.org. have a nice weekend

      2. Yes I activated the wordpress add and had a suitable theme as well , it’s not like I’m expecting a fortune but who knows 🙂
        Thank you again for the good advice and wish you all the best in both domains
        Have a great weekend as well

  4. Bravo👍et je vous souhaite des muses a n’en plus en finir pour nous faire régaler de vos beaux textes, bravo encore une fois🌹

  5. Yayyy….cheers to 100 posts and many more 100s to come 🍷🍷
    And happy to know Huguette you finally shifted to premium pack. Now you can monetise your blog and become rich, infact super rich.😉 Hahaha
    Much love to you❤

    1. Thank you Swastik 😁😁 Cheers 🥂
      Well after I did some research and working in a separate website was a bit hard, I bought the premium and imported the site domain name
      Oh yes I’ll be rich 😁😁 Click those ads to make me richer hhaahaha
      Hope you’re having a great weekend
      much love to you as well ❤

      1. O dear, I’m gonna make you rich! Hahaha😉 you keep posting your amazing posts and in return, I’ll keep clicking those ads. That’s the deal!
        I’m having a great weekend and I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend as well😊
        Lots of love to you💖

      2. Hahaha Oh my! you’re a sweetheart 😊😊
        We have a deal 😁
        Weekend of consistent eating and sleeping is the best hahah
        Glad you’re enjoying yours 😊
        Lots of love to you as well 💕💕

  6. Congratulations Huguette, 100 meaningful and interesting posts, with a great content, yaaay🤗❤️

  7. Understood, yes ma’am! 🤭
    Congrats on 100 quality post, Huguette! (Although I have read all of them, I believe they’re good nonetheless based on experience)
    😓 Right now I’m suffering from some idiot liking and unliking my comment on someone else blog. So frustrating to see a 70+ notice about like from the same person on the same comment and I can’t do anything about it 😡

    1. So now you do understand my frustration 🙄🙄 damn!! Yes exactly 70+ notifications and you can’t even touch your phone while it’s raining useless notifications!
      Thank you for reading and for the kind words 😊 and you didn’t read all of them Jess 😁😁
      I have screened shot the notifications and I will ruin their blogging life! The first blogger that did so, disappeared after my famous post! I’ll do that again and again

      1. I understood your pain when I read your post because I even commented I think that one of them is doing the same thing to me. But that time it wasn’t this bad, so I understand you even better now. 😥
        I swear one of those who are spamming me now is the other one in that famous post. He has a red background on “BIFB” letters. He gave up on you and now starting on me 😭 He never visit my blog and I really don’t feel like wasting my energy constructing rants againts them so, what I did for now is drop by their blog and politely comment to stop liking, unliking, just to like it again. Hope they’ll stop.

      2. That Red blog! I will ruin their blogging life very soon! I’m beyond crazy when I lose my mind! The fucking sick! I hope you’re reading this Psycho!
        Hope he will listen to you dear Jess 😊❤ he better does for his own sake 😊

      3. Ahahaha 😂 I love how you manage to light up a situation while sounding scary, Huguette. Ah that was a good laugh. 😀
        Well I’m not getting it more notification so I guess he listened.

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