Promoting My Comments into Posts! Part 4

For the new fellow bloggers that don’t know what I mean by posting this, well I decided to promote my comments made on other blogs’ posts into posts! Because I believe that they are not less than any post, they were made after a very good and profound read; therefore they deserve to be published as posts.

I have so far 3 previous posts, you can check them from the below links. Each post has different topics since I read and comment on multiple topics.

So today’s topics are also different, hope you’ll enjoy them. Remember when you see lot of “I” and “from my point of view” that these were comments written in reply to some questions.

On Motivation and Passion:

Well from my point of view and how I see it and feel it, when I’m working or doing something I hate, It’s not motivation that drives me, it’s just necessity! For me motivation must be positive and happy, when I remember my feeling each time I wake up each day for work or doing some things that I have to do, I remember “laziness” “tiredness”  “zero interest” and lot of effort has to be made.

But I certainly can lose motivation for things I love some days and I need some reason to do them, so here motivation sounds positive and happy but I guess motivation always comes from outside, from people we care about and want to impress, fear of failure or society, etc.…. while passion comes from inside, we can’t control it or stop it, even if we bury it for some time, it will come out eventually. When I have passion for something, I don’t need any motivation to do it, I just do it with love and joy but I just need to work hard sometimes to make it happen and this is what most people give up on after they are drowned in their daily routine and stress and comparing them selves with other people

For me motivation always comes from people I love or want to impress or want to help and support. For this sake I’m ready to do anything.

My passion besides “writing” is for helping people and changing their life for the best in some very far point in this world and for mutual love as well.

Pursuing a passion or something you love will always be done with joy and without any intention to earn money, but if it happens that our passion led to earn money, then it became a profession and it’s good either.
For me, doing what we love is not related to money and it’s a necessity to every human being so we can enjoy our life and therefore spread happiness. Because when we’re unhappy and hurt, we just hurt and we can’t give or take care of people we love. So we must take care of ourselves first and enjoy our life by finding what’s our passion, even if it seems silly to others, but it makes us happy so we must do it and this is will always be regardless how much money we will earn.

I personally try to do what I love, at certain point it was writing songs and memorizing them, at some point learning new language, at some point going out and meet new people, at some point cycling…flying…at some point watching lot and lot of movies, most of the times: “writing”
Our interests change constantly (sometimes they last of course for a very long time)  and we must always do them and enjoy them.

On personality and building walls:

I don’t know what kind of personality I have, but as most people I build many walls especially emotionally to protect myself as I believe we all do! Even though I have this need to meet new people and really know them, I end up feeling tired from people and disappointed!

Some people just send you signs and then they play dumb or they just too afraid or maybe have issues and problems, they were hurt so they hurt.
Despite trying to understand the people and their problems, when you’re hurt, you just can’t be so objective about it. So you just start to regret being honest, responding, being enthusiastic, showing your feelings, and you end up emotionally blocked and sometimes socially because most people are fake and care about appearances and material things.

But I struggle between this feeling and the feeling that I should never give up that there are plenty of goodness, love and honesty out there. Real people that will just be honest and not make you confused and hurt you. Because nowadays I care more about real even if it’s not so pretty and nice, someone that tells you I’m fucked up and this is who I am and what I’m able to, then someone who is hiding their real intentions, feelings, reality, and end up by hurting the people around them or playing them.

To answer how these walls hindered me, well I have become so rigid, I hardly express my feelings and I intimidate people, after all these walls that protect us from hurt also preventing us from love.  

On blocking some events:

Mostly I have blocked many events from the past and sometimes I feel surprised how I totally forgot some things and moments! Probably I have buried them deep down or so.
But circumstances that make me think of the past vary from a simple scent (scents are important to me, they trigger memories) to a song or a place or when I’m so sad some days and down I tend to blame myself for some decisions, when I feel I didn’t accomplish so much, I blame myself for not doing this and that when I had the chance.
Otherwise I try to block the past as much as I can because the good memories are few and I don’t like to regret what I can’t change.

On Comparison:

I guess we all have this problem: comparing ourselves to others or envying people because we believe they are happier, more successful, and prettier.
I don’t know at what point it becomes an illness, but for sure we all have it! Social Media has just increased it because now we can see everything, before it required some good stalking skills and probably a detective to do so 🙂
The way I see it, we should find out what we love, what makes us really happy even if it’s something silly or simple, and just do it, focus on it and forget about what others know or do!
Everyone is unique as fingerprints are and if we’re not satisfied, we just have to work to improve but the comparison should always be with our previous version not with anyone on this planet. Easy said than done I know but this is the only way to break this comparison circle.

Why we don’t compare ourselves to the people that are less fortunate, having less than we do in different aspects? Oh this is the part where we count our blessings I guess! Right? 

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed these topics. Please share your thoughts and opinions.

Huguette Antoun – April 23rd 2019

67 thoughts on “Promoting My Comments into Posts! Part 4

  1. “Why we don’t compare ourselves to the people that are less fortunate”
    Well said..
    Beautiful thoughts.
    And yes we shoukd build walls from negative people but we should take care we are not becoming a prisoner of our own thoughts😊

  2. I’ve also been thinking about promoting some of my comments into posts because I’ve realized that some comments are even more enlightening than the posts they belong to; really.

    felt alot of impression reading your personal insights and important points and lessons on motivation. honestly, on certain days, it takes a hell of compulsion, and forcefully putting some less-important things aside, before one can generate motivation in order to do more important things.

    Thanks for sharing. have a wonderful day

    1. Sorry this one went to SPAM! Just found it!
      Thank you so much for reading and for the valuable interaction! You are right, I actually mentioned in some of the 4 posts that responding to a question or to other posts is different than writing your own! I was so surprised seeing the difference really. So probably you should do it. Some days it’s so hard to even get up from bed, so true! Glad you liked the topics 🙂

  3. The way I see it, we should find out what we love, what makes us really happy even if it’s something silly or simple, and just do it, focus on it and forget about what others know or do! The best quote ever❤️

  4. Reading these comments I realize that there are people having my same thoughts. Is making me feel better ☺️ How lucky one must be having the opportunity to do what he likes! One of my dreams ☺️🌸 but I’ll never stop dreaming 💕 Comparison, envy…are only a waste of time! Our life is too short to bother it with this silly things ☺️💕 Have a wonderful day dear Huguette! 🌷

    1. Best thing about blogging finding like-minded people 😊
      Surely never stop dreaming! Ever! And may all your dreams come true 😊💕
      Hope people will discover the time they are wasting with such negativity!
      Thank you for reading and for the great interaction 😊💕💕 have a wonderful night I believe 😊❤️

  5. I thoroughly enjoy reading this post! Beautiful thoughts and words. Reading our post there’s no doubts that things really come from your heart and soul, and in this world it is increasingly difficult to find people with a transparent, honest and caring nature. Well done Huguette! ❤️

    1. Thank you dear for reading and for the kind appreciation and words 😊 oh yes I write from the heart or I don’t, glad it’s obvious and your continuous support is heartwarming 😊❤️

  6. Oh I like this! But where to start?! Haha
    I agree about motivation. It can come and go and I really liked how you said it comes from the outside. But then passion. Passion is from within. Much more powerful! But it still requires dedication and hard work.
    Why am I not surprised you’d do anything to help and support people. Aside from the times I’ve seen you ranting you are very considerate and supportive of people. I know you’ve certainly supported me and many others on here nevermind in real life.
    And doing what we love is a necessity. As you say we need to do that to be happy. Can’t help others when we’re hurting ourselves.
    I love that you’ve had varied interests. I think it’s great to get out there and try or learn new things. Keeps life interesting.
    Oh god. The building walls thing. It’s funny that you write that. I can totally see where you are coming from. It’s easy to regret being open and honest when things go wrong. And even trusting people can be difficult. I know I’m more wary for example. That said it has been through talking to you that I’m not building walls and blocking myself off from the possibility of future relationships. That I still have hope that may be a possibility someday. So don’t you go building those walls too high 😊
    There is honesty and love out there. And on here although I appreciate that’s not the same.
    In regards to blocking. Well, in fairness, you’ve suffered more than most. It’s understandable you’d want to block things out. I think that’s completely natural. But there’s no point blaming yourself for anything in the past. Whether it was your fault or not. You can’t change it. Leave it where it is and move on. Again, another thing you helped me with!
    And comparison. Thankfully I’m pretty good at not doing that with anyone but myself. Comparing your past self to yourself now is the only way to go. We just have to make sure we’ve grown and developed enough that there is a comparison to make.
    Anyways. Really great thought assaulting post 😁 My mind is electrified.
    I think I started this when you commented elsewhere. It’s taken me ages haha
    Much love to you Huguette 😊❤

    1. You must considering publishing your comments dear Chris hahaa
      Thank you for taking time to really read my words and for this valuable interaction that is always appreciated! 😊😊
      This is what I do the best in my life, support and help and I usually rant when stupidity and disrespect are involved at least from my point of view and perspective😊
      Thank you for considering me supportive, I believe I didn’t do anything but thank you for this sweet consideration😊❤
      Well about high walls, I always encourage people to be open and never give up but it’s not easy when you’re hurt or brutally rejected or so… but I always believe that anything can happen so I was never double standards person but for me let’s say it’s a subject I don’t really like to talk about just to not speak bullshit and dishonesty that’s it.
      Yes no point from blaming, so I keep them where they are, just sometimes the past pop out and you can’t help it, this is what I wanted to say…
      And on comparison, glad you’re the right kind! It helps a lot actually👍😊
      Thought assaulting 😂😂yes I can see that, you must start publishing the comments!!
      Well I truly appreciate the valuable and deep interaction and the time and efforts made so much! 😊❤
      Much love always ❤

      1. Haha That would be some long post 😁
        Well it’s actually my pleasure to read your words. I enjoy their depth and honesty. So thank you for writing them 🙏😊
        And supporting and helping is the most worthy of causes. Who cares if you rant at stupidly and disrespect. They deserve to be ranted at!
        You might not think you’ve done anything. But you certainly have 😊
        Oh I can understand that. For real. Master of rejection here haha
        That’s fair enough not wanting to speak bullshit. Enough said.
        Well as much as you’d like to be we aren’t robots. Can’t always control what pops up in our heads. Just go easy on yourself 👍
        That appreciation goes both ways Huguette. Personally I’d really miss it if it wasn’t there.
        Much love always to you to. You’re a remarkable woman 😊❤

      2. Long post why not 😁
        I really appreciate the encouraging and kind words as always it’s really great to be part of this community and surely these interactions and exchange will be missed if its not there certainly 😊😊so let’s hope it will remain for a long time 👍😊
        Much love to you Chris and again appreciate your kindness and support ❤😊 Have a good night

      3. Oh found another comment 😊😊
        Haha my posts are long enough already. Takes way to long to write them.
        Amen to that hope. Gees wasn’t that long ago not having them for one night really annoyed me. Would dread to think what I’d be like if it was longer than that.
        You’ll always have my kindness and support Huguette 😊
        Much love and sweet dreams 😊❤

      4. I found another comment too hahaa
        the comments are already written Chris! This is the beauty of it 🙂 you just need some editing and that’s it😊
        Same here dear Chris 😊😊 Hope you’re having a productive and inspiring day

      5. The comment hunt is on! 😂😂
        I don’t think my comments would be as interesting as yours though. But I must look to see.
        Oh today was great. Until I got into work and it started sucking the life out of me 😂😂
        Really improved when I got home though 😊
        Hope your day went well 😊❤

      6. Well you should save them and check them properly I guess, you’ll be surprised 😊
        Oh glad you were back home then hahah it’s good I can blog from work otherwise it would be the same!
        My day was good, could finish one award and one to go! working on new post, many posts but I can’t finish them! I will try anyway
        Let’s check more comments 😊

      7. Oups nearly missed one haha
        You’re so lucky to be able to WordPress at work. That’s just heavenly.
        Got to work on getting me a job like that haha
        See, you are the Queen of awards 👍 They’re keeping you busy anyway haha
        Many posts it a good thing. I’m sure you’ll get them finished in time 😁
        Am sure you’re well asleep by now. Hope you managed to get your clothes off tonight 😂
        Much love always Huguette 😊❤

      8. Yes nowadays the work is not so good, otherwise I can’t breathe all day! yes get a work like that, tell them in the interview, I want to blog in my work 😂😂
        yes working but really everything takes time!
        Oh yes don’t worry, I managed to have a regular sleep haha
        Much love to you 😊❤ I can see a new comment haha

      9. Good morning Huguette 😊
        Hope you’re feeling good today and were able to shake off your pissed feeling 😕
        It’s a new day so here’s to hope 😊
        Much love Huguette 😊❤
        If you lived here I’d be annoying you with kindness 😊

      10. Good morning to you 😊 was answering yesterday’s comments hahah
        Well it’s just a phase where the small things piss me off but I fight it, I mostly sleep, I don’t like to act like those bitches (oups have I said it? hahaa)
        Yes every day is a new day so let’s use each second 😊
        Hahaha taking the first plane to Ireland 😊Much love to you as well 😊❤

      11. Haha I’m in work. Don’t have the luxury of answering the earlier comments yet. Will get them later 😊
        Oups hahaha speak it sister, speak it! 😂😂
        Glad you seem to be better today 😊 Woke up a bit concerned this morning.
        Haha what are you waiting for then. Get the next flight 😁
        Right, gotta get busy here. Hope you have a great day and talk later.
        Much love and kindness 😊❤

      12. Oh that’s okay, first things first 😊 Thank you for your concern Chris, I’m good today 😊
        I’m on the phone with the travel agency hahaa well let’s hope one day, who knows
        Will catch you later I guess and hope your day will be great as well 😊
        Thank you for the love and kindness as usually 😊 Much love and kindness to you as well 😊 ❤

      13. See now I’m really messed up. Got this message 10hrs ago 😂😂
        You must’ve missed your flight haha
        Well, who knows, maybe one day.
        And than you for the love and kindness also 😊
        Much love to you Huguette 😊❤

      14. OMG now I don’t know what I’m even answering!😂 let’s close some comments for good so we can keep a good track hahah
        Oh yes I missed the flight haha nobody knows where life will take us probably you’ll succeed in organizing that gathering 😊 Much Love to you and have a great day 😊<3

      15. Got time for one more 😂
        Haha I was just thinking what this conversation would be like in real life 😂😂 All over the place haha
        Damn! Haha Ah sure maybe that gathering will take place. Would be great for sure 😊
        Think I can squeeze in another comment before I go haha 😊❤

      16. One more great hahhaha 😂
        Yes we will be like, have we spoke about that? Who the hell are you 😂
        Always hoping dear Chris 😊hope your mood will become better 😊❤️

      17. Hahaha hope I haven’t missed any. My friend who reads the comments said he saw a post with loads of comments and went to check them out. Then he realised it was just us talking 😂😂
        Wild hahaha
        Am behind you with those hopes 😊
        Oh this day is getting rather frustrating. Need some alone time but that’s not going to happen. God, I’m a yap today. Didn’t even get time to write. And I’m away all day tomorrow.
        Gonna stop now. Before I annoy myself…and you.
        Much love Huguette 😊❤

      18. You friend is a stalker 😂😂 oups he’s reading!
        Anyway soon we’ll convert to mails so we don’t keep making thousand of comments and they are not even paid 😂😂
        Well I can understand what you mean, I go crazy when I want to be alone and I can’t so hopefully at least you’ll find a little space to breathe that’s it and then find time to write, I’m being frustrated when I’m not able to so you can rant and nag don’t worry 😊😊
        Much love and support to you 😊<3

      19. Haha to be fair he says he didn’t read them haha
        Only reason I’m not using email so much is because the format on my phone is so annoying to use. Gees if we got paid for those…😂😂
        Thankfully I’ve chilled out. Didn’t get writing but got a good workout done then me and A watched some Cobra Kai together.
        Not being able to get alone time drives me crazy too. Sometimes you just need your own space. Hard to get that sometimes.
        It really means a lot that I could vent a bit with you here. Although I regret letting myself get that way. Think the frustration was winning today.
        I appreciate the love and support today. More than you realise actually.
        Much love to you Huguette 😊❤

      20. 😂😂 if we get paid oh yes we’ll be rich 😁
        Got my workout done as well and 2 posts but I haven’t rest 1 minute today and it’s 1.10am but we don’t have work tomorrow, another Easter 😊the benefits of diversity
        Glad you also watched your favorite show with A! Awesome 👏
        Told you, you vent until it’s better, there are days like that so don’t worry 😊
        Let’s add some love and support then ❤️😊 glad they were helpful 😊

      21. Holy crap! You’re still awake?! 😂😂
        That’s a very busy day indeed. Satisfying though 😁
        Haha another day off. Great. God bless diversity 🙏
        I’m off today but my mum isn’t at home tomorrow so I should get plenty of blogging time. Yippee
        Yes. Nice chilled evening. And Cobra Kai kicks ass.
        I really appreciated your support today Huguette. Much respect to you ✊
        Hope you’ve enjoyed your busy day. Much love to you 😊😊❤

      22. 😂😂 Yes I need to finish my blogging duties before I sleep
        Yes satisfying as long as I do things I want
        Great so tomorrow is your blogging day 🎉🎉🎉 enjoy!
        My pleasure always and much love and support ❤️😊

      23. Haha the blogging duties are taking over our lives. I was getting really frustrated with not being able to do them earlier.
        Satisfying indeed. Not very often that it happens that way. Happy for you 😊
        Oh yes. God help anyone or anything that gets in my way tomorrow. I’m on a mission haha
        Trying to keep up with you here. Failing miserably 😂

      24. Well tomorrow is your day then and no intruders allowed 😂😂
        I will sleep so you will keep up hahha
        Good night and sweet dreams 😊😊🌞🌞

      25. Oh yes. I’m going to lock the door and turn off my phone. I don’t care if there’s an apocalypse tomorrow. I’m writing 😂😂
        It’s bad when you have to sleep so I can catch up 😂
        Goodnight No. Oh I’ve lost count haha
        Sweet dreams Huguette 😊❤

      26. Good morning Chris 😊 I started to see new comment, locking the doors?? 😂
        Hope you’re having a productive blogging day
        See you on next comment 😊

      27. See, I realised you were awake when my notifications started kicking off 😂😂
        Doors haven’t even been opened 😂😂
        Haven’t woken A yet either. Grabbing some time when I can 🤫
        Seriously. How fast can you type 😂😊❤

  7. Hi Huguette, great post! Hard to know where to start, but I like this; So we must take care of ourselves first and enjoy our life by finding what’s our passion, even if it seems silly to others, but it makes us happy so we must do it and this is will always be regardless how much money we will earn. Also, walls are a good thing and can help us, as long as we build them properly, or they can end up hurting more than helping. I like the quote by Isaac Newton as well, he is one of my favorite scientists, we need more bridges. Have a great day Huguette, sorry I have gotten behind in reading again, always enjoy your posts! People keep telling me I should write more meaningful posts, like yours, and I could, but that’s not what my blog is about, I keep pointing them to my title! If I wrote like other people then it wouldn’t be me. All for now.😃🌞

    1. Thank you so much dear Steve for reading and for the nice interaction 😊 glad you loved it and appreciate your kind words and don’t worry at all 😊 just take care of yourself and eat properly 👍
      Well each blog and each person is different, I just mentioned the comparison here, each one is unique in their own way as you said 👍😊 I can’t certainly write like you or take pictures like you 😊 Enjoy the rest of your day

      1. Looks like another beautiful day here. The sun is now up, the sky is so blue this morning, Muffin is quietly looking out the window after her crazy time of skiffleball and I’m catching up on my reading, or trying to anyway! Enjoy!😃😺🌞

  8. Je n’ai que deux mots a vous dire Huguette, ne lâchée jamais une passion qui vous rend heureuse, et croyez moi vous aidée beaucoup de personnes avec vos écrits, vous donnée l’exemple a beaucoup d’autres, on aime lire et écrire… Alors autant le faire avec joie et amour👍🌹🌷

    1. Merci Sofiane pour les jolis mots et l’encouragement! La passion est très importante dans la vie et il faut jamais lâcher certainement! Je souhaite inspirer à travers mes mots, ou simplement divertir
      Merci bien et passez une bonne journée 😊

      1. merci a vous Huguette, l’important et de faire ce qu’on aime en premier, ensuite ce qui vient après c’est tout bénéf… Agréable journée a vous aussi.

  9. This is an amazing post. The idea is awesome to write your comments in your post. Okay, so I agree with you in everything. Motivation always comes from outside, true. We feel motivated when er try to prove something and show someone or the other that we can do it and passion is something internal. We should,everyone find our passion because it gives a joy which is unparalleled. My passion has always been writing but I enjoy certain other things as well. I am familiar with the building walls thing. I feel that I should do that and I have done it to some extent, built walls to keep some memories and people out.
    In case of blocking, I feel the same. You are an exceptional person, be like this always☺️

    1. Thank you dear Ramyani for such kindness and heartwarming words 😊 glad you loved the posts and discussed points and you can relate as well 😊💕
      I’m too old to change don’t worry 😉
      Have a great day 😊

  10. Hi Huguette! interesting topics though 😀
    Motivation and passion is a hormone kind that generates only when you are truly interested or addicted to DO something. Personality is what you designed to be, building walls is to protect yourself from wrongly designed ones. 😉 . blocking negative events that is actually no use of as a good thing. Bcoz it is obvious you get nothing thinking about past. your added views and quotes are really appreciated. Huguette. Well Done!s

    1. Thank you dear Simon again for the lovely interaction and valuable time 😊 So glad you liked the topics and the way this post was done 😊 Appreciate it a lot!

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