Mystery Blogger Award – Fourth Nomination

Yes I know what you will say! You and your nominations hahaha
Well guess what? It takes lot of time to make such a post so accepting the award is even harder than you think 🙂
I was humbled by Steve’s nomination and sorry I took some time to prepare it.

What I still have about Steve that I didn’t mention before? Steve enjoys life, he’s fun and honest and likes to explore new places, (especially warm places), he loves the outdoors or just being outside, he enjoys photography and loves to take his chances with bears 😀

Check his site for lovely posts and amazing photos and lot of greetings from both Steve and the lovely Cat Muffin. Thank you Steve so much for the kind nomination 🙂

Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
– Okoto Enigma

Rules as copied from Steve’s post:

  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  6. You have to nominate 10-20 people.
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question
  9. Share a link to your best posts.

3 things about myself not mentioned in all previous awards:

  1. I’m 168 cm tall. (no not searching for a husband, thank you very much :D)
  2. I can’t swim and I hate water. I don’t have a phobia but couldn’t have time and consistency to learn which I wish I’ll do this summer.
  3. I never dyed my hair; it was always brown as I love it

Steve Questions and relative answers:

1- If you had enough food and water for the trip, would you cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 16 foot (approx. 5 meter) boat?
I hate water so the answer is no.

2- If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, other than where you are, where would you choose to live?
Norway or Switzerland

3- If you had to choose between living 6 months in our cold northern Canadian winter or 6 months in the Sahara desert, which would you choose?
Sahara desert certainly.

4- Honestly now, could you survive 10 days without your phone?  You know, one of those hand held devices that are called phones but nobody ever uses as a phone so why do they call them phones in the first place?  Don’t get me started on that one.

Oh yes start Steve start! I completely know what you mean! but I lived some part of my life when we didn’t have mobile phones and then we had but they were mainly for calls and simple messages only so if I had to, I can easily drop my phone but I need a way to keep the people I care about know how I’m doing, that’s it. And I feel so offended if I was sitting with someone and they’re checking their phones constantly.

5- Why did you want to start a blog?

I will copy this answer from another nomination, I started this blog in 2012 and then neglected it because I just wanted to publish my writings (I write from a very long time but in Arabic) but then I discovered that blogging is much more than that so I started over at the end of 2018, I mean how people will read if there are no people at all! So I started to visit the sites, read other content, interact, and then people started to read my thoughts as I wanted to,  I wanted readers who appreciate your mind and soul, I wanted to inspire if possible, and find like-minded people. Happy I’m succeeding with such lovely community.

6- Why do you follow my blog?
I can’t’ remember if I followed back or just followed, but I saw nature, country, and this is relaxing to me and I enjoyed reading your post as I recall at the time. And continued to I guess 🙂

7- Read my answer to question 5 above, what does it mean?
your answer: “Don’t count the leaves on the tree when there are rocks on the driveway”
Focus on important stuff? First things first? Don’t get distracted with dreams while you have a real and difficult life to go through? Something like that.

My Questions: (Oh don’t be scared :D)

  1. Are you with Organs donation? If no, why? (Your body will rot anyway hahha)
  2. Are you with euthanasia and Assisted suicide? Euthanasia and Assisted suicide are legal in few countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland.., USA (few states only) and Australia soon.
  3. What part of a kid’s movie completely scarred you?
  4. Would you betray your country for 1 billion dollars and the perfect life you dream of?
  5. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

My Nominees: (Please feel free to apologize)

  2. Betty:
  3. Vijeth
  5. Ravi:
  6. Renard:
  10. Roshna:

No links for my favorite posts, I have some featured posts on home page and each post is unique I believe.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

Huguette Antoun – April 24th 2019

75 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award – Fourth Nomination

  1. Very good Huguette! You are the first person to figure out one of my favorite sayings!!🎇🧨 Usually I just get a blank stare.😂 I should try you with some others. Enjoy the remainder of your day!😃

    1. Oh really 😬 that’s great! Never heard of it before but just tried to assume the meaning so glad I figured it out 😁
      Enjoy your day as well 😊

      1. I thought so, that has been happening to me lately here as well, seems a lot of comments are going to spam. Yesterday and today have been kind of crazy days, nothing seems to be working out right. But, that happens, hope your day is going well!😃🌞

      2. Oh sorry to hear things are not going well! Hope this will change soon! Just some bad days and they will pass
        I’m doing well thank you 😊

      3. True, things will change soon and slow down a bit I hope, a lot to do in a short time. I will be over to read your new post soon, I just got home and need to get some things done, then I can relax for a bit!😁

      4. Hopefully everything will go smoothly 😊
        Oh don’t worry at all about reading now, and hope the day will turn out to be great! There’s still time 👍😊

  2. 😊 Congratulations dear Huguette! You hate water…hmmm…🤔 Some years back was same for me but now I put my snorkelling mask on and I’m good to go, like a parrot fish 🐠 (oh I forgot to mention, I don’t know how to swim either 🤪)

    1. 😁😁 a parrot fish 😁 okay I’m going to try that
      Thank you dear Ribana for reading and for the nice words as usually 😊 glad to know I’m not alone here with my poor swimming skills hahha 💕💕

  3. Congratulations Huguette 💕🌹🌷,Iam really enjoyed your answers ,Thank you so much for nominating my blog for this award,I will reply soon 🌷🌹🤗

    1. Thank you so much 😊 glad you did 😊
      My pleasure and looking forward to reading your post 👍 working on your award now 😊 I received this one before that’s why
      Have a great day 🌞😊

  4. Congratulations dear !!!
    It does really take time to write award nomination posts. You’ve nominated me from long for a award & I haven’t wrote that post yet. I was busy with my exams & only published already written poem/article.
    But I’ll write it soon 😉

  5. Congratulations Huguette, again, and again, and again! You don’t stop! So, dear HUguette, you do not particularly like water, better even you hate water! And I TOTALLY GET IT! If you ever need to submit a petition, I will be in favour! SCARE is the word for me! No boat, no water, definetely no crossing oceans for this girl! No way Jose! lol 😊❤️

  6. Seems congratulations are in order Huguette. Great stuff 👏
    I’ve said it before…But you need your own Award!
    Obviously the first I did was google 168cms to find out how many feet and inches that is 😂😂 (5ft6ins).
    In fairness I knew the answers to half your questions before I read them haha
    Good luck with learning to swim though 😳
    Can completely relate to your phone answer. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil but when people just sit on it instead of talking 🙄
    And glad to hear you’ve never dyed your hair cause you love it. That’s a rare thing in this country.
    Anyways. Another well-deserved award. Long may they continue.
    Hope you’ve had a great day and much love to you ❤

    1. Thank you Chris for the amazing words as usually 😊 hope you had a great day!
      hahahah 😂😂 you googled 168 cm 😂 Okay we use CM here not feet and it’s a good height by the way haha
      Well the good thing is I face my fears so I hope I will haha
      Well I never touch my phone if I’m out with people, it’s just disrespect and nowadays it’s really a trend
      Here also it’s rare, the women dye their hair sometimes many times per week haha it’s everywhere I guess
      My day was better thank you 😊still couldn’t read your post properly but on it 😊

      1. You’re welcome Huguette 😊 Always love these little insights.
        Haha yes I did haha It is a good height. Taller than me anyway. I’m only 166cm 😂😂
        I like to face fears too. But deep water. I’m happy enough to keep that fear haha
        Oh it is. I’ve seen groups of people sitting and not talking to each other. What’s the point of that. May as well stay at home and message each other.
        Well I’ve got the impression you’re not like other women. You’re your own woman which is way better 👍😊
        Glad you had a better day 😁 Wouldn’t worry about the post.
        New comment I see. And I haven’t caught up with the older ones 😂😂

      2. Good morning Chris 😊 Hope you’re having a great day
        I’m taller than you oh wow! hahahaah No I’m not being mean 😀
        Oh yes some fears must be kept especially when I imagine myself drowning in the ocean :O
        Well these days they go out to restaurant or gathering in a house, and each one is starring on their phone! I feel I want to take their phones and step on them with both foots hahhaa
        Thank you Chris, I’m a work in progress and will always say that 😊
        Checking other comments now, hope you had many cup of teas haha 😊 ❤

      3. Good morning Huguette 😊 I’m a bit tired and grumpy this morning haha least the only way is up from here.
        Yes, hahaha you’re taller than me. Most people are 😂 My ‘wife’ was 172cm so you can imagine what it was like when high heels were involved 😂😂
        The ocean? Don’t even want to think about that. If my feet can’t touch the bottom I’m not getting in haha
        Haha now that would be funny. I’d like to see their faces after that. It would be like the world has ended.
        Ah sure we’re always in progress. Isn’t that the main thing. Means we’re trying at least 😁
        Only on my 2nd tea haha Very slow today.
        I’m driving to my parents tomorrow. 100mile drive. A isn’t going. I’m a bit annoyed because I hate being away from him for too long and I haven’t been to my parents house/hometown since I became single. Lots of people I haven’t seen since then. Not really looking forward to the conversations. Ah well. Got to do it sometime I guess.
        There’s a few comments haha Was typing away after you went to bed haha
        Hope you have a great day! Much love Huguette 😊❤

      4. Good morning Chris 😊 sorry to hear that and hope the day will get better 😕
        Hhaha okay don’t worry not an issue, not something major in life I guess😊 but I can imagine with high heels OMG 😂
        Yes I want to end their stupid world 🤓
        Well must be hard seeing your parents and the questions they might ask but always remind yourself that it’s for a short time and you’re reconciled with whatever happens so no one can or should bother you 👍
        Hope you’ll become less grumpy and tired though 😊 much love and support to you 😊❤️

    1. Thank you for taking time and reading and for following my blog, it’s appreciated 😊 Glad I made you smile but you brought tears to my eyes because you’re in Norway and I’m not 😢 (Oh that was a joke 😁) So great to have someone from Norway! Glad to meet you Lillian 😊 Looking forward to reading your posts!

      1. My pleasure🦋I love your humor😊You are a breath of fresh air into my world. Very glad I find you in this world of blog.
        I looking forward to reading your post as well.
        I wish you a lovely day, maybe it is night in your hometown. Here in Norway it is morning.
        Much love from

      2. Good morning 😊 it’s also morning here 9:45 AM. I’m glad you love my humor, means you are really reading which is great 😊 I was about to ask you about the site name then I checked your profile and I read, it was a great and funny story 😊 I’m looking at the Norwegian letters and asking myself, can I learn this hahah I mean if I ever lived there 😀
        Have a great day as well and much love from Lebanon (Beirut specifically)

      3. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you like it and your reading it🦋
        Many people tell me that Norwegian are a difficult language to learn, it is a bir like German language..But, you can, I am sure about that.
        Or, I can help you, just ask🦋
        Okei, I visit your blog later to read more of you.

      4. My pleasure 😇 well it’s difficult until you learn it 😊 you should see the Arabic letters 😌 but with mother language you feel as if you know it since forever so it’s never hard for you
        Sure, whenever you want it will be a great pleasure to have you there 😊👍

    1. Thank you dear Elizabeth for reading 😊 hope you had a great vacation!
      Well I have a problem that started since I was a child in the internal school, i used to be suffocated by the bath water but no one cared! Anyway hopefully I will learn, but being in deep water or drowning gives me nightmares!
      Have a great afternoon 😊

      1. I am a terrible swimmer! I can only do the breaststroke and that isn’t for long! I hope you learn how to swim! Hope your afternoon is wonderful. ❤❤❤

      2. well better than nothing 🙂 I’m not able to do any kind of strokes hahahah
        Hope you will improve as well 😊
        It’s 11:00PM here, enjoy the rest of your day ❤😊

  7. I always get a laugh out of your answers Huguette. They’re fun and so true! Yes, it’s so annoying when you speak to someone and their eyes are on the damn phone. That’s why my husband always tells me how happy he is to have me whenever we sit down and talk, or when we’re outside and people seem to be chatting with each other across the table instead of talking.
    I’m short compared to you. I’m 148cm. I used to hate it, but now I don’t care. And I’m still learning to swim until now. I almost drowned many times when I was a kid, the last time it happened I drank so much salt water and passed out before they found me.
    PS: Pusheen is my favorite sticker ❤

    1. I didn’t know the cat name ahahah cute cat Pusheen 😊 The only cartoon I always loved was Tom & Jerry hahaha and some others for super heroes and Bell & Sebastian
      Glad you enjoy my answers and it made you laugh, well I can’t help it, I love this touch of humor in my life and when I write as well 😊 Only the readers will notice, the likers won’t
      Oh we don’t get to choose the way we look, our height especially so I’m glad you don’t care anymore because not an issue at all! Well I hate water but always faced it to be honest, but each time I try to learn, I can’t keep practicing because I don’t go often to the beach that’s it so hopefully I will. When we nearly drown it’s harder! It’s good you are still aiming to learn!! Good luck because it’s important to learn this is why I still didn’t give up…very important sport plus I don’t like the fact that I can’t swim!

      1. Haha I have the entire Tom and Jerry collection! I love these two ❤ No idea who Bell & Sebastian though. I’ll check them later.
        And yes, I find it important to swim. It’s embarrassing each time someone invite me for swimming and I’ll sa I can go far caused I can’t swim. Wah! Huhuhu😭
        I have easy access to the beach so I can now swim while on my back but I can only do it for about two meters on my stomach after that I have to swim with head down and hope no waves swallow me. 😅

      2. I guess Bell & Sébastien was french and we had it dubbed in Arabic so probably you don’t know it
        I love Tom & Jerry 😁😁
        Well it needs 10 persons to convince me to swim on my back 😂😂 i just feel i will certainly drown
        Hope you will learn then because it’s great sport and leisure as well 😊

      3. I’ll try to remember that. Because if ever I get to met you, I’ll gather 9 other to convince you to swim on your back haha 😀
        It’s true, I read that swimming is one of the healthiest exercise.

      4. Since you mentioned it’s a challenge then good luck trying 😌😌the only thing floating will be my dead body 😂 which is easier of course 😂😂

    1. Thank you 😊 and glad to know I’m not alone out there that don’t swim 😊 surfing is good but I rather learn how to swim before walking on water haha

  8. Hey, it’s so fun to read your answers. I had learned swimming mane years ago but I can’t swim now, for lack of practice. Congratulations on your achievement. You truly deserve it ☺️

    1. Thank you dear 😊 glad it was fun to read
      Once you learn, you will immediately remember again when you’re in water 👍
      Thank you, so kind of you as always 😊💕

      1. Maybe I should try swimming soon, see if I remember 😁 It’s my pleasure to read your posts.

  9. Good evening, certe, I put a little, a lot of time to you (you) answer, I (you) thank you for this appointment that touched me from the bottom of the heart. I plan to make these appointments because I love reading all types of reading and no taboos. many sites interresting all like yours (yours) deserve to be known with a maximum of sharing. so article to come in the next days, see week, so to follow. Good evening with a real pleasure to be able to read you.

    1. Hello (what can I call you?), thank you for reading! Appreciate your words and glad you enjoy my blog 🙂 It’s my pleasure and I also enjoy your different posts and variety! Have a great time and best of luck always!

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