Avengers Endgame – The Tears of Joy & Sadness

This post contains spoilers so please don’t read it if you didn’t watch the Avengers Endgame movie yet unless you don’t give a shit, but don’t say I didn’t warn you okay? 😎😎

Yesterday I watched Avengers Endgame, it was a great movie, full of emotional moments, funny moments, epic war scene and huge loss for some of the best characters!

You laugh, then you cry then you cheer then you shout: WTF! NO!

3 hours and you might feel bored the first 30 minutes, the pace is slow but there’s a good reason for everything.

They divided the movie into 3 parts, the deception and grief then the reappearance of hope then the mission and then we lose one of the best characters: Tony Stark “Iron Man” and The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Captain America in a way.

We lost the characters after they gave them the right appreciation before their role was over! Especially Tony Stark and Captain America.
Many emotional moments, Tony Stark the arrogant man has scarified himself to save the universe!
Captain America returned the stones to their original times and decided to live his life and marry the woman he never stopped loving and he ages! What a scene! Steve Rogers (Captain America) played by Chris Evans role has ended is a perfect way!
They really honored the power of love and the importance of love as well! They gave the character his happy ending!

Thanos the supervillain (Played by Josh Brolin) that makes you think about his mission to destroy one-half of the universe to save the other, he’s so convinced to the extinct to sacrifice the only person he truly loves, his daughter Gamora that he raised after he destroyed her planet. Well about me I wished that Thanos can pay us a visit so 50% of the population can vanish! Lot of people, lot of traffic, I mean I miss silence and peace. To not mention that many people deserve to just vanish.

I was probably waiting for a battle the moment the movie starts, so what happened was unpredictable and loved that they took their time in front of this huge disaster, half the universe has vanished, not easy to swallow!

Loved how they focused on some moments, some emotional moments, to say goodbye to the character in a great and respectful way!

Lot of déjà vu scenes brought from previous Avengers movies…You must be a real fan to remember most of them.

We expected so much from Captain Marvel but her role was limited but effective during the last battle. But she wasn’t the one who saved the day completely.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will make you laugh, really laugh. The touch of humor was amazing! Some characters like Hulk and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper voice from the Guardians Of The Galaxy), Ant Man and Thor will make you really laugh.

You will cry from joy and then from sadness.

Avengers Endgame is a great tribute to Stan Lee.

If you watched it, please share your thoughts! 😊

Huguette Antoun – April 29th 2019

116 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame – The Tears of Joy & Sadness

      1. So true, things like that never bother me to know what happens. Hope you are having a great day! 😃Not snow like we are getting today!🌨😁

      2. I was reading! OMG not the snow again 😕😕
        Glad you weren’t bothered 😁 I was happy writing the post hahaa
        It was a great long weekend thank you 😊back to work tomorrow
        Hope your day will get warmer and better 😊

      3. You get today off too, that’s nice! It’s actually doing a bit of melting now and it’s supposed to rain overnight. Strange weather. I think it’s getting to me though, not nice to look outside and see white again!😕😺🙃

      4. Oh yes the Orthodox Easter, we have the same holiday as Catholic Easter, one of the few diversity benefits 😊
        What a strange weather indeed! You must decide Steve hahaha, snow or sun?? 😊😊

      5. If I could do it I would definitely move to a warmer climate!😄🌴 We used to get Friday to Monday off, now it’s just Friday and Sunday. Government offices take the 4 days though.🙄

      6. What a discrimination! Government 4 days 😕😕 here Friday and Monday because Sunday is anyway our official holiday in Lebanon
        Hope you’ll move to some warmer place someday 🙂

      7. About the only thing closed here on Sunday is government offices and medical clinics. It would certainly be nice to move somewhere warmer, but that isn’t possible anymore, vacation only hopefully at some point.😃🌞

  1. I loved it all the way to the end. But now it feels sad that all of it is most probably over. There’s an end to every journey but I wanted more. But the way it ended was fun too and I like this way a lot.

    1. Thank you for reading and for the interaction 🙂 yes There’s an end for every journey but they will find a way to have the fans attention again
      I also loved the way it ended 👍

  2. I went home feeling disappointed instead of pleased for the ending’s surprise! ‘Cause we all know somehow Thanos was going to die, but Iron Man?! Thor was hilarious! Anyway, it’s just a movie, they can bring anyone back if they want to 🙂

    1. Well you can’t eliminate a supervillain and no one dies from the main character, this is how I see it but I understand your frustration, I was so sad but also on black widow and as much I was happy for captain America, he’ll be missed
      We’re talking movie of course but as fans we take it a bit seriously and it’s normal 🙂 thank you for reading and for your contribution 👍

  3. After it was released, I walked into class and I see students waving wildly, exclaiming about something. I wondered why are they so upset and amazed. Of course it was because of endgame! I’ve never watched a superhero movie (please don’t kill me) but I still liked Ironman 😢 Ah, the pain.

    1. Oh don’t worry, many didn’t 🙂 I love superheroes movies since I was a child, nowadays they’re taking these movies to new level, the production, the graphics, the heroes gathering in one movie….I love the effort they’re putting in such movies
      Thank you for reading despite and for the interaction 😊

  4. I don’t know where to start because I have so much to say. Don’t mind if this becomes a really huge comment😂
    Firstly, that was a really perfect review. I watched it yesterday as well and I was really disappointed. Well I have been team Cap, but Thor is my hero. I have laughed and cried and I know that to win, the great sacrifice has to be made and so Iron man and Black widow, they do.
    Still I think, Captain got a little undue attention. I mean, after all, he gets a happy ending, a life and yes we lost him but he gets to be the hero and also he could call Mjolnir! Well he might be worthy but I have always thought Mjolnir belonged to only Thor, which seems wrong now.
    I have no problem with anything but just that Thor faded away. They are a team, they all are first gen avengers and all are hero. I just thought Thor had a great role but cap overshadowed him. I miss the real Thor, the aggressive Thor. I wouldn’t want to see him like this, ever. I wish he would change and get rid of that belly. I can’t accept the fact that he gave away his throne.
    Anyway, this is just because Thor is my favourite, this is why I am so disappointed. I think, Thor had good sense of humour, but now all everyone does to hear his name is laugh! 🙁
    Who is your favourite character? I have always loved captain but I wish Thor could have a central role like many others.

    1. Sorry this one went to trash!
      I understand your frustration regarding Thor! He made us laugh yes, but we all miss the old Thor, he’s not one of my favorite but I love them all, Captain America is my favorite actually…but I was so sad to see Tony Stark die! Black widow as well, she’s great! But they gave these characters their proper right, Stark could be a father, Captain America lived the life he wants….But Thor leaving is indeed not cool! But the Mjolnir thing, they made a reference to it in one scene and Steve nearly moved it but then he stopped (you can check this old scene) and glad he could use it! I mean we needed this assistance, now he’s old so it doesn’t belong to him…It wasn’t the message, but he was meant to help that’s it
      Everyone had a central role, watch it again and you’ll see they were all important but anyway Stark and Captain America are the older and they are Marvel Favorites I guess…I hated how they made Hulk a stupid to be honest more than Thor!
      Thank you for this contribution! Enjoyed the discussion and it still open 😀 Thank you for reading and for this valuable contribution ❤

      1. Yes, I remember the scene where Captain almost moved it. I just thought, maybe Thor’s weapons could be exclusive, but well I am not the director and I love Captain too. I hope Thor gets the life and gets back in shape. Yeah I was crying when they died. I love all of them and I loved the film, and the scene where all of them where coming through the portala. Doctor strange is cool. I am just a little sad that I thought Thor didn’t have a central role, but okay. What can I do..
        I always enjoy interacting with you. Lots of love💖

      2. Yes sure I do understand, we’re always not satisfied when it comes to our favorite character so hopefully with the next series of Avengers, they will make a kind of come back for Thor!
        All the characters that were vanishing like Dr. Strange has few role in this movie but at the end, it’s the great work and production that was amazing!
        Same here dear, and lots of love to you as well ❤

      3. You know, we were studying Mathusian theory the other day in sociology and that is the theory Thanos used, kinda. You can look that up, it’s interesting

      4. Yes sure will check it, I think I kind of heard about it and yes it’s similar to Thanos plan, they said in the critics that Thanos is the only villain that makes you think about his plan…something like that

      1. Because in Infinity was shown at hist best. He was so powerful & angry in it. But they didn’t want to keep him as it is & they wanted to show that he has given up after losing everything he had. and killing thanos also didn’t help him to get his people back

      2. Yes It’s true but they didn’t have to make him with belly and ugly beard, I guess they wanted to add more humor, that’s it but his fans were so angry!

  5. Great review! Love these super hero films.
    Yea-Hope returns! But poor Thanos-just trying to do his job-so misunderstood.
    Have not seen it yet—will wait for DVD. You didn’t spoil a thing. 😊

    1. Oh my I told you the entire movie 😂 how I didn’t spoil it?
      Glad you loved it though and thank you so much for reading despite you didn’t watch it yet 😊

  6. Bonsoir Huguette , je suis une big fan des Marvel , j’ai pas eu encore le temps de voir cette deuxième partie , donc en lisant ton article tu m’as spoiler 🤣 , dis moi tu craques toi aussi pour Thor 😉😉

    1. Bonsoir Souad 😊 mais j’ai dit! Pourquoi tu as lu 😕😕 bon tu craques pour Thor 🤓 😌😌 il est parfait mais non pas moi , je crois que je suis une exception ici haha
      Merci pour lire et désolée pour te spoiler

      1. 😂😂 ouiii tu es une exception c’est pas ta tasse de thé les blondinet !!

  7. I think it’s the best movie till date now. It has everything any movie can offer. Plus it’s so amazing to see people are so excited to watch this movie.
    Literally this movie is running 24×7 in theaters & it’s freaking crazy ❤️❤️

    This movie is just perfect. There so many wow moments in it. My most favourite moment from the movie is when cap says “Avengers (Gets Mjolnir) Assemble ” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

    1. Thank you for reading and for your contribution 🙂 Oh yes when Captain says “Assemble” it was a great moment! I will miss my favorite character, captain America but I’m glad they gave him his happy ending! Black Widow is underrated, I really was sad for her death and Iron man as well especially after this cute girl he left!
      Great production and great work, yesterday it passes 1$ billion at box offices in 5 days!
      Appreciate your interaction 😀

      1. True ! Cap will be missed. I’m both happy & sad for this ending 😭❤️❤️
        Yes ,black widow’s sacrifice must not be forgotten. It was very emotional scene when she died.

        Yep! I’m sure it has already broken all the records😉❤️

  8. I couldn’t wait any longer and just had to watch it. Bless the internet hahaha
    What a show and a great end to the series. It was kind of fitting that ironman died. Sacrificing his life to save everyone. Especially when it looked like the click was about to happen again.
    Some characters did bug me though. Thor and the Hulk. Oh Thor was funny in places but overall he just annoyed me. He’s a god ffs not some lardass beer drinker. Give me the Thor of Ragnarock and Infinity War any day. And the Hulk, the Hulk!!! Boring. There was only one moment I liked seeing him on screen when he was doing the pretend smash bit. Otherwise I could’ve done without him. He was barely in Infinity and then for this movie he becomes that shitty half character. Smart and strong but boring af. I wouldn’t have missed him if he wasn’t in it.
    My favourite bit was definitely when everyone turned up for the battle. That was a real yeeooo moment. Even Pepperpots suited up.
    But Gamora. It’s the old Gamora that hasn’t fallen in love with Quill. Bit annoyed about that but at least she might be in the next Guardians movie 😊
    Going to stop here before I nerd out completely hahaha
    Much love Huguette. Hope you have a great day ahead 😊❤

    1. I’m so glad you watched it! I agree with both Thor and Hulk! we laughed but we were annoyed, my friend hated the new Hulk since he’s her favorite…I didn’t like that he’s neither Hulk nor Bruce Banner! Thor was really ridiculous but at least he fought very well! This belly OMG , did they had to make him look like that :/
      I was so surprised to see Pepper fighting, we were saying that Gwyneth Paltrow role was stupid but seems she’ll also become a super hero…
      someone has a crash on Gamora hahahah she’ll be back don’t worry to be with that loser 😀 damn he’s stupid
      oh nerd out time don’t worry hahaha let’s see what you still have 😊
      I was sad for the black widow also, her character is underrated! she’s awesome and I’ll miss Steve (Captain America) he’s my favorite character
      Thank you for rushing to watch the movie and for the comment 😊😊 Much love and hope you’re having a good day ❤ 😊

      1. The new Hulk was terrible. He wasn’t the best of both. He was the worst. And Thor was just turned into a character for laughs. And that belly and beard ffs. Just pissed me off.
        Haha Gamora. Yeah, I’ve a thing for green aliens. Where’s the dating app for that 😂😂 I liked Starlord in the first Guardians movie but in the 2nd one and Infinity they just turned him into a dick. Wanted to slap him the first time they nearly took the gauntlet of Thanos. Haha
        Black widow has been great in all the movies. Loved her character. Was sort of hoping Hawkeye would’ve killed himself. Apart from this movie I’ve always thought he was a waste of space.
        Always liked Captain America as well. It annoyed my friend that he had Thor’s hammer but I thought that was great. He is worthy 😁
        Day not going the best. Am at home with A. Related to yesterday’s events. We’ll be ok though.
        Much love to you Huguette 😊❤

      2. I love hulk because he gets angry so imagine my frustration by seeing him the country boy (OMG the truck scene! he was a decent country boy😂😂) hahaa
        With Thor they took it to a new level! OMG Chris Hemsworth must really have received some huge amount for messing with his body like that!
        Searching for the dating app for you 😂😂OH you wanted to slap him? The entire universe wanted to! OMG how many memes they did about that!
        Well to be fair Hawkeye tried but because he has a family waiting for him while the black widow has no one, this is why she was so persistent! (she didn’t even know her father name before the freaky spirit mentioned it)
        You should watch the old scene when Captain America almost moved the hammer and Thor was terrified! So he has the power after all, there was 2 hammers anyway and we needed both of them😊
        Oh so the events have consequences, sorry to hear that and hope things will get better!
        Much love to you😊❤

      3. The country boy hahaha They ruined him completely.
        Am sure there’s plenty of green alien women out there. Roll on first contact 😁
        Auch, I know. But she was great in every movie. Just wanted her to live.
        Haha I remember that scene and Thor’s face.
        Yes. Hopefully all will be well with A tomorrow and I can get him into school.
        He’s a bit down today.
        Anyways, much love Huguette 😊❤

      4. Oh yes! The truck scene OMG hahaha
        enjoy the green aliens 😀
        Hope things will get better with A, just a hard day, it will pass , he has you there so should be fine 🙂
        Much love to you 😊❤

      5. It is getting better. Thanks for the hope 😊
        And his school were ok. Just need work to be ok about it tomorrow.
        Much love 😊❤

  9. I haven’t watched the avengers endgame movie, but after feeling reluctant to read becos of your intro, I decided to read all through, and enjoyed what I may call your own review of the movie…funny enough it’s my type of movie which enforces my feeling that there could actually have been wars in outer space and other parts of the universe unknown to mankind…let me not go too far since I was asked not to even start reading🙄… it seems you could give the movie 5 stars if you asked to rate it… thanks for sharing and good night…

  10. I teared up a little bit when iron Man said I am Iron man. I knew he was going to die then and man black widow sacrifices herself for the betterment of the universe.

    1. Oh yes :/ 2 of the best characters! But the entire movie and production and how they gave the characters the right tribute, is great! Thank you for reading and for your contribution 🙂

  11. I just didn’t like that hulk didn’t get his revenge on Thanos and I thought that they would have thanks character explain more of why he did what he did. Instead of saying I am inevitable

    1. Not only the revenge but how he looks ridiculous and so friendly haaha he and Thor made me laugh but I didn’t like how stupid they became but then they made Hulk return half the humanity and Thor fought very well in the war, they kind of compensate their lazy moments

    1. I guess he did explained, he needs a balance, this universe resources are not enough for all mankind, so he thought it’s his responsibility to remove half the population, he explained many times. And he was inevitable, after he destroyed the stones, I mean 5 years passed and everybody lost hope until Ant man appeared….

      1. Here I am 😉 I’m really glad I did not read the post that time as you practically described the entire movie 🤪🤪🤪
        I guess I was expecting a little bit more action but yes everything was intentional and emotional! It is the end of a game that last I guess for around 10-15 years now…A beautiful mix of joy and sadness! I’m curious what will be next 😉
        I’m just sorry that Stan Lee is not with us anymore 😟

      2. Ohhh you’re here!! Thank you for going back and read my post 😊 of course I revealed all the movie 😂😂
        Yes there were lot of emotional moments and grief as well so they had to do it this way as a tribute to Iron Man and Captain America
        Hopefully we will see them in a way 😕
        Stan Lee is a genius but he lives through all his great comics 😊
        Thank you dear for the interaction and for not forgetting 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕🧸🧸💕💕🥂🥂🥂

  12. I’m purposely not reading it, I know you did an amazing job writing it. I will not get to see it until next Now. So I’m putting up blinders and plugging up my ears.

  13. I watched it yesterday so I am free to read it. 🙂 It was a long but nice movie, just like GOT Episode 3 that everybody is waiting for. By the way where do you usually get your royalty free images? They look soo good.

    1. Glad you watched it, so what is your opinion? Yes Got episode 3 was awesome as well!
      Google search, glad you liked them and thank you for reading 🙂

      1. Yes your images are good. Me I don’t have the patience to look for good royalty free images, that’s why I don’t have that much photos. 🙂 I just use whatever is available in my phone.lol
        My opinion about the Endgame, Im glad I do watch their previous movies, because if you don’t it will be really hard for you to understand the endgame. The movie is kinda long, and the fighting scenes are intense just like GOT. The movie makes me feel tired, but it was entertaining over all.

      2. Yes everything needs time and many people don’t have time
        Well of course people should watch all the previous movies, otherwise it will not make any sense 👍
        Glad it was entertaining at least and appreciate your kind interaction and time 😊

      3. I’m not really a fan of super heroes, but my husband is a big fan of DC and he likes marvel movies too. My mom was so funny, she was asking my brother yesterday why superman is not in the movie. 🙂

      4. 😂😂 she’s funny but many people (not the big fans) don’t know which marvel and which DC. I love DC characters too but Marvel did better movies that’s it
        So you watch these super heroes movies because of your husband 😊 cool 👍

    1. Then I’m sorry for this ending :/ we were all emotional but what to do? The producers have other plans and Robert Downy Junior has other contracts I guess 🙂 Thank you for reading

  14. I’ve seen Avengers: Endgame twice now and I’ve cried both times when we lose Black Widow and Tony Stark! There were a lot of laughs too but I was a little disappointed that Captain Marvel was underused. You’re absolutely right that the film was divided into 3 distinct acts and although it’s a bit slow to begin with the final battle is spectacular.

    1. Thank you Julie for reading and for sharing your valuable interaction 😊 oh yes lot of tears were shed! As you, I was disappointed how they ridiculed Captain Marvel role after she seems she’s the only one capable to do something
      Thank you for following my blog and have a great time 😊

  15. J’ai adoré Avenger, d’ailleurs je vais retourné le voir en VO ce week end je pense. J’ai tellement pleuré c’était vraiment touchant. Black Widow j’ai eu l’impression qu’elle a pas trop était respecter étant quand meme important, la scène était quand meme bien faite et touchante, hawkeyes était touchant dans les derniers seconde, ca m’a mit la larme a l’oeil. La bataille final était vraiment impressionnante, ca m’a fais penser un peu a la bataille final du seigneur des anneaux version super hero, c’était dingue.

    1. Merci pour le temps d’écrire votre revue 😊 c’était vraiment extraordinaire! J’ai pleuré comme un petit bébé quand Black Widow est mort 😢 aussi Toni Stark, il était toujours arrogant mais après qu’il a une adorable fille!! Ah bon c’était très touchant!
      La bataille est extraordinaire, le moment épique quand Dr.Strange est apparu!
      Je dois vraiment le revoir, beaucoup l’ont vu 2 et 3 fois 👍

    1. du debut a la fin de la bataille final j avais deja les larme je le sentais mal. puis c’était tellement fort que c’était émouvant la bataille. je vais retourner aussi, je veux le voir en VO et en version normal ca ma un peu fatiguer la 3D

  16. Hi Huguette!!
    It too late but I am writing this because Avengers Endgame is re- realeasing on 28 June, Friday..
    I am very excited… surely gonna to watch it again!!..
    In Endgame I really feel very bad for the death if Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Natasha Reneroff (Black Widow)
    I will also really miss Steve ..But I am happy for him as he got a happy life with his love..
    Yeah the Thor and Rocket were the ones who really chuckled us…
    It was sure that they have to win the sacrifice of Black widow and Iron Man really made me cried…
    I really love all the Avengers
    I am a great fan of Thor… I think in this look also, he was looking badass…
    I also like Captain, Late Iron Man and Black widow 😁, dr.strange, Rocket, Scarlett Witch…..oh God I can’t choose my second favorite!!
    So what do you think will there be post credit scene in the Avengers Endgame which is re realising….
    What is your favorite Avenger??
    P.S. sorry if I made any mistake.. I can’t read it again for any corrections..😜

    1. Sorry Jyoti, this was went to SPAM!
      Thank you for reading and for the nice interaction 😊 Yes you should watch it again, it’s amazing! Even though I won’t feel happy seeing Iron man and Black widow die again…😥
      Yes they gave Captain America his happy ending! But he’s such a loss! He’s my favorite character actually followed by Black widow and the old Hulk as well..Each character is different, but I always love the serious and noble not much into arrogance so this is the reason I guess but of course they are all part of Marvel movies and each one is different….
      Thor of course and Chris the actor is so popular but not my favorite tbh, guess you have to choose them all, no need to stress about it 😊
      Yes heard about the post-credits in the re-release, they will include tribute to Stan Lee, footage for Hulk, and preview for Spider man new movie that will be out soon! 😊
      And all is cool, no mistakes at all! I appreciate your time so much ❤

      1. Okay so your favorite is captain America…He’s cool!!
        Yeah true every character has its own importance…
        Will you be going to see it again?
        Thank God I wrote it without a mistake…
        Bye dear!!💞💞

      2. Yes why not, it’s totally worth it 😊
        Yes Steve Rogers “captain America” is my favorite and as much as I loved seeing him happy, I was so sad that they ended the character! I heard anyway his contract was over so my guess was he will die
        Take good care 😊💕

      3. Yeah he worth it…
        he is even worthy of picking Mjolnir and strombreaker😉😉

    1. Hello Jyoti, hope you’re good today! At the beginning if the user is new, comments might go to SPAM so you need to approve them. But for regular followers that always interact, the reason when you are so active on other posts, WordPress thinks you’re a spammer so they take your comments to SPAM folder, especially if you use the same words i.e. “great work” “congratulation”, etc….And if the comment is so long also WordPress thinks it’s a SPAM
      Hope my answer helped?
      This is why I check my spam daily so I can retrieve the comments that went there by mistake 🙂

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