Is It A Happy Labor Day?!

We celebrate on May 1st from each year the Labor Day or “The Workers’ Day “as we call it in Lebanon: Eid El Oomal!

Working is a healthy sign; a working person is usually or should be independent, active and full of energy.

We always associate work with energy and success, as we associate laziness with doing nothing and failure, even if the worker is not happy, not motivated or not having the minimum from their wage but still, having a work is a sign of success, ambition or at least a dream to have a better life.

Sometimes I feel as if we were born to just work!
As soon as we grow up, they teach us how important is to study and work hard in order to have a decent job, then we need to work hard to have a decent life, and you often work so hard but you hardly live, you hardly find time to live, in fact time and money, especially after deducting all your bills and debts and payments.

And the more you earn, the more life throw on you and the more your needs grow so you feel it’s a vicious circle that will not break until you rob a bank or receive some huge fortune or heritage.
And when it’s time to have rest, you’re too old to enjoy our life if we assume you’ll live that much!

So basically, you work hard to live, to have a decent life and you often don’t get the life you dream of, you just settle to survive and not need other people, for sure you are grateful for what you have and you count your blessings on daily basis that’s for sure but life makes sure that you keep working hard to hardly live.

Working is great, having a work is greater, first question people ask you: what do you work? Or do you have work?
But how great can be working for $ 500 per month while your house rent is $ 400, you have 2 kids in school, they cost you around 10k per year each, you didn’t buy yet any food, clothes, medicine. You don’t have the privilege to take your family out!
Do we still can call it a work or a slavery? Can we really say “Happy Labor Day” to this father or mother? 🙄

I mean no harm from spending your life working if you actually have a life, a decent life! Nowadays, most people just survive, they are not living and their work is just slavery and hardly fulfilling their basic needs.

No shame of working anything at all! We say in Arabic الشغل مش عيب (El sheghl mesh Aayb) work is not a shame! But some people are more fortunate than others, or they work harder than others, or they have better luck or chances, they received better education, better circumstances, they were gifted with better IQ…etc.
When I’m out with my friends and I see a woman or a man cleaning the floor, the bathrooms, or removing the food in the food court or else, I respect them for sure but I ask myself what if this person was me? What if she was my mother or my father? No shame, yes but it’s certainly hard and we should be grateful for what we have because it can always be worse.

I always feel bad whenever I see someone mistreating less fortunate people, or people that are serving them in houses or restaurants or anywhere! It tells me so much about these people no matter how kind they might seem or act, how elegant they are, how fancy their clothes and cars are, they lose my respect immediately!

I always say in Arabic “Cars don’t make human beings” especially when I see someone driving 4×4 that costs 50K and they throw the garbage out of their car window!
Oh you’re cheaper than this garbage, way cheaper! 😡

Salute to all the workers out there! To every person that is working hard to make a life, to provide a better life to their families, to have a better future, to fulfill their dreams! Especially the foreigners: the domestic workers, housekeepers and maids, carpenters, janitors…All the hard workers that clean your shit but certain people still dare to  treat them poorly, to treat them like shit! While they glorify the thieves, the hypocrites and the ass-kissers.    

Happy Labor Day! I really wish you’ll have moments of happiness!
I wish you’ll all have the respect you need and you’ll live instead of survive!

Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts and opinions.

Huguette Antoun – April 30h 2019

84 thoughts on “Is It A Happy Labor Day?!

  1. Hey, I agree with you totally on this Huguette! One time at a restaurant a lady mentioned about the lady cleaning the washroom and she said “I would never do something so low as that!” I said, you should be happy that not everyone thinks like you or you wouldn’t want to go into that washroom. She didn’t like what I said, I didn’t really like what she said either. Same lady complained terribly to the waitress because she didn’t like the food, hey, she didn’t cook it lady. She just glared at me. She also didn’t leave a tip for the waitress, because of bad food. The waitress was very pleasant, always smiled, it wasn’t her fault. So I opened my big mouth again and said, you know, waitresses rely on tips, they can’t live on the wage they make. Too bad she said. That poor waitress had 3 kids to support since her husband walked out and she was doing the best she could right then. Guess which one has my respect? Great post Huguette!😃

    1. Thank you Steve 😊 and glad you opened your mouth! I would have closed my fists hahaha You are totally right and I really respect all hard workers and I believe that we should always be generous with people that provide us with any kind of service, I believe in that! But mostly respect, it costs nothing!
      Thank you for reading and for sharing your experience, it’s always great to communicate with you 😊

      1. Thanks for letting me vent a bit! It’s nice to see people willing to work hard even if the job isn’t so great, it’s amazing how many people around here who would never take a job at $15 an hour, pays not good enough, so they stay home and do nothing instead. And really, that happens a lot around here, the unemployment rate is high in this area but businesses can’t get people to work. Hard to believe sometimes. I always say, take the lower paying job until something better comes along. Oh well, guess I’m just different.😀

      2. Yes sure vent as much as you can 😊 such an important topic and I really respect those workers from all my heart!
        You’re totally right, while you’re there you might find a better opportunity, and maybe you’ll be promoted who knows, it happened with me and I know it’s real…😊

  2. There is honesty in working. No matter the job.
    Here we have people who just live their lives with government hand outs. Some have no intention of ever working but will put some effort into getting the most they can out of the government. They have houses, maybe cars. If they work they lose that and have to pay for everything themselves. So they would rather not work. It’s a sad existence and I doubt they have much self-respect.
    I’m like you in regards to putting yourself in others position. What if it was you or a parent indeed. No one working deserves to be disrespected. We’re all people just trying to do what we can.
    It seems to be that the money provided from most jobs is barely enough. Especially after deductions like bills etc It’s a never-ending cycle. Especially for those with dependants be it elderly parents or children.
    Cheaper than the garbage haha so true. I find the people like that here are the people who were born into money or never had to earn it them selves through hard work. They don’t have the same value on money, respect or manners.
    Great post Huguette.
    Hope you have a happy Labor day.
    Much love always 😊❤

    1. Thank you Chris for reading! Yes we have many here as well, there’s honesty in working indeed! Some people can work but they rather beg also! No comment
      Well money can’t buy respect or teach you manners, it’s or you have them or you don’t , these people are annoying! And we should respect all workers certainly, they are working hard regardless the job nature or importance…
      Appreciate the exchange and the Labor Day wishes as well! And wish you a good night and much love always 😊❤

      1. Ha Seems some people are the same no matter what part of the world they’re from. No comment indeed.
        I’ve never understood how people can’t be respectful. It’s not like it takes any effort. Assholes everyone also it seems.
        Guess I’m wishing you a Good morning to your goodnight haha
        Hope your day goes well.
        Much love as always Huguette 😊❤

      2. Good morning Chris 😊 Hope your day is going smoothly for you and A
        Assholes are worldwide, they speak the same language I guess and they deserve to have their asses kicked!
        Have a great day ahead and much love 😊 ❤

  3. Greetings on Labor Day International. We call it as a golden week in China 🇨🇳 its a big celebration in all part of country. Recognizing the best workers of the office and factory or unit and encouraging young staff also honor the elderly staff for their contributions. It’s the best part of the year to the one who works most of the time for country building.
    Most other parss of the world its just one day off as your Calender shown. Let’s wish all people around the globe who make their company. country proud in growth and wish them long healthy life and smiles. 🌿 ✨ 🍀 🙏 ✨ 🌷 🌹 🌿

    1. Wow sounds great ! Happy International Labor day to you as well and it’s certainly great to have a week of recognition, I mean a proper way to celebrate such occasion not just a day off ! Wish you the same especially long healthy life and smiles 😊
      Appreciate your valuable information and enjoy this golden week 😊👍

  4. Awesome stuff. I agree we we’re not just created to work go home and die. There is more to life than just that. Also, it is very important for all of us to take some time off to spend time with family, friends and just relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Sure we’re much more than that but what’s happening is really sad, hope people will realize that money and material things are not everything especially when they’re skipping their valuable time with the people they love👍

  5. Yep. I saw this in India with the street cleaners. I wonder, does the disrespect come from from arrogance, ignorance, insecurities, guilt? I don’t know. It’s heartbreaking for sure.

    I watched a neighbor lady speaking down to one man-as she gave him her garbage pail. And the man just looked down and well you know the story….but when we passed by this same man and asked-in his mother tongue-“how are you?” He lit up and smiled so brightly!

    But what can you do with others? Hopefully just be an example. Great post! 👍

    Well, happy May 1! It’s still April here 🙂 💜

    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your experience 🙂 It’s sad how people disrespect the less fortunate not knowing that circumstances can change drastically to any person!
      Thank you for the lovely wishes and wish you a happy week as well 🙂 ❤

      1. It is sad! Something I don’t want to understand how. But, while there, we learned about the caste system—which as I understood it-is really quite a beautiful thing in its original form. The upper Brahmin caste as “the head of God” all the way to the lower caste as “the feet”. But how can the head live without the feet? Of course you must care for and protect the feet! 🙃

  6. I couldn’t write everything you wrote Hug, and if I tried I don’t think I’ll be able to express myself better than what I just read. You just voice out a powerful statement.

    Society seems to go in that direction. You work, pay bills and die right after you paid out your house. The rich get richer, the poor… well, most of the time, remain poor.

    It always sounds so tragic when people talk about what they want to do once they’re pensionist instead of what they want in the present. As if life is on paused until after the pension.

    And excuse me for what will follow but I’m so annoyed I have to share this.
    The worse is that some people literally leave their shit for these people they look down on to clean. I have no idea how many times I ran away from public toilets and even sometimes puke at the side of the road because it’s just so disgusting. It’s hard to imagine what the person who has to clean the place feel.

    1. You just wrote a post hahaha you should consider promoting your comments to posts as I did 😁😁
      Thank you for reading and for the valuable contribution! What’s happening is beyond awful, the more you earn money, the more you spend…nothing seems enough especially for this generation, they need the last iphone, the newest laptop, IPAD, clothes…I really hate when I see how many people are living…
      This is what I said: they are cleaning your shit! literally! And I mentioned that I really think what if it was me! Not easy so least we can do is respect them! I believe I can hit someone if they were disrespecting anyone in front of me! I’m this person that will stand with the right even if I will stand alone.

      1. Totally agree Hug! Generation today seemed to be focused on latest gadgets. Life happens there afterall.

        Unfortunately, even if I want to promote my comments I have control no control where I have been commenting and I’m no good to judge my comments haha 😀

      2. find them and I’ll judge them for you 🙂
        Doomed generation but who can blame them to be born in such circumstances

      3. Haha 😀 thanks Hug, but that’s where my laziness enter. I too lazy to search all the comments I left behind.

  7. the photo of the old couple in venice , worths a million of words 😪😪we study hard to get a good job and get money , then we get a job which pays less than what we were expecting , then work harder in order to get more money , we don’t enjoy a single day of our living , cuz we are always thinking about something we can’t afford and vis-versa… it is just exhausting . I’ve enjoyed reading your post , because that’s exactly what I think about this day ! ❤❤😘

    1. Thank you dear for reading and for this insightful comment! Yes this photo says it all! Life is now, despite how hard our circumstances, it’s now! I always believed so and I was always impatient despite that life knocked me down many times, but I only believe I have today…
      I’m also stressed about this, reason why I mentioned it, it’s so silly, it’s really unfair and ridiculous!
      Glad my post resonates with you, but I hope it will also be helpful in a way!
      Have a great time 🥰❤❤

  8. the photo of the old couple in venice , worths a million of words 😪😪we study hard to get a good job and get money , then we get a job which pays less than what we were expecting , then work harder in order to get more money , we don’t enjoy a single day of our living , cuz we are always thinking about something we can’t afford and vis-versa… it is just exhausting . I’ve enjoyed reading your post , because that’s exactly what I think about this day ! ❤❤😘

    1. Thank you dear for reading and for this insightful comment! Yes this photo says it all! Life is now, despite how hard our circumstances, it’s now! I always believed so and I was always impatient despite that life knocked me down many times, but I only believe I have today…
      I’m also stressed about this, reason why I mentioned it, it’s so silly, it’s really unfair and ridiculous!
      Glad my post resonates with you, but I hope it will also be helpful in a way!
      Have a great time 🥰❤❤

      1. It is actually helpful , because you remind us to think about the present moment , and live each seconde as tomorrow doesn’t exist, thank you sweetie , have a great weekend 😘😘😘

      2. So glad it helped! Hope you’ll enjoy each and every moment 😊 have a great weekend as well dearest ❤️😘😘

  9. El seyarat ma bti3mel nas? That’s what you mean?

    Anyways, here, eid el omal was postponed until Thursday so we can take 3 days off that are following eachother. I just feel sad that not all people take a holiday on that day.

    1. Bte7ki 3arabi wow! Yes this is what I mean

      Where here?

      Thank you for reading! At least it was postponed not canceled which is great! Yes not all but most of them…

      1. Yes, fortunately, I do. It’s my mother language actually! Here is Jordan. But maybe they did it so it could be three days after each others rather than them being separate? I don’t know.

      2. Nice to know you Nour 🙂 been in Jordan once and it was a good trip 👍
        Yes better have long holiday from Thursday, makes more sense
        Happy labor day to you 😊

  10. It has become a delicate subject to talk about work and life, because for many workers work does not rhyme with life, and especially for the migrant workers to whom you allude, we see and read what they are going through, a return to slavery….. well done for the subject you have addressed all sides👍🌸

    1. Thank you Sofiane for the valuable interaction
      Unfortunately it’s a very sad situation and hope people in any place in the world will have some of their rights…
      Appreciate your contribution 🙏🏻

      1. hoping that one day mentalities will change…. Thank you Huguette 🙏

  11. Good Afternoon, we celebrate it in France and we say happy first may, this day most of people dont work, well i do😁, the life here is expensive, but minimum salary is1100euros well something like this, the rent you can find good option for 500euros, which i find correct, but French people still complaining and doing manifestation, because is not enough, they want more money😁, i think in each country is different. Every job is important doesn’t matter what you do, but at least you are doing something! Loved the post and the comments here as well😁directly and honestly❤️

    1. Sorry it went to SPAM
      Good afternoon and Happy first may to you! So bizarre you are working, France is so strict regarding this day! Well I can understand people that protest and want better life but despite one should never stop working and settle for what they can have until they find better opportunity!
      Appreciate your contribution and I wish you a great day despite you’re working ❤ 😊

      1. Thank you❤️I’m already back home, hopefully🤗☀️

  12. Very well stated and so very true. Everyone one should be treated with respect regardless of position, type of service provided Anyone proving a service. As the person receiving it, you should always have an attitude of gratitude.
    One Should Never demean or belittle another to boost their ego.
    I have actually had the privilege to stand up for employees who were being mistreated by Management staff, as well as other customers. It amazes me how Management in Service Industry feel it’s ok and do publicly in front of customers. Rest assure contacting Corporate and filing complaint made all the difference. An Investigation was done and that Manager was released.
    Great Topic!💜🤗🌸

    1. Sorry it went to SPAM
      Thank you for reading and for the valuable interaction! I agree we should always respect and never belittle no matter what are the circumstances! So glad to know you had the chance to stand for some employees! It’s great actually that it pays off! We hope this can be applied wherever there is mistreatment!
      Appreciate your kind work and always happy to hear other people experiences as well ❤ 😊

  13. You’re right. It’s never a “happy” labor day lol I’m laughing, but we all do need to re-focus and do something different that includes more than just surviving.

    1. Haha oh yes indeed! Miserable labor day for most people! I agree with you but not so many people are able to even think of something different but we should and we certainly deserve more than surviving 👍

  14. I couldn’t have said it better! You are so right! Also for me, sometimes I feel that we were born only for work! I cannot wait to retire and I hope will be soon! 🤪 Beside work, I try as much as I can to enjoy life too because I don’t want to be a slave of this regime! And yes, I am grateful that even so, I can work and I can have a decent life!

    1. Thank you for reading! 😊 Yes we all have the same feeling! only travel makes me feel I’m doing something to enjoy my life! I try too, and I hang out more often but only travel makes me really satisfied so hope you’ll always be able to enjoy life, I’m sure you’re trying as much as you can!
      Sure we’re all grateful for what we have, we should always! Have a great day ❤ 😊

  15. Great post. I agree with you. I think it’s better if we earn a little less and live our life, it’s better. Because I won’t like to earn millions and don’t have the time to spend it! I also feel infuriated when we treat the people who are doing less paid jobs than ours differently because there is a balance and a need for every kind of job. And obviously, that person who is cleaning the floor, could be me.

    1. Hello dear, thank you so much for reading and sharing your opinion 😊 Yes you’re right, we need to enjoy life and money is not the answer the entire time, money is needed of course but at certain point we need to manage to have a life not only work and pay bills!
      This person who cleans and serve us can be anyone and we should respect them and never belittle them…Appreciate your interaction! 😊 ❤

      1. Exactly. This is a reason I don’t want to do a corporate job, because people who do, don’t have a life.
        I always love your interactions ❤️

  16. Each job has it’s own dignity and the world doesn’t often recognize that. It is nice to have a holiday for those who work for earning money as one can relax and spend time with family etc. Sadly those whose work is unpaid won’t have this privilege of taking a break (often wives and mothers).

    1. Thank you for reading and for your sharing your opinion as well 😊 Yes I agree certainly, especially the wives and mothers! They have a full time unpaid job and we should appreciate them more and support them more certainly

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