Versatile Blogger Award – Third Nomination

I was nominated by for the Versatile Blogger Award. I don’t know her name, I asked and she didn’t answer so she’s a girl, in her twenties, from India. She has profound interest in reading novels, watching sitcoms, dancing, experiencing gastronomy, exploring new stuff and procuring ‘Google gyan’ through endless surfing.

Check her blog for more! Thank you so much for the kind nomination 😊

The Versatile Blogger Award was created to celebrate blogs who have unique content, strong writing, and beautiful images or photographs. It’s great to receive this nomination for the third time. I’m humbled 😊

Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other bloggers who bring joy into your daily life.

7 facts about me (hopefully not mentioned before):

1- I don’t work at all when ignored (probably teenagers do) I retreat immediately. And when I stop giving a fuck, good luck with that! You just don’t exist anymore and blaming is not something I do anymore. People come and go the entire time, they have different roles in your life, and some have only one scene to play! One scene only! I accept that and I move on.

2- I forgive but I hardly forget especially when there’s no changed behavior or a proper apology. I give a second chance after I receive a proper apology and I see a changed behavior. Oh yes I’m tough!

3- I’m a very fair person I don’t even side my friends and family if they are wrong or wronging someone and they know that very well. So check your behavior if I have changed with you or if you became suddenly invisible to me.

4- Mutual respect is sacred to me, if you read my about page you will know how important it is to me. “MUTUAL” is what works for me, otherwise, I’m not interested.  I’m no follower or minion.

5- I was never jealous of anyone, I believe each one is unique reason why I have many friends, I never compete with anyone, I believe we can all shine and succeed.
If I don’t like you, it’s something different. Only few impress me and I’m not an ass-kisser so you probably might think it’s jealousy. Well your problem, deal with it.
I have friends equally women and men, I get along more with men because most women are jealous and envious unfortunately or can’t control their hormones. But then the men’s friendships are lost because they fall in love. Oh well. Nothing is perfect.

6- Being modest and having high level of humanity is different than being a doormat, I’m surprised of people who are so aware what to eat, what to drink, they’re so sophisticated, but they don’t mind having junk people in their life. Oh well, double standards.
In my life and in my house, only few people are allowed but I will do anything to help others and make their life better. This is different.

7- I grew up long before my time, when I was 14, I was more attentive than people that are 24 now, when I was 21, I was more mature than people who are 40 now.
So imagine how much I tolerate unstable teenagers, spoiled children and mood swings! Oh yes stay away please.

My Nominees: (Some will not read, some will reject, so only few will remain)


Hope you enjoyed reading and if you didn’t well what can I say? 😎😎

Huguette Antoun – May 4th 2019

152 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award – Third Nomination

  1. Congratulations!!! I’m same about friendships with a men, but i have more women around me somehow, well i new i think all about your facts from other post, but i like the way you express yourself each time❤️☝️, i hope you are having great weekend🤗🤗

    1. Thank you Ilona for reading and commenting, always appreciate your time 😊 I have many women around as well but I choose them very wisely
      I’m a bit behind your posts, read some on Steve page, will get back to you on them 👍
      I’m glad you like the way I express myself, I still can surprise you then 😉
      Have a great evening / weekend 🤗❤️

      1. It is okay to skip posts, specially when i post several every day❤️🤗

  2. Congratulations Huguette! I certainly like the way you do these awards! I wish I could be so creative! I’m glad to have you around Steve’s Country and thanks so much for the nomination, I will get to it soon, I love these things. Do you collect quotes? You always have such a good selection. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!😃😺

    1. Thank you Steve for reading and for such kind words 😊 I just write what I feel, glad you find it creative and I memorize many quotes in my head, when I need them I search for them on google that’s it 😊glad you loved them and you deserve the nomination certainly 👍 hope your day is going smoothly and not so tiring 😊

      1. Things are going well today, even the sun is shining though it’s not exactly warm out there, but nice to see the sun! I’m tired, didn’t get much sleep and had a busy day, too worried about things I guess, but got that taken care of today. Well, still have one thing to go, then I can relax! Thanks again Huguette, looking forward to doing this award!😄😸

      2. Seeing the sun must be relieving! Hope the warmth sill strike as well haaha
        And hope you’ll be able to have some rest! At least you achieved what you wanted to do 🙂 one thing to go is great! And thank you for the exchange always 😊😸

      3. Yes, just seeing the sun makes me feel good, adds some heat to the apartment too! It’s actually been a good week, have been checking things off my list real good. Now I’m getting excited, plus a bit nervous, but that’s okay, a little nervousness never hurts unless it keeps someone from doing what they want. Happy midnight!😂😹😁

      4. haha hope then it won’t keep you from doing what you want! Give yourself a time to relax a bit and then continue this interesting list 😁 Thank you for the wishes and have a great day as well 😁😸

      5. It definitely won’t stop me! Muffin is enjoying following the sun around to her favorite spots.😸 I’m presently trying to make something to eat, that is actually edible, besides a peanut butter sandwich!😂😁

    1. Thank you for reading 😊 I’m glad you love them! I keep it straightforward and honest and yes a bit sarcastic and witty! so glad to have some fans😁😊

      1. Yeah and directness and honesty is what I love about you.💛
        Also, I just uploaded the nomination you gave me, hope you find my answers worth your questions!🙂

  3. I love when you post all the quotes. You are very creative with your answers and how you present them. Congratulations on your nomination! I’m pretty sure you are the Queen of WordPress! &*& 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Elizabeth! Oh certainly not a Queen of WordPress, just a very honest person and glad you love my answers and quotes ❤ Appreciate your kindness and thank you so much for reading 🤗🤗💖

  4. Thanks for the nomination! I truly appreciate it 😊
    And ogy goodness I can’t with your bluntness…I’m laughing my head off 😂😂

  5. Ahhhhhh……I’m all choked up-and just as I’m about to hit the ‘publish button🧚‍♀️’.
    …now I’m sitting here staring out the window, type, delete, type again…what you say resonates with me. There is truth here. 👍🙈

    You are making an impact in the lives of others and the recognition is deserved. 💗 we are not alone in this world.
    thank you for thinking of me. 😊

    1. Thank you dear for the nice words 😊 so you hit that publish button! Let’s see what it was published 😊 Glad it resonates with you! And appreciate the uplifting words always! I truly appreciate it ❤
      My pleasure and enjoy 😊 ❤

  6. Oh god! Thank you so much for the nomination huguette! This made my day!☺️
    Also, I can totally relate to the second point. I’ll forgive people if I get an apology but I have never been able to forget the entire episode and trust them as unconditionally as I did before!
    Thank you so much for the nomination, once again!☺️

    1. My pleasure and thank you for reading and interacting 😊 it’s appreciated
      Glad you could relate to some points 😊
      Have a great day

  7. Oh my god, I experience being ignored for months then they started talking as if nothing happens. When I ask I become the bad guy haha 😀

    “Being modest and having high level of humanity is different than being a doormat” sadly for many these are synonyms. And I’m not sure they’re aware of many junks is around them.

    Spot on! Yes, it’s a harsh world. You live in it, so live with it. For maturity doesn’t come with age. A 30 something can be more immature and unable to make the right choices compare to 14-year-olds and man how many times I got attacked for saying this but it’s true!

    My husband had a tour guide when he visited my country and this woman is the same age as my mother but oh my god I could lecture her for hours about life! The irony of it is that even she herself said it that I seemed more mature than her.

    I once or twice experience being jealous of other kids but I’ll excuse myself because I also long for family love. But I’m over it now and I’m glad I hide it well without ruining someone’s life.

    I can’t comment on the rest it will just “Yeah, aha, I agree” hahaha 😂

    1. Let me tell you Jess that I’m not the kind who gets ignored but some people are immature and they act like children not knowing the consequences, well…if you’re the bad guy it proves what I was just saying, and their loss always 😊
      Thank you for reading each and every word as usually
      Nope they certainly are not synonyms and let them know the hard way, I don’t actually care
      Well this age subject is a bit tricky and I wrote about it so I’ll publish it probably, you should be more mature the more you grow up otherwise you’re doing something very wrong! My opinion of course
      I can relate to the example you give, oh yes there are many and as I said something went wrong!
      We’ve all been jealous at some point dear but we must fight it that’s it
      Please comment 😂 let’s have some fun hahaha

      1. When you said “please comment let’s have some fun” my first reaction was … 🤐 😶 because I want the fun but all I can think of is “I totally agree” and that’s no fun! 😭

  8. CONGRATULATIONS my dear Huguette! You’re still on fire! Keep them coming! I’ve enjoyed reading each and every word of yours, but the answers to theses questions are my favourite from all. Some I find them relatable, some I wish I could be more like that, some are definitely WIP, per example the first one. More and more the ‘People come and go the entire time, they have different roles in your life, and some have only one scene to play! ‘ is becoming part of my everyday, and I believe that is the way to go.

    1. Thank you dearest Sonia for the lovely words and interaction 😊 so glad you enjoyed and you relate to many of them even if some still wishes but we can be what we want to be as I believe…and WIP is fair enough, we’re all WIP until we die as I believe…
      Oh yes these lines were my favorite and some people have only a tiny role in your life so no point of keep dwelling about it…Probably I’m harsh, but life is harsh 😎
      Have a great day ❤️🥰

  9. With all these awards, I’m really amazed how many traits of yourself I find in myself 🤪
    The wonderful thing is that you express them very very well! 😉 I’m really glad I’m not alone in the universe 🤪😉 And the best part is that who cares what the others say or think of all these “unusual” and honest traits…It’s a harsh world indeed 😊
    Congratulations dear Huguette! 🥳🥳 Wish you a lovely Sunday! 🌷

    1. Glad we are that alike hahah 😁😁
      I’m actually lucky to have this gift of expressing myself in a perfect way, and I’m extremely grateful for it 😊
      The right people will care and relate, the others don’t matter 😊 harsh world indeed 😎
      By the way there’s one comment on a previous post of mine “Expatriation” it went to trash by mistake but I retrieved it and answered just so you don’t think I didn’t 😊
      Have a great Sunday as well 😊💕

      1. Oh don’t worry…WP is crushing so many times that sometimes I’m keep writing and rewriting the same comment many times and in the end I still don’t see it…😒

  10. I don’t know whether to be amused, or scared witless.
    Anyhow, it’s nice to see these award thingies reappearing in the blogosphere, and good luck with controlling your hormones when you hit 50 🙂

    1. Well you are allowed to feel what you want certainly 🙂 thank you for reading and for your interaction as well .
      I have no information about these awards history, and what makes you think I’m so far from my fifties?
      Oh don’t worry I don’t preach what I don’t practice and if I needed help, will get it instead of throwing my shit on people and ruin their lives 🙂 we are more than bunch of hormones!
      Have a great day

  11. Great answers and thank you for the nomination.🤗
    Having my exams. Will surely do a post when I get time.

    1. Most welcome dear 😊 and well deserved, you also have a previous nomination so finish your exams and come back quickly haha
      Good luck! Study well 👍😊

      1. Thank you for your wishes.
        Previous nomination! I guess your last award post was Sunshine blogger award. Although I remember that I have read your post and your answers, and also remember the warning: do not give congratulations. .. but .. seriously I think I need glasses😂😁 Silly to ask but – Have you updated the post?
        Because seriously I didn’t saw my blog name in nomination or I wasn’t just expecting.
        Btw sorry for that. And I will do a post on Versatile blogger award. But don’t have any proper answers for questions in Sunshine blogger award. So not doing it yet. Anyway, thanks for nomination.

      2. Well you read it so fast I guess, yes I’ve updated it immediately, I was confused between your site and other site, there are many names in your site haha
        So no you don’t need glasses 😁
        As you wish whatever suits you don’t worry at all 😊 even though I guess you’ll do great
        My pleasure and have a great time 😊

  12. First off. Congratulations and always well deserved. I’m happy for you to receive so many award nominations. They are a testament to the person you are 👏🙏
    Secondly. As you have had many awards and have had to answer similar questions sometimes they are a bit repetitive (No fault of yours. Just the way it is).
    Not this time! Holy shit Huguette. If I was in a boxing ring with those words they would have knocked me out! No punches were pulled 💪Bravo!
    Honest, straight-talking, and truthful. Exactly like yourself.
    I agree with standing with who is in the right. Doesn’t matter how closely connected we are with them. If they’re wrong. They’re wrong. And need to be told.
    And the bit about ‘having junk people in their life’. Loved that insight. And so true.
    You obviously don’t take any shit. Nobody should really. But fair play to you for having the courage of your convictions.
    Really enjoyed your thoughts in this post Huguette. Well done!
    Hope you’ve been having a great weekend.
    Much love to you 😊❤

    1. Hello Chris, hope your weekend went well and all is good 😊 thank you so much for your kind and uplifting words! Oh damn I imagined myself in boxing ring hahah 🥊 🥊 this is really great of you to say so! Glad to always hear the honesty lovers over here and you’re on the top of them 😊
      Well in my real life, I don’t take any bullshit and I don’t do compromises, my dignity comes first, so why I should here? Some people have a long journey to discover how silly and sick is lying and manipulating and else…I’m glad I’m there already so no point of being otherwise
      I’m always humbled by your kind words and admiration and glad you enjoyed the post 😊 I didn’t nominate you because you have no time for such awards only
      Have a great day ahead and much love ❤️😊

      1. Haha I would feel sorry for your opponent in the ring. They would be better just to lay down when the bell rings 👊
        Sure, harsh truth is always better than a lie. The something satisfying about knowing the person you are talking to will tell you how it is. Saves on bullshit.
        Glad you have your dignity. It shows 🙏
        I used to work with someone who then was fired. After he left we found out that he lied a lot. Almost all the time. Lost so much respect for him after that. I don’t understand that way of thinking.
        Ah don’t worry about nominations. You’re right. Find it hard to get the time.
        Sorry I haven’t been on much. Been busy with other things.
        Hope you and your family are keeping well Huguette and you’re enjoying your day.
        Much love always 😊❤

      2. 🥊 🥊 guess I will be a bit violant 😂
        Unfortunately most people think lying is better than truth, it protects them and they feel better, oh well another post Chris so go ahead 😊
        Don’t worry for being busy, hope things are better that’s the most important 😊
        My weekend was relaxing and calm
        Have a great time and much love always ❤️😊

      3. If you’ve read my last comment I’m sad to say I’ve just killed the fish for the second time in its life. Half of it is stuck to the pan 😂😂
        Things much better thank you.
        Glad you’ve had a nice chilled weekend. Save those punches for when you need them haha
        Appreciate the love. Same to your great self 😊❤

      4. 😳😳RIP fish 😂 i was just wishing you luck! Too late hahah
        Let’s see the bright side, the half is still edible 😂

      5. 🐟☠ haha
        Appreciate the luck. Maybe next time it will be on time 😂
        I feel sorry for A sometimes. His mum couldn’t cook too well….And I’m terrible 😂😂
        Good with potatoes though. That’s about it 😂
        You’re right. Half of it was nice haha
        Think I’ll buy 4 fillets the next time. Least that way we’ll get 2 out of it 😁
        Much love 😊❤

      6. 😂😂 the poor fish hahah
        Next time buy 4: great idea 😁
        Damn even his mom! The poor kid 🙄🤓
        Search for some potatoes recipes then since you’re good with them 😂
        Have a good night and much love ❤️ 😊

      7. Oh, we aren’t the best of cooks…but that doesn’t stop him from eating. He’s going to be a tall, well built boy. Completely unlike his dad haha
        Probably be taller than me in 2 years time 🙄😂
        Oh I’m good with the potatoes already. I’m Irish. We can’t live without them. The country is built on potatoes, tea and alcohol. Although alcohol probably comes first 😂😂
        Good night to you too Huguette.
        Much love always 😊❤

      8. Oh great! DNA power (something useful at least) that was mean 😂😂
        My father is shorter than my mother but we all had a good height from my mother part, but grandfather (from my father part) was very tall so probably that too)
        I didn’t know about Irish and Potatoes, new information 😊 Potatoes, tea and alcohol 😂 it’s like some motto here: God, country and family but yours involves food and drink 😂😂 I don’t eat it potatoes nowadays because of the diet, carbs are not so good for me
        Good morning now and hope you’ll have a great day
        Much love to you 😊<3

      9. Haha DNA power indeed. He takes after his mum’s side. The shortest of them is 188cm 😐😂 I might be short but make up for it in attitude 😂😂
        Oh your father is shorter than your mum?! You don’t often see that. Not here anyway. Least you got a bit of height from somewhere.
        Haha The drinking Irish stereotype is based on reality. And we claim the potato as our own even though I think it’s originally from South America haha
        Least your motto is a bit more wholesome 😁
        Don’t eat them! My mum would have a heart attack if you came to visit. She wouldn’t know what to make you 😂😂 Probably would check your temperature to make sure you’re not ill haha
        I’m surprised it’s not an entry requirement to the country. Nevermind having a passport. ‘Do you eat potatoes?”, “no”, “well fuck off then, you’re not getting in” 😂😂
        Good morning to you too Huguette. Hope you’ll have a great day also. I’m off work today so hopefully get a bit of blogging done 🙂
        Much love to you too 😊❤

      10. Oh damn top models family hahhah Oh yes the height is certainly never a substitute for personality!
        I’m imagining me telling to your mother, sorry ma’am I don’t eat potatoes and in a second I have bunch of potatoes on my face 😂😂 So I will cut my diet if I ever went to Ireland hahah so good to know these tips! I will have a side note with my passport: “I eat potatoes, potatoes is life” 😂😂
        Have a productive day and hope you’ll be able to have some blogging as I wish too!
        Much love 😊❤

      11. Haha I remember the first time I met them all. It was a ‘oh shit, they’re huge’ moment haha My mouth is still bigger though 😂😂
        Oh Jaysus, I can see that too. Although she’d probably just wonder what’s wrong with you haha
        😂😂 ‘Do you have a visa?’ ‘No, but I’ve got potatoes’. ‘Ah, come on in then’ 😂😂
        Now if you made alcohol from them we would make you President 😂😂
        Hope you have a productive day too and your blogging wish comes true. Where’s that Will Smith genie when you need him?! Haha
        Love always Huguette 😊❤

      12. 😂😂😂😂alcohol from potatoes hahaha I’m working on it
        Already started to gather the potatoes I have and heading to the Irish embassy 😂😂😂
        Imagining you, open-mouthed around them 😁😁 glad they didn’t crash you or so
        Will Smith has thrown some magic, working on a post but it’s for a special occasion so hope u will like it 😊 a bit religious but not my intention certainly
        Much love always ❤️😊

      13. Haha They’ll welcome you with open arms 😂
        ‘Crashed’ haha Thankfully not. Wouldn’t want to hurt them 😂😂
        Oh great! You’ve got writing. Looking forward to seeing that 🙂 Even if it is a bit religious.
        I’ve been lost in a world of SEO, keywords and joining an Irish bloggers network. Busy but not productive.
        Hope you’ve been enjoying your day.
        Much love 😊❤
        P.s. Do you know if Swastik is ok? Bit quiet on her blog and comments.

      14. They will give me the passport and the keys of the city (whatever that is 😂)
        SEO is important but couldn’t really know if being premium is useful to be honest !
        Irish bloggers network! Sounds interesting so why not, you might enjoy 😊
        Regarding Swastik, she said in some comment she’ll be busy and away, I guess all Indians folks are now as I keep hearing them, exams time and so, probably I should send her but I don’t know the last time I took initiative, I’m afraid to invade people privacy so I always think 100 times
        Catch you soon and much love ❤️😊

      15. Haha yeah. What door will that key open 🤔
        You don’t need premium exactly. You do if you want to use plug-ins but you can get a free keyword analysis thing to use which helps find which words are most used etc. Still trying to figure it out exactly.
        The bloggers network has been pretty helpful so far. Seems a nice welcoming community 🙂
        Ah ok. I had sent her a comment. Least she’s just busy and it’s not something else.
        I see you got a post written 👏 Hopefully I’ll get reading later. Almost have one finished myself.
        Hope your day has went well. Much love Huguette 😊❤

      16. Good morning Chris hope you’re having a good day 😊
        Well just a key hahah
        Yes plugins but you need to pay I guess and SEO needs to be or in premium or business as I recall , not in free plan
        Glad you sent her, hope she’ll be back soon 😊
        Yes those sudden posts are the best I guess
        Will check yours of course, glad you managed to 👍😊
        Have a nice day and much love 😊❤️

      17. Good morning Huguette 😊 Only awake 5mins haha
        Waiting on tea to kick in although I don’t think it cures zombie level tiredness 😂
        Always wondered about that key. Do you wear it around your neck gangsta style with lots of gold chains 😂😂
        Still haven’t got reading your post properly yet. Had a quick glance. Something did catch my eye in it (And it wasn’t just all that lovely looking food haha). Back working today so I’ll read properly later.
        Hope you’re having a lovely day.
        Much love to you 😊❤

      18. Oh well bring the tea immediately hahah will not do miracles but it can do 😁
        Yes it’s around my neck 😂 I look like these rappers 🤔 oh no not me hahaha
        I’m reading your post and will leave a comment of course 😊👍
        Have a great and productive day and much love ❤️ 😊

  13. Congratulations Huguette. I just feel that you should know that I am just growing up and you are one of my greatest inspirations. I admire you, really to be honest. I read your post word by word and I could never agree with you more. You are strong, that’s what I felt, reading your posts and I can very well imagine your aura. I love that about people and I hope I can be like that someday. You seem like you know what you are doing, you have a strong personality, a person who won’t be up for cheap or silly things. I was or maybe am like that person who would be the one making efforts for making people stay and they won’t even care, I took time to understand I don’t need them for my survival. I also don’t forget things easily. I may forgive though I find forgiveness very hard, once my hatred is established, I can’t even look at that person. Mutual respect and fairness should be followed by everyone. I love the quotes. They speak volume. I admire a very small number of people and you are one of them. Lots of love and best wishes to you. I hope you are well and your week goes equally amazing 💕💖

    1. Oh wow this is some comment and these words are more than I deserve! To look at me as your greatest inspiration is a big honor and responsibility at the same time, hope I’m worth your beautiful and admiration words 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
      Well I’ve build this personality stone by stone, I cared, I sacrificed , I cried, I suffered, I tried to end my life…it wasn’t always easy but I made it so I won’t go back and I believe that honesty saves everybody’s time…and each person should be honest first with themselves…you can fool everybody and lie to them but where to run from yourself?

      Your admiration and respect mean a lot to me! It makes me want to be even better so thank you my dear and lots of love to you as well! Certainly your words made my end of the week more amazing and beautiful ❤️😊

      1. I understand that every strong person was once broken and I respect your struggle. I always try to be honest with myself, sometimes it gets too much but I can’t deny any fact from myself.
        It’s my pleasure to know you❤️

  14. Of course I always Enjoy reading your post. Congratulations and thank you so much for nominating me. I will respond on this challenge once I got home once get a hold of my mom’s laptop. I am just using my phone 🙂 🙂 Yes, i am using my mom’s laptop because mine is broken since like forever. You are a tough lady my friend, i love your attitude. You are 100% free of filters, and I admire you for that. And agree about your rule with forgiveness, as long as they apologize and they do change I do forgive no matter how big and painful the mess is, and i will love you again with all my heart. 🙂 and yes i read your about me! 😉

    1. Thank you so much for reading and glad you enjoyed 😊 it’s my pleasure and hope you will enjoy this award whenever you can don’t worry
      Sorry for your laptop, yes shit happens what to do, great there’s an alternative 😊
      I really appreciate your admiration words! I’m glad to see more people appreciating honesty and real and no filters! So thank you 😊
      Thank you for reading the about me as well and forgiveness is a great trait but yes apology and changed behavior are required indeed
      Have a great time 😊

      1. I will do it when I got home. Still on vacation in an island but it is raining hard so we are trap in our rooms 🙂 🙂

      2. I did even when the rain is hard, the wind is cold and waves are wild. 🙂 This short vacation will keep me going for the next two weeks of work and over time. “)

      3. I respect every work, and I know every job is hard. To be honest nursing is good because we only work 3 x a week and 4 days are off 😉 but every night before i go to work I pray that all my patients are stable and I will be a safe nurse (no errors), and praying that therr ate conworkers that are willing to help me in case of emergency.

      4. Yes sure every work is respected but doctors and nurses don’t have break sometimes that’s why but since you have days off, it’s great I guess but still hard to see people ill and not feeling well, not easy as I believe

  15. 😍 I loved your answers , and enjoyed reading each word, you are so brave , and it’s abvious that you are such a good person and faithful , It’s really hard to find nowadays a person like you , there is ass-kissers in every corner . congratulations and you deserve all the best ❤❤

    1. Good morning dear Souad 😊 I so appreciate your kind words! ass-kissers are everywhere indeed and for me there’s God than my dignity, on earth I have no masters so this is how I think and live, only respect, honesty, humanity impress me…
      Glad to see more lovers of honesty and bravery! Thank you for your time to read and interact ❤ I really appreciate it ❤ ❤

  16. Again & again congratulations Huguette. Enjoyed a lot reading your answers. Happy to know you more. You selected apt quotes to support your points. Well said. And again I am humbled & honored for your nomination which is definitely 3rd nomination from your side. I will see to it soon as bringing 7 facts about me seems to have quite a good thinking procedure. Yet I accept your lovely nomination. Thanks a lot again for your always support. Much love Huguette 💖💖💐🌹

    1. Thank you dear Tushara for reading and for the kind interaction 😊 It’s my pleasure and thank you for accepting it 😊 I’m sure there are more than 7 facts about you! They need to be sorted out that’s it 😊 Looking forward to reading your post and wish you a great day ahead and much love to you as well ❤ ❤ 😊

  17. I like the quote about winning, i think the same way about jealousy and that the best apology it is to change the behaviour, whats the point of apology if in hour you are doing again the same wrong thing?

    1. Glad you did! Jealousy is a total waste of time and too bad many don’t figure it out earlier
      Yes of course what’s the point of I’m sorry if you still a jerk hahah
      Thank you for reading and commenting
      Left you some comments couple days ago but I don’t know if they were received 🤔

      1. They not in the spam box, i think i got them, but i haven’t read them yet🤗

  18. Congrats. I agree with you I also forgive but I rarely forget. Especially when people do the same stuff over and over again. I know that I’m not perfect myself but hey, when you’re mature you’re mature and you expect the people that are in your life to be mature as well.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 Like the Dakota fanning and Brittany Murphy gif image.

    1. Thank you for reading 😊 yes exactly my point! I’m not perfect either and I always ask people to treat me the same which is fair enough 👍
      This movie is amazing « Uptown Girls »

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