Touch Of Humor – Stupid Questions

Question # 1:

That moment when someone calls you early in the morning and your voice sounds as if you’re swallowing some rat, and they ask you:
“Are you sleeping?”

Oh no! I’m just a part of some experimental study organized by Aliens; they are testing us for some future project for earth! And this study requires that you lay down and close your eyes like stupid and they give you some pills in order to change your voice!

Of course I’m fucking sleeping! And you woke me up you idiot! I hope it’s important before you become from the past!

Question # 2:

When you arrive home and your parents or partner or siblings ask you: “you arrived”?

On no I’m stuck in hell traffic! Oh damn I might be late for dinner but I sent my avatar so say Hi and ask what we have for dinner and annoy you a bit on my behalf. 😑

What the fuck is this question dudes!🙄

Hope you enjoyed 😊 Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments 😊

Huguette Antoun – May 9th 2019

58 thoughts on “Touch Of Humor – Stupid Questions

  1. I hate when i’m trying to sleep and someone asking me are you sleeping😁😁and yes i dont answer stupid question as well lol😂, in that case i use salutations distinguees😂😂

  2. Very good Huguette! I have had people ask me that question when they phone me late at night, are you sleeping? I mean really, that’s what I do at night. One time I just hung up the phone and went back to sleep, after turning it off. One time someone came to the door while I was eating, i answered with plate in my hand and he asks, are you eating? No, I just like to carry a plate of food around, great exercise for my hand. Have a great evening!😂😂

    1. 😂😂😂 thank you Steve for reading and sharing another silly question! 😁 it’s funny as much as it’s annoying OMG
      But when someone wakes me up, oh well I really become grumpy, because I hardly sleep
      Have a great day and about me it’s a good night so will catch you later 😊😸

  3. I’m envisioning your eyes-you know there is a famous Ukrainian song “Oche chornay” dark eyes passionate eyes…my dad and I used to sing it when I was little little. Humor is good medicine 👍

    1. I’m a passionate person and you imagined it right 😊 glad to learn new words “Oche Chornay” and I send my greetings to your father, wherever he is…
      Humor is essential in my life but only few know that part
      Thank you dear for reading and for the sweet interaction as always ❤

      1. My father was also—very passionate. Maybe it’s crazy-I don’t care-but unless you understand-how can you explain? So I write poetry-cause it’s the only language I know! Ha!
        Thank you for a lovely visit today, Huguette. I’m bleeding with no where in public I should be right now—working on editing pictures. Therapy really-a creative outlet. 🙃

      2. Oh yes I get what you mean and it’s a great way actually 😊
        No need to thank me, missing your posts wasn’t on purpose for sure and it’s great to work on editing pictures and be creative, each person has a way to seek therapy through what they do 👌
        Have a great day ahead ❤️

  4. Hahahahahaaa. I can relate my dad would always scream down the stairs Keyshaun is that you. I would say back naw it’s the devil, what do you think yeah it’s me with a key. Hahaa. Very funny post 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  5. I love it when I am hard at work on something and I am approached with “Am I interrupting you?” No, I just randomly stop work and stare at people looking over my shoulder.

  6. I know even more stupid questions:
    Are the kids growing?😂
    Or when you order some spaghetti in a restaurant “Are you eating spaghetti?”😂
    Have a great day!🌳🌸🌳🌸

  7. Ha ha Huguette. I’m liking your touch of humor series. 😂👍
    Insightful and funny.
    I’m very behind of WP comments and posts at the minute. Been overwhelmed with other stuff and home life. Sorry we haven’t been talking lately.
    Hope you are keeping well. All being well we’ll catch up later.
    Have a great day. Much love to you 😊❤

    1. damn Chris! You still alive man?? Hope you’re good at least and nothing is wrong?
      I’m good and glad you like my humor 😊
      Hope you’ll be able to catch up then and take good care! Much love to you 😊 ❤

  8. I agree!
    These stupid questions get to my nerves, especially when I am fucking tired and just wanna stuff my mouth with food and go to sleep!😂😂
    I love this series… please keep on posting these!😊

      1. Of course! They are amazing!😃
        True! Annoying things often give a good laugh…but only when you are not in that annoying situation at that moment!😂😂

  9. You really made me laugh. Yes, I also have encountered such questions. They see with their perfect eyes but have to ask the lame questions to ensure😐 Tiring..😂😂😂

    1. 😂😂 oh well there are plenty of stupid questions but we can always laugh on them! Glad you loved it 😀 Thank you for stopping by ❤

  10. “..your voice sounds as if you’re swallowing some rat…” 😂 first line and already blown away! But yes, morning is not my favorite and if I’m woken for stupid reason I feel to commit murder.
    And I love your happy face! 😂 It’s scary but I want to cuddle up. ❤

    1. 😁😁😁😁 glad you loved it
      God I hate when someone wakes me up because I hardly sleep
      Oh with this face, no cuddle up at all 😂 I only bite 👹👹

  11. Haha 😂 this also happens to me..
    I have friends who ask me in movie theater, hey what are you doing here??
    I am selling popcorn, would you like to have one!!😁😂

    1. 😂😂 that was funny! Selling popcorns 😂 good one!
      Thank you for reading and for the lovely comment 😊 many things happen to us on daily basis, I thought it’s good to make people laugh

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