Age Is Not A Number!

When you encounter a person way younger than you, smart and seems perfect, and you start trying to convince yourself that age doesn’t matter, it’s just a number, for any kind of relationship: romantic, casual or friendship.

Just remember yourself when you were 10 years younger and tell me how age is just a number?
Tell me that ten years passed and you didn’t improve, you didn’t change completely, you didn’t been shaken up, reformed, evolved!

No, age is not just a number, it’s a journey that should make you a better person, more mature and wiser and more intelligent.
Even if the younger person is mature and wise but can you imagine what 10 years can do to anyone?

Unless you still the same person, then yes maybe age is a number for some people and they can act the way they want I guess, they won’t even feel or know the difference.

Therefore, I don’t respect you because of your age i.e. because you are way older, I only respect the wisdom, the experience that you earned, I respect your refined spirit, your improvement, the upgraded version of yourself that was molded through these years!

So if you still the same or worse, if you are nasty and retarded, a draft version or a shittier version despite all these years, no you don’t have my respect just my detestation and disgust at best.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this matter 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Huguette Antoun – May 10th 2019

85 thoughts on “Age Is Not A Number!

  1. I often say “age is just a number” largely to justify that I don’t feel old. My grey hairs may indicate accumulated wisdom, maturity and experiences but I still feel 39 at heart.

    1. Everybody says “Age is just a number” and not arguing with staying young at heart, it’s great actually! speaking of different aspect certainly, Thank you for reading

  2. Great thought indeed Huguette. It made me think a lot. Age is just a number if we could mature with age. Life is a journey from wise to wisdom. It’s very true that as you grow old, nothing of you changes indeed but life experience increases which demand you to turn from wise thoughts to the path of wisdom. In this sense whatever we consider for age, whether it is a number or not, a person must encounter with positive changes in life as age increases.

    1. Amen to that 🙂 Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts on this matter! You said it all”a person must encounter with positive changes in life as age increases”
      Thank you for taking time to read and interact ❤

      1. Usually when people don’t look there Age it’s because they haven’t been through the struggles that others have and if they finally do they quickly catch up to everyone else. I noticed this on a friend who recently had a child.

      2. Yes this is so true! Each person has a different journey and their reasons but we need to improve and move forward always, otherwise it’s really useless to just grow old! Thank you for sharing

  3. For me age has never been something that I consider for any relationship, especially friendships. I have had wonderful friendships with people 30 years older than me as well as people younger than me. Our society always tells us to stay within our own age group but we lose out a lot when we do this. Older people can share their wisdom and maturity with younger people and younger people can share their energy and vision with older people. So I guess in that sense then to me, age is just a number. In other words, it’s just not important to me and not something that I even consider for a meaningful relationship/friendship. Just my thoughts.

    1. Thank you Steve and I do appreciate your thoughts a lot, but if you read well you’ll know what my message is 🙂 I also have friends from different ages and the point you’re stating here is very good point! we can always learn from each other’s certainly, but again not my point here 🙂

      1. Yes, I know what you were saying, was just adding something in, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to comment!😂 But then, maybe that’s a good thing.😂😹 But yes, I know the point you’re making.😀

      2. and your add is always appreciated and I learn from your experience always dear Steve 😀 No it will not be a good thing certainly 😉

      3. Thanks Huguette! I have been watching my screen here and didn’t notice it’s already daylight! Have to feed the birds, back shortly.😃🐦

      4. Yes, I hope so too!📷 Sure is nice out right now, well, okay, still colder than it should be, but much nicer than it has been, actually didn’t freeze last night.🤸‍♂️😁

      5. The sun is shining so nicely now, still too early for pictures yet however, my little spot back here stays in the shadows for about another hour. But there is a lot of birds this morning and that’s good!🌞📷😁

    1. Glad you loved it and thank you for reading Ravi 🙂 oh well forgive me but not in a place to make such statement especially that I don’t know you in person, it will be unfair

  4. What I think is that even if the young person is quite mature, he/she may not be aware of all matters of life.
    We got to know completely different things as we get older. As we age, our perspective widens (not for everyone) and this is what growing up means.
    It does not matter how mature you initially were, but how much you have improved over the years.
    Great post! Loved the thoughts

    1. Thank you Sohanpreet for reading and for this thoughtful comment! Exactly my point, even if young and mature there are lot to learn!
      Glad it’s relatable and you loved it 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

  5. This really got me thinking. Who knows if what we believe is right or wrong. But if saying the phrase “Age is just a number” to a now hardworking adult who’s wasted all his life may work , then I guess Age is just a number. I don’t know, maybe I’ll know more as my “age” increases, or whatever. Really great post though ♥♥.

  6. Lovely! Very straightforward and to the point!
    I agree with you… absolutely! The basis of respecting someone must not stem out of age, but respect should be given on the basis of wisdom and the spirit to learn more!
    Great post!😊

    1. Straightforward is my speciality 😊thank you for reading and happy you liked it and it was relatable! Appreciate your kind words and support 😊

      1. Of course! You are amazing at it! 😃😃
        The pleasure is all mine! I loved the post!😊
        You deserve all the support and recognition for the amazing quality you put in your posts!☺️☺️

  7. It s not age so much, it is more what we do with those years. Some of us walk into responsibility at a very young age and out away those childish things, but beware, they can find their way out at a later age. When I meet someone of a different age, I try to walk into it completely open. It is often a warm give and take and mutual respect is formed. I do not profess wisdom because of my age — instead I respect wisdom at ANY age. I have learned a lot from people much younger and much older than I.

    1. Thank you for reading and for your valuable interaction, I actually consider myself a work in progress project until I die and sometimes I learn something from a little child, so you’re completely right, and i agree not age but what we do with those years 👍
      but the message I wanted to spread here is double, how much we can change and improve throughout years that it’s impossible for someone at the age of 16 claiming they know it all, to know what a 35 years old person feels and knows…and here I move to the second message, they can be 35 but know less than 14 years old…
      Appreciate your approach and contribution so much 🙏🏻

  8. Am I growing up-or just growing old? Am I reliving the same old patterns or am I learning? Young-at-heart-childlike-or just plain childish? Great thoughts here, Huguette. 👍

    1. Oh well this is another subject and I agree with staying young at heart and never too late to live the life you want even at 70 👌but not my message here😊 thank you for reading

  9. I guess sometimes age is just a number when talking about the mentality, mindset and health of someone. But it indeed matters if a decade passed and you’ve done nothing. What’s the use of growing 20 years without developing mentally rather than physically?

    1. Thank you Noor! Yes exactly sometimes it’s a number when you have young fresh spirit despite how older you get.,.,
      And growing old without improving is useless indeed 👍

  10. Age does not make wisdom and wisdom does not depend on age… Congratulations on the text….

  11. Good evening Huguette, well yes sometimes i think, that the time went to fast and there are those days when i feel older and there are those days when i feel younger, but i never feel like i’m 27, i mean how do i know how people who is 27 years old has or must react to the situation or how they have to express themselves, be you thought? Enjoyed my read❤️have great weekend 🤗

    1. Good morning Ilona and glad you enjoyed 😊 appreciate sharing your thoughts on this matter, oh well each person is different but we should always learn and improve and be better version of ourselves but many of course don’t
      Have a great weekend 😊❤️

      1. Yes, everyday is new challenge, every day we have a chance to become a better person, have great weekend as well❤️🤗

  12. Valid change of view for expression. Even though I often use that when it comes to falling in (because of personal experience ) I can deny that this post holds a lot of truth. Maturity have nothing to do with age and same goes with experience. If you’re not wiser than you are ten years ago then it’s such a shame, because that’s a wasted time.

    1. Thank you Jess for reading and glad you can relate…Yes exactly my point but we are also constant learners
      Maturity has nothing to do with age but also a 16 years old for an example has a lot to learn yet! My first message from this post

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more and the quote is so apt, that maturity comes not with age but experience and wisdom. Very nice post❤️

  14. The joy of aging is that you get to listen to young people with new and fresh ideas, so often making me think that I wish I had thought of that. The feeling is even better if they are young people working for you, then you follow their progress through life, loving their achievements.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughtful comment! I agree that we can always learn even from younger people, the time has changed and generations are different in many aspects so you’re completely right 👍 appreciate your interaction

  15. Yes you are right, there are many different ways to understand the “real age” of a person, the level of responsability, of compassion, of “addiction” to material things, of consciousness that everything is one and other things I am understanding step by step..

    1. Thank you dear Suni 😊 yes sure I know what you mean but I had some message to deliver here that’s it 😊 enjoy your weekend as well 🙏🏻😊💕

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