The Versatile Blogger Award – Fourth Nomination

Versatile as per Google is “adaptable” “flexible” and here at WordPress:
The Versatile Blogger Award was created to celebrate blogs who have unique content, strong writing, and beautiful images or photographs.

It’s great to be nominated by Ilona for this award and it’s great to know that I’m one of her favorite bloggers despite my harsh honesty sometimes, I was humbled by her post:
So thank you for the respect and for this nomination as well 😊

Ilona is “the blogger that cares” she makes sure to respect everyone and encourage everyone, she seems happy the entire time and smiling even if she’s not happy.
She loves Jaqcue Fresco (I read this about 100 times😁😁 ) I’m sure many of you are her followers already so check your blog if you didn’t yet.

Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other bloggers who bring joy into your daily life.

7 facts about myself (Mother Of Facts 🤪🤪)

1- My birthday is on September 2nd 19.. Oh yes you wish 😁

2- If you teach me something, I do it better than you. Not because I plan to but because I do everything with passion and from my heart that I don’t really notice when it becomes perfect.

3- It’s very hard to surprise me because I hardly miss a thing and I can read between the lines. But I try to act as if I’m surprised to not make their efforts unappreciated.

4-  It’s very hard to impress me as well and material things mean nothing to me.

5- I’m attracted to modesty and kindness. I’m a child with the children and wise with the old, I’m silly with my best friends, very serious and professional at work but the moment you act in arrogant way, you become invisible to me and I will be your worst nightmare.

6- I don’t like to be kissed or touched randomly.
Even as I child I used to wipe my face with my hand when my uncles or aunties kiss me. They used to be amused and kiss me again and again and I was always stubborn as f*** and wipe my face again and again 😁😁
Some people touch you while speaking or like to kiss you while they barely know you, or just met you! Oh well I hardly kiss my parents and friends so take a chill pill and hold back.

7- I killed a pigeon by mistake while driving, I thought she’ll move but she didn’t move and I felt guilty for about a year! 😟😟
(oh yes I had to move on after that right?)

My Nominees:
You want this nomination? Let me know and claim it and I will edit this post and add your name.

But most of you don’t give a shit and you’ll just hit the word “Congratulations” like a damn robot!
Is it harsh? Oh yes truth is harsh my dears. 😎😎

Ladies & Gentlemen, this nomination was claimed by:

  1. Steve:

Hope you enjoyed as I hope you are enjoying your weekend 😊❤

Huguette Antoun – May 18th 2019

105 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award – Fourth Nomination

  1. I’d freaking love if someone actually commented “Congratulations” 😂😂😂. That would be soo fun to watch😂😂😂

    1. 😂😂 and you think they will read this?? oh no they won’t and I’ll just say thank you so don’t expect some scene 😂 can’t be more rude 😊
      Thank you for reading 🙏😊

  2. And here’s a test for people hitting “congratulations” without reading the post😂
    Honesty saying, your writing style scares me sometimes(it contains lots of warnings, cautions, disclaimers, etc)😂

    1. Yes I know I have this reputation 😁😁
      but let me simplify it to you: we’re on a reading platform, you’re here to read, if you don’t want to read, no one is forcing you, just unfollow it’s really that simple right? still scared? 😊😊
      Thank you for reading and for your interaction 🙏😊

      1. That’s why I’m here… I enjoy reading what you write whatever essence you give it!🙂
        Nope now I’m not scared😁

  3. Fact #1: you better remind me!
    Fact #2: challenge accepted 😊
    Fact #3: it’s so very sad that the new generation won’t know her as hermoine granger (?) But as the beauty from the beauty and the beast
    Fact #4: so what do you get or want for your bday?
    Fact #6: especially from old ppl. Don’t touch me. I need my personal space 😐

    1. when a reader appear and you’re excited 😁😁
      Thank you Nour for reading and for the lovely comment 😊
      I will not remind you that’s for sure 🙂 I’m shy despite how bold I might seem (you’re October 9th, I hardly forget things )
      So what you will teach me then?? 😊
      Yes I know what you mean! Harry Potter movies will always be piece of art!
      Well usually my friends check what I need and buy me, because I sometimes forget to take care of myself so sometimes clothes, maybe a movie, something for home, it doesn’t matter the value, but that I need it 😊
      oh yes older people specially hahah they invade you!

      1. Teach you, hmmm…how to be stupid at maths. If you want to best me at that, then by all means the stage is yours 😂😂😂

  4. Does this mean I will get in trouble for saying Congratulations Huguette?? Oops, already said it.😂 So how come you never nominate me? Just once, I dare you!😜 Loved your answers as usual. Hope your weekend is going great!😁😸

    1. Does this mean you want the nomination Steve? Oh you just need to ask 😊
      Let me tell you that I believe some bloggers deserve all the nominations and you’re one of them but I decided to not keep nominating the same people for the reason that they also have lot of nominations waiting in queue not for any other reason 😊😊 and you just posted one haha
      Thank you for reading and glad you loved my answers! Always glad to see you here 😸😸

      1. I thought I just did? Yes, I just posted another one but hey, I’ve run out! Now what am I going to do without more nominations!😂😹

  5. Congratulations and celebrations……. I was just gonna break in to a rendition of Cliffs, Congratulations but then I realised how totally uncool that be, so your just gonna have to settle for this. Well done! Blah blah blah ba blah for the gazillionth time.
    Lyndsey. ❤

    1. You’re certainly funny Lyndsey and this is enough I guess 😂😂
      It’s not the word that bothers me, it’s not reading especially those who were once nominated in the post and they popped out with a congratulations and vanished 😂
      Thank you blah blah blah for the gazillionth time 🌞🌞🌞

  6. Thank you, I do fancy myself as a bit of a comedian, lol, but I do get what your saying about certain bloggers. I will now list three of my worst experiences as a blogger. 1) Some girl tryed to tell me, I needed to sort by blog out. 2) I have been completely vilified for having my own opinion on someone else’s post. 3) When leaving comments, I have been ignored many times, how RUDE! 🤨

    1. I’m sure you are 😁 the touch of humor is obvious
      And these experiences were awful and very rude 😕 I can relate only to the third one, I kept ranting about it in many posts 😂
      I believe it’s not about blogging rules, it’s a simple life rule of respect and manners. So simple for me 🤔
      Appreciate your interaction and sharing your experience 🙏🏻😊

  7. I agree, common courtesy and manners cost nothing, so why are so many people lacking 🤔 Beats me. 🙄 And vice versa, I also appreciate your interaction. 😉

  8. At least I now know that you’re a Virgo haha 😀

    Like I said. You’re fearless and friendly and will definitely give people hell if they so desperately want it.

    And since it’s hard to surprise you, if you ever said that you surprised I give you this look 🤨

    Oh, I like to cuddle with people I love so much. I like being touch and kiss but if you’re a stranger… you’ll get a bite or a kick.

    Me too when I was 11 years old! It was not a pigeon. It was another bird. And I killed it with my own hands 😦 I squeezed the poor bird to death. I felt horrible because I only wanted to hug it not cut out the oxygen.

    1. So you get along with Virgo or what?? 😁
      You said it right dear Jess 😊
      Hahaha don’t give me looks now, I might say it but not like a real surprise as those who start jumping and fainting and screaming 😒😒
      “Cuddle with people I love so much” has nothing to do with what I said Jess 😊 bite or kick 😂😂
      Your story about the bird fits one Arabic proverb “wa minal 7obbi ma katal” means that and sometimes love kills..
      So you killed the bird because you were hugging it, 😕 I can imagine how sad it is ☹️
      Thank you Jess and glad to see you here as always 😊❤️

      1. Yes! One of my husband’s good friend was a Virgo. And was one of the most self-honest people I’ve met.
        Yeah, the bird story still makes me feel whenever I remember it. I always handle animals with extreme care ever since that day, fight so much not to hug them tight.
        Always happy to be here 😊

      2. yes we have this reputation 🙂 what’s your horoscope?
        we learn from previous events otherwise how we’ll ever learn?
        Hope you will remain happy haha 😊😊

  9. Congratulation🦋I always enjoy reading more about you, and I am so happy that you are you❤️ Genuine with a heart of gold.
    Nice day to have birthday on…
    Enjoy your day🌸

  10. Pls accept my robotic congratulations 😂😂
    I know I am versatile 😂 but am too new on the blog. Some other day Huguette, would love to be nominated by you. I have huge number of September born family and friends 🤗

    1. Congratulations accepted 😁thank you so much!
      Oh well just let me know which award you want and I’ll add you name immediately 😊
      Glad to know you have many friends and family born on September 😊 wish you a great Sunday 😊🌞🌞

  11. Thank you for accepting nomination, few of those facts are new, i think with all the nominations people on word press will know almost all about each other😁❤️

      1. Ha! Just being silly with you. No, not scared from truth. Not scared anymore what others think of me. The rude mean people out there—they don’t scare me either. It is crazy though—reading some of stories in your comments—people really do that kind of stuff? There is one thing I fear, but I’ve already written about that…
        It’s fun reading your answers and questions—glad you enjoy posting these! 🤗

      2. being silly is not a problem 😀 you shouldn’t be scared of anyone that’s for sure 🙂 Oh well this world will always be full of all kind of people,we just need to manage and protect ourselves
        It’s always a pleasure having you here and glad to know you still enjoy 😀

      3. Yep, you said it—world is full of all kinds—expect it here on the internet for sure! It is amusing to watch. I try not to take anything personally anymore—otherwise it just becomes a distraction—and at this age—I’m just not interested in competition with anyone—and I certainly don’t try and “fix” anyone anymore. Been there! Everyone can take care of themselves! Then we can focus on those who truly do need help.
        Yes, I still enjoy your honesty and humor—and your rants! Keep them coming! 🤗. I also appreciate knowing I can come here and share my thoughts with you as well. 💜

      4. sure anytime, this platform is open for real talks and thoughts 🙂 And I know what you mean, this is the right thing to do, not taking anything personally, fixing people….competing with them, all is waste of time
        Hope you’re having a great day 😊❤

  12. Now I know, if I see you in person I won’t give you a kiss first time we met. 🙂 🙂 Congratulations gurl!! You are our favorite!! Always remember that.

    1. Oh thank you so much dear for these kind words 😊😊 well if I speak to someone daily like I do here, I guess I won’t mind a hug and kiss if I ever meet them 😊💕

      1. Yeay, that’s so sweet of you. Some people are big hugger. I’m not one of them, but Im no stranger to hugs and kisses. 🙂

  13. Me : Huguette do you want some cuddles ?
    Huguette : NO NO , no cuddles for me !!!!
    Me : come on !!!
    Huguette : DRACARYS !!!!!

  14. I’m sure one day someone or something will manage to surprise you 🎉😉
    Send some chill pills over here too 😤 🤪
    I was away for just a few days and you’ve received so many awards! 🤪🤩 Congratulations my dear Huguette! I like the way you do them 😏🤪

    1. well I don’t know I’m a freak control I guess and like to be so hahah not the annoying freak control but don’t like surprises unless it’s a great one which I doubt will happen 🙂
      hahahah so you don’t like to be touched and kissed randomly 😂 sending over some guns hahaha
      few days away and Huguette has annoyed us with her awards 😂😂 oh yes what to do 😀
      Thank you dear Riby, you were missed here ❤ ❤ 😊😊

      1. Oh no…I’ve mistakenly press reply…I think I must buy me a bigger phone 🤔
        Never say never my dear Huguette…great surprises can happen! When maybe we even cannot imagine…
        Noope…don’t touch me….😏
        Glad to be back! I’ve missed you all! Your company is too good 💕🌷

      2. hahahah yes I understand what you mean 😁 Got a bigger phone and it’s way better!
        I never say never but sometimes you feel that nothing is changing and you must do some big step but you’re too afraid :/ anyway annoying subject hahaha
        Glad to have you back as well! it’s very mutual my dear ❤ 😁

      3. I completely understand you! When the right time will come you’ll know it! It came for me and I know the feeling only that I think I was not conscious at all as I just went for it 😁🤪 sometimes helps to not think at all too 😆

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