Casual Conversation

Today is a low energy day, I’m not in the mood to even think, I feel down and I’m hardly reading some posts. So I decided to re-blog something old, the time I didn’t have lot of followers. Hope you will like it.
Have a nice day!

Huguette Antoun

Friend: look at me; is there something wrong with me? Why …doesn’t care? Doesn’t love me! Am I that bad?
Me: what’s wrong with God?
Friend: what’s wrong with God? God is perfect! What are you saying!
Me: Still, there are millions and maybe more that attack God, not only do not love him, you seem surprised!
Friend: yes yes I know…just confused!
Me: we call them atheists and they are free
Friend: yes right but what do you mean! Why you’re mentioning God and atheists?
Me: I mean you can be more than perfect but you can’t force love and admiration! It’s irrelevant!
Friend: Even if I made lot of efforts and didn’t give up at all!?
Me: well it’s like taking someone to the best steak house in town but they are Vegetarians! Or Vegans…
Eternal Silence

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85 thoughts on “Casual Conversation

  1. How about triple expresso, orange juice, chocolate and a tasty donut? When i have this feeling i’m trying to eat this kind of food to boost energy, even if i’m on diet, but there are those fews days a year when i eat what i need🤗❤️💃I hope you feel get some extra power, but even if you dont so what? New day tomorrow, it is okay to skip the post or to skip the posting🖤🕶🐰i read your post, but for me it was a bit difficult to understand, i’m not wise enough, not yet😁😂

    1. OMG Ilona are you trying to change my mood or my weight 😂 Thank you though, it’s so kind of you to say so! I’ll be fine, I face this mood always anyway and I’m sure tomorrow will be better 😊❤
      Thank you for reading, and what I wanted to say that we can be perfect and we can’t force people to love us that’s it 😊 read it again and you’ll know what I mean ❤ have a great evening, appreciate the words of kindness and encouragement 🤗❤

  2. It’s funny how intellectually we can understand that it doesn’t matter if people don’t like us, but on another level it doesn’t feel OK. I hope you’re doing alright and I’m glad you decided to republish an old post rather than force yourself to write something new when you’re just not in the mood.

    1. Exactly! And it’s okay if we reject people but we feel so hurt when people reject us (or let’s say it’s not mutual)
      Appreciate your kind interaction and words 🙂 I just wrote the few words I felt while I was starring at the screen…usually I deal with these feelings alone
      Have a great evening and thank yo again 🙂

  3. These, I think, are our internal signals for self-care. Sometimes we should not read, or talk, or write. Sometimes we should just be. Wishing you a day of positive introspection and a rise in your energy.

  4. Sounds like a me time pamper day.
    Relax If you can and not working today.
    I appreciate you responding back to comment and all that you do.
    Celebrate You, You Are Important!

  5. 😔 we all have days like it! It’s just a day, my dear! I am sure you’ll be back to full speed tomorrow morning! I am sending you a powerful and magical and miraculous positive vibe!😉😉😉❤️😘

    1. well received my dear Sonia 😊😊❤ I do appreciate these vibes and kindness and support so much, yes very soon I’ll be back to be a pain in the ass hahaa 😊😘😘

      1. Dear Huguette, it is easy to shower you with love and kindness. You are an amazing lady and you make everyone feel so special.❤

      2. well I really was amazed by the kind words, I just believe in mutual respect and appreciation ❤ Thank you again dear Lindsey 😊

    1. That was Hugs 🤔 thought it’s my name 😂 glad you loved it and I fight this feeling always so I guess I’m good 😊 thank you for the kindness and hugs ❤️😊 I have some peaceful moments, you must catch me in these moments and you’ll be fine 😁😁

  6. A low energy day.. that happens ..but you are strong and will be back stronger😉
    And true that love cannot be forced…

    1. Thank you Sohanpreet for reading and for the kind words 😊
      Oh yes you are right, being strong is the only option I make sure to have
      Have a great day 🌞

  7. oh girl, we cannot force someone to love us no matter how perfect we can be for them. 🙂 I hope you are feeling better now, looks like we are both under the weather. I slept the whole afternoon even though I am not suppose too, I am still bothered what to do with my father. I am waiting for his doctor’s appointment on Friday. Girl, please feel better 🙂

    1. Thank you dear 😊yes this is what I told my friend
      Well I was working all day and then I had my friends visiting so I had to keep fighting the entire day and it wasn’t easy at all!
      Hope you are better today and hope your father will be okay, just do whatever it takes so he can be better
      Thank you for your concern 😊❤️ it’s highly appreciated and update us on your father’s status as well

      1. Thank you so much for the concern. We are going to a specialist tomorrow, I’m really praying hard that he can get a proper diagnosis this time around so we can management him.

  8. Hope all that bad vibes disappeared , remember that you are an empowering person , you give lot of love,hope and attention for others , and that love comes back to you , and you mean alot for these people , So cheer up dear ❤ ❤

    1. Oh my this is so sweet and kind 😊 I appreciate your words my dear and I always fight these feelings anyway as much as I can buthearing such words make me feel so special and so empowering 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

  9. I’m a bit late as usual, sorry about that! I hope you are having a better day today. I know that feeling too, spending time outside on my deck with a cup of coffee always works good for me, even now without the birds around, it’s still nice. Of course I don’t know what it’s like around your place, but hey, sitting outside is usually nice anyway. Hope you bounce back quickly!! If nothing else, grab a cup of coffee and join me over at Steve’s Country, usually something nice going on! Muffin meows her love to you as well!😻😄🌞

    1. Thank you so much Steve 😊 don’t worry it’s never too late for the kind words
      I fought this since yesterday and I’m still, I’m not lucky with the around of my place, just a place for work purpose in the city, so hopefully when I can , I’ll escape to the nature
      Yes sure it will be great to join Steve’s country and see all this beauty, it’s relieving I’m sure 🌞😸
      Greetings to the sweet Muffin as well 🌞🌞😸 so kind of both of you 😊😊

      1. Yes, I am fortunate here to have that empty lot in front of my place. So even though I just have my deck it still has that country feel. A little barren now without the birds but there is still some activity anyway. Well, time for some work again, then get a post out. Grab some more coffee, things will look up and get better soon!😃🌞😺

      2. Hope the birds will be back soon! I’m sure you will figure out something 😊
        Wish you a great and productive day 🌞😊

      3. Get this one, the neighbor that hates my feeding birds, just put up some birdhouses to attract birds to his yard!! What’s with that??😂😕🙄

      4. True, but bird houses are legal and are not considered a problem, only bird feeders are a problem because they attract dangerous animals, like squirrels and chipmunks!😂😂😹

      5. Stupid law! 😕😕 but what to do ? When you’re in Rome do as romans do! So bring bird houses if it’s affordable of course and let’s see the stupid neighbors reaction 🤨🤨

  10. Well Huguette. Sorry to hear that the first post I’ve read in a while was one where you are feeling low. Hope you are feeling better today. We all have those days. Good thing is there’s only one way to go when feeling down…and that’s back up again 🙂
    That was quite a profound conversation! Really must get looking into your older posts. Don’t know what gems of wisdom I might have missed.
    Hope you are well and much love to you ❤

    1. Thank you Chris and don’t worry, some days are like that and I always fight them anyway even in the middle of this feeling I stay active and act as if there’s nothing wrong…But that day I was just starring at the screen feeling like that so I wrote it down and re-blogged old post, appreciate your concern and glad to see you here 😊
      hahah no wisdom, just some thoughts and feelings coming from the heart
      Thank you dear Chris and much love to you ❤ hope your day is doing great 😊

  11. Hope you’re ok dear Huguette! 🤗🤗 I hate that kind of days but we must get up, stay positive and move on! Maybe thinking at the next trip is helpful 😉
    I soo agree! Truth is rude but we must admit it!
    Almost weekend! ☺️🤗🌷

    1. Oh yes better thank you😊 anyway I fight these feelings even in the middle of them! Couldn’t but write those lines ….exactly how I was feeling staring at the computer screen :/
      Yes maybe but not so encouraging so far! Seems no Europe even this year so I’m being a bit sad to only travel to the same affordable places :/
      I’m the master of rude hahaha well people need to stop asking me for advices I guess 😊😊 Oh yes weekend is here so enjoy it dear 🤗 ❤

      1. Even as a tourist cannot get the visa? Sorry for asking but not very familiar with this…every time I want to travel somewhere I need to check mine too as my passport is not the best either…😤
        We are all here in our happy and in our not so happy days…I think expressing the feelings helps a lot…🤗

      2. Oh no you can of course but lot of documents are required and currently it’s hard to manage regarding some of them, so it’s personal thing that’s it 🙂 some annoying subject as well and I don’t like annoying and nagging 😁
        expressing helps yes but at some point I hated to read everything sad and depressing I once wrote, and I try not to publish them at all!
        Have a great day or afternoon probably 😁😁

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