3.2.1 Quote Me Tag – Expression

I was tagged by “Ribana” for 3.2.1 Quote Me and the topic is “Expression”.
Ribana thinks I express myself very well and she’s right

Ribana is one of my favorite bloggers, we have many things in common and she’s very kind yet very smart and funny. (Even though she rather walking than have a ride with me 😂 😂 ) I have no idea why!
Thank you dear Riby for the Tag 😊 😊

321 Quote Me was created by Rory A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!
Once a week, he picks a random topic, post two quotes on that topic and nominate 3 bloggers, who in turn need to post 2 quotes on the topic and nominate 3 bloggers of their own.

Guidelines: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

  1. Thank the Selector
  2. Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day
  3. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

Please Note that Rory will be re-blogging your responses unless you wish for him to NOT do so.

I never had a problem with expressing my self or my feelings, the problem is when I decide not to and just suppress them! But the ideas and the feelings in my head and heart are always crystal clear.

My Quotes: (since I’m good at expression, let’s have more than 2 quotes) 😀

Comfort in expressing your emotions will allow you to share the best of yourself with others, but not being able to control your emotions will reveal your worst.

Bryant H. Mcgill

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

William Arthur Ward

I express myself very well with words, I know what to say and when.
But the paradox is when my eyes start to speak, you will hear no single word coming out from my mouth.

Huguette Antoun

There are many other quotes but let’s not go rogue with expression 😀

My Nominees: (Let’s break the rule)

  1. Elizabeth: http://poetkisses.blog/
  2. Nour: http://nour7.home.blog/
  3. Sohanpreet: https://mindoriginals.wordpress.com/
  4. Betty: https://whattodothismonth.wordpress.com/

Enjoy dear fellow bloggers 😊 and hope you enjoyed this post! Your thoughts and comments are always welcome 😊

Huguette Antoun – May 28th 2019

88 thoughts on “3.2.1 Quote Me Tag – Expression

  1. “we have many things in common and she’s very kind yet very smart and funny”
    You have those in common? Really? 😮
    I’m just kidding 😂
    Thanks a lot Huguette for the nomination and I’m assuming the topic is also expression? Love the last quote! 💕

    1. Hahaa it’s a bit of exaggeration especially the kind part I guess 😂 I’m not that kind certainly 😎
      My pleasure, I thought you’ll love to be nominated for such challenge, yes it’s « Expression » and I’m humbled you loved the last one 😊💕

  2. Great quotes as usual Huguette! Always a pleasure to read! You should have pushed the limit a bit more though and added more quotes. Just pretend your driving and let it go!! Hope you have a wonderful day!😃😺🌞

    1. Thank you Steve for reading and the lovely interaction 😊🌞 Oh yes I should have pushed the limit and not press the brakes 😂
      My day is good, hope you having a great day ahead 😸🌞

      1. Glad my mother doesn’t read this 😂😂 like I need a push to be crazier 😂😂
        Glad your day is good as well 🌞🌞😸

  3. I was very right! You do know how to express yourself! Great quotes! And I love your 321 Quote Me challenge picture! 💕
    I would love to know what to say and when to say it!
    I’m honoured and very humble! I don’t have words to thank you for your wonderful and kind words!…see?…I do have big problems with expression 😳 I think I need some lessons 😉
    Oh well, regarding the ride, maybe another time…🤪 for now let’s just do a long walk so that you can teach me how to better express myself 😉🌷
    Thank you again my dear 🌸🌷🤗 It is always a pleasure!

    1. I guess I can teach you better while walking that’s for sure 😂😂
      Glad you loved it my dear and I only said the truth 😊💕
      I believe you express yourself very well 🤔 at least from what I’m reading in your replies 😊
      I will try to drive with manners 😳😳 at least for some short period of time 😂 after that you can call your driver 😁😁
      Thank you for the nomination 🤗💕and the pleasure is all mine 🙏🏻😊

  4. Love your quotes, dear Huguette. My favourite: ‘ I express myself very well with words, I know what to say and when. But the paradox is when my eyes start to speak, you will hear no single word coming out from my mouth.’ Huguette Antoun ❤️❤️❤️

    1. 😊😊❤️❤️ very humbled my dear and so glad you loved it 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊it’s for an amateur but not bad though 😁😁❤️

      1. Amateur?!?!?! Who?!?!? 😉😉 I love your way of writing, expressing yourself, your honesty, the fact you wear your heart in your sleeve! Hat off you my dear!💕💕💕

      2. Oh yes I am! But your words are really overwhelming 🥺
        what can I say except I’m so glad you love my writing style, much more than I deserve and wanted 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕💕

  5. Congratulations, great quotes, there is one, which i’m qtr gulling with Comfort in expressing your emotions will allow you to share the best of yourself with others, but not being able to control your emotions will reveal your worst.
    I hope with time will learn to control them, i think it takes time.
    Award after a for it is very nice of you doing it, because some people barely care to make it❤️
    Have a productive Huguette☀️

    1. Thank you Ilona for reading and for your nice comment 🙂 Yes this quote is so true and happens on daily basis, we learn from our own experiences and mistakes, nothing is magical, it needs time
      Appreciate your kind words and I always respect the fellow bloggers and their trust in me ❤ Have a great day as well 😀

    1. Thank you for reading! And thank you for the banana flower info, I’m trying to reply since yesterday and the comment is not going through, probably you should check your spam

  6. Huguette, You are too good at expressing in words, finding right quotes✍️ and putting on right place 👏 Wow! u inspire beginners like me. Keep posting and be inspiring😊

    1. Thank you Simon for stopping by and taking time to read and comment
      Actually I’m a beginner like you but I try to improve everyday , appreciate your kind words 🙏🏻
      Your site wasn’t clickable now I see it is 👍🙂

      1. When I see this I just think it’s another spam site and there are many! And some people you tell them but they don’t respond at all

  7. Your posts are so empowering and show how good you express yourself and so do your quetos too ❤ , but yours was exceptionnal 😉 It’s like saying, we’re done talking, but you can read the answers in my eyes ,and if we ever get there it means, I’ve had enough ,no more patience I guess !

    1. Thank you so much ☺️ glad you loved it, eyes language is major to me, despite how good I am in expressing with words, I can’t help it I have talkative eyes 😊
      So happy to see you here and take time to recover and be better, take a break from the internet 😊
      Much love ❤️

      1. Internet is quite stressful, I think I got my stomachache from here and work . Eyes language works form me only when I’am angry with my sis hahah, we call it the kiling eyes 😉 😉

      2. 😁 sounds scary!!! Not the eyes language I meant definitely haha
        Your health must come first so just have some break and you’ll be better 😊❤️

      1. Nooo! 😭 I’m just messing around 😭😭 because I don’t know another blogger to annoy… nope you won’t be cutting me out anytime soon because I believe that you like me as much I like you.

        On the second thought I think I like you a little bit more hehehe 😎

        I’ll think of a better expression soon… my brain is mushy from days of 3-4 hours sleep…

      2. 😂😂😂 damn you broke my heart hhahaaa okay okay it was a joke 😁
        You don’t know that dear Jess (if you like me more😎) unless you’re a psychic 🤔 nope not you 😂
        Go and have some sleep and then come back with some expression thing 😁

      3. Sorry did not mean to break your heart. I’m no psychic, but I’ve been called a black witch be some classmates back when I was in school haha 😂

        I still haven’t sleep. But I at least feel calm now cause I’m about to have a long peaceful sleep 😁

    1. Thank you Betty! Are you okay?? I completed your award and informed you but I got a like from you 😕😕
      Anyway thank you and have a nice weekend!

  8. Love this one! I used to suppress my feelings and NOT WRITE!!! For almost 10 years, Huguette. I can NEVER let that happen again. While I found happiness during that time, it was a struggle to know myself if I couldn’t express myself in the way that I wanted to.

    This quote is fantastic: “I express myself very well with words, I know what to say and when.
    But the paradox is when my eyes start to speak, you will hear no single word coming out from my mouth.” So powerful. I was told once that I give ‘daggers’ out of my eyes when I am pissed about something…SO VERY TRUE. Our eyes reveal a deeper sense of what we are saying out loud. Love the way you expressed that!

    Great post, Huguette! Love that you express yourself in your writing. Looking forward to reading more of your poems! &*&

    1. Don’t ever suppress your feelings! Worst thing ever! A subject I don’t even like to mention, anyway you didn’t see your name down?? Show us your expression skills and you can use your own quotes not necessarily for other people 😊 I was surprised that you and many people loved my own quote! Yes eyes can tell everything and nothing! I don’t like cold and careless eyes because eyes are everything to me…
      You can even use poems 😊😊
      Thank you for reading and now you’re that dog in the picture 😂😂 (not mean just a joke 🤭)

      1. Ha! I feel like that dog in the picture! Like, what the hell am I doing, hen-pecking away on this computer?! Funny. See, you are witty in your humor. Love that. ❤️❤️ (And…it takes great skill to do that, especially in various languages!)

      2. 🤭🤭 despite how harsh I am, I don’t like to hurt people feelings so glad you love my humor 😊😊🐡🐡
        ❤️❤️ you’re praising me, I’ll be arrogant very soon ☺️

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