Blogging is similar to life! Be careful how you choose to live! Part 1/2

I keep reading lot of posts and comments from bloggers desperate to know how they make their blog better, how they impress people, get followers, readers, and interactions mostly!
Why people are not visiting their blogs, speaking to them, appreciating their work…etc…
They are just desperate even though information is everywhere and accessible to everybody and more importantly, even though Blogging is similar to life!

How’s that?
It’s so simple, you just need to read till the end which most of you won’t!
Oh well hard luck to you! 🙂

In real life, if you’re speaking to someone, you expect an answer right? So imagine if this person totally ignores you, what would be your reaction? Not cool right?

Sometimes if you were ignored, probably you should be aware of the quality of your words and attitude, people can sense the negative aura, the positive aura, they can see the sparkles or the gloom.
If they ignore you, probably you should re-consider your speech. Being cynic doesn’t really help!

Same when your content is not interesting at all, it’s not relevant, not useful, not positive, not entertaining, not magical, not romantic, not loving, not artistic, not touching, not real, not many other things….
whatever people search, they are not finding! The sparkle is missing so find it!

Blogging is so similar to life….

When someone speaks to you and you ignore them what that makes you? Imagine you were surrounded by people, you’re in a public place, with friends and acquaintances, you’re making yourself available, but you suddenly decide that you want to ignore people:

X: Hey, what’s up? Enjoying? 
You: Eternal silence

It’s the same when you write 2 pages and publish them and ask your followers to read and comment and the moment someone does, you just ignore them totally, see? It’s just like life! And you misunderstood life big time!

When someone speaks to you and you nod like stupid, can you imagine?

X: Good morning, how are you today? 
You: nodding
Unless the cat got your tongue, can you imagine how stupid you are?

Oh this is the same when someone trying to discuss what you wrote with a decent comment and you just say:
thank you, or you just like the comment without even answering!
What about all the sentences that this blogger wrote to discuss your ideas? If you don’t want discussion then why you’re writing an essay and asking people for their opinions?

Blogging is so similar to life….

Same when you start a conversation and you don’t finish it before it was really finished.

X: You know it’s cold today? I’m very sick!
You: Oh really I’m sorry to hear that! Hope you will get well soon
X: Thank you so much! I have this medicine “name” should I take it?
You: Eternal silence! (the number you are calling is not available!)
X died from the lack of information (a joke here 😀 )

Oh yes this was an example for you! If you wouldn’t do that in real life for your family or friends, why do it here?

Blogging is so similar to life….

When you walk around not seeing anyone, people are invisible to you; it’s only about you, your majesty! And you expect people to approach you and have a conversation with you…They won’t! People need assurance, need to feel they are accepted, respected, need to see a smile, a friendly face, need to feel that it’s mutual, otherwise no one will approach you you’re an obnoxious!

Same when you write and write and write and never read what others write, you sit there waiting for people to read while you’re not willing to pay them a visit and read what they have to say. And when they leave, you pop out every now and then to have their attention. I hate to tell you this but they already left dude!

Blogging is so similar to life….

When you’re desperate to have people’s attention, you want them in your life desperately! And instead to just approach them and get to know them and speak to them, you just pop out everywhere in front of them acting like a total weirdo until you freak them out and they report you or feel anxious and angry because of you!

Same when you are a comments stalker! You pop out and like the people comments made on other posts or on their posts and these comments are not addressed to you at all! Instead of just read one of the hundreds posts this user have, and comment decently and express your admiration and give them a good reason to visit your blog not to block your blog!

Blogging is so similar to life….

When you make everything to have someone’s attention, you care, you express, you are so kind and gentle…etc…and when this someone gives you their attention, you become suddenly a weirdo and act like a total ass-whole, a total freak, insecurities are in dozens and your actions become vague and unpredictable.

Same when you invade someone’s blog with comments and compliments and nominations and flattery and then you decide to just ignore this blogger completely for no particular reason except you just decided to be a fucking weirdo. The result? You lost lot of points my dear!

Blogging is so similar to life….

I wasn’t planning to make 2 posts but I just couldn’t stop 🙂 Stay tuned for part 2! It will follow shortly.

Remember you don’t need to fit all the above or upcoming criteria, it can be only one of them.

Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome! Thank you so much for reading ❤

Huguette Antoun – May 29th 2019

77 thoughts on “Blogging is similar to life! Be careful how you choose to live! Part 1/2

  1. Wow, just wow… I love this post🦋thank you. I think you wrote for a whole blog community…and you are so genuine and honest and lovely and lots of love and I can go on and om my friend❤️
    Thank you for sharing..
    I wish you a lovely day like the woman behind this blog🦋🌹

    1. Thank you so much my dear for the heartwarming comment 😊 I do appreciate it a lot! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
      So glad this post spoke to you and appreciate your time to read and interact as well ❤️
      Your kind words made my day 🦋🦋
      Part 2 will be coming soon 😊
      Hugs 🤗

  2. A brilliant effort and research to put across your ideas on blogging and its relevance.Thank you so much,Hug, for sharing such a splendid and relevant post.
    Another feather in your cap-not necessarily through a award but more than that!

    1. Thank you so much Ravi for this uplifting comment and kind words! I do appreciate your support 🙏🏻🙏🏻 and your words are an award I guess 🙂

  3. Well this was intense 😂
    I wonder if that old lady in the 1st pic didn’t sleep or she put on a bit too much make up. Hm.
    And that Kitty cat is so chubby I just want to pet it! 😂
    You seem to enjoy putting on the GIF where that blonde gets slapped from GOT, I presume. (I saw that post but couldn’t comment since I’m not a fan of GOT and I didn’t want to randomly say sumn yknow?)

    The picture below the blonde though…that is one big mouth to understand words from 😂😂
    The stalking pictures are hilarious 😂😂😂😂
    Oooh Adam Levine is mad! (I’m sorry I couldn’t)

    All of what you mentioned was right. Some bloggers are very unreasonable and illogical it’s irritating.
    Eager for part 2!

    1. 😁😁 thank you dear Nour! So glad you loved the post and you find it relatable! It means I’m not hallucinating 😂
      Hahah this lady looks like that the entire time, she’s so awake 😂
      Yes so chubby and fluffy hahhah
      This blonde is the most hated character in GOT Joffrey! Hope you will watch GOT someday and thank you for your respect : not commenting because you didn’t watch 👌
      Glad you loved the GiFs 😁😁 they take lot if time and thinking sometimes and I don’t know about Adam Levine I mean maybe he is don’t worry, not necessarily a fan for the people I post gifs for 😊
      So happy to interact with you as always and working on part 2 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

  4. Well yes—like real life, only weirder perhaps. I’ve had my own observations too since beginning in January. And then there’s Twitter. HaHa! But mostly—it’s positive and I’m having a good experience reaching my goals. But yes, well put—always be careful how you choose to live. 🙏🏻😊💞

    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your experience as well 😊glad it’s positive and hope you’re having a good day ahead 😊💕

  5. Wow. Really cool. I mean you have done a great job by posting this on behalf of the whole community. I have seen people who just write “nice” or just comment with a smile emoji everytime I post. I mean, one or two times, it’s okay, but so many times is just…I don’t think they read. And I like the concept how you said that blogging is just like life. Sure, it is. You covered all the known points so I am excited for your second part. You are honest and straightforward. Amazing post dear☺️❤️

    1. Thank you dear Ramyani for reading and for your interaction as well 😊 glad you can relate to this post and appreciate your kind words and hope you will enjoy the second part 😊 it’s even harsher 😁
      Have a great evening ❤️😊

  6. Loved the not so subtle and honest jabs and the post definitely made me laugh with its funny elements. Well written l.

  7. Truth has been spoken👍
    These things annoy so much and I also take care I am not doing such things.
    Surely blogging is similar to life..

  8. This is an intense post, Frankly i started with your part 2 by mistake. Realising i missed your first one then came back here to find a Large post.
    Questions were HOT !
    Examples are well delivered.
    Right quotes to right situation. inspired with this quote ” you just need to share your unique perspective why the wheel is important”
    small gif’s which made the reading so lively and the cat got your tongue and that big cat 😂. Love it ! And that slapping scene from GOT would’ve felt so real if played with audio. And with the weirdo’s and stalkers 😂✍️Well delivered.
    Your expectations are well i agree im a beginner and i never thought like this. This is deep. There is nothing wrong with what you expect. Love your quotes and GIF’s… Nw gng to Part 2 😊

    1. Thank you Simon! I do appreciate your time to read and comment
      Don’t worry and glad this post resonates with you and yes I believe visuals can help and glad you loved them 😊
      Well I just observe and see and since you’re new here, it’s not the first time I speak about blogging and for me it’s a matter of logic and respect not more this is why I made this post as well
      Thank you again for your time and your appreciation words 🙏🏻😊

  9. Okay okay okay….totally agree with you….but please be patient with me and my response time!! I am a busy mommy! (on my computer, trying to get outside!) So insert hugs and happy faces and please be patient-with-me-emojis!

    1. 😊😊🐡🐡🐡🐡
      Soooo you think you’re included in this post? 🤔🤔
      Well I guess you know my opinion very well and my words usually have one meaning only 😊😊❤️ take good care and enjoy the day 🐡🐡

      1. I do not think your post was meant for me. I just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated you and your comments and that sometimes I can’t always get to them right away. I am trying. That is all. Hugs to you!

      2. I know that and I do appreciate your support and devotion despite your busy life 🙏🏻😊 I do appreciate it more than you know ❤️ 🤗 right away is not required at all here there’s a time difference and busy life and many other things, the people that meant them will not actually read haha

  10. Excellent post! A very needed wake up call/ reality check for many! Love your honesty and assertiveness throughout both posts! Superb 👌 by the way, your quotes and graphics are getting better and better! You are so creative 👌❤️💟😘

    1. I missed this one somehow :/ I’m sorry for that dear Sonia ❤ I’m so happy that you loved this post and quotes and graphics 😀 mean my efforts are giving a result! Not so many people love honesty, so thank you for your kind words and have a great day ❤ ❤ Sorry for missing this one!

  11. I really love this post! When I first started blogging I felt like I was doing something wrong but then I realized not everyone will be into what I’m into . Not everyone will react to things the way I would react ! Some days it does bother me when I don’t get views on my blogs but then it just pushes me harder ! Thank you for this post it was amazing ❤️

    1. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you loved this post and each blogger is different and has different style but some things are common such as mutual respect and all what I mentioned…
      Hope you will enjoy part 2 then 😊
      Thank you for taking time to read and interact and best of luck in your blogging journey 😊👍

  12. Hey Huguette. Flip, another hard-hitting post. Wouldn’t expect anything less at this point. I must say I really enjoy your use of pics and gifs as well as the use of humor inbetween the savageness ahahah
    You are right of course. Blogging is similar to life. That interaction is a two-way street.
    I actually find that for myself when my life is going well I am on here more often but when it is not and I am struggling my time on here is less and less.
    The thing that bugs me is writing a post that WP says is 9 minutes long and then getting a like within a minute. What’s the point really. If someone doesn’t have the time to read or couldn’t be bothered then fair enough. Why pretend otherwise.
    Hope you are keeping well and much love to you ❤

    1. Thank you Chris for taking time to read and for your kind and encouraging words 🙂 So glad you enjoy the pics and humor 😀
      This post wasn’t meant to be as an attack for nothing on people that have busy life, I do appreciate we have life out there and some days it’s so hard to even breathe…It’s just a reminder for those who nag and ask and wonder…that it’s that simple…and anyway not anyone can fulfill this, so if not at least they need to stop nagging and pretending, that’s it and also those you mentioned, the likers! And the annoying stupid “cool” “great” or whatsoever! anyway I made my point clearly and I’m unfollowing new people each day
      Appreciate the time you took to read despite your condition and hope you’ll have a great day ahead. Much love to you ❤

      1. I would actually love to be able to make posts as well as you do. They are top notch. Full of wit and also serious. That is a great skill you have 🙏👏
        And you made your point very clearly.
        Hope you are keeping well and much love to you ❤

      2. you have your own style and skills and I also can’t make posts the way you do, so clear, so inspiring and from real struggle an experience, each one is unique and this is the beauty of it 🙂
        Much love to you ❤

      3. I guess we do have our own styles. But I do think your visuals and humor make your posts so much more striking. You’re certainly a very talented woman.
        Thanks for all the kind words also 😊
        Much love always Huguette ❤

      4. each person is different, I just imagine words and situations with pictures, so I can apply it here! Glad you like this style and appreciate your kind words as always 😊
        have a great day and much love ❤

  13. Wow, great post Huguette, you should have been here when I first started. I didn’t know a thing and couldn’t figure out why no one was reading, of course I wasn’t reading anything either! Sometimes I don’ t comment and only hit the like button, but I read first or if I don’t have time I will come back later. I do tend to leave short comments though but try to keep them relevant to the post and not just one word. I always try to reply to comments quickly but with time differences that can be hard sometimes. I have had complaints because it took 8 hours to reply, but they read my post after I signed off for the night and I couldn’t reply until the next morning. But I try. I don’t get it all right yet and I admit I can’t possibly keep up with reading every post of my followers. But again I try. Will read part 2 in the morning.😁🌙😸

    1. Thank you Steve for reading and for this honest comment 😀 We all got blogging wrong first and I can tell you that we call can’t fulfill all this, we can always try and do our best and believe me I wasn’t speaking about those who take hours to reply, I’m so aware of the time difference, here I am I had to sleep yesterday and now I’m replying comments made 13 / 12/ 11/ 10/ hours ago, it’s so logical, the people I’m speaking about are not even reading! Anyway the matter that we learned and we improved but for these who keep nagging and asking, I was so honest that it’s as simple as life 🙂 Glad you loved it and hope your injury is not that bad :/

      1. That is true, it is just like life so much. I have given up on some blogs because they never reply to comments so why bother? I like your approach to things here, it’s really very simple and straightforward. I will have to keep my comments short for now, it’s a little hard to sit today so will have to do just a little at a time. Have a great day Huguette!😃😺

  14. You know the memes withe this weird sunglass of thug life? You have to include it in this post because you have said everything that could be said , and in fact you are giving precious advices , we have to take the bright side not just see this article like a hit , au contraire , this post is very helpful , and it’s a great reminder “a good blog , means alot of attention” , I go read part two 🙂

    1. Yes of course I know it 😂 I thought the post is tough enough! No need to be more provoking 😁
      So glad you noticed the life advices not only the blogging ones, my message from writing it as well and you saw the bright side which is was my intention 😊
      I mean I might leave this blogging world anytime but while I’m here I will really do my best to never preach what I don’t practice
      I really appreciate your time my dear and you still here 😕 have some rest 🤨🤨
      Me shouting on you to have rest 😁
      Much love ❤️❤️😊😊

  15. I believe that our way of acting and dealing with things is similar in everything, if you are kind and caring in real life, you will also be the same in the blog and with followers, it is all about the true personality , you can not fake who you are , I guess our acts reflect who we really are . I go rest a bit 😉 take care of you as well my dear xoxo

    1. Yes exactly my point here! This is how I thought of this post from the first place
      You said it perfectly 👌
      Have good rest 😊❤️

  16. You’d find yourself alone if you’re ignoring me when I talk (maybe even a stomp in the foot before I leave) I mean I ALWAYS make sense! Hahahaha 👺

    But then again, I sometimes receive comments that don’t make sense at all… so yeah it’s like the cat just ate my tongue (grimaced ugly image popped in my head) and I seriously want to give silent treatment, but I try not to and ask instead what the person mean but nothing else comes from them… I can practically hear the crickets.

    Although, I want to comment on liking comments because there are times when a post I love have this lovely (sometimes hilarious comment) that is not addressed to me and it’s just so hard not to appreciate it so I click like and reply. And of course, visit their blog. If I follow or comments afterward all depends on their blog.

    Reading part 2… ah… tommorrow 🤭

    1. Thank you Jess for stopping by and nobody likes to be ignored I’m sure of that, I guess ignoring back is the best revenge hahha yes I’m mean
      I was trying here to give many examples, I don’t care anymore I just unfollow or I don’t approve the comment or I send it to SPAM where it belongs, but if people bother to read, they must know all this 🙂
      I’m speaking about liking comments in a row and randomly, which you have experienced too! I love when some comment is great and you check the blogger page and it’s great so you can get in touch, it’s not what I meant certainly…Actually this is what I asked! Come to my blog, read and comment if you’re so impressed by my comments!
      Tomorrow? okay I can live with that even though that was mean right??? someone is teasing me and I’m gonna be very mean hahahah 👺👺

  17. When you walk around not seeing anyone, people are invisible to you; it’s only about you, your majesty! This one got me, i talk about my example because i dont know with who to compare, i have those days when i have bad mood or when i’m sick and i’m really not in to seeing anyone, that doesn’t mean, that oh i’m the queen today i will ignore, today i feel bad and i prefer to avoid you, because i can’t control my emotion i may hurt someone who is around at the moment by saying something rude, so at this case i prefer to hide my self or do be invisible, which i’m not. You know and if i try to talk nicely and to pretend all is fine, which i’m very bad at pretending, than i will be called fake, it is very tricky, dont know, maybe i misunderstood your post❤️

    1. Dear Ilona you’re speaking about you but believe me the example is not that, there are arrogant people and horrible people in this world, they belittle others, they treat them as mosquitoes ! Each example I gave is for real people out there in life and in the blogging world, I made it double messages
      But certainly these examples don’t include you at all
      And controlling your emotions is something we all need to do eventually because it hurts us more than it hurts others believe
      No, never be fake at all ! Do you think I’m fake? But there are small circle of people we’re allowed to lose control with them but not all the peoples ! Especially people we don’t know, people at work…because nobody will understand, they will only judge us you see?
      I remember when I used to cry when I’m emotional at work ! I was looking like shit and they laughed at me! They never understood, do you know what I mean?
      I can cry with my friends, my lover, a close person…I can break things and shout but no I can’t do that to anyone
      These examples are for specific people and these people won’t even dare to comment
      Don’t worry we can always communicate and wipe the misunderstanding !you’re a sweetheart ❤️

      1. Well i’m still trying to improve to understand some posts, is depend about subject i guess, overtime i feel like i may got it wrong i always ask the questions to make sure if i got it right. You are the one who is the most real i know here, you, Steve, there are few others, but when it comes to blogging it is very difficult to find out what is real what is not and who is who, in real life people can’t pretend for long the mask goes off very fast, online people may wear it a little bit longer, but sooner or later, it will fell down❤️

      2. This is what I wanted to say: blogging is similar to life (for me at least) you say I’m real and it’s true! I’m exactly the same in real life by the way so this why I wrote this post
        I act here as I act in life
        And I love how eager you are to understand, I respect that so much in you ❤️ I’m working now on the Arabic article I promised I will translate and it’s almost finished
        I always keep my promises here and in real life ❤️

      3. Thank you so much for doing it, i also commented a while ago one of your older arctics i’m not sure if you answered that, maybe i missed the answer? 👩‍💻

      4. If I missed anything I’m sorry, here all is clean and all answered 😕
        If you can tell me which post i will check immediately

  18. I’m new to blogging and I’m really glad I came across this blog. This was really genuine and made me think about blogging in a way which I have never thought of before. I think just like real life, finding the time to interact with people regularly will be tricky but making the effort is what I will aim to do!
    Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to your future posts 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read! Glad the post made you think , it’s not easy I know but as I explained it’s same as life and we receive as much as we give
      Good luck in your blogging journey 🙂

  19. Im soo happy to be back here, Huguette I swear I’m not trying to be a weirdoo, I’m just too busy really. lol I miss you girl. So here you are again impressing me with your wit and personality. Everything you say is soo true. And you know what I like about you, you really spend time writing quality post with awesome GIF and photos. Every time I’m reading your blog it is very entertaining, yet you will know that the person that wrote this is very smart. 🙂 🙂 I miss being here. Now I’m here. 🙂

    1. Well AL thank you for reading 😊 You’re not weirdo, no not you for sure don’t worry 😊
      Glad you liked my post and you love my honesty 😊 I’m always humbled by such words 🙏🏻
      This is true, the posts really take time, I love to support my words with visuals, so glad many are loving this 😊
      You’re busy I get that, you’re so decent so respectful and I appreciate that so much! You’re a real person but here I met really psychopaths and I’m not a therapist actually, I’m a regular person 🙂
      Thank you for reading 🙏🏻

      1. Don’t you think psychopaths are interesting people? You know what there was a time in my life that I am only watching documentaries about psychopath, omg I am really weird. But yes, I really admire your effort and I respect your time putting up an amazing content, that’s why I also give time reading your posts. 🙂

      2. Oh well I don’t mind watching them, they’re very smart but no thank you not in my life 🙂
        Thank you AL for your support and appreciation 💕😊

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