Blogging is similar to life! Be careful how you choose to live! Part 2/2

And let’s pick this post up where we left off!

Blogging is so similar to life…

When you’re speaking with yourself the entire time, and if someone tried to speak to you and ask you what’s wrong, you just ignore them totally.
Please go and see a therapist, no shame of that! But people are not clairvoyants so they can’t guess what’s wrong with you. Got that?

Same when some fellow bloggers speak to you through your posts ask about you and you just decide to publish a new post speaking to your bloggers that are speaking to you on other posts but you’re totally ignoring them!
Wow! Is that so hard to get?

Blogging is so similar to life…

When someone speaks to you with love and enthusiasm and joy and you reply as the grumpy cat (may her soul rest in peace, I wish I had this fortune she left 😀 ) so you expect them to speak to you again?
I love Grumpy cat but I don’t love your attitude 🙂

Same when someone is really commenting from the heart, giving you beautiful words and support and you? You barely answer! If you ever did! You’re so cold, so careless, and so weird, how they’ll ever have the appetite to say a nice word again?

Blogging is so similar to life…

When you decide to isolate yourself, to close your phone, to disconnect from all people and leave many dear people and friends worried and helpless, trying to reach you in vain…And suddenly after they fed up and gave up, you’re back and you want to pick it up where you left off, you want them to be so close, so caring, so funny, you want them to be as you want them to be and at the time you decide it to be!
Oh well, it doesn’t work this way, when you take decisions, you must know they have real life consequences that you can’t escape.

Same here, I guess no need to explain this, do I?

Blogging is so similar to life…

When you’re so impressed by someone that you really want them in your life but you’re not even willing to really know them to know how they think, what they love, who they are! You just want them in your life, so you speak any bullshit, they say it’s hot today and you answer the room is big!
You sound ridiculous as fuck!

Same when you don’t bother to read the content of the blogger and you comment with any bullshit! The topic is so serious and you’re acting like a fucking clown! Or you drop some cliché words that I won’t mention, without reading any single word! And you pretend that you’re the active user that read and interact!
If you really read, you will never say some silly words! And you’re so desperate to have this blogger attention, just read their content and know them better.

Blogging is so similar to life…

When someone texts you regularly and care about you, but you are too busy, or too lazy to reply and then you decide to reply after few months or weeks probably that the person becomes really tired of you, and they forgot what they sent you from the first place!
This person will certainly fed up and will stop even caring.

Same when someone interacts with you and you reply in a year or so! That the blogger even forgot what they wrote and what’s the damn subject and then they start to think twice and more before interacting with you (which is practically interacting with themselves not you 😀 ) just to be accurate.

Blogging is so similar to life…

When you see a great person, seems to have it all! And you’re just greedy because they seem perfect and caring and you want them in your life!
But you’re planning to be a taker all the way!
You just want what they’re willing to give and you’re planning to only receive!
After a while, your plan is discovered and this person will leave for good!

Same when you are so eager to have this successful blogger read your content and comment on you posts, you follow them, like their posts blindly but because they are so respectful, they read your posts very properly and start to interact with you, but you are too important to do the same, their content mean nothing to you, what you want is their devotion and respect only.
Have you guessed the result or should I repeat?

Blogging is so similar to life…

Imagine you’re in a foreign country and you don’t speak its language, you speak to people in your language and everyone is answering “X only” referring to their language. What you will do? You wander around desperate for someone who understands you and when you do, imagine how happy you are to communicate and to be understood!

Same here, some bloggers are not willing to provide translation, I really respect the devotion and respect to your mother tongue, I really do! But in this case you must accept that only people who speak your mother tongue will read your blog, please stop chasing people that don’t! Leave them alone please or provide translation. It’s pure non-sense!

Blogging is so similar to life…

When you meet someone and you’re so excited, you want more and you ask for their contact details, you ask and you seem so eager to know them! Like really eager.
And suddenly, you change your mind, one day you’re so warm and loving, the other day you’re so cold and weird, and many other days you’re a total psychopath!
So you make the other party so confused and lost!
I mean who asked you? Who forced you? But you just can’t help being weird as fuck don’t you?

Well guess the result? Or you need more details? It requires high skills and respect to keep quality people in your life my dear! So earn them first!

Blogging is so similar to life…

When you care for someone and you shower them with messages the entire time, the morning, the noon, the afternoon, in between, the evening, the night, the midnight! Until you spam their lives, you make them want to burn their phones and burn themselves to get rid of you!

Blogging is not spamming so make sure to not post 100 posts per second because it’s not blogging anymore and it’s never about quantity!

Blogging is LIFE!

If you suck at life, you suck at blogging so stop asking questions and stop pretending things, stop nagging, stop begging people to follow you or read your content while you’re reading zero word from their content!
Stop seeking followers to glorify you while you’re not even interested in reading from the first place.
Your words are important, your thoughts are important, you’re dying to be read! Then go and establish your own business and company and then hire some employees and pay them to do anything you want!

Otherwise, you gotta give some to get some.

Learn how to live and then you can certainly blog and succeed!

Your thoughts and opinions are so very welcome here BUT MAKE SURE YOU READ BEFORE BRINGING YOUR ASS TO THE COMMENTS SECTION!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 Thank you for reading! Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and appreciated ❤

Huguette Antoun – May 29th 2019

100 thoughts on “Blogging is similar to life! Be careful how you choose to live! Part 2/2

  1. This is very true and it all makes sense. Thank you for this Huguetta. By the way – the Morgan Freeman quote… loved it – made me laugh 🙂

  2. Every word is true. And you are absolutely true in explaining the similarity between life and blogging. May people give such people some sense to live and behave properly

    1. I tried to have both aspects in one post and the lessons are for both
      Glad you like it 😊 I hope so! If they ever read I guess 😕

    1. Mmmmmm maybe I am 😊😊 I’m just too harsh and I say things that others rather not say it, you caught the part 1? For more rudeness 😂
      Your respect means a lot and I’m always humbled by your admiration 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕

      1. Of course! Would I ever miss that?!!?! People may call it whatever Huguette! Do you remember that Friends episode that Phoebe’s sang for young children?! They said her songs lyrics were unacceptable, the children look for the lady that sang the truth! 😉😉 I love your assertiveness and honesty! An I am sure that you will keep that going regardless, do I don’t even go to the realms of ‘please don’t change ever’!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      2. Nooooo but I thought because I didn’t share links in the post might be confusing 😕
        If I watch it I will certainly remember ! I love Friends and Phoebe but watched them long time ago! 😊😊But I get what you mean and I’m not planning to change anyway , too old for this shit ❤️❤️❤️I might get more honest and this will be a bit scary 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
        Thank you dear Sonia 😊 your support is amazing! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

  3. Huguette, This is a very big post. Loved reading. Looks like some people did really upset you. “Blogging is LIFE” – A Post that will teach many new bloggers like me on they should and shouldn’t behave. Thanks for your effort on delivering such beautiful message to us. You inspire US

    1. I’m sure if you’ll really blog, you’ll be upset as well 🙂
      Glad to have new readers in my community and hope my posts will be helpful and inspiring despite being tough 👍😊 appreciate your kind and encouraging words!

  4. It’s sad that I relate to many of the gifs XD
    You’ve just mentioned a whole lot of kinds of people. You’re supposed to be my bestfriend, how could you not remember my birthday? It may seem silly, but it does matter. The small things always do. I love how this post was so intense and scolding and then you just put a little heart at the end xD savage!

    1. Sad indeed!
      I tried to mention as many as I could remember in life and blogging as well
      Best-friends? Maybe who knows 😊 October 9th it is 😁
      Yes I can be so savage sometimes 😂
      Thank you Nour I really appreciate it 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for the kind words 🙏🏻
      I actually left a comment on your post, probably you should check your spam
      I explained why your other comment on my Ramadan post didn’t go through
      Appreciate your time and kindness 🙂

  5. Finally someone dared to talk about it on the subject, and that person is you…. Huguette… your forehead talking and your honesty, your love for what you do, and the way you communicate your point of view to readers is so clear… that it can only be respected… thank you for your blog and for your great courage to say out loud what others are thinking down.

    1. Thank you Sofiane! I do appreciate these kind and uplifting words so much! Glad many people here love the truth and appreciate it, it means I’m surrounded by many real people which is great!
      Thank you again and have a great day

  6. And once again I must agree with you! Reading the 2 posts I realize that it is really happening! And you know what? I feel guilty as hell…sometimes my friend, my dad, my sister, my parents in law are sending me messages or are calling me but I’m just not in the mood to answer them…and then after a while my conscious is yelling at me to call them back or answer their message…I know I’m selfish but sometimes I’m too selfish! This is the personal life and it did not happen yet with the blog but it could happen if I’m not controlling myself. Blogging is very similar to life! How we choose to live our life is also how we choose to blog…and in the end I think everything is about RESPECT! If I respect myself, I am respecting the others and when you respect the others we control ourselves and try to minimize all these.
    Ah and by the way I love “What the hell is wrong with you?” 😉🤗🌷

    1. Thank you dear Ribana for reading and for this honest comment 🙂 I say if you feel guilty and your conscious is yelling, then it’s not a big deal, because we all sometimes delay these replies especially if there’s nothing urgent, about me, I think differently, I answer my mother even if I was dying, because if I don’t she’ll think I’m really dead 😀 😀 some people are priority, no matter what I’m doing, I’m always available, some other people come next I answer after few time but I never ignore people unless I don’t want to answer at all and this is another subject 🙂 I don’t know how to be selfish, this is something we don’t have in common and I remember once we spoke about it and told you if it means putting yourself and needs first, then it’s debatable 🙂
      Yes you said it in one word RESPECT! That’s it! end of story 🙂
      Noted for “what the hell is wrong with you” hahaha 😉😉
      Have a great day ahead ❤ ❤ 🤗🤗

      1. After getting to know you from your posts, you are definitely not selfish…yes indeed selfish is putting yourself first, but for me selfish I see it more like as you mentioned, when someone is texting or calling me but I am too busy, or too lazy to reply and then I decide, not after months or weeks to reply but maybe after a few minutes 😊 It is not that I don’t care but maybe I’m really too busy or too lazy at that moment 🤪 but I still see it wrong….I shouldn’t do it but still…
        Respect is everything 😊 If we want to relationate with the other we must learn to respect them!

      2. Yes I’m a hopeless giver and caring but I care on my own way, I look so cold and heartless, oh well I need to maintain my reputation 😁
        I don’t know I guess it’s a character, sometimes when my phone beeped a message or so, I’m so annoyed because I need my time alone, I say I don’t want to answer then few minutes I change my mind, I say to myself : hey stupid ass, people have no idea what’s going on in your stupid mind and heart so don’t be such a jerk » 😂
        I’m a pain in the ass also with myself hahah
        I believe you’ll figure out a way to do what comforts your heart and conscience as the same time 😊
        Hope the dinner is delicious tonight 😁

      3. Oh yes in the end we do care and also my selfishness is taking only a few minutes 🤪
        Dinner was really good…escalopes this evening with tomatoes salad 🥗 😉😋 and a glass of wine of course to celebrate my Italian exam 😉 There’s always a goos reason for a good glass of wine 😊😉 When you’ll see this message will be time for breakfast for you 😊🌷 Enjoy it and wish you a lovely Friday 🌷🌸 Almost weekend 🤪

      4. bellissimo 😁😁 so you had great results I guess right? Molto bene hahahah hope google is accurate 😂😂
        Sounds delicious 😋😋and no need for any occasion to have glass of wine ❤ Oh I love wine so much!
        Yes had my little breakfast one hour ago, I should have answered earlier but end of month and employees need to have their salaries 😀
        Have a lovely Friday and weekend as well ❤ 😊 I’m sure the day has ended for you 😊

      5. Almost ended the office work for today and then it’s weekend 😊
        Google is pretty accurate 😁 Oh well, I’ll have the results in 2 to 4 months time 😂 until then we enjoy some good food and good wine!
        I invite you to some good wine 😋
        Don’t let the employees wait, we all need our salaries 😀
        Have a great day my dear and a lovely weekend too ❤ 😊

      6. Oh no they got their salaries all cool 😁
        2 to 4 months 😳 you can have barrels of wine until then 😂😂
        Oh yes promise me and now I’ll be sitting like a sad orphan waiting for that wine 🥺🥺🥺
        Finally the weekend so enjoy it my dear and don’t forget the good recipe 😁❤️

    1. Oh yes! My friends were sending me because I love Grumpy cat and I always use her photos :/ she left a fortune don’t know to whom hahaa
      Yes me too! I’m not following any news these days but my friends make sure to tell me some stuff

  7. This is absolutely true 💯
    The way you’ve explained it with relating to daily life experiences makes it even better to understand. I really hope this post reaches to many bloggers ❤️

    Keep it up ,keep sharing amazing stuff😉

    1. Thank you for reading and for the nice interaction and words 😊 It’s so simple to me and it’s very similar to life, glad many could relate and agree! Hope it will reaches many people indeed
      Appreciate your time to read and interact 😊

      1. I don’t actually consider myself a book expert, it’s just that the name sounded good while setting up the blog so we kept it. My brother and I had set it up.. But now only I post on it.
        I post book reviews once in 2 weeks..

      2. This is great, I read one book review and will check others
        You don’t need to be a book expert to judge a content but no worries anyway
        Have a good evening

  8. When I first started blogging , I was writing only in french “and it’s not even my mother tongue ” I had the majority of my followers who speak and read french , but after a while I noticed that there was other person coming to my blog , they couldn’t understand a word I wrote , so I’ve decided to whrite in engilsh too,even if it takes me more time and more focus , because each time I write something I have to verrifie the language if it’s correct ,if my phrases make sense , it is very hard but , if you are commited to something I guess you have to do it well . Same for interaction , I totally agree with what you have wrote , we just get what we deserve . thank you for your time and for this two post dear , like I already said , it is very helpful ,et ça ouvre les yeux bisous ma belle ❤

    1. I know what you mean dear Souad and what you’re doing is really great and takes lot of time! I read your French always but I feel comfortable writing in English especially the accents use, can’t do that from PC so it’s a real hassle, I read in French and I reply in English 😊 we didn’t choose that English be the most famous language but it’s a fact and I struggle to translate from Arabic as well! So much! We have different vocabularies and so…anyway, what’s happening that there are some bloggers that insist to like all my posts and comment sometimes but I understand nothing from their blogs (one of them is Japanese) I cant like posts blindly and some insist that no translation at all! Oh well, nothing to do
      It’s great of you to read all this and share your lovely interaction my dear 🤗🤗❤️❤️stay well and take good care of your health and à bientôt 😊❤️

  9. C’est tellement excitant et amusant de trouver une personne qui comprends tant de langues que toi , j’aime bien ça , mais du japonais hhhh , c’est beaucoup ça !! c’est vrai que l’anglais est la langue la plus commune au monde , autant écrire avec ou au-moins fournir une traduction comme tu l’as dis , c’est toujours un plaisir de te lire ma chère , prends bien soin de toi , au plaisir ❤

    1. 😂 c’est ce que je dis! La langue française est plus commune aussi qu’autres langues! Vous devez voir mes expressions quand j’essaye de lire 😂 que ferais-je!
      Merci ma chère pour l’échange et pour les rires
      A très bientôt ❤️😊

    1. We have a chance with every day to live as human beings otherwise we are the biggest losers anyway
      Thank you for reading and hope your life is moving as planned

  10. Yeah… I’m here. Dahil alam na…

    … You piss off yet Hug? hahaha 😀 can’t help it. It means “Because you know”
    May I remind you that you’re the one who challenged me to piss you, so please stop giving me the grumpy look 😭

    The last quote had me laughing.

    But I agree. It feels a little hurtful when a comment I give so much thoughts gets ignore 😦 I sometimes I wish to be able to remove it.

    and this is just so true!
    “…the topic is so serious and you’re acting like a fucking clown! Or you drop some cliché words that I won’t mention, without reading any single word! And you pretend that you’re the active user that read and interact!”

    I can say so much more but I agree with everything. It’s a really great guide for bloggers who are looking for serious reader and blogging friends.

  11. I agree with you completely. But I have seen people like this, who ignore and don’t even read others’ posts and yet manages to be a successful blogger in terms of likes and comments. Well, but that may be an exception. Because, if you want others to read and appreciate you, you need to show them that you will do the same and create an healthy ambience. I think your efforts are great Huguette. Someone or the other had to say all this and you are great☺️

    1. I know your point and you’re completely right, this is what I meant with my note: it can be one thing of what I mentioned, not all the points together…I mean maybe the content is great, the people don’t care, and those who care we’ll stop commenting so they don’t get ignored but still there will always be people who like and comment…Some people don’t like to talk anyway, they just read…So yes there are cases like these also…
      I read some blogs that don’t even bother to check my blog, but I care about psychology and human behaviors, some of them are successful, but some have very few readers but still I love the topic that’s it
      But when we’re not reading our favorite topics ever, when we all writing personal stuff or poems or any other subject, we need to support each others, and it needs to be mutual, for an example, not a fan of poems to be honest, some are really great I confess but not a fan of this, I read once and twice and sometimes more and I try to leave some related comment…I do this as a mutual respect plus learning something news, but mainly mutual respect except some good people out there who really write great poems, I read this gladly and I enjoy
      Sorry for the long comment, but this is how I deal with things and I do appreciate your great words and you are one of the great bloggers as well ❤ it’s not always about content which is great in your case, but respect and manners are everything! At least to me
      Have a great weekend 😊❤️

      1. Oh yes,I get your point. And not everyone can be a successful blogger the minute they make one, so support and respect from the community is very much needed. Your reason for the exception is very true. I also realised that, some people will always be there to comment otherwise the content must be amazing 😂 Thank you for your appreciation. I try my best to out up decent content and read the posts I come across. Have a great weekend too. Much love to you ❤️☺️

      2. Yes exactly and anyway each blogger is different but my post is from my point of view, not all will agree anyway
        So each one will do what suits them
        Thank you 😊 and much love to you as well ❤️

      3. Yeah, each one of us have a life out of this world and everyone may need some time to reply to everyone or read others’ posts but what I mean to say and what I think I agree with you is that one should be kind to the readers and have a mutual support and appreciation for each other. ☺️

  12. Good afternoon Huguette, i found your post a little to powerful, i mean some people maybe dont have enough time to answer to everyone or to read everybody’s content, or to translate, well i did translate few posts from other bloggers i dont know if translation was good i wrote comment, but no one answered, happens, maybe person left blogging life for a while, maybe he got hurt and he is hospital and can’t answer? There can be many reasons. If someone had many thoughts i think they are free to publish them when they want, is not a raise, but overtime i think of something i like to publish it. I think also everyone had different reasons to blog, some people sharing thoughts, others articles, poems, there are so many different blogs, i can’t make it up to everyone anymore, i give my time when i can, yes ii follow some blogs, which content is not really interesting for me, but i do read and i give my feedback, because someone did en effort and read my post, so the best what i can do is to read they post and to give feedback, sometimes i read posts and dont have what to say, but i’m still trying to gibe the birth, we all have good and bad days, if we being real if someone feels like grumpy cat what we should pretend, that we feel good?

    1. You took parts from my post so you made me seem I’m attacking people and not understanding their up and downs and this is not what I meant, no you don’t suppose to pretend, the people I meant are just like that, not respectful
      And anyway even when I’m sad and down I can take a little break, no one is forcing me to read or answer because the others cannot read my mind and it will be unfair to throw my shit on them because I’m not well
      I can write about it for sure, express my sadness and anger that’s for sure but I can’t treat people like shit because I’m not well. That’s it
      And I mentioned in my post that it doesn’t have to be all these points, sometimes it’s one only, sometimes 2 etc…
      appreciate your time to read and comment

      1. I was trying to understand, but if we dont answer after it is a problem, i got some comments like, i hope you will give me the feedback, read my blog please and many like this and after they get angry if i dont comment back at this point i just want to say like get off, , i believe, that patience needed at this point, i didnt meant like you are attacking people, i just took those points which ones popped out for me❤️

      2. I’m sorry dear Ilona, didn’t get what you meant here, you want me to check your blog? feedback on what? no worries we already spoke on other comments and things were clearer ❤

      3. No, i meant other bloggers, they starting to get angry if i dont comment them back 🙂 or if i dont write a feedback 🙂 some people has no patience 🙂 you mentioned, that when you feel bad you dont have to answer to the comments or to comment, but believe me there are some bloggers who will keep ask: please read my blog, please share my post please and ect❤️

      4. ahhh okay okay I see! Sorry for that 😀
        Let me tell you about this subject because it’s really annoying: I’m not allowing any comments asking me to read blogs, not anymore and I don’t allow stupid comments, that make no sense, it’s not a problem, one click and the comment is vanished! I’m not here to please people just mutual respect, but for some people, I don’t really want to visit their blogs, I tried already and I regretted, I respected some and they don’t deserve my respect until I started to hate this game
        therefore, it will be a small circle, a good circle and a respectful community
        About you, also you must do what suits you best ❤

      5. Il y a ces jour comme t’as dis ou tu te sent mal ou en colère et que t’as énormément de commentaire et de post a lire et meme si j’évite de répondre au commentaire et de lire les poste ces jour ci. Il y a des blogger qui n arrêtent pas de me demander de lire leur post et d y répondre. Dans ce cas la j’y vais je lis vite fais et je donne un com pourri, par pourri je veux dire juste quelque mot et un smile. Peut être que j’ai des commentaire auquel je n’ai pas répondu encore mais ca veut pas dire que je les ai pas lu. Des fois je sais pas quoi répondre a un commentaire ou si je suis sur que la personne n’a pas lu le post, si je demande ce qu’il pense d’une partie precise et qu’il disparer. Je répond plus a ce genre de personne. Et sans répondre a mes question pour voir si il a lu je les vois réapparaître pour me demander de lire leur blog. Et avec le meme genre de commentaire ” great post can you please read my blog ?”.
        Je suis d’accord avec toi qu’il faut du respect mais dans ces situation meme pas je like ou je répond. ❤

      6. oui je comprends bien! J’ai repondu dans l’autre commentaire et ces gens la sont les gens que j’ai mentionne, ceux qui disent n’importes quoi! comme j’ai dit je ne veux pas ces gents ici! et tu as raison, tu reponds avec un question important, il disparer , ils sont des hypocrites vraiment!
        le respect c’est pou ceux qui te respectent seulement (sorry for teh mistakes) no french letters on my computer

  13. I was trying to understand, but if we dont answer after it is a problem, i got some comments like, i hope you will give me the feedback, read my blog please and many like this and after they get angry if i dont comment back at this point i just want to say like get off, , i believe, that patience needed at this point, i didnt meant like you are attacking people, i just took those points which ones popped out for me❤️

  14. I love that dog that says “I don’t know what I am doing.” –How I feel about blogging every day! LOLOLOL

    In all seriousness, some wonderful things I am going to take from your post. The givers/takers…I have always felt that way about selfish people. They take so much, they give nothing back…someday they will see that what they take was never theirs to take and they are the ones that are left empty-handed.

    I never saw the comparisons for blogging being like life until you wrote about it. I agree completely. I feel like I struggle to keep up in life and that is how I feel about blogging. So I am making an effort in my life to organize myself and set a schedule with things. That is how I am blogging now too! I schedule when I can get on here and just read and comment for awhile. It is vital to build a community that knows you care about what they have to say as well.

    Great post, as always, Huguette. Love that you take the time for find all those memes. Even during a serious discussion, your memes always makes me smile. Hope your afternoon is wonderful! &&&

    1. 😁😁 but you’re doing great I guess!
      Takers plan to take all the way and yes they’re the losers at the end, I’m sure of that!
      The ideas of this post suddenly stroke me and I couldn’t stop and if you think about it, you’ll see how true is that! I mean I really prefer to just post and see people reading my content while I do nothing and I publish… as I prefer in my life to just be the center of everything and screw the rest! It’s way easier than making efforts….I will tell you for an example and not nagging here, I’ve been down since Saturday and I’m fighting it and I didn’t ignore any comment and much more…not easy but I believe that people have nothing to do with my shitty mood or sadness…
      Anyway, Happy you loved it and happy you love my memes that really take lot of time and reviews! Even serious I’m a sarcastic person and it shows in all my posts and glad someone is appreciating 🤗❤️ glad to see you all over the blog 😊😊❤️❤️

      1. Your sarcasm is witty and humorous. There is truth there, but it is said in a funny way. That is a wonderful gift, I hope you know. 😊😊❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️

  15. ok gurl I am bringing my ass here on the comment section. I don’t know what to say you’re soo hilarious. But it is soo true, everything you said is true, blogging is totally like real life. If you act like a normal person in blogging then everything will follow. Like you, you have real readers because you devote effort and time to your blog to put up a quality content like this one. I must confess, at times I read some blog posts multiple times, but I really don’t know what to say in the comment area because to be honest I don’t understand it. Oh yeah, the spammy part like multiple posts a day it’s kinda hard for me too, when I read a blog a really want to digest it and enjoy so I take time, but if a blogger is posting 10 post a day it is kinda hard for me. Feels like something is weird going on. feels so unnatural to me. That’s just my opinion, I hope I won’t be offending other bloggers.

    1. This post was exactly how I felt and glad many could resonate with my words !
      I mean it’s all about how you act and react, here and real life…
      And let me tell you that not all people need to like my posts even if my content is good, but I’m not forcing anyone to follow me, I mean they can leave right?
      And I don’t think you’re offending anyone here, many posts per day is not practical at all and anyway I unfollowed many blogs because it became annoying and doesn’t suit me at all …they are free and I am free as well
      Thank you so much for reading and your kind appreciation 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

      1. If it does not fit you then you don’t have to keep then on your reader, simple. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for continuously sharing good content.

  16. Yup 👏
    I keep learning something new everyday. Thank you.
    Blogging is also like a buffet spread. We don’t have to and can’t eat everything in the spread 😊

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