Sunshine Blogger Award – Seventh Nomination

Firstly, let me tell you that I’m not accepting nominations from “Anyone” anymore, I will choose only the serious bloggers, and I can always change my mind about these “Serious” bloggers as well.
This decision is based on all my previous posts you read before about blogging and on some bloggers’ stupidity and non-respect as well.
If you were ignored or removed or your comments were sent to SPAM, nope not an accident, all is under control in here.

Anyway, I was nominated by Kriti for the Sunshine Blogger Award, my seventh nomination.
She’s an 18 years old teenage girl trying to express her feelings and experiences through words. Check her blog for more:

Thank you Kriti! Appreciate your kind nomination 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.
Hope I will always spread positivity and joy, not today certainly!

The Rules:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.

Kriti’s Questions And Relative Answers:

1- Happiness” to you is?
Happiness to me is doing what I love, being what I love and with whom I love. It’s being free and capable to do all the above mentioned.

2. What would your ideal day be like?
The less I meet stupid people, the more my day is perfect.
Specifically, not a working day but a day in nature or outside the city.

3- You most favorite book and why?
The Broken Wings – Gibran Khalil Gibran because it touched me deeply.

4- 3 things you are most proud of about yourself!
I’m proud of everything I did and everything I am. You can read the below if you’re interested to know.

5- A dream vacation.
Travel to new country, in Europe.

6- Your favorite quote. What does it mean to you?
“Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die today”
we shouldn’t use the death as a pretext to not live. i.e. I will die eventually so what’s the point of putting goals and dreams?
We should dream as if we’ll live forever but live fully as if it’s our last day because it might be our last day, the past is gone and the future is not here yet, we only have today.

7- A fact most people don’t know about you.
There’s a good reason they don’t.

8- What does freedom means to you?
Freedom is doing what you feel, what you want, what makes you happy without anyone to blame you or to judge as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

9- Is there anything that is holding you back from your dreams?
Yes, “me”.

10- Last place you traveled to and why?
Istanbul, Turkey. Vacation.

11- What is something you have achieved last year that you are proud of?
Lost around 32 pounds and exercising on regular basis since.

My Questions: You can use the same questions above.

My Nominees: each person who claims it.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice weekend 🙂

Huguette Antoun – June 1st 2019

112 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award – Seventh Nomination

  1. Good evening, well control needed and you seems are good at handling it, liked the pictured from your real life, specially with the horse :), about freedom i was actually thinking about it today and even did a post, i think we can never be completely free, because we are limiting our own limits of freedom :), to live in harmony i think everyone want it, but everyone can, you can’t run away from stupid people, they have this special feeling to find you😁, i haven’t read the book, but i believe is a good one, great quotes, very meaningful, i wish we all could live the way we want, for some of is difficult even if we still trying hard, i believe, that the day will come. Congratulations on your nomination❤️

    1. Thank you dear Ilona 🙏🏻 control is something I do perfectly
      I love horses, too bad I don’t have this chance too often 😊 this is one of my favorite places! But it’s a bit far from city
      I will check your posts certainly and yes we cannot it seems be totally free…
      Unfortunately stupidity is increasing so no way to run🙄🙄
      Appreciate your interaction and your nice words and I hope with you that we’ll be able to be happy and free ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

      1. You are welcome, i have never tried to ride a horse in my life 🙂
        Cant wait for the happiness and freedom moment❤️

      2. There is always the first time for everything🤗i can imagine the feeling❤️

    1. Thank you dear Lillian 😊 I’m lucky you love the way I rant, not many do 🙏🏻
      Thank you for reading, my weekend is great and hope yours is the same 🤗🤗💕

  2. Firstly, grumpy cat 💔
    Secondly, love the answer to question 1! Usually people abhorr being different, or speaking differently, but not you which I absolutely admire ☺
    The guy that is suggesting that idea in Q2 is a genius! Though we’d have a very high death rate. I’d prolly end up with them.

    Loved that quote! “And we’re living but we’re not alive. Is this the way we wanna die? With all those things bottled inside. If only they knew what goes on in our minds.”-NF

    Answers 7 and 9 are both amazing but sad 😂
    Man no more nominations? 😔

    1. Thank you Nour 😊 it’s so sad to know Grumpy Cat died 😕 and appreciate your admiration and kindness so much 🙏🏻
      I guess we’ll all be exploded at some point haha
      This quote is so powerful and this is the reason most people are actually unhappy!
      Truth is sad sometimes 🙂
      No more nominations from stupid bloggers that don’t know how to blog
      Still accepting it from you if you wanna nominate me 😉
      Thank you again for this valuable and great interaction 😊💕

  3. That quote is actually how we should live. It inspired me.
    And that gif: chips should explode when people say something stupid😂😁
    32 pounds.. hmm. Good achievement . Keep doing.. Well said that our body is only place we have to live.

    1. Thank you dear Sohanpreet and so happy it inspired you 🌞
      Oh yes can you imagine the explosions we’ll have 😂
      Yes I was never fat and usually people don’t notice these pounds but I do and I don’t want to see them again
      Appreciate your kind words and interaction 🙏🏻😊

  4. You totally deserved the nomination! You were the one who told me content matters more than the followers. You have a very special part in my blogging life! I loved the quote it was so easy yet difficult!

    1. Thank you so much and certainly followers don’t matter at all ! Readers do
      Glad you loved it and best of luck in your blogging journey 👍

  5. Is that Grumpy cat? I love Fa la la la la….put me down 🤪 is too hilarious 😂 but so me sometimes….actually most of the time 🤪
    What a great definition of happiness 💕🤗🌞
    I so agree with Sheldon 🤪🤪🤪
    I love seeing your pictures, not happening very often tough 🤔🌸🌸 Nature is my happy place…it looks so relaxing 😊 far from all worries 😊🌸🌷
    What a great feeling to be proud of yourself right? You are a beautiful strong soul! You’ll always admire you!
    You’re so right! Today we’re here, tomorrow or even in the next minute we don’t know…we must always remember it and live our life fullest!
    Don’t hold back your dreams! Make sure they’ll become reality!
    Wish you a lovely Sunday! 🌸💕🤗

    1. 😁😁😁 me also when I’m grumpy hahaha you’re grumpy most of times? Then you’re cute 😊 I love grumpy cat
      Glad you love this definition 🙏🏻😊
      Yes sheldon is right and we’ll be having less people certainly 😂
      I don’t like to publish my pictures (at least the ones that show me closely) Even on social media I used to post long time ago then I stopped, some days I love to publish some travel pics and then I change my mind! I don’t tell lot of people when I travel or when I’m out
      But I will try to post some pictures if the audience is requesting 😂
      This place is one of my favorite places i. Lebanon but it’s a bit far, and one night is same as spending 4 nights in Turkey or Cairo or similar places. Otherwise who needs to travel 😊 (one night just sleeping + breakfast) you pay for everything else
      I am proud, I really am , the more I meet people the more I’m more and more proud and your words always touch my heart 😊💕
      I hope they will someday or at least they will change for feasible ones
      Have a great time and appreciate this lovely interaction 🙏🏻😊😊💕🤗🤗

      1. Well I try to not be grumpy all the times and luckily my husband knows always how to cheer me up but let’s say I don’t like to be touched 😊
        Me either with social media…time ago I used to publish personal pictures on Facebook but then I stopped…I do publish sometimes pictures on Instagram for Popsicle Society but not with me 😊 and very few for my personal profile….from when I’ve started blogging I’m more focused here because it allows me to publish my travel or recipe’s pictures 😊 But definitely sometimes I would like to see you in the pictures 😊 or where you travel, so that I can discover different parts of the world 😊
        It looks really a very peaceful place…you’re referring to the price? one night as 4 nights in Turkey or Cairo? Wow…
        You’ll see they will…you are a very brave and intelligent person, you’ll know how to make them become feasible 😊💕🤗🤗
        Have a lovely week my dear! 💕🤗🤗

      2. hahaha same here for the touching and so but if husband / partner / oh well I don’t know about that 😁
        Yes even on Instagram, I publish few pictures for me, sometimes I love to publish some pictures like I did few months ago, few pictures from Istanbul trip than I regretted! your relatives and envious people…I remember why I don’t publish from the first place 😁
        We weren’t followers when I wrote about Tbilisi, Georgia right? and Istanbul? If so, let me know to send you the links but the problem that I’m not traveling to places in Europe, just Turkey, Georgia one time when we figured out we don’t need a visa and Egypt…This is why I’m pissed, many factors are preventing this, I don’t travel alone and I need to take many things into consideration :/ Anyway, let’s not nag now haha
        Yes I meant the money, imagine you go to Turkey, you’re paying, ticket, hotel, breakfast…4 days..for about 300$ and then comes this place: Pineland, one night only breakfast included around 220$ :/
        I always wanted to leave this country and then I stayed for emotional reasons and I wish I didn’t… (let’s not start nagging again :D)
        Have a lovely week as well 💕🤗🤗

      3. Yes, I know what you mean…relatives and envious people will always find a way to spoil your vacation even after you’re back :/ For me I don’t share too much with anyone except me and my hubby…one, two pictures to our parents just to let them know we are still alive and that’s it….:) in most of my pictures there are no people 🙂
        I’ll go back and check your posts 🙂
        Wow 220$ for 1 night and breakfast is quite expensive…but then I think the experience is worth it tough…but definitely cannot go too often…:/
        You’ll find your way dear Huguette, you’ll see….just let free your goals, you know what I use to say: don’t limit yourself! 💕🤗🤗

      4. Oh yes they do :/
        my parents are different, I show them after I’m back and so but yes I need to let them know I’m alive as well hahaha
        Yes it’s so expensive because it’s without ticket hahaha
        Here are the posts 😉 no pictures for me I guess, just for the country
        Hopefully things will always get better 💕🤗🤗

      5. Great adventures my dear Huguette! I love discovering new places! As I always say, one life is not enough to see all these beauties 🙂 Thank you! 💕🤗🤗

      6. Oh yes one life is not certainly not enough let’s hope we will be back like our fellow Druze here believe in reincarnation 😊😁

  6. Congratulations Huguette!! Yes, I know, I’m late again!🙄 I think your opening got me laughing more than the rest! I have never been on a horse but it is one thing I would love to do. This isn’t exactly horse country around here unfortunately. I’m glad they don’t have those stupidity chips, my head would have exploded long ago!!😂You certainly must put a lot of time into your award posts, just finding everything you want for each one.👍 Good definition of happiness and your ideal day. Enjoy the remainder of your day Huguette!😃😺

    1. Don’t worry Steve 😊 it’s never too late to drop by I guess 🌞 oh well I guess that these chips will keep exploding for all of us sometimes 😂
      I love horses so much and I don’t get to do that more often but I enjoy it
      Appreciate your kind words always and glad you love the way I work on my posts and because of the time I’m putting here, I wrote this introduction and I’m glad it made you laugh 😺
      I hope your day is great and enjoyable 🌞🌞😺

      1. Definitely an enjoyable day, except for some stress at the beginning, talk about stupidity in people, oh my. Over such little things people get so upset! Anyway, glad that’s over, good day since!😂Horses are fantastic animals, oddly enough I have never even been close to one. I get close to deer and bears instead.😂🐻Keep up with the good work Huguette!!😄🌙😸

      2. People are always the source of all stress haha
        Glad you managed to keep a good day then 😺 maybe you like more adventures so you get close to wild animals that’s it 😁
        Thank you Steve , appreciate the encouragement and good day to you 🌞🌞😺

  7. I recently read “the prophet” of kahlil Gibran, I really loved it, since I discovered this poet on my last year in high school , I kept reading his poetry ❤
    the cat killed me , FA LA LA LA , let’s move on hhh
    did you watch Big Bang ? I love sheldon , he is unique and funny but of course he is not aware !!!
    Congratulation lovely Huguette ❤ ❤

    1. One of the best books! Gibran is a philosopher not only a writer actually, he’s really special 👍
      Grumpy cat memes always get me and make me laugh 😆
      Someone told me about it and explained Sheldon character to me but didn’t watch it yet and yes not my type of series I guess haha
      Thank you dearest Souad 😊😊you’re always lovely ❤️❤️

  8. Bravo Huguette… vous avez un grand talon de dire les choses, d’aborder des sujets parfois tabou, et la simplicité dont vous faites preuve ! que ce soit dans vos écrits ou votre personne… Car on peut percevoir des choses du caractère d’une personne on le lisant… je vous félicite et je vous souhaite plein de succès .

    1. Merci Sofiane! J’apprécie vos mots et votre temps pour lire et laisser un commentaire
      Les gens qui sont directes et honnêtes, écrivent toujours ce qui reflètent leur personnalité et la façon dont ils pensent
      Ravie que vous aimez cette honnêteté 🙏🏻
      Passez une bonne journée

      1. Tout le plaisir et pour moi, merci a vous Huguette, bonne fin de journée

  9. Hey! Congratulations for that award! Seventh nomination!! That’s amazing 😃😃
    Love to see your blog grow!
    I agree with your answer for the “happiness” question! Nothing makes a person happier than freedom to love!😊

    1. Oh wow! Look who’s here 😊 welcome back Gauri, you’re very bad in making an entrance you know that? 😁
      Thank you for stopping by and hope all is well 😊

      1. Haha! C’mon. It’s always a pleasure to be here!😄
        Haha! I know! I don’t know how to make a good enough entry. I just crawl in 😂😂
        My pleasure 😊 And everything’s great!
        How are you? It has been so long! How have you been?😃

      2. Define “always” 😂
        Oh well now we started over
        It has been long time! How are you!? Oh you’re doing great 😁 good to hear so! I’m good thank you so much and don’t crawl here, I love big entrances 😉
        Best of luck and take good care 😊 will be checking your blog

      3. Haha! Well. 😅😅😅 My always is very lazy, I guess 😂
        I am so glad to hear that😊
        Haha! Will totally try to plan a better entrance 😅😂
        Thank you so much. You too.☺️
        Have a great day ahead!😃
        That’s okay, take your time. 😊

      4. Okay enough being mean for now and welcome back 😁
        If you read my posts, you’ll see that it’s not personal at all 😊
        Have a great day 🌞

      5. Haha! No. It’s completely fine. Honestly, I couldn’t feel that you were being mean and took no offence at all.😊
        Thank you so much for the warm welcome.🙂
        Also, I wasn’t entirely absent from the platform. I might have started another blog and interacted with you hint hint🤭
        You too, have a great day ahead 😊

      6. Great! So you have multi identities 🤔🤔 and why would you do that huh?? 😳
        Now each blogger is a suspect 👀👀

      7. Hahaha! Don’t worry. I don’t have multiple identities. I just missed blogging terribly and wanted to explore a new side to my personality on the platform 😊
        I am so eager to tell you about the other blog. I might have dropped a hint in this comment 🤭
        I am so eager to know if you figured it out. (It’s a secret 🤫)😂😂😂

      8. Ohhhh it’s you!!!! No wonder she disappeared!! Not bad actually you have some very unique other part!! Like totally different of this cold serious face you’re showing us 😎😎 guess how many « eager » in this comment and you win 🤭😉😉
        🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️not bad Gauri!! Not bad at all 😁😁

      9. Hahaha! I am so glad that you like her. 😊To be very honest, when I started blogging, I was very sad and depressed. I will soon write a post about my mental health struggles on that blog. All of that took a toll on my personality, and I literally gave up on humour😟. I must say, that blogging came as a blessing and it turned me around.😊 So, I decided to re-explore my fun and silly side. Hence, that blog☺️.
        I am so sorry if I offended you with my introverted behaviour here.😅 Trust me, I wasn’t intending on that. It was just because of the circumstances.😊 And whatever conversations we have had there, I meant every single word and faked none.😊
        Have a great day ahead ☺️

      10. Oh well everything I said is the total truth, I’m honest and actually rude also so I meant every word I said on the other blog as well 😊
        I was thinking where she disappeared and yes she mentioned anxiety and so (I meant you haha) I’m looking forward to reading this post, we all have our downtime but your humor is really good and you can’t give up on something built in your character but you can just take a break when you’re down and then come back later
        No offense taken, but I usually keep my distance when the other party does, and I felt you did the entire time that’s it 😊 but you are very respectful so why should I be offended
        Have a great day / weekend and it’s good to see you (both) hahah 😁😁💕

      11. I agree and as she(me😂) said there, I really respect you for your authenticity and honesty at the platform 😊
        I am trying to build up the courage to write that post and publish it. I will try to do that as soon as possible 😊😊
        I am so glad that you like my sense of humour. Honestly, I was very nervous regarding that because I literally stopped laughing for a few years 😅😅 but I am so glad that I took the leap of faith. That made me so happy 😊
        I agree. I was really holding myself back because at that time, I hated socialization but blogging worked as therapy for me and I am so much better now ☺️
        Whew! 😅😅 I am so glad that you aren’t offended 😊
        You too, wish you a great day and a greater weekend ahead 😊😊
        Both of us are glad to see you too😂😂

      12. Sorry this one went to SPAM, just retrieved it 😊 You wrote the lifeless one and it was powerful so why not writing others? you can write whatever you want! I see people writing about their issues and mental health and they are not ashamed at all! And from the comments, I remember that it wasn’t only me who loved your sense of humor! It was so obvious and so clear 😊 We all have hard times, about me, I remember few times I was happy but I always smile and laugh, I really don’t care and I live the moment! Nothing else really matters believe me..You have some idea now what I went through, anyway what matters is to live the moment, nobody and nothing matters if we’re not happy!
        Oh no, not offended, but glad you actually told me even though it’s the same name, but it’s a common name so I didn’t really analyze 😊 Have a great weekend both of you 😂😂

      13. Yeah! This spamming glitch in WordPress has worsened in the fast few days😟
        Actually, the reason that this blog helped me with my mental health struggle was the fact that it allowed me to vent out my feelings without actually sharing my story. I still don’t know if I have the courage to write about my story on a public platform, but trust me, I really want to and trying to make active efforts for the same.
        Yeah! I was so overwhelmed by the response on that blog. It felt so nice😃☺️
        Very true! I agree. We need to learn to live in the present. Life is so beautiful when one does that. Happiness is a choice and we need to make that choice every single moment of our life😄
        Hahaha! I am also thinking about writing a post and revealing this at that blog. I wasn’t intending to maintain a hidden identity, I was just exploring my genres and other sides of my personality. I am so glad I started that blog and will totally continue it😊
        Hahah! 😂Yeah! You too, have an amazing weekend ahead😊💕

      14. I believe you will write your story when you’re ready not before 😊 and what you did was certainly a good way to know yourself better and to bring things out which is great 😊
        So it’s your call how and when and how you’ll manage your blogs and life as well because you know what’s best for you 😊
        Hope the weekend is great and all is good 😊💕

      15. Absolutely! I wanna be totally convinced with the idea of sharing my story when I decide to do that. Conviction is really important 😊
        Yeah! I agree. Blogging was the best decision of my life so far😊
        I am in no mood to quit blogging, like ever. Just so much in love with it. Planning to continue both of my blogs.😊
        Thank you so much for the lovely support 💕
        Yeah! The weekend has been nice. How’s yours?😊

      16. This is a great decision and we certainly know when something feels so good! So we shouldn’t stop it at all 😊
        You have lot of creativity and talent so I’m not like inventing anything 🤓
        All is good as well thank you for asking 😊💕

      17. Absolutely! Our well being has to be a priority and we shouldn’t stop doing stuff which makes us happy 😃
        Awww! C’mon! Now I am gonna start crying. Thank you so much 🤗
        I am so happy to hear that. Hope it stays that way😊💕

      18. No you’ll not start crying because I will start shouting at you and you don’t want that, do you??? 🤔😂😂
        Hope your week is great and going smoothly 🤗💕

      19. I agree and as she(me😂) said there, I really respect you for your authenticity and honesty at the platform 😊
        I am trying to build up the courage to write that post and publish it. I will try to do that as soon as possible 😊😊
        I am so glad that you like my sense of humour. Honestly, I was very nervous regarding that because I literally stopped laughing for a few years 😅😅 but I am so glad that I took the leap of faith. That made me so happy 😊
        I agree. I was really holding myself back because at that time, I hated socialization but blogging worked as therapy for me and I am so much better now ☺️
        Whew! 😅😅 I am so glad that you aren’t offended 😊
        You too, wish you a great day and a greater weekend ahead 😊😊
        Both of us are glad to see you too😂

  10. Congratulations! So many nominations…like I said before, you are the Queen of WordPress!

    Love all your answers, of course. There are so many beautiful places in the world to visit still. The photos you choose are heavenly.

    “Freedom is doing what you feel, what you want, what makes you happy without anyone to blame you or to judge as long as you’re not hurting anyone.” Perfection in itself. Those words are such a gift. I hope everyone gets the opportunity someday to do just that. Without judgement. Without constructs of any kind…as long as they are kind in their freedom. Very well said.

    Congratulations on losing weight! It can be such a battle. I have lost all the baby weight finally…now that my kids are 7 and 4. LOL! But I finally feel good about it and have more energy. So there are so many plusses to losing. Good for you, Huguette!!

    (Sorry for blowing up your WP today…I am getting into my ‘schedule’ for being online. My kids summer break officially starts today–so mornings and the evenings will be my time to be on here, mostly. DM on Twitter or email me if you need to get a hold of right away though.) &&&

    1. You really made my day with all these comments 😊 I’m no Queen! But happy you’re loving these posts 😊
      They say USA is beautiful but never thought of visiting it even though many are dying to have this green card…oh well
      Great words yes, horrible fact unfortunately 😕 Hope one day these words can be real!
      Not easy after having babies to maintain a good weight and shape so you are very strong to do all this and keep it up 👍😊
      Believe me I feel great seeing all these comments and the time you took to read and write all this! Even if you have time, you could have done something else so thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊 happy the summer break has started and hope you’ll have a great summer here and in real life as well 🤗🤗❤️❤️

      1. Thank you Huguette. You are still the Queen–ask anyone that follows your blog. As you should be, you’ve earned it. ❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️

      2. Nope I’m the Queen of thorns 😁 (character in GOT)
        Your kindness always touches my heart (even though they didn’t prove yet I have a heart 😂🤭)

      3. Ha! See, funny! ❤️❤️🐡🐡🤗🤗❤️❤️🐡🐡🤗🤗❤️❤️🐡🐡🤗🤗❤️❤️🐡🐡🤗🤗

  11. Congratulations x 7 since this is your 7th award! Stupid people ruin your day. You made me smile there. Sometimes stupid people made me laugh, but just to myself, I kept it to myself. I don’t want people are thinking that I find it amusing laughing at people’s flaws. Maybe lazy people ruin my day. 🙂 🙂 You take care always.

    1. Thank you AL 😊 well stupidity comes in many levels, some are stupid when they act rude without any reason, when there’s a misunderstanding, anger. Sometimes when they are not aware of many things…this life is hard and we need to stay focused especially when other people are involved when we have responsibilities and so…
      lazy is also annoying when it’s not the time to be lazy so I get you
      Appreciate your time to read and comment 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

      1. You need to go to “my site” from a computer
        It’s on the left of your screen and next to reader button
        In my site you find the comments button and on the comments you will find many sections after you click it, one of them is “spam” you need to find the comments that you need to approve
        Hope it helps 😊

      2. So you found the comment but you ignored it? 🤔 you should be aware of that, some bloggers don’t come back when they are ignored

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