Sunshine Blogger Award – Ninth Nomination

I was nominated by ashok (don’t know if it’s his right name): “Musings of a wanderer blog” for the Sunshine Blogger Award: number 9 (me giving you the naughty face) 😁 😁

Please don’t drop me the “Congrats” and “Congratulations” words, I didn’t get married or graduate, it’s a post that took lot of time to prepare you see??
All such comments will go to SPAM.
And no, you don’t have to say anything at all, just don’t say any bullshit. Fair enough right?

Ashok lives the philosophy of love in his life, he loves everything out there and spreads love and kindness through his posts and comments always which is great! He loves to travel and meditate as well.
Check his blog for more.
Thank you so much for this kind nomination 😁

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy. Hope you are happy and joyful while reading this blog 😁 😁

The Rules:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.

Ashok’s questions and related answers

1- How much time do you spend on blogging?
I’m blogging day and night! Which is consuming, sometimes I’m not posting but I’m reading other posts or preparing for a post.
I should control it a bit.
But lately I started to be annoyed and not being so excited as before so I don’t know what’s next.

2- Which is your favorite country other than your own?
Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands,….Actually my country is not one of my favorites, speaking of course the political and economic aspects not the patriotism, the beauty and so.
But will share an older post showing the beauty of Lebanon: my country.

3- Which is your favorite song?
I can’t choose one song, I love music since I was very young, and actually I was only 2 years old when I memorized a hard song. Will share it even if you will not understand. It’s an Egyptian song that my aunt used to hear the entire time because she was in love. It’s for an Algerian singer that moved to Egypt and married an Egyptian and spent her life there. Her name is “Warda Al Jaza2iriya” and the song name “ Shououri Na7yetak” شعوري ناحيتك  i.e. “My feeling towards you” and of course I had a problem pronouncing many letters, it was funny, I used to pronounce the “She” “See” The ‘R” “L”and something like that. (The Arabic letters of course) . So from Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian… I will choose some songs but doesn’t mean that only these songs!
I had to cut the Arabic song because the old songs are so long, the music is so long and lot of repetition (they had nothing to do 😁 😁 this video was 22 minutes long)! No wonder I memorized the song and I was still a baby! 😂
And also at the certain age I wanted to learn English just to understand songs, I actually learned from movies and songs mostly, I never received an English course.

Shououri Na7yetak” شعوري ناحيتك (Refrain)
One of the first songs I learned English to understand and memorize
One of my favorite French songs ❤
One of my favorite Spanish songs ❤
One of my favorite Italian songs ❤

4- Do you meditate and why?
Nope, I didn’t try to; I feel that calming my mind is nearly impossible.
But to be fair, I didn’t try.

Me meditating 😂

5- Is looking good important to you?
If the question is for me, yes I prefer looking good, but I’m usually a simple person and I don’t like exaggeration.
If it’s for others, also important but the character it the most important. When people speak, I run away if they are empty and shallow, no matter how great they look! I love people to take care of their hygiene and be presentable but the inside always comes first.  

6- If you were given a boon; what would you ask?
I’m not sure I understood this, but I guess that good health is the greatest gift anyone can have!
There’s an Arabic proverb I still memorize since I was in primary school and it means: “the health is a crown on healthy people’s heads, only the sick people can see”!
الصحة تاج على رؤوس الأصحاء .. لا يراه إلا المرضى

7- Which is your favorite color?
Brown and blue.

8- Do you like movies? Which is the favorite?
Movies are same as songs and I answered this in many previous awards, I love a lot of movies and prefer visuals over reading.
I love “Shawshank Redemption” and I will add a movie I didn’t mention before so I can be always creative: “Finding Forrester” is one of my favorite movies.

9- What is a must must thing you look for in your friends?
Honesty, loyalty.

10- What are the current drivers/goals in your life?
I’m a bit lost these days actually.

Actual photo of me 😁

11- If there is one thing you could change in your past, what would it be?
I will ask first: only one thing?
But the past can’t be changed, it’s done and gone. We are the children of today.

My questions: (you can use the same questions)

My Nominees: (I think some fellow bloggers deserve the nomination, so I’ll break my rule of not nominating anyone).
But if you didn’t refuse it politely or accept it politely, God be with you then 😂

  1. Simon:
  2. Steve:
  3. JJ:
  4. AL:
  5. Nour:
  6. Sohanpreet:
  7. Souad:

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend 😊

Huguette Antoun – June 14th 2019

99 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award – Ninth Nomination

  1. You are such a sweet heart Huguette. Yes my given name is Ashok and my family name is Wahi.
    Because your mind is running like mad that is why you need to meditate 😊🙏
    I too am spending much too much time on blogging just now. May change in the future
    Living in the Now is so Wow. Past and Future are mere mind constructs.
    Lots of love and a big hug for a beautiful blogger 🤗

    1. Thank you dear Ashok and nice to know you 😊appreciate your kind words 🙏🏻! And yes I should meditate certainly! And do less blogging as well 👌
      Lots of love to you as well 🤗😊

  2. Hi there, Ashok’s blog is indeed amazing!
    And I enjoyed reading your answers, I love Norway too! In fact I recently visited in the month of April this year, had so much fun there! 🇳🇴 And my favourite colour is blue as well, it reminds me of the ocean and mermaids 🧜🏻‍♀️🐬💦
    Also love the quotes and images you put in your award posts, makes it a fun read 👍
    Have a lovely day, hugs!

    1. Thank you Saania for reading and for the nice comment 😊 so you went to Norway and you’re hear to tease me huh?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
      It’s not cool!!
      😂😂 just joking! Lucky you, hope I will visit Norway and many other countries soon 😊
      Blue is a great color, it’s relaxing and amazing!
      So glad you loved the posts and gifs (even the mean ones?😌)
      Have a great weekend 😊

      1. Yes, I’m here to make you jealous hehe 😏
        There is a delicious dessert in Norway called
        the “Krumkake”, which is a Norwegian waffle cookie 🍪 🙈, it tastes divine! 💕
        Norway is also such a happy country, for the past 3 years, it has held it’s top position consecutively in the ‘ happiness index’. A very interesting country with friendly people 💞

        Okay, done with teasing you now 🙈
        Enjoy your weekend! 😂❤️

      2. Oh you want to be blocked so desperately 😂😂😂 Your wish will be granted 🤓🤓🤓
        I know about the country happiness and friendly people but not about the « Krumkake » good information to add it so I know what to eat when I go 😌😌😌

  3. First of all! You will someday title a post as, “sunshine ( or any other) blog award- 100th nomination” and trust me, I won’t be surprised not even a little bit😂😂
    Someone’s on a roll. But to be very honest, you deserve all the recognition. You rock girl😎😎😎
    Also, before I write an obnoxiously long comment, writing about every single answer. Let’s just take a moment and appreciate the quote, ““the health is a crown on healthy people’s heads, only the sick people can see”! ”
    This has me shocked. This is truth, all the way. I need a post from you where you mention all such amazing Arabic quotes in English. Please. That’d make my day!🤩
    Since, this comment is already very long, I would like to say that I loved reading all the answers but the best one was the music one. C’mon. Baby huguette must have been adorable 🤗
    Have a great day ahead 🤗💕
    PS:- I pressed send a thousand times, so my comment may end up in the spam. I don’t know. My WiFi is the worst 😭😭

    1. 😂😂 thank you Gauri! 100 😂 OMG let’s see how many years I will stay here or months 😁
      Thank you for reading and saying all these nice words as usually (me blushing ☺️ rare scene 😂)
      Glad you loved this proverb, I share what comes first to my mind and many things are just there! Don’t know since when but will try to post more often 😊
      Hahahah I was changing all the song 😂 I think I was cute hahah 😁😁
      This WiFi is really annoying ! It took me forever to finish the post 😕😕 seems we both live in shitty countries 😸😸🤭🤭
      Thank you Gauri for the lovely support 🤗🤗💕💕

      1. Hahaha! I hope that you keep blogging forever!😊😊💕💕
        Awww! My pleasure! 💕
        Absolutely! I loved this and I am so excited to read more💕
        Aww! That must have been adorable 😊😊
        😂😂 Yeah! The common issue of “My WiFi sucks” crisis!😂😂
        The pleasure is all mine!🤗💕🤗💕

  4. As you mentioned i won’t do that.

    Indeed it took a lot of time to prepare. I could predict why you lose interest now.
    Reading your answers i should start with “Sorry” and
    Spend some quality time to do it satisfied. Thats enough 🤗 .
    And 4&5 you meditating 😂 and about looks – we have some thing in common.

    Valuable proverb to remember about Health .
    I Should watch that movie once properly😂 .
    You can try to Focus on goals .
    Loved the last quote about Past.
    Seriously? Two nominations on same day and this one 😲 from my favourite blogger. Are you kidding me with 11 questions 😂. Thank you so much for nominating me. Grateful to it Huguette. I will do it. as soon i get some good idle time will do it first thing.👍

    1. Thank you Simon for this lovely comment 😊 so glad you liked many things and we’re like-minded in some aspects 👍
      Meditation one is really hilarious 😆
      Hopefully I will focus and find out the way 😊
      And I’m usually not nominating so thank you for accepting it and no rush at all, whenever you have time 😊
      Enjoy your weekend 😊

  5. You make yourself very clear, oh yes 😊 Remember that lessons that you need to teach me eh 😉😊
    With a full time job for living, blogging day and night can be difficult after a while because becomes like a second job…same thing is happening to me. I don’t complain because I like it but I feel is too much sometimes and I need to give it a break….I’m trying during the weekend to stay away for a while…just to not have that feeling of too much work 🤪🤪
    I think every country has something beautiful, that pictures of Lebanon are stunning, Norway, Switzerland, I did not visited yet, I’ve been to Amsterdam and is beautiful…I loved the boat houses 🤪🌸
    Only 2 years old and you memorised a song which video is 22 minutes long, oh my…of course now you make yourself very clear 🤪😉
    I like Laura Pausini too 😊 first song of her that I’ve memorised when I was a child (but not 2 year old 🤪) was Strani amori 💕
    You’ve learned English without any course, I’ve learned Italian without any course, just from TV and songs 🤗😉 Not too bad….of course mine was easier but for this reason I need your help with an intensive course topics: expression 😉
    I like you YOU when you meditate, too too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think I’m the same…never tried it though 🤪🤪
    Sometimes the good looking people are the worst 😳 always need to pay attention to them🤔
    I do feel that health is the most important. If you are healthy you can do whatever you want. If you’re not, you can also have all the monies in the world and will not save you.
    I agree with Van Gogh, I cannot get tired of the blue sky either….is mesmerising me, something incredible 🤗🤗
    I’m very bad with movies, I need to start watching more movies 🤔🤪 still need to see Avengers Endgame 😱😭
    Friendship is honesty and loyalty…someone who is not honest with you definitely is not your friend…
    You’ll find your way my dear Huguette, trust me! You just need to be clear and honest with yourself 😉💕
    Oh my, I hope will not go to spam this message….I think is too long 😳😱😉
    And by the way congratulations 🤣🤣🤪🤪 💕💕🤗🤗🤗 I love your memes as always 🤣🤪 the meditating one is really hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Ohhh look at this comment 😂😂😂 didn’t go to Spam luckily hahha thank you WordPress🙏🏻
      Lesson will be given upon arrival with no delay 👩🏽‍🏫
      These days not so excited about blogging so might be bored soon I guess 🤭
      Boat houses are amazing 😊😊 lucky you!
      Yes I used to memorize everything hahah but not the 22 minutes, they repeat too much! Just the beginning I guess
      Well looking good is only a ticket but then the show can be shitty 😂
      Health is everything but people fail to notice until they’re sick unfortunately
      I love Laura Pausini and Strani amori is also a great song! And you learned Italian alone 👍 great job 😁
      Intensive course about expression is ready anytime😁😁 but after this comment, I doubt you need it 😂
      You didn’t watch Endgame yet 😱😱 you’re a hopeless case 😂
      This meditation gif made me laugh like stupid at work 😂😂 it’s so hilarious
      Thank you dear Riby for this amazing comment and exchange as usually 🤗🤗💕💕💕

      1. I’m glad it didn’t go to spam 😉 indeed thank you WordPress 😊
        Don’t get bored as is the only way we communicate, as per now 🤔😊 Don’t ever thing to give up without letting me know. Oh wait what am I saying? You cannot give up! You are too good at this! 🤗🤗💕💕
        Yes, unfortunately that was the case of my mom 😓 it was not important until she got sick 😓 better I stop… 🛑
        Oh I’m really a hopeless case, but I’m feeling that will be soon 🤪🤣
        It’s really hilarious and you can watch it over and over again and is still hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
        Is always a pleasure to read you Huguette 🤗💕🌸

      2. 😂😂 oh wait you can’t give up 😂😂
        oh no I will share an email or something I won’t disappear at all 😊 I hate people who disappear 😕
        I always say that sickness and death are my weakness, I hate to even think about them and it’s always hard to lose someone’s dear 😢 stupid life!
        You will watch it because there’s a post waiting for you so you better get hurry 😂
        Guess you’ll have some rest now and enjoy your weekend so hope it will be great 🤗🤗💕 I’ll be driving in half an hour for about 2 hours 🤗💕

      3. Oh yes, you know how many times I wanted to go back and read your post regarding Avengers? but nope…I’ll not give up now 😉🤣Oh my, be careful and enjoy your driving if I can say that 🤪 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕

      4. 😂😂 don’t read it! I said everything hahah
        I enjoyed the driving until one stupid woman ruined my day, anyway all is good hahaa 🤗🤗💕💕

      5. Oh well I can understand! It’s really a hassle and stressful! Driving here is a mess and you really need to have skills to survive sometimes 🙂

  6. Hi!! Your answers are awesome 💕.. especially the meditating one meme was funny
    I too like Switzerland…And love blue too.. 💕💕

    1. Thank you for stopping by and so glad you loved the answers 😊 this meme is hilarious! Blue and Switzerland 👌 glad to have common points 😌

  7. Hai! Didn’t talk so much lately. Guess we’re all so busy.
    Whether you like it or not, congrats. 😇
    The Netherlands. My god didn’t know it’s so pretty 😍
    I don’t think you’re fit for meditation 😂😂 that guy is my spirit best friend 😂

    Brown eyes are magnificent, even if common. 💕
    The quotes from Finding Forrester are really…deep. What genre is the movie? Action?

    Winnie the pooh! Never watched a single cartoon of his.
    Thank you for the nomination, truly! We must get you a tenth nomination ASAP. So, how was your day?

    1. Hello Nour 😊 hope you are good
      Thank you for the valuable comment and my problem is not with the word congrats it’s actually with saying it in a robotic way 😁
      Netherlands is so pretty and many other europeans countries as well
      That meditation gif is hilarious 😂 you found your spirit best friend! Great 😁
      Common is very relative, I don’t like both green and blue eyes actually 😊
      Finding Forrester is a drama about a guy that loves writing and he searches for his favorite author living in solitude and so and the movie about the many lessons and wisdom the author provides to him, very good movie!
      My pleasure you deserve the nomination 😊
      Regular working day then driving home outside the city, how about you ? Vacation time or not yet?

      1. I hate robots. Literally XD
        I like green, black and brown eyes. Not blue though.
        Va-cay time indeed. Started on 29th of may, actually. Will go to a summer club and a community service thingy soon. Was a couch potato today, to be honest XD

      2. For me it depends if the eyes are talkative or not but it’s always or black or brown for me, but I admit that green eyes are beautiful of course and so blue, objectively speaking, beauty is relative and each person sees it in their own eyes…
        Summer club sounds great, it’s okay many days we just want to chill doing nothing and after all, your time and your life and you choose to do whatever you want 👍

  8. I don’t like spam… Congratulations… So I will try not to use the ‘word’ alone … Congratulations… 😂😂😂
    Netherlands’ is on my top ones, most definitely! Beautiful country, amazing people. You just feel at home in there!
    Love your answers, and I lol with the medication one!

    1. Thank you dear Sonia 😊😊well hope I will visit Netherlands one day and appreciate your kind words and time 😊❤️
      It’s me meditating 😂

  9. Amazing answers and i enjoyed to read it. Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands , and one of them is my favourite. And blue is also my favourite. ☺One of the answer is great “health is wealth”👌. I congratulate you.👏👏👏 Your aunts song has been you remember till, that is excellent! Indeed I love your character. Have a great weekend!💙👍

    1. Thank you so much for your valuable interaction 😊 sorry but what’s your name?
      Glad to have things in common and happy you loved the post 😊
      appreciate the kind words and support 🙏🏻 hope your weekend is great as well 😊

      1. Suni Santhosh, we have some similarities 👍 your contents were presented in an influential way👌i like it! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 💙

      2. Nice to know you Suni 😊 I always do my best to present the a good content and pictures as well, so glad to have you in this community ❤

  10. You are confused?? I hope everything is fine. Enjoyed reading your post as always. That first song ( I think it’s Arabic) , loved the music.
    Very true about health. When we are not well, everything seems meaningless.
    And thank you for the nomination. Will try to answer.
    Actually I am also somewhat lost these days😂😁😀

    1. So hard to imagine me as a confused person 😁 yes I know it’s just everything is clear but I’m not brave enough to take some decisions that’s it
      Glad you loved the Arabic music, her songs are all amazing and most famous composers did the music actually, try the full version but it’s so long!
      Health is everything body and mind!
      Take your time, at least I know you read your name and accepted it so from there it’s totally up to you 😊
      Thank you for your time to read and comment as usually, I’m really grateful to have you here 🙏🏻😊💕

  11. Congratula…….just kidding. I don’t want to end up in the spam folder!! I love these posts. They always show your humor and fierce side. The past cannot be changed. No matter how hard I would like to change some things! All lessons in the end, you know? We are all learning (well, most of us are.) LOL Hope your weekend has been wonderful! &*&

    1. Someone is being naughty 🤭😂 I like you so I’m usually patient in this case hahaa no spam folder for you 😂
      Thank you Elizabeth and don’t have a problem with the word itself you know 😊 appreciate your time to read and interact as always ❤️
      I know, all what happens makes us who we are but when someone asks the question you are tempted to ask yourself: “what if” despite that we know the answer and all…
      The weekend was less than average but it passed gladly
      Hope yours was good and you’re feeling better 🤗💕

      1. Feeling much better…thank you! (I had to tease a bit with the Congratulations part!🤗💕🤗💕🤗💕)

        Yes, to ask ‘what if’ can hurt sometimes…I have done it way too many times in my life and it only causes me pain. I try to look back on things now as they are, fixed. I cannot change what is fixed but I can work on what is present.
        Great post! Hope your week is better than average! 🤗💕🤗💕🤗💕

      2. 😁😁 okay noted then but be aware of me teasing you back 🤗🤗
        We can work on the present moment only, all of us! and we need to fight everything else
        Have a great day ahead and glad to know you’re feeling much better 🤗🤗💕💕🐡🐡🐡

  12. You deserve all the awards dear ❤ from your answers one can know that you are a beautiful soul =) eh w ana kamena lebnen mish my fav country, sayr ktter beche3 w nehna ka sha3ab sayrin 3a absha3. Warda used to be my father’s favorite signer so I grew up on her voice, such beautiful voice she has, may her soul rest in peace. Good movies choices btw

    1. Thank you Nadine for stopping by and the lovely comment as usually ❤ 3anjad ana bel nesbi la eli khalas balad…men el ekhir bass ma b7eb dal e7ki bl mawdou3 eddem el ajeneb hahah 2reft rasmi! Warda betjannen, such a loss! Thank you dear Nadine w nshallah enti mniha b hal balad?

      1. You’re such a lovely, wonderful person =) Sawt warda ma byet3awad ma ra7 yiji metla.
        Ma3ek ha2 2refna. Ba3dna 3eyshin still searching for a job 😀

  13. Good evening, Congratulations, another award:), didnt dropped wrote it with love❤️😁i can tell that you are spending a lot of time on it, i’m spending less and less, soon i will make kindness award, i haven’t forgot:), Lebanon looks beautiful, saw pictures on other post of yours:), looking good well i think is depend, hygiene is more important for sure:), finally you decided to nominate hehe:), have a great week!!! hugs, good to stop by:)!!!

    1. Good morning Ilona, hope you’re having a good day 😁 Sorry was sleeping yesterday, appreciate your time to read and interact as usually 😁 I know it’s not dropped, not from you certainly ❤
      Don’t worry, take all the time needed, I just make sure the blogger saw it, accepted it or rejected it and then it’s up to them 😊
      Yes we have beautiful country but lot of problems especially economic ones…conflicts and chaos so I dream to live in a respectful country where laws are applied and so…
      Hygiene is major yes but I won’t pretend I don’t like good looks, but as I explained the character comes first but I never saw someone opens their doors to a person that looks so bad and their hygiene is compromised, I’m being realistic here…But a great look person, can be a total jerk, that’s for sure 🙂
      Yes these folks look serious and I decided to nominate them for now, hope I won’t regret haha 😊 have a great day as well and week 🤗🤗

      1. Thank you Huguette, just met someone from word press today😁😁I think you know already who is this person, but lets keep it a secret!!!😁He will share after😁

      2. Yes!!!🤗very nice and warm person, a bit stressful after such a long trip no sleep and no food😁🤗she said you told him to dont blog on his holiday😁😁

      3. I already left, but i will show him around tomorrow so i will have a chance to say😁🤗

      1. As i saw not many people putting here real names I decided to change my family name, some bloggers also found my mum on facebook and i was asking her what is ilona’s facebook, i dont have one, so she had to change her facebook name as well like this no one will bother her😂😂

      2. I dont know but some bloggers using all the social media somehow they have time to blog to search and to chat😁😁

      3. Now i know why not many people putting their real details on the media life😁

  14. They tapped my name so they found my mum, as she had some pictures with me they probably thought it was me, but after a while they have noticed, that is not me😁 because the first name is different, some people have a lot of free time😁

  15. You gave me an idea about a movie to watch I didn’t watch: Finding forrester ! I love shawshanak redeption ❤ Morgran freeman is just a brilliante actor ❤ and the movie is a masterpiece !
    Huguette my dear actually Warda is an Algerian singer , who got married to an egyptian, and she spent most of her life there , till she died , I love her too , especially her voice ❤
    Thank you for nominating me ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxo

    1. Yes yes! How I missed that! It’s her name”warda al jaza2iriya” I will fix that 🙂 and I saw your post and left you a comment, I was surprised that you didn’t comment or said anything haha
      Thank you dear for stopping by and you will love Finding Forrester! Morgan Freeman is really a legend!
      Have a great day my dearest ❤ ❤

  16. I don’t remember watching “Finding Forrester”, although I feel I should have. I just watched the trailer and it looks good, so I will add it to my list.

  17. Yes, it is not rated as highly as I would have thought.

    It reminded me of a time when I was at school and a history teacher implied that I must have somehow cheated in an exam to attain such a high score. My previous results in history were not particularly good, but when we covered Stone Age history I excelled, because I had been involved in archaeological digs at weekends for some time.

    I pointed this out to my accuser and told her to speak to another teacher at the school, who was often present at digs, who would confirm I was knowledgeable about the Stone Age and archaeology. I don’t remember getting an apology.

    1. Yes that’s why I’m saying it’s underestimated
      Interesting story! Some people don’t know how to apologize I guess and they think they’re too important to. Injustice for me and false accusation are the worse!

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