Facts vs. Perspectives

Nothing is annoying more than the people who think they are right and you are wrong! They don’t accept the other point of views and perspectives; moreover they fail to distinguish pure facts from perspectives, which is extremely annoying and immature and make their lives and other lives harder!


I’m sure you know that many things are just perspectives; right and wrong are very relative.
What you think it’s wrong, many people practice it on daily basis and they’re okay with it.
What you consider right, many consider wrong and taboo!
Well each person will adopt what’s convenient for them if we’ll assume they have a choice to!

Most rules are adopted and considered as sacred without questioning or thinking or trying to change them, this is another subject and this is another story!

But when we say that every day there’s a child or more dying from famine. It’s a pure fact so you can’t just protest and feel offended.
We don’t wish it’s the case? Yes of course but it’s happening!
Remember this next time you throw your food and waste your water.

In some countries the raped woman is forced to marry her rapist? Oh yes so hard but pure fact!
Article 522 from the Lebanese Penal law was stating that if the rapist married the woman he raped, so no sanction! This article was cancelled just 2 years ago after lot of pressure from the NGOs and human rights activists.

In some countries the raped woman is forced to marry her rapist? Oh yes so hard but pure fact!

In some countries women are forced to get married at age of 13 and sometimes less. Very hard indeed and you can get angry but you can’t say it’s just a perspective!

Women and children abuse that happen on daily basis?
Well Google it! Even though not everything can be found on Google dears!

It happened that some people didn’t like the fact that the women situation is awful in some countries; they were pissed from a pure fact! It’s one of the examples I faced here of not being able to tell facts from perspectives. Will not mention the many others! 

You’re so awesome and cool? It’s a perspective, some people think you’re less than average so take a chill pill and relax!

Yellow is better than blue, and green is better than black…different point so views and preferences. No right and wrong.

Child abuse is good? Wrong!
It’s bad even you’re sick enough to like it! Will always be wrong!

Some fellow blogger considered what I went through as a child “not that hard” she didn’t think it’s important, after she made some silly comment on one of my most important posts! And then spoke to me on social media, my answer was “perspective” I didn’t want to be rude or make a fight! Because no, belittling other’s pain is not a perspective! And it was my last answer ever!
She said she didn’t mean anything!  But it was too late!
She wanted them to flay me alive and drink my blood probably!

The posts I’m referring to:

Belittling other’s pain is the worst quality ever! Especially when these people nag the entire time about being hurt (now we know that they’re just pretending!) So your pain only matters huh?
Anyway double standards are the new trend nowadays!

Back to our blogging world and facts vs. perspectives

Your blog is perfect? Oh no dear, it depends, some think it is and some think it’s a pile of trash (It’s applicable on my blog as well).
But you’re free? Oh yes you are that’s for sure! Each person is free to do what they want even if they’ll stand alone: pure fact!

But please don’t force people to like you and then analyze their attitude: they’re jealous of me, this is why they don’t like me: pure insecurities. Relax! It’s so arrogant to assume that each person that doesn’t like you is a hater or jealous, unless you’re seeking minions, oh they are plenty, you can just sneeze and they will cheer for you enthusiastically, they will never give you a constructive advice and they won’t care if you’re not respecting them! This is doesn’t deny the fact that many are jealous and hateful as well, so it can be the case sometimes yes. But not all the times!

You don’t care? Cool! Then don’t be pissed that many don’t like your content…

Many bloggers don’t respect their readers, they just throw any shit because they have some to applause the entire time, they are more spamming than blogging. I should respect them?
Well they should respect them first right?
Perspective again, some might think they’re gorgeous! I think they’re not!
So this perspective game goes both ways.

I’m new in this blogging world, when something annoys me, I immediately unfollow, I don’t blink.
I don’t want people to cheer and applause I need people to read, and to give a constructive feedback, I seek quality as I always did in everything I do in life not quantity, so now you probably understand why I’m not interested in many followers, in many comments… in many blind likes.
Even if my site is monetized, it will always be a hobby, I have a real job and this is something I enjoy doing: pure fact here folks.
It’s not like WordPress is paying me billions for blogging, it’s not enough to buy a coffee. Pure fact here folks.

We can go on forever with this subject and still there will always be people who confuse facts with perspectives.

Brown hair is beautiful: Perspective
I’m now sitting in a chair and typing: pure fact.

I don’t allow myself to criticize anyone or belittle them, this is just my point of view given in general and after monitoring many sites and reading many comments!!
And unless I’m asked, it’s not my call to judge anyone’s work.
Sometimes even if I’m asked, I don’t give my opinion because only few people can handle the truth or honesty at least since the truth is relative as we all know.
I can simply retreat and this is what I’m doing.

But hope many people will do some self-criticize, so they can distinguish before from after, and will not be too proud to work harder and improve before wondering why they’re not having much attention or respect.

I hope you’ll be able to distinguish pure facts from perspectives here and in your life as well.

Thank you for reading. Appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this matter.

Huguette Antoun – July 2nd 2019

107 thoughts on “Facts vs. Perspectives

  1. I agree with you. There are many people who think that their opinions or advices matter the most but they don’t. No ones opinions matter. Facts vs Perspectives is a good idea for a blog though. Please try to do more on this subject or related things. 😀💙

    1. Thank you Sid for reading and for the nice interaction 😊 There are plenty of examples, be my guest if you want to give some and will try to rise this subject again if I felt I’m not repeating myself 😊

      1. The first example I would give is myself. I literally barge into all conversations , It’s a little less now but still I sort of hate myself for it. 😅

  2. Facts are statements of truth and you can have an opinion but it changes nothing about that fact. Everyone’s viewpoint is valid to them so people shouldn’t belittle anyone for their opinions, we are all entitled to them. Great blog. Xx

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it
      yes exactly your opinion doesn’t change the fact
      Glad you loved it 🙂

  3. wow! what a great and eye opening post! What i like most here is that you do so much of research,fact-finding exercises and go in depth of the matter you are narrating.To cut it short,you put your heart and mind in every post you write and take somuch of hard work.

    Great job,Hug! Keep sharing such post in future!

    1. Thank you Ravi so much for these uplifting and encouraging words! I do appreciate them a lot! I do my best to share a good post and I’m so happy you liked it 🙂
      There’s something weird, when I click your site from a PC it gives me the below:

      ravisingh97.wordpress.com is no longer available.
      The authors have deleted this site.
      only from PC, it works from mobile

      1. My pleasure,Hug!

        You please open my official site ravisingh.blog and pl tell me if you findinimg difficulties in opening it.

      2. this official site is good but I can’t type this each time I need to open it, I click your name and it should take me there, now I clicked your name and it’s also not available so I don’t know which settings you need to change

  4. That’s so true!! You write because that’s your passion. You do everything because that matters to you! But people have their opinions. But we also have 2 ears, listen from one and let it go from another😂😉

  5. Well my dear it was a long and worthy post ❤
    I will start from the beginning , Criticism is the basis of any success in my opinion, we learn when we accept the opinions of others. No one is perfect and no one will be perfect it is a timeless fact
    As you said so well, we must not confuse what is a real fact and what is a point of view. Famine , Rape ,Child abuse …are just awful things and sad realities that can’t be hidden or just say that they remain a subjective fact ,everyone is involved and must feel the obligation to react or to do something against it !
    I do love my blog and the followers that I have , and appreciate all their reactions on my blog , I feel so lucky and honored when a follower read any post of my blog especially if he/ she love the content , and of course I enjoy more when my work is critisized , because it gives The willingness to do more and give the best of me .
    I also love and pay attention to my followers’s blog and give them As much as I can of feedback and support them , because I do believe that each blog is unique and special. Everyone has something to say and we must all value other’s opinion
    Have a smooth evening Huguette ❤

    1. Thank you my dearest for your valuable contribution ❤ it’s always good to be willing to listen and improve, no shame of that and yes opinions are allowed but not to be considered as ultimate truth…you are certainly a very respectful blogger, you work so hard and you appreciate the other bloggers and your readers as well…
      Of course I know each blog is unique and special but some behaviors and things from my perspective are not really comfortable but as I said, for me it’s easy, I retreat…
      Have a great evening as well and hope it’s a bit cooler 😊 💕

      1. Thank you my dear for your lovely words ❤ I do understand your feeling , Sometimes I just say sortunately there is the unfollow button 😂
        Hope you’re having a good day ❤

      2. Oh yes we are lucky to have this button 😂 it’s always a great pleasure and hope you’re good and all is well ❤ 😊

  6. A very relatable post.
    Social cognition is our ability to understand other people.
    Perspective taking relies not only upon our ability to share our emotions with others, but also upon our capacity to regulate our own emotions. To be effective with others, we must be aware of what might trigger us so we can quickly refocus ourselves on what is happening with the other person. When it comes to empathy, the point is not to ask ourselves what we would do in any given situation, it’s to try and understand what another would do. Some people are just so egocentric that they think they’re always right, and the reason why I said your post is relatable is because I have unfortunately stumbled upon these people all my life. Everybody is allowed to have opinions.
    A genuine person is one who has the confidence to believe in himself, while having an equally strong ability to appreciate and accept other people’s beliefs. And this only happens when we are sensible enough to stop being so selfish and self-centred.

    1. Are you sure your 14 Saania ?? 🙄😂
      Anyway happy birthday since you didn’t reply my comment on your birthday post birthday 🎁 🎂 😊😊 wish you many years to come full of joy and success 🎈🎉
      Thank you for this valuable and deep interaction, it’s an addition to the post and a great value!
      The world is full of these people and we must do our best to not be one of them
      Loved the definition you gave as well for empathy, it’s too bad many lack it these days
      Appreciate your time and this very precious contribution 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

      1. Yes, 15 now! 🤗
        I’m so sorry, so many comments kept coming that I didn’t get the time to respond. My sincere apologies 🙈
        Anyways, it’s always a pleasure to read your meaningful posts and so I find the time to comment on them. Yes, unfortunately people like these do exist, but it’s in our hands not to become like them.
        Waiting for more from you, and have a lovely week ahead!

      2. 15 🤔🤔🤔 still so young 😂😂
        No problem and hope you had a great birthday 😊
        Appreciate your kind words and have a great week as well 😊

  7. Absolutely!!
    Many people just think that the other’s opinion or advice is useless..They treat others as inferior….we should also listen to other’s opinions too…maybe that works!
    Really Rape, domestic violence, famine, child absue are very bitter truth of today’s world.
    Very nicely narrated…… Really loved your content.
    Have a great evening dear Huguette ❤️💕

    1. Thank you Jyoti for reading and for this lovely interaction 😊
      So glad you loved it 🙏🏻😊
      Have a great evening as well 💕💕

  8. Forcing young girls to be women—to be sexual before they are emotionally ready…for “their own good”. Breaks my heart. Fact. How many generations will it take to stop such madness?

      1. At thirteen? It’s still a dream—“what is he going to be like?” All the fantasy—you know—sweet stuff. Normal healthy dreams. Why cut those dreams short? Why not let them flourish—afraid of promiscuity? We SHOULD be afraid of promiscuous sexual behavior…ask me how I know 😉

      2. in my opinion they are children, even at 16 and 17 ,they are still children and need to be well prepared and well educated… dreams are always different, and promiscuity is also lack of education…when we give the children healthy education and healthy life, everything will happen at its right time

      3. Ha! I think in the past parents tried—but then it really got messed up! Temple priestesses. I vote for sex education by the sacred temple priestesses.

  9. This is very good content. Your opinion and point of view is very correct Huguette, but nothing happens! We can accept the others point of view but sometimes it is difficult! Certainly most of them adopt wrong. But the most worst situation is being forced to marry a rapist. Law in India not allow the girls under 18 years cannot marry. I cannot say anything about child abuse. This happens Every where ! I cant forget about this topic!👌💙

    1. Thank you Suni for taking time to read and for this valuable interaction 🙂 yes sometimes it’s difficult this is why we get along with people more than others, we have friends, close friends, simple acquaintances….but at the end, we must respect at least even if we cannot accept
      child abuse is the biggest disaster in my opinion, rape, minors marriage… too much agony in this world!
      appreciate your kind words ❤

  10. Good evening, yes we are people with different opinions and different poiny of few. Still hard to understand how today people die from hunger, we have so much food, even wasting it. And other part of the world dont have one little chicken nugget, sad. I heard that in Thailand parents selling daughters virginity, and some tourist comes dare just to fuck very youg girls. Everybody knows and no change happening, so to married own rapiest even more crazy.

    1. Good evening Ilona and thank you for taking time to read and comment 🙂 hard but happening and also because of wars! now in Yemen the war victims are the children mostly, they are dying from hunger….too bad also the Thailand thing, it’s disgusting really how people can do that! this world needs to be burned for good!
      appreciate your interaction 🙂

  11. About blogging yes, experience it myself, everyone are unique and things differently, some bloggers keep tryong to prove they truth, but they forget that i have my own truth, my own opinion and my own point of view, not enough for coffee for sure, but some people seek followers, others likes, some of them hopping to make millions, some just have no idea what they are doing😁🤣

    1. yes each blogger wants something different so we might choose what suits us otherwise we just retreat as I’m doing, I ranted enough and talked enough, some people just don’t read and I don’t want them in my platform as I don’t want them to even read my content…
      Appreciate your contribution and wish you a good night 🙂

  12. Wow, I am really glad that I am on blog today, because these words- all of them- was worth reading. You are a wordsmith❤️And it that way you manage to write about everything. Everything what life is… evil, bad- good, kind… And.. no, I am gonna cry, because of my life experience… and what I work with.
    Huguette, I love this.. I will never forget❤️
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you dear Lillian for this heartwarming message ❤ I’m so glad that my words can reach you but I’m sad that they’re making you cry or strikes a chord…so my apologies for that!
      This life is full of agony and pain but we can still choose to be happy like you did ❤
      Have a great night and appreciate your time to read and interact ❤

      1. It is always my pleasure to read your wirds Huguette❤️and my tears are because I am so sensitive and fragile and
        vulnerable. So no need to apologies my friend. I still working on my past and go further.
        Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I choose happiness, but sometimes I have to deal with darkness…
        I hope you are well, and good night my friend❤️

      2. Yes I know what you mean, we are in constant battle with our demons and darkness…Have a great day ahead and it’s always a pleasure interacting with you ❤

  13. What wise words Huguette! Really applaud your boldness and honesty. It takes courage to point out what’s wrong when everyone believes that it is right. Hadn’t read your story, so just did. It is tale of strength, so be proud. I also stayed in a boarding school when i was young and experienced pain that others can not understand. Lovely quotes 👏 and agree with you on the subject of religion. All we need is spirituality. Religions divide like nothing else in the world. Dogma and the need to be right kills the very essence of religious teachings. Keep inspiring darling. I am a big fan🤗❤

    1. Thank you JJ for reading and for this lovely interaction, I do appreciate it a lot!
      my honesty is not compromised and I say the things I believe in just as is so I’m glad that some appreciate this and respect it
      thank you for reading my other posts and sharing your experience and for your empathy ❤ You said it right, religions divide like nothing else in the world! It’s really too bad! wasn’t God intention I’m sure, all the horror that is happening in his name!
      Thank you for the encouraging and uplifting words ❤ Have a great day 🙂

  14. First of all what RIGHT means? Of course that what I’m thinking is right, it may sound silly to others, but doesn’t mean that me or them are wrong. If I can choose what is right for me, it may not work for others, but again, doesn’t mean is wrong.
    Unfortunately the famine is a very sad fact, and yes, we should remember it when we throw our food or waste our water, which I’m always careful do not do it.
    Also the fact that raped women are forced to marry their rapist or very young girls are forced to get married, are sad facts that prove how disgusting people can be, even if we like it or not.
    I don’t think I’m awesome or cool but I’m fine and it’s a fact 😉 Others probably even don’t consider me but I don’t try to impress anyone. I’m pretty happy with myself. I try to live my life not others life.
    Who are we to judge the others? Or say: oh but my pain is bigger than yours? Really? How can you say that? Based on what? Really?
    My blog it may not be perfect but it is mine and I’m happy with it. And definitely I will not try to force anyone to like it! Of course there are people out there that prefer being assholes and negative in their life. That kind of people will definitely not like my blog 🤪

    1. Thank you dear Riby for this valuable and rich interaction 🙂 you’re awesome and cool by the way 😀 😀
      This is what I’m saying, we are whom we are and we have certain way to blog and act, some people like it and some don’t, it’s a perspective, this is why in life we get along with people more than others, we have friends, we have best friends and we have acquaintances,…We choose the people that are the closest to our perspectives…But with the respect of all the others, respect doesn’t mean accept of course…
      For an example how can I be friends with someone that believes that their pain matters while other’s pain is shitty? or someone that doesn’t understand at all what you speak 90% of the time…etc…
      and about your blog, it’s a great blog and my message from this post wasn’t certainly about such blogs, it was beyond this but again it’s a perspective 😉 There will always be people who hate and act in a negative way even if we are perfect, it’s totally a different topic and we shouldn’t be affected at all 🙂
      have a great day and happy blogging 😀

      1. Me? Awesome and cool 😎? If you say so 🤪 😆🤣
        You said it right: we are whom we are not whom the others want us to be! We have our perspectives and opinions, because we are whom we are! The others may agree or not! Respect means that we respect the others opinions even if ours maybe is different! Respect is also called maturity sometimes 🙄 which I’ve noticed is missing to a lot 😲
        The simple fact that someone can believe his pain matters most than others is shitty! 😐😐
        But this is my perspective 😉
        Yes, will always be negative people and I will always try to stay away from them! I’ve told you that I’m better with dogs 🐶 😉
        Thank you always for your kind and lovely words!
        HAPPY BLOGGING dear Huguette! Have a wonderful and positive day 🤗🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸🌸

      2. YES do you have any doubt??😎😎
        as you said respect is maturity and they’re both missing nowadays!
        Nope, thinking that someone that belittles other’s pain is shitty is not perspective, it’s a true fact, because it’s not human and it’s wrong!
        Dogs are better that’s for sure 😎
        Have a great and wonderful day as well 🤗🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕🌸🌸

      3. Well, sometimes 🙄🤪
        Yes, unfortunately I noticed that are missing 😐 Bad people 😞😲 wake up you out there!

  15. Good topic Huguette
    This is the main cause of most of problems in relationships and everywhere. . Different perspectives. Some people just can’t accept anything that is not good in their eyes. People are different so does their habits and perspectives. We should respect others’ opinions too.
    Regarding blogging, there are very few people who actually read your content. Others just want to get attention And that’s very annoying..

    1. Thank you dear Sohanpreet for this addition to my post! You’re right many just want attention and I really fed up writing about these people that are here to have attention and to say any bullshit! But eventually everybody will notice them and they will ignore them!
      Billions of people and we still think in a very limited way…the more we know and educate ourselves, the more we discover how ignorant we are, but some people claim they know everything even though they don’t even know their-selves! Too bad
      Appreciate your time to read and interact ❤

  16. Hello Hug! As per advice from wordpress-my website has been directed to ravisingh68.wordpress.com. so,kindly enter this web address to visit my blog.
    your confirmation that you are now not facing any problem will be appreciated.

      1. Thank you Nour 😊 when I write it this way it’s working but can’t do that the entire time, I’m clicking his name and site and the message is not available
        It’s something in settings that’s it

  17. You know! changing the world is not easy, but if there is one thing you have an impact on, it is yourself! you know yourself, and you evaluate yourself all the time, it’s a good thing. Above all, we do things out of love and with love, we express what we also feel, in positive and negative.
    To abandon oneself to the exclusive satisfaction of the needs of others disturbs us as people, erases us and drains us until we are empty of motivation, hope and identity. When this happens, the first thing you experience is deep physical fatigue and a dense mental fog…
    Keep doing what you love, because you do it so well….

    1. Thank you Sofiane for this addition to my post, I appreciate your wise words and your encouragement and kindness as well 🙏🏻
      We should always start from ourselves that’s for sure and the main work is there actually
      Appreciate your time to read and interact 🙂

  18. You are right! What i feel right is not right for others because their ancestors said it is not 🤔 Did they ? And that FAMINE pictures heart breaking 💔 Wonder where their govt is. Please be open with the facts, we cant encourage perspectives right, Ofcourse people have different opinions and nothing wrong in sharing ours. Belittling is serious, i see people exaggerate silly stuff comparing with others and tats a worst quality. People should welcome honest reviews, they dont have a spine to face truth and tats sad. Agree!.Bloggers throwing shits,🤔 someone mustve disturbed you. Im sure they’ll face the Karma. Respect is earned only by giving. It doesnt come for free. You DID delivered pure Facts ! Thats a good quote by Irvin Himmel. You chose a great Topic and great delivery, i felt like im gng out of topic and then im back in line. Thanks you did link to us to four old fantabulous blogs. Its a great motivation. I did shared what i felt there. Great Job ✨👏 Huguette. Worth my time. And thats the thing i like most from you.

    1. Well These posts are worthy when bloggers like yourself read them and contribute with such words 🙏🏻 this is why I blog actually and thank you for your valuable time dear Simon 😊 glad you believe it’s worth it 🙏🏻
      Lot of misunderstandings and lot of disrespect in this world, I hope people will do better than that!
      You’re right Karma always strikes fortunately and now I’m able to spot these fake bloggers so they are the losers
      Again appreciate this valuable interaction and your valuable time 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

      1. Thanks for your time. Glad you read all of my comments. And Love this motivation and interaction🤗✨ Let,’s Hope people will do better at whatever they do.

  19. I have a problem when reading your posts. A serious problem. I get so worked up I’ll be getting a heart attack soon XD
    It’s like when you exclaim and stuff I want to shout to the whole wide world, “SEE! THIS IS CONTENT! READ!”

    For the record, brown hair is magnificent! Just saying. And this post defines this problem perfectly! Just because I do not suffer as much as other people do, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be taken seriously. And just because you’re not experiencing what other people are (ex: rape, abuse etc.) doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen; it just means you’re lucky. I hate when people say we’ve passed the era of forced marriages because we truly didn’t. It happens time and time again but we are UNAWARE. And that what might become our salvation: awareness.

    But here is a pure fact: you’re a very passionate blogger and just as awesome. I like people who tell others to ‘piss off’. I truly do.

    1. 😁😁😁 so humbled dear Nour to read such words from a very talented writer like yourself 🙏🏻😊
      I feel proud when you feel this way (not getting a heart attack 😂shouting about my content!)
      Brown hair is magnificent indeed but still a perspective 😁
      Unfortunately people speaking any bullshit, nowadays people are selling their daughters! Upon Syria war it’s happening the entire time, the forced prostitution,… what to say, it’s so ugly!! Forced marriage is a luxury!
      I’m really humbled by considering me this way , it means a lot to me! And yes I don’t blink when I send people to hell 😁 🤭🤭
      Thank you dear 😊💕💕🙏🏻

      1. Awww!
        When I mentioned that I imagined a scene from Tarazan 😂😂😂😂
        And uh-huh not the heart attack part huh? sing songs I smell lies!

        I wonder how humans can do that and sleep at night…
        😂😂😂😂 yeah I kind of realized that…eventually

  20. “Not that hard”

    I think it is ignorant and arrogant whenever someone trivialises someone else’s experiences or problems.

    1. Thank you Ronnie! I thought that too and I just retreated
      moreover I believe these people are dangerously sick and I’m no therapist

  21. Great post Hug! I totally agree on this post. A lot of people judge base on rumors and one-sided stories, often failing to see that there’s side in a coin.
    I know it happens, I also know that there are places where when a woman gets raped, she’s the one who gets punished. I’m happy to know that Lebanese change article 522 because that’s just unfair!
    “…only few people can handle the truth or honesty…” I strongly agree, I actually agree to everything you wrote, love the quotes and I’m starting to feel like an idiot who keeps nodding while reading your post… 😌

    1. I imagined you nodding all over the post 😂 so it was that good huh?? Hahha thank you Jess, appreciate your contribution and the addition to my post 🙏🏻
      People claim they need honesty and then they are offended when you tell them the truth about the trivial things! Double standards and hypocrisy 😕

      1. Yes, it was that good and I practically got nothing more to add. Haha 😀
        I hate double standards and hypocrisy the most, and do my best not to wind up there. I’m not perfect so there were times when I found myself there and man, how guilty and sorry I felt. Which is why I always encourage close friends and family to scold me if I end up saying or doing something that put me in that light so it never happens again.

      2. Thank you Jess 😊 nobody’s perfect and we can all fall some days but the fact that we realize and stop is a sign that we just mistaken and we can always get better

  22. As always Huguette, an A+++ content again. Every time I meet those kind of people, my brain’s automatic response is to ignore what are they saying. People that are never open, people that only talks and don’t listen, people that thinks that their opinions are the only ones that matter – Oh please spare them away from me. I don’t want to lose respect to humanity, but they are really trying me.

    When I got married, there I learn to really respect opinions, habits, beliefs of people from other culture. You are on point on that, to some what we are doing are taboo to us they are normal. My husband is Orthodox and I am Roman Catholic. My husband is Romanian and I am Filipino. If both of us don’t respect each other’s opinion and beliefs we have been probably separated for a long long time. 🙂

    The thing that rapist needs to marry his victim. For me that’s taboo. For me that’s an overkill of women’s abuse. He raped you once, then he will rape you over and over again once you two got married. My understanding of rape is forcing somebody to have sex with you. So even a married woman can be raped by her own husband. What a relief that law is abolished.

    Sorry Huguette I am really nosy so I will go and check your old blog post. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much AL for all these heartwarming and kind words! I’m always humbled when reading such appreciation 🙂
      I understand what you mean and these people are everywhere! Nobody wants to start from their selves actually and this is too bad! Glad you and your husband are managing and there’s a mutual respect ruling the relationship, otherwise it will be a big problem
      I agree of course that it’s a rape even after marriage, I gave the example because it’s a disaster actually!
      And I feel honored when you check older posts, you don’t need to say sorry at all 🙂 I’m taking lot of your time by reading my posts and leaving valuable comments 🙂 Thank you so much 🙏😊

      1. I love reading older posts. I always want to be updated. You know me, I don’t want to miss a thing from Huguette’s world 🙂 You have a good night or good morning not sure of your time zone there.

      2. Good morning dear AL 🙂 it was almost a midnight, we have around 8 hours difference, now it 10:25 AM
        Your support means a lot to me so thank you so much 😊😊

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