Liebster Blogger Award – Second Nomination

When I was nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award, I checked to see which nomination is that, and it was only the second nomination, so I was like: only second? You can do better dear bloggers! Oh well, it’s a joke 😁😁

I was nominated by Jyoti for this award. 😊
Jyoti is a young girl from India and she’s so proud, she’s honest and straightforward, she reads and interacts on other’s blog posts.
There was some misunderstanding after she ignored a comment that went to SPAM, and I loved her attitude, so let’s say she earned a second chance from the short-tempered person that I am! 😎
She has two mice, named Chunnu and Munnu. Reason why I’ll never visit I guess 😆
Thank you Jyoti for this kind nomination 😊

What is the Liebster Prize?

The Liebster Prize is an award that exists only on the Internet and is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers. The first case of the award goes back to 2011. Liebster in German means sweet, kind, dear, charming, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. It really is an excellent way to meet other bloggers and gain more visibility in the community.

There are some simple rules to follow:
Add a link to the Official Liebster Award page in your blog post the Global aussie:

Rules: (these rules keep changing! 11 facts and 11 questions? You don’t need to do a DNA test as well??) 😎 😎

  1. Say ‘Thank you’ to the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.
  5. Ask 11questions to your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about me! Dear bloggers I guess I have to repeat because I don’t want to reach a point where you know what my socks color is! Just saying 😎

😆 😆
  1. Honest and I hate liars.
  2. I always keep my promises.
  3. My horoscope is Virgo, born on September 2nd.
  4. Brown hair, brown eyes.
  5. Law graduated but working in post-production field.
  6. Only daughter, I have 3 brothers.
  7. I hate slow drivers so much! And I drive the way I want and I pay my speed tickets gladly
  8. I’m 168CM tall.
  9. I have a very wide imagination reason why I don’t like horror movies.
  10. I’m a passionate person.
  11. I’m a wine lover.

Jyoti Questions and relative answers:

1- Three things which you hate about yourself
I love myself just the way I am with my perfections and flaws.
When I make a mistake, I admit I’m wrong and try to learn and improve and for sure I’m not perfect but I believe we are as special as our fingerprints.

2- Three things which you love about yourself the most
My honesty, generosity and loyalty.

3- Which is your favorite book?
The Broken Wings – Gibran Khalil Gibran

4- Do you have phobia of anything?
No, my friends think I’m not human, nothing scares me.

5- What are 3 things which you wanted to try in your life once?
If the question what I wanted and I didn’t, I wanted to learn Martial Arts (loved Bruce Lee so much), and play music but didn’t have a chance due to the bad financial circumstances, and now I want to travel the world, hopefully I’ll be able to.

6- What is your weakness?
Sickness and death.

7- What will be your reaction when you find someone using your mobile phone without your permission?
WTF you’re doing? My first reaction, assuming they could skip the fingerprint and the password of course.

8- What was your most embarrassing moment?
I don’t like to mention the most embarrassing one but will mention one anyway: when I fell down on my graduation date and almost made the person in front of me in the line also fall because I touched their graduation robe while falling.
It was so embarrassing and my face turned to black 😂

9- If only 24 hours of your life is left what you will like to do?
Celebrating! Just after I make sure to inform the Organ donation institution since I have an organ donor card and I want to donate all my body organs.

10- Do you hate your relatives?
I just want some of them away from me, I don’t do “hate” it requires lot of negative energy, I just forget they exist if they hurt me and if they didn’t, I like to see them in special occasions which is more than enough.

11- If any one super power is given to you which you would like to take?
Being invisible, I have many plans in my head   😎

No Questions and No Nominees

Thank you for reading, your thoughts are always welcome 😊

Huguette Antoun – July 3rd 2019

98 thoughts on “Liebster Blogger Award – Second Nomination

  1. Only second? Oh common now…🤣🤣
    So, you are not scared of anything but since Jyoti has 2 mice, you would never visit her 😉🤣🤣
    What colours have your socks? Just simple curiosity 😉🤪
    168CM tall, oh well, this is good 😉 I never would have think to say it 🤪😉 You do have a great imagination 😉🤪
    Need for speed people 😉😉😉 Be aware 🤪🤪🤪 Huguette is coming 🤣😉
    I love that place of wine tasting, is so characteristic 😉 and it has so many wines 🤪🤪
    “I believe we are as special as our fingerprints” I love it 💕💕 what a talent you are! 🤗🤗
    I’m so grateful to know you. It is so difficult to find honest, loyal and generous people nowadays! 🤗🤗🤗
    Martial Arts? I was fascinated for a period too 😊 I had one colleague in school when I was little and I admired her so much, she was so good in Martial Art…but yes, for different reasons I never did it…Travelling around the world! Soon my dear! Never give up! In the end I’m sure we’ll make it to become a tourist forever 😉🤗🤗
    I don’t want to talk about weakness, too sad ☹️ Hope that will never happen!
    I think it was embarrassing but also funny 😁 😂
    Organ donor card, congratulations dear Huguette! We should all follow your example! 🤗🤗
    Relatives? yes, better to don’t see them too often….reason for which I’m at more that 10,000km away 🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪
    Being invisible….oh wow….I’m scared already of your plans 🤪🤪🤪
    And last but not least CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 You did it! 🤪🤪🤪

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 yes I’m so weak only second!
      That was a joke of course, because I don’t like the way the mice and rats look, they disgust me but I can chase them if needed 😂 I chased a snake once so the mice is a piece of cake 😂
      today no socks, black sandal! 😂
      Well yes I do imagine things and stories and sometimes it’s tiring to me, this is why I write!
      I remember you’re almost the same height🤔
      I really appreciate your kind and appreciation words so much and I’m also grateful to know you 🤗🤗 told you I have the dog characteristics 😁
      I used to love Bruce Lee and had a book and used to train alone hahaa oh well, it wasn’t meant to be, each one for different reason 🙂
      Let’s hope someone will show up and say: here’s a million dollars, go and travel the world 🤣
      Yes why I need this body after death, hope some people will benefit from it in a way….
      hahahah 10’000 is a very long ans safe distance 😁 😂
      I’ll be very naughty if invisible 😁 that’s for sure
      Thank you dear Riby as usually I so enjoy the interaction and exchange as well! Now you’re sleeping I guess so good night 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕💕

      1. Good morning my dear, chased a snake? OMG 😮 really nothing scares you 😉😊 I thought no socks as probably is too hot 😉😊
        A creative mind always need to find a relief 😉
        I did write it? Oh my…then I think I’m starting loosing my mind 🤪…I’m starting forgetting a lot of things lately 🤔🤔 but anyway I’m a shorter nut 😆🤣 Yeah, I think is your dog characteristics that I like 🤣🤪😄
        I hope that will happen as I really need that money and soon 🤣😉
        Really a good choice! I think I’m too scared to think of it and I avoid it but definitely would like to do it too…if someone else can benefit why not?
        Yes, yes, I like to keep the safe distance, so no surprises 🤣🤪
        Is always a pleasure to read you! You are sleeping right now but soon will start a new day 😉 Wish you a wonderful and happy day 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕🌸🌸

      2. Good morning to you 😊 yes as long as I can see it, I will handle it 😁 I hate things that hide and stuff
        Yes you mentioned it in some comment, sure you won’t remember all these things 😁so it means I’m right 😊
        🐕 🐶 😂
        Scared of what? You’ll be so dead 🤭🤭 oups I know you don’t want to die 🤭😂
        Hope your Thursday will be great and almost the weekend for you 😁😁🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕

      3. You know there is a religion here called “Druze” they believe in incarnation, so basically for them you don’t die, you come back in Tehran body and you keep coming back until the final judgment day! Because for them it’s unfair if you were born poor and didn’t have the chance to be judged once, you should come back, rich, and having other characters and so, to be judged truly 🙂 so you can follow them hahaha
        It’s already weekend so enjoy 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕

      4. Interesting religion but sadly I don’t believe that once I’m gone I’ll be back, unless I’m terminator 🤣😂🤣😂
        Not yet but very closed 🤪 🤗🤗🤗🌸🌸🌸

      5. 😂😂 okay then hope you will be back despite 😂 it will be fun 😀 Oh it’s the weekend now for you 😀 🤗🤗

  2. Congratulations again Huguette!! I agree, being invisible is the best one, so much fun with that!! I also agree, hate is a waste of time and energy and affects us more than anyone else. 11 facts and 11 questions, that’s a lot really! Glad it’s you, not me! I would definitely need Muffins help!! Have a great day!😂😹

    1. Thank you Steve for reading and for the nice comment 😊 see? Lot of questions and facts! Muffin also would have been annoyed 😹 have a great day as well 🌞🌞😺

  3. The most I appreciate is the donating organs that’s bring you big crown in the society as well make few people live longer. I am an organ Donor too and I donated eyes when I was 18 on my birthday I still remember along with my dad. So this award nomination is more cheered as you declare as a organ Donor. It will value worth heavens blessings. Cheers and long live. ✨

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation and kind words 🙏🏻 it’s good to hear your decision as well and for me it’s our duty to help others since the body will rot anyway
      Wish you the same and all the best always ✨✨

  4. Okay just a quick comment since I poured my heart out b4…

    No questions and no nominees 😂😂😂😂 inte mish tabi3iyi 3ala fikra 😂

    “I’m honest and I hate liars” La jad? Ma kontesh a3raf ela lamma hakete!

    Ana atwal minek smug smile
    171 cm w lissa 3am batwal 😂

    What happened to you is not as embarrassing as mooning someone. cough 😖

    I don’t need the super power to be invisible. I already am. -Me on depressed days

    1. You can pour your heart once and twice 😊 wayn el mashkal?? 😁
      To be honest I fed up from preparing questions and then nominate and nobody gives a shit 😂😂 طبيعية ومكترة
      Ennnuu bring me 11 bloody facts 😂😂 I need to repeat which is dull
      Walla wallla 😊 baddda smug smile, you’ll be a top model 😌😉
      171 laken!! Ba3dni 3am etwal ye3ni you are a kido 😁😁 🤦🏼‍♀️
      Mooning ? Really! Enti you did it or someone did it to you 😖 akid ana wala shiii eza heyk
      Lah lah being invisible when depressed is no fun dear Nour 😁
      Thank you for the sweet exchange 😊

      1. Trueeeee that’s what I’m favoring open nominations!
        3ashan hek ba7ib Eni ajaweb bas
        Well I am a kiddo 😂
        …I did it. It was the most humiliating thing ever…😳
        Pfffft I like being alone. Besides, where do you think dark poetry comes from? 😂😂😂 Jk Jk

      2. Answering is much easier akid!! Yalla more kids around 😂😂 allah yse3edniiiii
        You are naughty damn 😂 doesn’t count fakarta saret ma3ik
        Ennnuu ma3ik 7a2 the good poetry comes from a dark place even though you’re too young for this darkness kiddo 😎😎

  5. Good to know you a little more Huguette😊🤗 Congratulations 🎉
    We have many Virgos and September Norns in my family and friends; including my wife 😍
    I had quit drinking for about 20 years and now I love a glass of red wine 🍷 😊

    1. Thank you Ashok for your kind interaction 😊 so many birthdays to come then 🎉🎉😊 and salute to your beloved wife! May her soul rest in peace 🙏🏻
      Well I love wine so much and yes a glass of a red wine would be amazing actually 🍷 😊😊

      1. And 2nd September is also the birthday of a fellow devotee, who is a also a very close friend. So I will surely celebrate it here 🎉🌹

  6. Awesome!! Loved your answers 💕…
    Thank for your kind words for me..
    Oh you hate mice so much… Don’t worry earlier I too was afraid of them and hate them but gradually I started to love them….🐁🐭🐀
    I am too a speed lover…
    Don’t need a DNA test.😄😄
    Yeah being invisible would be a fun!!… My dad is also a Virgo…
    Don’t mind but your embarrassing moment was😂😂😂
    Always be a honest, loyal and generous as they have now became a rare trait!!😊
    .. Yeah you will travel the world for sure as you are such a talented person…I love brown hair and eyes 💁👀…
    Only girl… I am too 😉😉
    I too loved martial art and I am learning it…. I am brown belt… waiting to become black belt soon….
    Loved your quotes and GIF….

    1. It’s my pleasure Jyoti 😊 I stated the truth actually and about the mice, I don’t like the way they look along with rats plus I have bad experience with them both but not scared, a bit disgusted to be clear 🙄
      Your dad is virgo! I’m sure he’s awesome then 😁😁(me being modest 😎)
      Oh yes it was funny don’t worry you can laugh, I’m still laughing until now but not the moment it happened 😂
      Too much things in common 😁 way to go!!Brown belt 👌👌 this is great!
      So glad you loved the post and Gifs 😊 they take time the most 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕

      1. Ohh.. never mind some people hate mice…
        Yeah of course he is awesome 😁😁😎
        Have a good night modest lady..

  7. Back at it again. Even I don’t want some of my relatives to exist, so I guess that’s common. And oh boy do I hate horrors but the reason is different….😂😂. I’m scared 🙃.

    1. well I’m scared because of my wide imagination 😂
      Relatives problem is worldwide I guess 😁
      Thank you for the contribution Sid 😊

  8. First of all i appreciate your honest answers! Nobody can reveal their attitude much! You are an amazing character!💕 I am very glad to here and admire you are organ donor!🌸 Honest, keep promises, brown hair and eye, 168cm👌… I am also a fan of Bruce Lee, friends opinion i like it! I wish you travel can around the world more! Right if you an invisible person you will do a lot of things👏 My dear friend congratulations!🎉👏👏👏👏💙💞

    1. Thank you dear Suni for this sweet interaction and the lovely words 😊💕 I appreciate it a lot
      I do my best to keep the qualities I ask from others actually and donating my organs is a duty, I hope I will be able to change someone’s life for good
      Have a great evening and appreciate your time and uplifting words 😊😊🙏🏻💕

  9. hey hey hey, only second? I can nominated you each time i get award😁the reason why i dont, because i know you are working and also you working on your content a lot, ones you said you barely have time to do a post, because of awards, this is the reason why i avoid to nominated you, i know Jyoti, i’m following her already. Misunderstandings happens specially online, in real life, i barely i have, unless, i’m in another country and nobody speaks French or English or Russian, which they didn’t in Japan, i was so angry😁, sometimes seconds chance needed for sure. Honesty is your moto i think, i think many bloggers knows it already, liars liars look around they are everywhere😁. Aha, about promises, i still remember one, but know you working on it❤️Virgo just like me. I though your hair is black, but now remember few pictures, i think there they were brown. You are only daughter, me too, but i dont have brothers, i would like to, but it is how it is😁you See how much in common already🤗so you working to pay tickets?😂i had few, but not for fast driving, i a always park where is shouldn’t😁and i dont work anymore until september, hopefully got some savings to pay for those tickets😂, 168, you look taller, i guess depend the picture. Wide imagination, we could create a movie together, i dont know how wide is yours, but mine becomes wider with glass of wine, because i barely drink, last time i had a glass it was my b-day last year😁. Passionate you mean you have big passion for something and it never change? Or you can be passionate about different things on different days?
    I love the quotes, thats why i’m avoiding to promise, because i’m not sure if the next day i will still feel the same way. There are very tiny about of honest people today. Sad, but truth. I think some people driving slowly because they dont know, that you hate it😁, my God, it thought, that women is you, lol, i was like wow, she have changed since i saw her last picture, after i read and i was huh, okay😁.
    Lovely Huguette, we all do mistakes, but i feel so much respect for you, because you have enough courage to admit it. Don’t understand the quote in pink, here we go, gap of english lessons. Being real is the best what we can do, i dont know if you saw no netflix Jane the virgin, she said few times i think it was few, maybe just ones, well, she said, nothing is perfect perfect is fantasy, i can definitely agree with that.
    I believe that we all have story to share, maybe not people who are copying others all their life, but all of us own a story, i love this quite so much, never heard about it before. What you mean by generosity? Like giving to others?
    Self love is important, as long as you know how to love yourself, i hate Narcissist people, when is to much is to much, it becomes sick self loving. Well i just finished to read your answer to second question and my finger hurts from tapping, and my laptop battery is not full, i’m lazy to go to charge, lets see if i can go thru all the post without getting out of the bed, i’m really feeling comfy, hehe, oh, where i was, right.
    Even simple hi how are you is so fact, like they care how are you pff.
    Em, dont really have what to say about the quote,with fucking over, but i saw the movie Scarface, was really good one. Cheating, tell me about it, It became so normal today, same like taking a glass of water on the hot day. I read about the book in your other award, but i didn’t had a chance or mood to get it and to read it. Love is beautiful and powerful thing, but only if you know how to love. No Phobia? Not even scared of liars?😁
    I can agree, that if you want to achieve something, there shouldn’t be any limits. Exactly, knowing is not enough, when i tell something to people where are like yes i know. But they dont do anything about it. Imagine i tell you, Huguette, your neighbour house is burning right now, and you are like, i know, i know, i hope someone called for fireman😁this is where we are today, at this law. Ofc again, not all, i’m sure, that you will run to help in your pyjamas in this kind of situation. The world travelling gives you more, that you can imagine. Sickness and death, sickness yes, but are you afraid to die?
    maybe i misunderstood question and answer.
    Fingerprint? I knew it😁, Well, at least you got your diploma😁About organ donation, i wasn’t sure i wanted to do same, but my mum said, that at the black market, they are trying to find people who sign in for donation and kill them on purpose, just to get organs, again, you know, its my mum, and there are a lot of fake information on internet, so i dont know what is truth what is not anymore. But i’m proud of you, you are very brave to do it, WE WILL become DUST ANYWAY. No hate needed, good point. Invisible? Please dont come to my house and dont pretend, that you are ghost, i will get heart attack😁. So battery didn’t die while i was writing, great, fingers still a bit painful well two of them. Now i’m sure, that my comment will go spam😁 Goodnight Huguette, i know is late in your place❤️

    1. Hey Ilona! You made a mini blog post out of Huguette’s award. 😉Nice to read and could see how much time you have spent. A Longest comment from you if im not wrong. You did great ✨ Have a good day ✨👏

      1. hahahah definitely a new post from Ilona 😊 so kind of her to take time and write this detailed comment, it’s actually amazing 😊

    2. Mother of comments 🤣🤣 OMG!
      Good morning dear Ilona 😁 hope you’re good today
      let me start with the nomination, you think it right and don’t worry at all, it was pure joke 😊 they do take lot of time! more than a regular post…
      regarding the promises, you’re right I’m working and soon you will see the post 😊 actually I finished it but then was caught by other posts and dues
      Miscommunication is awful! when people don’t speak a language you know! always happen to me in Turkey, they are so rude and barely speak few words…
      Having siblings is always good but we don’t get to choose this I guess, I should have had a sister but my mother aborted (it was an accident of course)
      Unlike you, I never park where it shouldn’t and I hate to go to a place that doesn’t have a proper place to park, I usually walk but don’t park where it shouldn’t, but anyway here in Lebanon, in some places people park everywhere! and most of the times the official party is not there! It’s so hard when you have no work and still have tickets to pay :/ it’s annoying! If it comes to me, I rather not to pay, they don’t deserve it! But then I’ll pay with penalty fees 😁 I rather be in Mafia and not pay any taxes! because we’re having nothing for paying our taxes!
      yes 168 🙂 not so tall good height I guess, I remember you were 175 or so which is top models standards 😁
      Passionate means someone that do things with passion, means when they work, when they love, when they care, you can feel the passion they have…they pour their heart and everything…this is what passionate means and I’m a passionate person, it shows the most in love and care…
      Oh no when I promise, I don’t do it when I’m drunk or happy, I do it because I mean it the entire time 🙂
      I’m not like you, I can have one bottle of wine and still sober, just had few problems in my stomach long time ago but never was drunk 🙂
      The pink quote means that all the experiences in your life are what make you who you are, means if you were rude let’s say with someone and later on you learned that it’s wrong to be rude, you shouldn’t hate this experience, you should know that it made you a better person 🙂
      you mean the Italian woman in the picture? Oh no certainly not me hahhaa 😁 not a fan of sharing my pictures, and here about narcissists since you mentioned it, they say that narcissists love to share their photos and you can find for an example their photo as the phone wallpaper or so…a sign of being narcissist haha I read it once but not sure if it’s true
      Loving yourself is totally different and it’s so major!
      Didn’t see Jane The Virgin but she’s right perfect is a fantasy and also a perspective because what’s perfect to me is average to you
      Scarface is a good movie and I love this quote so much , the problem with people that the complain the entire time but they don’t want to start with their selves and be loyal and honest and real! It’s just hypocrisy! Be the change you want to see in the world, so simple!
      I’m sure your fingers hurt but you made it I guess😁
      Generosity, yes being generous , giving and not being stingy, I usually love to help and I don’t mind giving things I love, because material things mean nothing to me, I rather see people happy! I’m generous mostly with the less fortunate, and the people that provide services while most people think that they already paid for the service, I believe it’s another thing and we should be generous 🙂
      Broken wings is a very deep book and worth to be read someday!
      I don’t do phobias because I face my fears the entire time and defy them! Liars are the only losers when you send them to hell and kick them out, who’s loss then? when you lie, you’re also lying to yourself before lying to others!
      The example you give about the house is burning is what proves people hypocrisy! The good person will run and do what’s necessary! months ago my mother came running and we were inside the house, it was cold, and she was bringing something and saw the neighbor’s car burning! A lightning bolt stroked and it burned! We called him immediately because they were not aware and at the same time, we brought a big fire extinguisher that supposed to be for major problems and my brother ran and we extinguished the fire just moments before going to other cars parked. My brother doesn’t speak with this neighbor, they were friends and then had a fight but we did what’s right and there was a risk that the car explodes by the way…Anyway, this is how you cat when you really want to help
      No I’m not afraid of death I’m afraid of the death of my loved ones….
      And about the organ donation, the black market is different, you need to register with the official organization in your country, it’s official and recognized and they have waiting lists and so…and after a person dies, why they needs their organs? they’ll become dust as you said
      It was a pleasure doing a “dissertation “with you 🤣🤣 because we’re being the chat and comment, we have here more than 1000 words hahahhaah
      Didn’t go to spam luckily, appreciate the time you took to write this! I really do! and hope your day will be great 😊😊 ❤

      1. Guess you replied to someone’s comment hahah 😁 so I went back to the original comment
        here it’s 30 C so not so bad! And it’s my pleasure to explain, I like when people ask to find out the real meaning😊
        We go to Turkey without Visa that’s why we visit it often, it’s worth a visit, I’m sure not all are rude😊
        The problem here that we don’t have retirement program, yes we pay taxes and so and if you are registered in the national security, you have something when you retire but it’s nothing nowadays, don’t’ buy you a car! And no program for elders that have no one to take care of them basically nothing! We are survivors but we pay lot of taxes! This is why I rather be Mafia actually!!
        Your father did good especially if there are benefits! And don’t know what’s with the height, we shrunk sometimes hahaa😁
        I gain weight easily as well this is why I’m being strict with what I eat nowadays
        Okay so you have the narcissists traits hahha watch out 😁😁
        I often forget myself and this is what my mother hates a lot but it’s hard for me to change actually
        No never shared this story, it happened last winter and for me it was a normal thing to do I guess, I don’t know
        I won’t tell your mom 😁 but she should understand this thing because the body will rot anyway.
        Have a great day ahead and I appreciate the exchange 😊😊 ❤

  10. How entertaining this post is! 😍I was smiling and appreciating you while reading. Good to know more about you dear Huguette. You always have beautiful quotes to go with your text. Love it🤗!

    1. Thank you for reading and for you nice interaction 😊 I’m glad it made you smile mostly 😁 appreciate your time and kind words 🤗💕

    2. Good morning Huguette, yes the day is going well so far, just the sun hotness is tiring. Yes, specially yours, because you always take your time to make it interesting. Thank you for doing that to me, because google translate is really bad when i’m trying to translate someones post. I have never been in Turkey, but i m not sure i will go, i dont like rude people.
      In Nice we have huge problem to park the car, here is no spaces in the parking places, so i just have to do it somewhere😁you know to pay taxes is fine if at least they would properly take care of us and our retirement, my dad never payed 1cent for retirement, he said what if i die before i can even be retired? So he opened bank account in Luxenbourg and based the company there, as he works for himself its worth it, he need only pc most of the times, thats wonderful how technology improved and changed the work of architects. Here we have very huge taxes. I left my job by choice, because is last summer to chill, after in september hard work will come. I thought i was 175, but last time it showed172, dont know why. Okay passionated in general, finally i understood😁
      I barely make promises, but when i do, i keep them. I had few problems as well about stomach, mostly because when i’m trying new diet i always go maximum, so i started to try first diet at young age, because my body type is weird i gain weight easily, i aways have to watch what i’m eating. I have picture of me and my best friend on my phone wallpaper😂, em, not since forever, before i had my cat on it😁Being generous is good, but dont forget yourself. Your story shows, how people should be, in this kind of situation, dont sit and wait, until someone will do something, go and do it, it can change someones life. Have you ever shared this story on your blog? I dont remember if you did. I will research more about organ donation, shh, dont say to my mum😁have a nice day and pleasure to talk with you🤗

    3. I haven’t noticed, i hope it didn’t made to much trouble, Turkey looks and i found it really cheap, maybe one day. Retirement is joke in many countries, people work hard all life until is the end of it. Its good if you are able to put on the side while you are working and to travel and to enjoy life, but most of people just working to survive, makes me sad to see when the old lady standing at the casher and she counting if it will be enough to pay for her food and if its not enough she ask the casher lady to put some stuff on the side, because she has only 15euros.
      I think you can still be Mafia, you just have to find the circle and to get accepted, i m not sure how it works😁I should stop taking selfies before is to late😂, i use to forget myself, but now first i care about me, i think need the balanced in this case. Well the story can make you a really great post, i think people would be interested. Yes i told her about that, but you know, she watches to many tv shows, specially the crimes and fake news, which i told her to stop😁the best is when she says, but i read on internet, like it must be truth if it was on internet😁you too enjoy the rest of the day.
      Listen now its shows me, that i’m replaying to JJ, comment, but i click to replay to yours, i went b

  11. Congrats dear ❤ I think we all here admire your honesty, kindness and generosity, stay the way you are =)
    Nothing scares you? not even cockroaches?! if you said no, then I think you’re friends are right, you are inhuman and we need to do some real test on you
    Wait what you’re a virgo?!! I don’t believe in Astrology but 99.99% of people I don’t like or get well with are virgos, I think you belong to minority of likable virgos by me:D and I cannot but love a wine lover
    In school I hated Gibran Khalil Gibran I was bored with him as they always teach us about his writing, but with time I really appreciate his writings; he was ahead of his time
    I think being invisible is really nice, if I had that power first I will steal a bank and start messing with people
    Relatives can be annoying especially if you are Lebanese, sometimes we fight the urge not to put some of them in Deir Salib or sometimes I wish that they come with a mute option especially when start yla2lo haki and give you “advices”

    1. Thank you Nadine 😊 appreciate your kind words so much and your time to read and comment! Ennu does it counts that when you’re having a bath, cockroaches jumped inside and you just turn off the water, leave calmly and bring something to kill them and then go back to bath? Nope not scared bass be2raf ktir w berja3 bnadef kel shi b eau de javel or dettol w berja3 bkaffi 3adi hahaha so not human basically😆😆
      sara7a t3awadet ennu ana wa7di w lezim ettekil 3a 7ali b kel shi, no one will be there for me…don’t know if you read my posts “A bird without wings in the big jungle 1 and 2” bass te2dari eza badik read them w btefhami shu asdi
      ennu ana b2emin shway bel character, maybe there’s something law ma esmu horoscope if you know what I mean…and befhamik coz el virgos ma byenta2u 😆 falesfi w byente2du kel shi..I’m an improved version I guess because I hardly get along with Virgos! I always try to improve and be better…what’s yours? Gemini or Leo or Sagittarius maybe… it’s my guess
      ennu at school ma kent 7eb shi! we appreciate ba3deyn the good work akid
      Broken wings touched me because of the definition he gave for love…
      oh my! bass stealing a bank? eh walla la a3mel el 3ajeyeb 😆
      hahha el 2arayeb! especially aymata badna nefra7 miiinik w leysh w kif w ma3eshik mnih? WTF!!!
      Allah yes3edun w yeb3edun 🙂

      1. That doesn’t count!!! And thank you for creating a new nightmare for me everytime I am going for a bath, bte2tli bi kel bourodeh w btnadfeh wara?!! la b2areb 3ala sarsour la howeh mayt aw 3ayesh, yii I will flee the house w b2adem talab lojo2 3end boecker. Now I’m scared of you 😀 No I didn’t read them yet can you post the links here please it will be easier for me since my internet sucks.
        Are you sure you’re a Virgo?:D metel ma 2elteh 3anon bsaraha ma byenta2o, no no definitely not a gemini (gemini metel virgo btw) bas 2arabteh you mentioned 2 fire signs and you missed one I’m an Aries 😀
        Broken wings is a masterpiece btw and Gibran’s best work, everyone should read it
        You seem you already have plans if you become invisible. Do tell us:D
        Eh yeb3edon 3a kawkab pluto:D w nerteh

      2. hahaha ma tkhaffiii ma be2zi abadan bel 3aks! ennu I live alone shu badik a3mel ? sarekh ta yeju el jiran mathalan hahahah
        be2tlu w bnadef wara w bkaffi 7ayete 😁
        by the way ana 3asyha bel sheri3 yelli wara Boecker 😂😂😂
        Ana elt aktar shi Leo bass Aries yes ma fakkart fi hehe mazboout mainly we don’t get along, because Aries bitoj w Virgo is so sensitive, real virgos have many rules and they are socially awkward, Aries doesn’t give a shit, ana emmi Aries ma bettefi2 ma3a kent before because I was sensitive, w hiyi bettoj, halla2 3a kabar I don’t care except mathalan 3a mawdou3 el ta3sob wel teltish! ye3ni el saraha nafsa ma btez3ejni bass el jahl byez3ejni if you know what I mean 🙂 I get along with my brother, also Aries
        yes Broken wings is masterpiece indeed, today I used my favorite quote from it in a challenge about love!
        Here are the links and hope you will enjoy:

      3. hahaha ma tkhaffiii ma be2zi abadan<<<<I’m sure somewhere a serial killer said those exact words before killing his next victim, you’re a virgo god knows what you’re capable of:D
        your mom is aries?!! Ha I’m surprised you didn’t kill each others yet, sa7 even a shy aries like me and my father betoj, yeah we don’t give a shit w ma behmna shu befakro fina. Words of advice since I noticed some common traits between me and my father and other aries: please don’t argue with us, we don’t like that because we always think we are right, so next time you’re arguing with your mom just nod your head and says yes you are right (even if you don’t believe it) believe me it will spare you, as we have a raging temper.
        Thank you for the links, I will check them out

    2. back and clicked again to replay to yours, i hope it will work the it should, if not, sorry for replaying to JJ comment, i meant to replay to yours❤️

      1. ❤️technology hates me so i hate them back, and there is no end at the end😁, honestly sorry for making a mess at your comments..

  12. Hi Huguette ! First. The GIF’s are good. Good and very interesting to know about your facts did i read tat before🤔. Yes ! Hope u copied only the facts. Not Magda, She is making lovely wine. I love wines but restricted access. Inspiring Quotes. love yourself. tats a best thing. Ur phobia and that funny gif 😂. and tat weakness, not a weakness at all, it is caring ourself so much. agree about travelling. Oh tat moment. Donation and that quotes ✨👏 Being invisible🤔 Wondering what all youll try 😉. Have a good day✨

    1. Thank you so much Simon for this kind interaction 😊 glad you loved my gifs selection 😊 well you followed me not long time ago so probably you didn’t read these facts before
      we are a wine production country which is great, we need to drink moderately that’s for sure!
      it’s more the sickness and death of loved ones actually…I should have specified 🙂
      Have a great day as well and so glad you loved it 😊

      1. 😃Hi hugette, My pleasure ✨Thanks for ur Time in sharing clarity 🤗✨ I wish my country produces this much wine 😍. Have a great day ✨

  13. I love your quotes.. and how you use little movies to make your point.. I smile and smile…
    you have that sence of humor I love❤️
    Well done my friend, it is always a pleasure to read your answers… but you know that.
    Keep blogging and more Awards are on their way😉
    I wish you a wonderful day❤️

    1. Thank you dear Lilian 🙂 so glad you loved them and you can sense the humor as well 😊 appreciate your kind words and your time to read and interact ❤ have a great time as well 😊

  14. Congratulations!!! but first of all Ilona is soo cute. I saw the huge block of comment she left. Really a sweetheart. 🙂 🙂

    My dad is a Virgo and he was born on September 1 🙂 He is calm, cool, collected and annoying. lol

    How I wish I drink wine. I always have this problem every time I need to buy wine for a gift. I really don’t know how. We have this place here across the street called Total Wine, I always go there to buy gift but I don’t know how to choose 😦

    In my family I’m the only organ donor. They are laughing at me. I said why not? There’s a lot of people that will benefit with my organs. They said people might deliberately kill me to get my organs. My family is soo silly.

    Take care always!!

    1. Thank you AL for this sweet comment as well 🙂 Yes Ilona is so cute indeed 😊
      Oh your father is born on September 1st! oh yes we can be very annoying 😁 God bless him 😊
      I actually tried all drinks and I end up loving wine so much and we have very good wine in Lebanon . I really wish you drink, it will help you choose a gift 🙂
      I don’t care if people don’t want to donate their organs but they shouldn’t be surprised when others do especially that our bodies will become dust! Which part of this they’re not getting?
      Glad you are an organ donor and wish you the best of luck always 🙂 Take good care as well and appreciate your time to read and comment so much 🙏😊

      1. You are funny, I don’t know if you are really annoying in person, but my dad is annoying sometimes. However, he is funny. So from now on I will never forget your birthday. Oh by the way, he also loves wine like you. Or I may say he loves anything with alcohol. Once I’m done with my medication I will get to try wine. Im on a medication that won’t let me drink alcohol for 6 months. 🙂

      2. Oh I’m sorry, hope all will be great after the medication 🙂 I thought you don’t like alcohol or so
        Yes I can be very annoying with my close friends and family, just to tease them or make them laugh 🙂 but I’m so serious with other people, I even intimidate people
        Greetings to your father and cheers 😊

      3. With alcohol it whether you like the taste or you don’t my close friends for an example don’t like the taste, but you must try for sure to know 🙂
        Thank you for the kind words, they actually think I’m arrogant 🙂 this is how I look like

      4. I don’t like the taste of alcohol so probably that’s the end of me when it comes to liquor drinks. lol Oh well some people with strong personalities are perceived to be arrogant. What can we do.

      5. I guess it is so no alcohol for you 😊 nothing to be done we’re not here please people that’s for sure
        Hope the weekend is great 😊

      6. Don’t worry at all 🙂 wasn’t something serious, you know just regular stuff 🙂 hope you’re having a good day

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