A Magical Friendship Story!

During my entire life, I always sought friendship and friends, probably because I was away from home most of the times, I was always the popular even though I was very shy and everything makes me cry, but I had many friends and I was loved by people in general.
Some people left, some changed, some were taken by life problems, some traveled and I still have many friends from school, high school, university, work and life.

From the people I met through life: my best friend Lina. She was my roommate’s friend, the time I was still sharing the room with someone, and Lina was so annoying because she was visiting us so early in the morning while I was sleeping and my first question was: “is someone really visits others at such time?” Oh yes I was rude, but the fact I was shy because I was sleeping and someone just showed up!

Let’s say that we have some things in common, we have strange telepathy but in some things, we are the opposite. Lina or Lanloun as we call her, rather be pessimistic than optimistic so she doesn’t feel disappointed if things didn’t work out and I rather stay optimistic and work hard to make things happen the way I want. She used to be spoiled kid because she’s the youngest and I was never spoiled so she can give me hard time sometimes same as having a little kid that you want to slap so hard. 😁

Of course many things have changed since we met in July 2002. And both our characters were shaped through the years especially that she’s working since she was in university and circumstances have changed a lot through years so she took the responsibility and was almost alone.

I must be careful because I realized that she reads all my posts but she just can’t comment, she receives an email and read from there, she doesn’t know how to comment and I always tell her that she doesn’t give a fuck about what I write otherwise she would have find a way. 😁 😁

She’s jealous of all of you by the way and she tells me that I love you all more 😂 this is funny but she’s actually serious about it. So watch out what you write in these comments.

She was like, you don’t write about me! And I was like, okay I will write about you but I will write what I want okay?
And oh the pictures as well, I will ruin your life! 😆

Lina loves her friends to remain beside her as much as they can, she doesn’t believe in space with her close friends and people she loves, and she doesn’t like to stay alone! She likes to have us all around her having multiple conversations, eating, drinking, having pep talks, laughing and chilling.

I’m the opposite, my space is very important to me and I’m used to be alone, but I did an exception in this case, and she knows that very well.
But of course I can also be very very annoying sometimes and tease her until she’s about to cry. Oh well, what can I say, I enjoy! 😝

But the problem when I sit silent with no words, she checks on me why I’m not annoying her, oh well! 😅    

She’s so funny and smart and caring, moody sometimes, extremely stubborn but mostly she can always give us the “Puss in Boots” sad face or the “Puppy face” to get rid of our rage when she knows she’s wrong and it saves her most of the times. 😁

Lanloun has a sharp eye and she can notice things I don’t usually notice or even care about especially when it comes to the visual memory, places and mistakes in movies or series.

We don’t agree on many subjects so we argue most of the times especially when it comes to God and religions but we respect each other’s beliefs since we’re from different religions and I have my special ideas that not so many like them of course.
She can be a nightmare when she’s angry or sad and we need to wait for her to calm down otherwise she will say any bullshit and make things worse. And I used to be stubborn and make a mess, then I learned that people are different and we should respect the way they are and we don’t have to be right the entire time, or have the last word.
Some things are more important than that.
She wishes to become Hulk or Thanos sometimes when we’re in the middle of chaos and jerks! And I wish that too 😁😊

Many people say we look alike. So when someone asks us are you sisters? We look at each other’s:  
– Do I look like you?
– Nope I’m certainly prettier!
It doesn’t matter who said what, the roles can switch but we’ll say the same each time 😆

About the pictures, she always complains she has no good pictures and I be like: I took you 100 pictures I’m sure you have 10 good ones 🙄 look at my pictures they’re all ugly!
And her answer is: “Oh well this is you in the pictures, what are you going to transform to Monica Belucci or what? ”
Do you want to hear my answer here? Oh no you don’t, believe me! 😏 😎

If by chance you could reach Lina’s phone, my social life will be over since she has the most awkward photos for me, and I’m not a fan of pictures so I make faces and I do horrific things and they are all shot! 😅 To no mention the videos while I’m so busy eating! Told you, my life will be ruined since I can be very silly and very comic just with specific people only! 😅  

There are friends that you meet occasionally, and there are friends that you stay in touch with but they don’t know how you are struggling with life, and there are friends only to hang out and have a drink and quick chat,
And then there are friends that were hungry with you the same as they were laughing and having fun with you!
Yes there was a time where we couldn’t find any money, we needed a medicine and I remember we managed by selling a piece of gold and then there were days where we traveled and had fun.

We both love food and we enjoy eating outdoor, Lina loves Pasta mostly, she can eat Pasta anytime! Sea food as well except the fishes.
I rather go for burger or Steak and we both agree on Sushi.

She’s doesn’t like the way I drive, therefore she’s never my passenger , so she drives the entire time when we’re out even though I never did an accident except the time I was still learning.
And for the records, this airbag in the picture has blew on my face and I wasn’t driving okay? Got that? 🤨
The green lines you are seeing are from the accident we did after some jerk hits us and ran away.

We have thousand of memories, some are good and some are bad, lifetime memories, sad and happy, enjoyable and bitter but the matter is we stuck around during all these times.

Lanloun 😂😂

One memory we keep remember is when I used to help her in her studies, since she’s half Egyptian and she lived her entire childhood in Egypt because of the war that was here, they used to have private teachers there so when she arrived to Lebanon directly to university, she wasn’t used to our system and therefore she needed help and I was very strict, I remember I held the courses in my hand and I said: “do you call these books?” (of course as a law student, each book was sometimes 900 pages so her courses were ridiculous to me) and I helped her to understand the courses and so and when she used to break down and cry I used to say: “cry now and you’ll laugh later”.
And so it was, she passed all the upcoming years and graduated. I remember her aunts congratulating me and I was so shy!  We laugh about it now. 😊 😊

How I looked like at the time 😂

Another memory that we laugh on it now but it was terrifying, she called me after she left work because she ate something and doesn’t feel good and the pharmacist told her go home and observe yourself, can’t give you any medicine. Kept calling her and checking, she was home alone, her father at work, mother and sister out.
All was good but I wasn’t having a good feeling, then I called while leaving work, She told me I’m good don’t come but of course I rarely do what I’ve been told, I took a cap immediately and when I arrived few meters from her house, she was calling me to tell me she doesn’t feel well so I was running and I met her father coming back from his work, told him I will meet you at home since he was an old man and walks slowly and then I knocked, she opened the door and fell on me, she fainted! Her blood pressure was so low, tried to wake her up, brought water and then her father arrived, I was still learning how to drive and I can’t drive her car, she woke up a little, so we took her to the nearest doctor, he said what you’re doing here? Hospital now!
While taking her, she passed out again, we took a cap to the nearest hospital and eventually things went good after they nearly killed her in this hospital and we moved her to another hospital where she improved, it was food poisoning but they couldn’t confirm 100%.

The time we met, their aunts were living with them, they loved me so much so her parents.
During the past years, she lost her 2 aunties that were living with them, her father, and 2 of her uncles, all to Cancer.
It’s sad when you become so familiar with death that you barely feel, I was there the entire time and it was so hard to lose people one after another for this ugly disease.

I remember walking in the cancer department in the hospital, and every day someone dies. Last time I was there in September 2016, I walked inside the room of a man that died and they wrapped him like a bonbon and the room was empty because the family was weeping outside and I wanted to just have a look. It was my birthday and I was thinking how one moment we are here, the second we’re not.
And after this man, Lina’s father passed away in the other room, one week after my birthday, September 8th 2016 after they brought him back many times
. May your soul rest in peace!

It’s not easy to summarize 17 years in few lines, there are plenty of stories, laughs and tears, joy and sadness, depression and crazy laughs, fun and anger and mostly we shared all this and we were there for each other’s and with each other’s during all this.

July 13th of each year must be a very special day, it’s Lanloun’s birthday and she loves surprises as she loves gifts, anything that is wrapped at all! 😁 😁
And we used to make plenty of surprises through all these years even when she turned Grumpy and said: I don’t want to do anything this year, or don’t bring me anything this year. I’m like okay, whatever you wish just don’t bother me!

So July 13th is here and I want to wish you my dearest Lanloun many years to come mostly blessed with good health and success and I hope you’ll be able to open this business you dream about and stop working for people which you hate so much! Especially stupid people!
I believe that dreams come true but we need to be a bit persistent about it, something you should really work on and improve even if we live in a shitty country where dreams die before they were born!

I wish you will always be surrounded by your loved ones and never be alone, I wish that life will keep us close for more years to come and we’ll have more laughter and more joy and less depression, stress and tears!  

Lina’s childhood friend from Egypt is arriving today so we celebrate her birthday and of course that means lot of delicious food as well from Egypt and mostly Egyptian Duck and Hamam Mahshi (Pigeon)  😁 Of course she’s my friend too now and we are like a squad actually 😁

It’s true that I hardly express and I hardly do the love and care things but I prefer to show my care and love in my actions, but I do love you so much and don’t worry more than them that’s for sure 😁 😁 ❤ ❤

Hope you enjoyed! Your thoughts are always welcome 😊

Huguette Antoun – July 12th 2019

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lina! What a lovely tribute to your friend, Huguette – you two have been through so much together and it’s clear how much she means to you. I hope you have a wonderful celebration (man, that food looks good…)

    1. Thank you dear Julie for these kind words! 😊 I’m sure Lina will read this and she will thank you as well 😊
      You are welcome to try all this food and I’m sure you will love it 😊

  2. Wow! This is called a true, magical and loving friendship story. ♥
    A very inspiring story..
    May Allah bless you both with happiness, love, peace, and prosperity in life.
    🙂 🙂
    Much Love!

    1. Thank you Sadia for your kind words and for taking time to read 😊 appreciate it a lot! May Allah bless you as well and much love to you ❤

    2. By the way when I click your name / site it’s taking me to some weird page, the site doesn’t seem available, I guess you need to check your settings or so 🙂

  3. It’s very rare to find a friendship that stands the test of time, but it looks like you and Lina have a true friendship. Happy Birthday Lina, hope she has a brilliant day and hope you’re still best friends for the rest of your life 😊😊 Great post by the way

  4. Awh, happy birthday to Lina! You guys seem like a lovely pair. Good friends are hard to come by. You are both beautifully intertwined! A friend you can eat sushi with is a friend to keep! Lol. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and the kind words 😊 oh yes I liked it: a friend you can eat sushi with is a friend to keep indeed 😂
      Enjoy your day and weekend as well 😊🙏🏻

  5. Hi Huguette! Many Many more Happy Birthday’s to your Bestie Lina 🎁🎆🎉✨A Beautiful Memory full of tribute. She will love it. Funny Gif’s made us alive reading the flash backs from the head. It is lovely to read such memories of someone’s close. 17 Years is really a long rare friendship. Lucky to have such friend. One thing indeed is you both look like sisters, Honestly!. I’m sure she will love reading this post as well. Just like famous sayings “Opposites attract each other”. Loved the puss in boots, I love that Cat. Good to have someone to have friendly debate for a long. You both are not identical but some features shows like she is your sister. I Must say you are a good photographer, Im sure most of these pics are taken by you. The times you both have travelled, foods you love, and the memories of worst day of driving, 17 years of memories, Im sure we cant cover up and end in one blog. You were a bad and strict helper during her school days😉, that gif😂 Enjoy the day with your beautiful friend🙂. Food pictures were bringing water to my mouth. My mind says dont forget the diet, My mouth says forget the diet😋.That is a beautiful memory to read. Great Share ✨✍️ Beautifully written…

    1. Thank you dear Simon for this beautiful interaction and lovely wishes 😊😊 I always look forward to your comments coming from a real reader 😊
      sure Lina will love your wishes and yes she loved the post so much! Gladly 😀
      so happy you loved the Gifs used and caught this funny touch 🙂 I hope Lina will read this 😁 yes most of pictures are taken by me 😁
      You know Simon you must be strict sometimes for good results and the results were very good 🙂
      Well hope you can visit and you will taste all this delicious food, I’m sure you will love it 😊 some days we need to skip the diet and we can compensate later 🙂
      Thank you again dear Simon for being a loyal supporter and reader 🙏🙏😊

      1. Thank you so much for the Time ☺️ Glad your friend loved this post. And agree, We must be hard in some places for a better result. Lets hope for the delicious food, and skip the diet 😉 Thanks for the support. Loved this interation🤗 Enjoy the time with your friend ✨🎆 Happy Weekend 🙂🎉

  6. Hi dear Huguette ❤️ Happy Birthday dear Lina🎂🥞🎉 Beautiful tribute to your best friend.Such a lovely read of your friend.
    Really it is impossible to describe your 17 years of friendship in one blog. But you have describe a lot . Your good moments of traveling, eating, enjoy, bad day of driving really can’t complete in a single blog.
    Nowadays it is very difficult to find such a true friendship as now people have become mean…
    Ahh!! The food!!
    Really mouthwatering 😋😋🤤
    You and Lina look really fabulous.
    Gif and photos as usual awesome!!
    Lina is very fortunate to have a fantastic friend like you ❤️
    Say my wishes to her.

    1. Hello Jyoti 😊 thank you for all these lovely words and wishes 🙏🏻
      I tried my best, I certainly can’t! 2000 words are already a long post 😊 oh yes loyal and honest people are hard to find and I’m so lucky as well 😊 I feel humbled by your words, I’m okay I guess 😊 and Lina will read your comment certainly 😁
      You’re welcome to taste all this food anytime dear 😊 your heartwarming words are really appreciated a lot ❤️ have a great time and weekend 😊

      1. Hi Huguette ❤️
        My pleasure 🌹 yeah a long post!! But I literally enjoyed it very much so it seems short to me😀
        Enjoy your day 🌹

  7. First of all “Happy birthday Lanloun”!🎂👋  But sorry Huguette, I couldn’t help saying this “I feel a bit jealous hearing about Lina.😒 A bit? No, fairly more than that. After seeing this post I have to say one thing only. She is a very lucky girl, indeed to have a friend like you. And about you? You are the luckiest to have a possessive and caring friend like her. You are blessed dear Huguette. And this birthday, the beautiful gift that Lina going to get is this post ‘A magical friendship story!’ Why you know? People from different countries, across the world is wishing her. Is that not amazing?😂😂 Your gifs! Oh! I always find no words to describe it. And one more Huguette, you look gorgeous.😍🤩 Pretty woman.🥰 Again a bit jealous.😁 Lina too is pretty. 😍 Reading your post I imagined like a fairy tale that I too am both of your friend. We three are roaming over the whole world with full energy. Ha ha. Little crazy imagination.😅🤪Anyways loved both of you very much through this post. And that bit jealous still remains.😝

    1. 😁😁😁 okay it’s allowed to be jealous I guess dear Tushara 😁 it means I’m doing something right 😊 Yes we’re both lucky as you said and yes it was a great gift indeed and she was thrilled and extremely happy reading this post and the comments 😊 amazing indeed 😁
      Thank you for the lovely compliment 😊 I feel humbled really 🙏🏻😊
      Oh why not? Maybe one day will be in somewhere close to you and will contact you and meet you 😊 everything is possible under the sun 🌞🌞
      Still jealous?? 😂
      I appreciate this lovely comment so much 😊😊💕💕

      1. Your words are too much powerful enough to give me hope and happiness.🤩😊 Yeah, I also expect so. Some day we three will meet. Have lots of fun. Ha ha. What a wonderful moment it will be😍🤣😂. Now my jealousy decreased😁

      2. 😁😁 glad they are and they are tru words 😊 it will be so fun indeed 😁 the most importantly your jealousy has decreased 😂😂

  8. Happy birthday Lina and congratulations to you both for that strong friendship bond! Brilliant post Huguette and great homage/ tribute to someone so special!
    To you Lina, Respect!😂😂 You tell her straight, girl! 😂😉💖

    1. Thank you Sonia for the lovely words and wishes 😊 appreciate it a lot ❤️
      And what kind of conspiracy is that 🤔🤔🤔 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  9. This was just so cute. That’s all I have to say to summarize everything. I’ve two best friends and we honestly reall help each other. We always remind ourselves that we’re super ugly, no matter how we actually look. We’re dumb, broke, awkward and we hate each other usually. Ain’t that friendship?

    Hamam ma7shi? Really?

    P.S I didn’t know CNN wished happy birthdays XD

    1. Thank you Nour 😊 bezyedi hal2ad 😌
      Some original friendship concept 😂 so uplifting and so inspiring 😂 you know better 😄
      Yes never tasted it? So delicious and well known in Egypt, here we don’t have it actually
      CNN works for us 😝

      1. Ikr 😂😂 and people ask me why I’m so pessimistic…look at my friends! 😂😂 I mean I may have turned by kind, nice friend into an evil demon but shrugs

        I don’t think I wanna taste it 😂 is it anything like meat?
        And oooh 😮

      2. Have you ever eaten a cake made of knafeh hair thingies? The top and the bottom are knafeh hair thingies and the middle-the’filling’- is Arabic ice cream. Ever tasted that?

  10. Hi Huguette! What a wonderful story of friendship that lasts so long!! A happy birthday to Lina from your somewhat crazy reader from Canada!! You did such an amazing job on this post Huguette, perfect gifs, loved that cat and the swinging door! Guess I will repeat what others have said, you really do look much alike, could easily pass for sisters. I have never had a friendship last that long either! Wow, that is just so amazing and so great that you have stayed together all these years. Not easy to find such a friend these days so don’t let her go! Hope you have a great time of celebration and eating all that delicious looking food!😃🌞😺

    1. Hello Steve and thank you for reading and for the kind wishes and words as well 🙏🏻😊 she will read all your comments certainly 😊 I tried my best and the post was long but still 17 years is not a short time
      Swinging door gif is my favorite 😂 I love this movie
      What can I say I appreciate loyalty since I’m very loyal as well and nowadays it’s nearly impossible to find a friend for a month not years! So sad
      Oh yes hopefully we’ll be celebrating and eating lot of food😁 enjoy your weekend as well 🌞🌞😸

      1. Well, you certainly did a wonderful tribute to your friend and friendship. It didn’t seem long reading it at all, it was just exciting to see such a great friendship over so many years and it is hard to condense 17 years into one post! Hope you have a great day and weekend!!😃🌞😺

  11. Happy birthday Lina!!!! I’m not gonna comment more because she hates that 😂😂. But what a great story you got there. Friendship💙

    1. Thank you Sid for your kind wishes 😊 who told you she’ll hate that? 🤔🤔🤔
      Glad you loved the story and appreciate your time to read 😊

  12. Dear Lanloun you are a very lucky girl having Huguette by your side! And don’t worry, you will definitely not share her with us, she has a lot to give for all of us 🤗💕
    My dear Huguette, reading your post made me miss so much my best friend…💕 We are talking almost every day but are so many years I don’t meet her and I miss so much that years spent together…💕💕
    You are really a wonderful friend! So beautiful and lovely words! The wonderful thing of a friendship is that you do have things in common but also opposite things that create the bond even tighter, in good and in bad moments 💕💕
    Of course she doesn’t want to be your passenger 🤪 even if your were not driving when that airbag blew 🤪🤪
    Oh I wish to be Thanos sometimes too 🤪🤪
    You two really look alike and I never saw so many pictures of you 🤗🤗 This is awesome 😎 👏 This is called real friendship 💕
    I wish her dream will come true and wish you both many many years of true friendship ahead! Happiness and health!
    Happy Birthday Lanloun! 🥳🥳🥳 I’m sure you all had a great time!
    Thank you dear Huguette for this friendship reminder 🤗🤗🤗🌸🌸🌸💕💕💕

    1. Oh look at this lovely comment for someone who doesn’t express well hahahah see? You can be great at expressing 😁
      Let’s see if Lanloun will agree that I have lot to give to all of you 😂
      Appreciate all these lovely words and wishes and Lanloun should answer you all as well very soon 😊 you have some things in common like Pasta and Thanos 😂
      And sorry if this post made you a bit sad since you’re away from your best friend and I hope you will have the chance to meet very soon 😊
      Well she was driving so I’m reminding her 😎 and of course she doesn’t want to be my passenger ???? 😐😐😐 I’m disappointed ☹️
      I was always loyal to people and they were the ones who left actually, oh well 🙂
      I guess you will never see pictures for me ever again hahaha hope you liked them 😁 not a fan of posting pictures but the topic and so required pictures and Lanloun doesn’t mind, anyway she’s photogenic and she has many beautiful pictures so when she complains I will hit this post on her face 😂😂
      Again appreciate your lovely words and wishes and kindness 🤗🤗 and I also hope your wishes will come true and you will meet your best friend and gather many more memories 🤗🤗💕💕💕🌺🌺🌺

      1. 😊🤗
        She will definitely agree that you have a lot to give to all of us 🤪 with such a big soul, there is for everyone 🤗
        Yes, not bad, 2 things in common already 🤪 wonderful 🥂
        Disappointed? Oh well, is not for everyone to get a fast & furious ride 🤪
        I know, their bad anyway…you have nothing to lose 😅
        I loved the pictures and you two both are photogenic 😜
        I know you don’t post pictures with you, same as me 😅 This was really a kind gesture from your side 😆😜🥰
        Yeah, I hope one day I’ll be able to have my friend beside me too 😊😉
        Have a wonderful week my dear 🌸🌸🤗🤗💕💕🌺🌺

      2. Thank you Riby 😊 so kind of you to say these beautiful words 😊
        my driving is so good just for the records😜😜
        thank you for the compliment, I tried to choose the pictures wisely hahaha
        Enjoy this week and hope it will run so fast 🤗🤗💕💕🌺

      3. I know, I know that your driving is very good! 🤪🤪 Is just strange that the others doesn’t want to be your passengers…oh well their loss 🤣🤣
        Everybody has what they deserve and you my dear, you deserve only beautiful words 🤗🤗🤗
        I know that from now on when I want to see Huguette, I will need to come back to this post 🤪🤪
        But maybe one day Lanloun would want to share her photos too 🤪🤣😉
        Yes, let’s hope will run fast 😊 actually fist day was really very fast…I barely had time for lunch 🤪🤪
        Have a wonderful afternoon my dear 😊🌸🤪🤗

      4. 😁😁 so strange indeed 🤔🤔
        Thank you for this kindness and beautiful words dear Riby 😊🤗🤗 and who knows maybe you will see me in person before going back to this post😁😁 and let’s pray Lina will not decide to publish these photos 🤣🤯🤯😨😨
        Yes Monday was fast also for me, I’m sure the entire week will be the same and hope you’ll get better each day to enjoy the weekend 🤗🤗💕💕💕 now you’re having milk with the angels I guess 😁😁sweet dreams 😊

  13. Oh dear, I couldn’t wish Lina on her birthday but belated happy birthday to her!🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️
    Both of you are so lucky to have each other by your side. It’s such a heartwarming story of friendship that went through a lot. This is real friendship when you actually face things together and be happy and there for each other. The beautiful thing is that you do have things in common and opposite and respect each other and their choices or opinions. It is the first step towards a long lasting friendship😊
    Your post made me smile. Both of you look so beautiful with your smiles. And 17 years is a lot of memories and you will make more💖💖
    I have problems with my best friend’s family because of something that happened 3 years ago and I have another best friend too, about whom I had posted. I wish I also make memories and have fun too. I always had wanted a girl best friend because I don’t know, it feels a little more fun 😂😂 But I am too small and I hope I will make one in college😬
    Thank you so much Huguette to make my day like this. Hope you had a great day and I pray that all your wishes and dreams come true 😘

    1. Don’t worry dear, the wishes are still on haha a and Lina will read your wishes and reply as well 😊😊
      Happy you loved this story and we’re both lucky indeed 😊
      This life is not always laughs and smiles, it’s also pain and tears and we should accept this and take the whole package
      And loyal people will stick around during hard days as they were in the happy days
      Glad my post made you smile and appreciate the compliment so much 😊
      Hope things will be fixed with your best friend (girl) Yes it’s a bit difference than a guy best friend you posted about 😊 it’s more fun and simply different
      Yes you’re young and life is still hiding a lot for you so hopefully a best friend and a very long friendship 😊
      Glad I made your day and your comment also made my day and I do appreciate it a lot and I appreciate your lovely wishes 😊🌺🥰

      1. Thank God the wishes are still on😂 I wish you both happiness. I agree that we should accept the whole package and my mother always says that the people who are meant to stay will automatically stay, we don’t have to fight or plead for them to stay so I believe in the destiny ..
        I hope that things will work out too and I wish your hope comes true and I get blessed with real friends and probably a girl best friend 😊😁 because you know when a glass breaks, you can fix it back, but it will never be the same again.
        I will probably be completely off from September perhaps so I am making most of the time here and I won’t miss your wonderful posts😊

      2. Thank you dear 😊 your mother is right, I tel you I did wonders for some people and they left anyway so just do what’s necessary and the rest will follow
        Not necessary this friend, you will meet many people and you will know when you meet your best friend that will be mature enough to maintain a friendship 🙂
        Appreciate your lovely words and happy you are part of my community 😊Best of luck here and in your life as well 😊💜

      3. Sometimes I like to believe that miracles happen when you least expect it, so I am just being patient and keeping faith for that moment.
        It’s weird how we always try to please others and lose ourselves in the process.
        You actually faced these things and grew strong out of it. I would do the same. Friendship isn’t forced, it’s spontaneous. If any relation is forced, it’s better not to be there 🙂
        I hope you are doing well ☺️

      4. miracles do happen and mostly each time you open your eyes to welcome a new day 🙂 We don’t like to stay alone so we do it the wrong way until we learn the lesson!
        Nothing should be forced in this life, eventually we will reject it
        Have a great day and hope all is good in exams 🙂

      5. Everything you say is beautiful. Learning happens all through life🙂

  14. Wishing Lina a very happy birthday (belated) . Friendship is the strongest bond we humans create. Friends are those idiots who we choose to be a part of our family! You two definitely makes THE PERFECT PAIR. My best friend too complains about how bad our pictures are. But more importantly we are making memories together. ❤❤❤❤ Kudos to 17 beautiful years of friendship and many more to come❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Being away from home is not always easy, but friends can help you to feel better for sure, you, shy? I would never thought this way, people who want to stay in your life they will, even if they from high school times, there are no borders, if someone want to communicate with you. Are you the morning grumpy?😁, with time we can change and become better or worst, i think even character can change, at least some parts of it. Oh just show her ons, how to comment like this she will know for the next time:D💜i always do for my friends who tells me, that they dont know how to comment, i’m like wait wait let me guide you😁so cute, to be jealous that way:), aha some people dont like space, but for the similar reason we went to different directions, my situation was different and it was he instead of she, and he always wanted to be glue, even if i went to the store, oh can i come, i need my own space to breath at least a little bit, i like company and friends, but gave me my own spaces at least at the end of the day, do you know what i mean?
    Sounds like she is a wonderful women and great friend, puppy face can work with people who loves you💜. great picture, omg Hulk!!!, you look kinda similar, hehe, well, some pictures just must disappear by mystery, other wise….😁memories is so god thing, specially when you still have that person with you:), You are a good friend and you dont turn back on your friends, no matter what, we need more people like you in this world, cancer is so tricky and i wish that one day it would just disappear. 17 years seems a long time, Happy b-day Lina, i wish you all the best have fun on your b-day!!!:)💜

    1. I’m actually Shy dear Ilona strong personality yes but Shy 🙂 And You’re tight because since I was very young I did wonders for people and those who wanted to stay, didn’t need all what I have been done!
      I’m not a morning person but I’m not grumpy if the right people were around me not stupid people you see? I wake up smiling usually if I’m with the right people
      Of course we change and we become better version of ourselves, I mean we should! We can’t stay the way we are without improving 🙂
      My space is important but I do have it, after all I live alone and most of times I’m alone this is why I don’t mind this with certain people like my best friend, I do exception in this case of course and it’s not like you case 🙂 I know what you mean, I’m a lone wolf so I do understand 🙂
      hahah you can’t let like 1000 pictures disappear by mystery 😂😂 but I also have the same hahaha
      I’m loyal until the end, I’m the person that can take a bullet for the people I care for, this is why I’m so strict with people and I have many rules to let people in and I test them most of times…and they fail!
      I really appreciate your compliment and kind words so much 🙂 And I hope they will find a cure to Cancer because it’s really awful!
      17 years is a ling time indeed, years are really flying! Hope Lina will read and answer the birthday wishes as well 🙂 Thank you dear for all the lovely words 💜😊

  16. Being shy and strong, i’m opposite hehe, not shy, but not strong aider, stupidy growing in this world not by day but by second, many people are leaving down instead of growing. And nothing we can do about it, we can focus on us and on the people who we love, i know, that you are very loyal friend, and justice is important for you💜I hope, that your friend read this post, it is very nice of you to do one, now she know that you love her a lot💛, i have heard, that cure exist, but is not good for business, so nobody have the right to release, dont know if its true, some people say that we can use placenta to heal cancer.
    I wish for you guys much more years together and new memories💙

    1. yes sure we are only concerned about ourselves nothing to do about the rest 🙂 she actually read the post and was happy, she still needs to read the comments that’s it 🙂 I always hear that there’s a cure but they don’t allow people to have it, don’t know what placenta is
      Thank you for your wished and kind words and wishes again 💙

  17. Wow. What an awesome post about friendship and life Huguette.
    Many happy returns of the day to your best friend, Lina. May God strengthen this beautiful friendship with every passing year.
    Such beautiful pics. It is God’s gift – such soulful friendships 💕🤗🎉💃🏻🌹

  18. This is very cute post! I wish I can have a friend like that. Lina and you are lucky to have each other as friends. I loved the pics 😃 in the post and the last one❤
    Have been busy from some time and have missed so many posts. Will try to read others too.

    1. Thank you Sohanpreet 😊 I hope you will have a friend like that soon 😊happy you loved the pictures and don’t worry at all, life can get so hectic, hope all is good at your end ❤

  19. Happy Belated birthday Lina ❤ This is what true friendship sounds like. Your post make me want to listen to the song “I will be there for you”, your friendship will last forever
    Ha, my friends are the some they can see my posts but rarely comment, and always ask why I don’t write about them or dedicate a poem to them, well I don’t have nice things to say about them:D

    1. Thank you Nadine for the lovely comment and wishes 😊 don’t know if I know the song but glad you remembered it 😊
      Hahaha nothing to say about you dudes 😁 akid msh tay2inik lakena hahah

      1. Oh of course you know it, it’s the theme song of Friends. Ahem either you have a bad memory aw el 3omer ello ha2 (ok I will kick myself outta here)
        Fiki t2olo cho3our motabadal 😀

      2. ahhh okay okay now I know it 🙂 ennu 3adi ehh i’m not young anymore 😀 but fan of Friends series, ma ntabahet abadan
        ahamma shi ennu mutabedal 😀

  20. 😂😂 Lanloun after reading this post I don’t think that you need to be jalouse .
    Real friendship last forever despite distance , work , life issues … I have a bestie too called Sarah , she lives now in France , 16 years of friendship, even if she is far from me but nothing have changed , It is a blessing ❤
    Really happy for you Huguette , it’s good to have someone you can count on ❤

    1. 😁😁😁 oh you got here too! I do appreciate your time to read and interact a lot ❤️
      Your words are so true and hope you will meet your friend Sarah soon 😊 real and loyal friends are real blessing ❤️

  21. Firstly you convey our regards to Lina! This is true friendship! My belated Happy Birthday wishes to Lina! You have attached beautifully your memories! 👏 Huguette this bring’s my close friends memories!😇 This is an amazing . Thank you very much for you input! Have a blessed day!😊💙

    1. Thank you Suni 😊🙏 she’ll sure read your comment, appreciate your kind words and time to read and happy I brought close friends memories, it’s great I’m sure 👍🙂 and I wish you a great day as well 😊💜

      1. These pictures are awesome, some friends need special attention from other close friends! I think Lina us also like that! True friendship continuing life long is amazing! 👍 😊 💞

      2. Thank you for the compliment 😊
        Yes she’s actually this kind but she cares too 😊
        Appreciate your kind wishes 🙏🏻😊💕

  22. This will be my last read for the night so let me get the comments over with. Cracking fingers.

    😂 I can totally relate! Someone visiting when I’m sleeping makes me want to both push the visitor out and ran to the bathroom to fix myself.

    Oh, Lina, Hug adores you. This post proves it. Happy Belated Birthday

    Haha :D, Of course, she’ll wonder what’s wrong with you if you usually tease her to the brink of tears and suddenly stop one day. I’ll be the same if I was in her shoes, although you won’t be able to make me cry… I think… ok I’m not 100% sure.

    I love all the food you mentioned. Even the one you end up getting. 🙂

    Got it. It wasn’t you on the wheel 😁

    “It’s sad when you become so familiar with death that you barely feel” I feel you. One of my brother and my father in-law also died of cancer. 😦

    Opposite attracts that’s what your friendship is. Lovely photos. And though it’s hard to summarise I think you did a great job showing us the feelings you have for 17 years. I wish you both more years of friendship together.

    1. hahahh Jess Cracking fingers and me waiting 😂
      as usually you’re so sure Jess 🙂 I can be a pain in the ass when I’m silly hahaha
      appreciate your time to read and your lovely comment and thank you for the lovely wishes and kindness as well ❤
      oh yes she was driving but someone hits her on purpose and ran away! I felt I died when the airbag hits me! My sunglasses were split one part beside me and the other 100 meters on the road!
      I hate Cancer, hope they will find a cure, it’s a damn massacre!
      Hope you will visit us one day and all this food will be on table 😁
      I tried to summarize and all what I said is 2 stories, imagine how many posts I need! I already wrote 2000 words…
      Thank you Jess for your lovely interaction ❤

      1. Aw, it’s nothing. I enjoyed reading this sweet post. Wow… I never been hit by an airbag so I wouldn’t know, but it’s a scary thought that your sunglasses could have shatter and hurt your face. Or worse, your eyes! 😟 That driver needs to pay!
        Me and my husband think that there is already a cure for cancer. The one holding it however, won’t release it because think of all the money being garner from all these poor patients, regular medicines, machines, donation, everything. World is cruel, and sadly those with power don’t care how many lives they stepped on as long as they can keep earning.

      2. Yes and one more thing, the airbag has a chemical substance as well that is used to preserve it and it can also causes burns or so…The police came to investigate but since they wanted to take the car until they have results, then we just dropped it because the driver ran away so they will not have any results!
        I keep hearing about this cure and if it’s true, I hope they will burn in hell forever! This world is so cruel because of bad people that only care about money knowing that we’ll die naked and we’ll take nothing with us! So stupid!

      3. I know! I talked about it to my husband (he’s still pretty hurt of losing his father to illness) and he said something that made me think. Did you ever hear any multi-billionaire owner of pharmaceutical drugs (or their close families) ever dying of cancer? Do you think they won’t come up with a solution if ever someone were able to inject that disease in their blood?
        Yes, I hope for nothing more than those people who let the humanity suffer for the sake of saving their fortune which is by the way already more than enough to carry on far into their generation.

      4. Yes he’s probably right, I don’t have information but this world is so fucked up actually and all this can be so true and also much more probably!
        I hope there’s a justice somewhere because in this world there is none!

  23. First of all those mangoes look delicious!! Happy Birthday to Lina 🙂 🙂 But hey you guys really look alike. You guys look like real sisters. You both are so blessed finding each other as best friends. Enjoy your day and may your friendship bond turn out to be stronger.

    1. You are welcome to taste all these food anytime 😊
      Yes we hear it the entire time hahah
      Thank you AL for taking time read and for this kind interaction and wishes 🙏🏻😊

      1. let’s hope you will find some good place, but the food is always better eaten in the original country 🙂 Hope one day you will visit Lebanon and then you will know the difference 🙂

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