The Talkers & Double Standards Curse

Usually I have a very good intuition about people, I feel something is wrong, something is not going well and I retreat.
When I have second thoughts about this intuition, I end up regretting always! Because I was right and this person is acting weird and I should have stopped dealing with them.
But no problem, we always learn from our mistakes.

Worst people I met are the talkers and double standards people.
These people can talk and talk and preach and speak fancy words and when it comes to actions, oh well nothing! Moreover, they don’t practice what they preach so how people will believe and follow their words when their actions say the contrary?

They preach about honesty and when you’re honest with them, they ban you and treat you as a disease! They consider what they say is the truth but what you say is “rude”.

They want to make jokes whenever they want and feel, and when you do, oh you’re” vulgar”

They pretend they care for you and they are secretly screwing you and making problems because of you!

They preach about happiness and positivity and they judge who are not, while they are unable to put their shit together! Not judging them but why preaching? Embrace your vulnerability, your weakness, your fucked up version!

They preach about the truth while they can’t handle the truth!

They use exaggerated words while nobody is asking them to! And of course they always fail to mean them because they are only words…and words are so easy to say right? But so hard to forget!

They are always victims and people are misunderstanding them and bullying them while people are just replying to their stupid words! So they want to say whatever they want but you’re not allowed to reply what should be said!

They want to knock the door and they’re bothered when someone opens it!

They don’t know what they want; they are totally lost and trying to confuse people with them while making others believe that they are the confused ones!

They want respect but they are not willing to respect!

They want attention and they crave lights, while their heart and mind are in a total darkness!

They are the talkers and the doubles standards people and next time I have this feeling, I will follow it even if it was completely wrong!

You can’t be drunk, walking unsteadily in the street and preach about sobriety!

You can’t be a street whore and preach about chastity!

You can be whatever you want but just don’t pretend and don’t preach what you don’t practice

Practice what you preach or change your speech, so simple!
Why you’re making it so damn hard?

Thank you for reading, your thoughts and opinions are always welcome 🙂

Huguette Antoun – July 25th 2019

52 thoughts on “The Talkers & Double Standards Curse

  1. Hello my dear Huguette ❤
    When it comes to this phrase ” practice what you preach ” the first thing that comes to my mind is “One person’s freedom ends where another’s begins ” I think that these two sentenses are parallel . because no matter what you are preaching , your opinions and thoughts ,all this must come in the second place , RESPECT and accepting other’s opinions is more important . cause really as you said doubles standards people are exhausting , they throw one you their , let’s say believes and prejudices , they pretend to pratcice them so perfectly , then you find them doing the opposite of what they are preaching! At least if I preach something I will do my best to practice it but , no need to pretend that I am right and give others my perspectives or oblige them to do so . This reminds me of your post about Facts and Perspectives 😉
    Bottom line , when some puts himself/ herself in this position I think it’s better to him/ her to accept the truth then as you said .
    I’ve being long my dear hhh , anyway hope you’re doing great , enjoy your day kisso !

    1. Hello dear and thank you for this lovely interaction! Oh no good words are never long! I agree with you and I usually live by the words “One person’s freedom ends where another’s begins ” so much! respecting each other’s is major but as you said I can’t preach something and do the opposite! This is the main message here, I don’t care if someone is a drug user, dealer, prostitute…I really don’t judge people, but hey: don’t stand in front of me point your fingers and claim something you’re not! This is my main concern, I respect more those who are jerks and they don’t deny they are! I really respect them more
      Appreciate the exchange my dear, always priceless and addition to my posts ❤ ❤ ❤ 😊😊

  2. I think I mentioned this before but words are empty if not supported by actions! I could not agree more with what you say! Integrity comes to mind during this reading! Unfortunately nowadays it is an increasingly unusual value in practice! Love this post!❤️

  3. Good afternoon, this what we are dealing with in today’s world, stealers talking about how bad is to steal money, specialy the governement and president in France, they make rules, which make it leagal to steal, so its goes on and on with all the others things💛, be you and you can change who you are everyday by making the right choice, you can chose dont be stealer or dealer or whatever you do🤗😎sorry i know you cant comment me for now, at the moment i left open only few posts😊🙂😎 and i left one open for you because it was nomination of yours🤗❤thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!!!🏃‍♀️

    1. Hello Ilona, thank you for reading and for this valuable interaction….I’m sorry to hear you closed the comments and then deleted the site, it’s sad and I hope it was the right choice
      the example you gave is everywhere, politicians are beyond saving! I’m speaking about real people who are not honest with themselves and they are hypocrite and liars! and they are many…anyway, I just stated my case, I don’t care if having people like them in my life anyway…
      Best of luck in you life and hope you will decide to revive your Blog! it’s sad to hear you deleted it!

  4. Hi Huguette, Well said 👏 If words are preached that are not followed is not fair. Eleanor Roosevelt said it perfectly. Oh that is RUDE🤨for saying truth how can someone BAN😳 Oh such people are around me, Hate talking with them especially when they false praise🧐 Thats well said for straight to face, Show up! Thats a sad truth because its just words, they see it as just words.✨ They want respect but they dont want to respect✨ Nice choice of quotes chosen. Oh! tats rude, street whore cant talk about chastity, Valid but too hard ✨😳, its ok. Well Said in short at the end, ✨ Silent people who are better than talkers✨ This is a wonderful post Huguette✨👏✍️

    1. Hello Simon and thank you so much for reading and interacting as well 🙂 the people I mentioned have their own truth, literally what I said, when you are honest, you’re rude but they pretend they despise lies! These people exist and they are such hypocrites! I didn’t mean to be harsh speaking about the whore, it’s figure of speech, same as the drunk man, figure of speech…
      Thank you again for your time and words, I truly appreciate it 🙂

      1. Hi Huguette, Totally get it, While reading i just shared what i felt🙂. And we are surrounded by hypocrites, And if there is any blogger with such quality and reading this, this will be a hard shot to their face! Like the ads about products we see everyday, if google throw away our post links on their mobiles there will be a change for sure, for better✨😊 Thanks for your time Huguette 🤗✨✍️

      2. Yes sure Simon I know you did, just wanted to confirm 🙂 I wish these people are reading but you know the worst part? these people are unable to see themselves! It’s a disaster!
        Hope someday we will appear in Google search haha it’s something about SEO that I hardly get! Thank you Simon ✨😊

  5. We can’t satisfy everyone! do what you like and love what you do… your text which is interesting and objective as usual… You know what! We have a beautiful proverb for these people you describe… “Dogs bark, caravan passes by”…

    1. Thank you Sofiane for the valuable comment! We can’t of course and I’m not planning to, I’m just describing real people and they are really awful from my perspective! Yes we have this proverb ins Arabic and it’s powerful
      thank you so much 🙂

  6. So wise words Huguette, and well penned❤️ I could feel the words depth in my heart, because false people are I done with…and I have a strong feeling about people too, I am skeptical and getting into my heart is not easy.
    A wonderful post, thank you.

    1. we become skeptical after we face lot of shit from people and it’s better than being hurt again and again anyway, people are becoming worse day after day and they are so proud of being shitty!
      Thank you for reading and for your kind words and support ❤ I truly appreciate it ❤

  7. Are you talking about me? Oh common now, what have I done? 🙂
    “Practice what you preach or change your speech, so simple!” – this is so simple yet so difficult for most of these talkative people!
    From when I’m living here, it happened so many times to me that saying the truth I was considered rude. And you know what? I really don’t care! Their f…king lies are definitely not the truth! They can keep telling them to whom they want but not to me! I’ll not buy it!
    The part I hate most is they consider me stupid! Oh common! I can smell your stupid lies from far away! Better shut up!
    Lately I’ve withdraw myself from having to interact with this kind of people. I just doing it for the minimum necessary!
    They want attention and they crave lights? They can take it all but they’ll never be happy! They lie to themselves! A person that lies to his self cannot be happy! Cannot have a serene life! And for me this is most important! You think I’m rude? Ok! I don’t care! I’m happy with my life! 🙂
    Great post dear Huguette as always and great topic 🙂
    Enjoy your day! Finally weekend! ❤ 😊 ❤ 😊 ❤ 😊

    1. You know what you did!!
      Well said dear Riby! People who lie to themselves are never happy, yes! This is what I mean, they crave lights “while their heart and mind are in a total darkness”
      they are living a lie and many take their lives because of that!
      Humiliating my intelligence also piss me off! So much! And I don’t keep these people even close to my life! But I have to deal with some here at work! A fucking nightmare! they made my life like shit until I started to ignore them but still I wish to leave because of that…and also people here and people you meet randomly…they are everywhere!
      oh you’re very rude you know that?? 😊😊
      Thank you so much for reading and for these lovely words and addition as well 😊😊😊 Oh yes!! welcome dearest weekend hahha 🤗🤗💕💕

      1. I know, I know, I’ll settle it soon 🤪🤪
        Is really a nightmare having these people around you at work….I have them too and I try to ignore them but let’s be honest, sometimes these “specimens” really cannot be ignored 😒 and then I’m in AK47 mood and they say I’m rude….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 shut up!! 🤣🤣🤣 you deserve it 😒😎
        But you’re right! They are everywhere! The whole world is full of these people…🙈🙈
        Try as much as you can to ignore them and you cannot just tell them a few 🤣🤣🤣
        I know I’m rude but hey, get used to it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Our dearest weekend is here! Enjoy it my dear 🤗🤗🤗🌸🌸🌸💕💕💕🧸🧸🧸🧸

      2. 😁😁😁
        Let’s hope to have some money and I will never work for people again!
        How can you ignore these « specimens » 😂 they are so damn provoking that even words are not enough ! ⚔️⚔️⚔️🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡⛓⚒⚒⚒⚒🔨🔨 😂😂I’ll become a fugitive because no one gets to put me in some jail😂😂
        AK47 and boom 💥 💣💣💣🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨
        We will make some hell a team 😎 the A-Team 😎😎😎
        You’re sleeping now and you’re about to wake up before I even sleep 😂😂
        Enjoyyyyy 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕🧸🧸

      3. Settled 🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Oh yes, that will be a dream come true 😝😝😝 not working for people anymore 😝😝😝
        I know is not easy to ignore them but the thing is that we can never compete with them! They are much more well prepared to be idiots! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 We are not used to it! Better stay away from them 🤪🤪🤪🤪
        The A-Team 😎😎😎😎😎 pretty cool 💥 😎 💥 💥 Be prepared world 🤣🤣🤣

      4. 😂😂😂
        They are experts at being idiots that’s a sure thing 😂😂😂😂
        Yes hell a team 😎😎😎😎😈😈😈😈
        Enjoy these few hours, will send you an email when I can 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕🧸🧸🧸

  8. Well expressed dear ❤ Our society is full of these people. I don’t trust people easily.
    People will talk about other people and about other people talking about other people. When people talk badly about others in my presence, I usually keep my mouth shut as there is always three sides of a story.
    “Practice what you preach”<<<< 3enna bas bi nazro, and they dare to judge other people

    1. Thank you Nadine 😊 I’m skeptical also since it’s getting worse day after day!
      People talk badly because they are so empty ! Sick society

  9. Hi Huguette ❤️💕
    How are you doing dear ❤️
    Sorry I am late …..
    Well, such nice and true words by you dear….
    Yeah, today people who speaks honestly are regarded as rude!! People just preach it does not follow it…then what’s the use of preaching?

    1. Hello dear Jyoti, all is great thank you 😊 hope you’re good and everything is smoothly
      don’t worry at all! I appreciate your time to read and this lovely comment as well!
      Exactly my point, preaching what we don’t practice is hypocrisy!
      Have a great weekend 😊💕

  10. There are just too many hypocrites in the world. Take my sister for example. She want to make peace with me, but the moment I started asking question of why cursed, insult and even told me to go to hell. She replied that it’s because I was the problem, going around the problem and after a while blame me for doing this which she actually do to me. I can go on and on about this problem but I rather not. This quote: “If you can handle the truth, don’t ask me to be honest” is a gem. Thanks for this post Hug. I feel like printing it and slap it to a couple of people… argh

    1. You know I reached a point that I’m 💯 convinced that many people Shouldn’t ne together or close even if they are family! Each person needs to pursue their life, because no matter what you do, you are misunderstood, there’s problem, tense, some people are just not compatible together, end of story
      When I was convinced, my life became better believe me! 99% of people like your sister don’t even know how awful they are, so it’s like trying to break the wall using your head! Why doing it?
      But it’s not a bad idea printing this post and slap to people 😂😂😂 would be fun!!
      Thank you Jess 😊

      1. “it’s like trying to break the wall using your head!” Yep that’s exactly how it feels. That’s why I’ve given up on her.

  11. Agreed completely. I have seen people trying to act ‘cool’ and saying things they don’t even know about and behaving as though they have a research paper on the subject. I hate such kind of people because you should be honest with yourself first. It’s weird how they act as if they are the best🙄

    1. Exactly my point, being honest with yourself is the first step 👍 these people will always exist, we just need to choose our path and out company very wisely 🙂
      Thank you for reading dear 🙏🏻😊

  12. Well said Huguette. People like to give advice but hardly apply that to themselves. This can also be seen with respect to writers and bloggers. I too have a lot of posts in drafts that I wanted to publish but can’t do because I haven’t applied the things in my own life . So, I can’t publish it to advise others. It is easy to say, but hard to apply some things in our own life.

    1. Thank you Sohanpreet 😊you can publish them if they can help others but I’m speaking about people whom insist on certain attitude and then there’s nothing at all!
      Exactly always easier said then done but knowing and admitting is the first step I guess
      Have a great day 😊

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