Liebster Blogger Award – Seventh Nomination

That moment when someone nominates you and you accept and then you forget to add this award to your “to do list” and then suddenly the blogger mentions this in one of their recent posts and you feel you’re a total jerk.
Sorry Nour for this mistake. 😕

I was nominated on May 14th by Nour for the Liebster award and I forgot to do it.
Now I’m doing it with other questions that Nour decided they are cooler to answer since now she’s more expert with asking tough questions you see? So I didn’t mind to answer both questions actually because I’m tough too! 😎

Nour is from Jordan, she’s a teen, but way smarter than teens actually, she writes some heavy quality and deep posts, stories and poems, and sometimes I hardly understand! Check her blog for more:
Thank you Nour for the nomination and for waiting all this time as well 😊

What is the Liebster Prize?

The Liebster Prize is an award that exists only on the Internet and is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers. The first case of the award goes back to 2011. Liebster in German means sweet, kind, dear, charming, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. It really is an excellent way to meet other bloggers and gain more visibility in the community.

There are some simple rules to follow:
Add a link to the Official Liebster Award page in your blog post the Global aussie:


  1. Say “Thank you” to the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.
  5. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees.

There will be no facts this time since I just posted yesterday the Liebster, but I didn’t want to be more late with this one so I will answer the original questions and the additional questions that Nour has chosen as well.

Nour Original Questions and Related Answers:

1- Truth or Dare?
Both. We played this game the entire time as kids and I always chosen equally, truth and dare.

2- Sweet, Sour, Salty, bitter?

3- Dream job…house…car?
I don’t get if you want me to choose from these 3? I will choose Dream job.
If what’s my dream job: Human Rights Activist.
I don’t have a house, I have a car.
But these are 3 questions Nour ok??🙄🙄

4- My life was a lie because I thought
My life was never a lie.

5- Ever owned a pet? And if yes, what?
When I was 4 years old, I had a cat. And later on when I was around 11 I had turtles.

6- Nice male and female names?
I love Yara for female and Ziad for Male

7- Something fascinating?
How human body works!

8- Dream outfit?
Stylish jeans and funky shirt  (Something like that).

9- 4 words to describe death
Scary, dark, inevitable, mysterious

10- 4 words to describe life
Simple, unfair, beautiful, bright

11- Lone child or do you have siblings?
3 brothers.

Nour’s Additional Chosen Questions:

1- You’re in a spaceship. You’re travelling to Pluto. You are obliged to bring a person that will live with you for thousands, if not millions, of years until you reach Neptune. BUT, when you arrive then (and you WILL) they will die by your side. Who would you bring with you?

The person I love the most, obviously 🙂 You want a picture? 😁

2- What is practically invisible but you wish people could see? (seen these questions and they were very interesting)
The Heart ❤

3- If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called?
Spread your peanut.

4- Create a word and tell us it’s meaning and how it’s pronounced
Zakzuk – it’s pronounced Zak–Zook and it’s a pet name for being smart.

5- If we all got turned into birds, what bird would you be?

6- me an object that describes you. (For example, an alarm describes me. Annoying)
Watch – Picky

7- Is a zebra white on black or black on white?
Who cares? It’s damn black and white so live with it 😁

8- You invented an invention. What would it do?
Gives and immediate electricity shock to every person acting like a jerk and hurting another human being.

9- If you were transported 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything else, how would you prove that you were from the future?
Why you’re assuming they’ll be speaking my language? 😎
Second I will show up without clothes so they’ll believe anything I will say 😂😂 Do you wanna bet?

10- You’re an enigma. Why would that be? (For example, you could stand the temperature 100 Celsius as if it’s a warm breeze)
I can read minds and transport objects and people with my eyes! Why? Because I was struck by lightning 🤯🤯

No Nominees and No Questions

Hope you enjoyed, especially you dear Nour 😊

Have a great Sunday!

Huguette Antoun – July 27th 2019

70 thoughts on “Liebster Blogger Award – Seventh Nomination

  1. For #3- you can choose what you answer since some don’t have cars or houses etc.
    #5- I had a turtle to! Though a field worker accidently threw it out

    Second set of questions:
    #1- Ouch 😂
    #3…what? Spread your peanut? is chuckling rn 😂😂
    #6 How can a watch be picky hmmm?
    #9 I don’t think they’ll approve of you being nude…mad woman 😂

    “and sometimes I hardly understand!” Saaaaame 😂
    Thank you for your kind words and it’s alright, really 💕💕

    1. 😂😂 so it was entertaining huh?
      they threw your turtle out?? mine used to run everyday hahah
      😂 What’s wrong of spread your peanut? it’s so cool!
      Well my watch is picky 😂😂
      Except I’m not mad dear Nour 😀 a clever person can act crazy yes, but they can be also incredibly sane 😉
      Thank you Nour for checking it so fast haha 😊💕

      1. Run? What, did it cover a meter or two? They’re incredibly slow!
        I’m really trying hard not to laugh out loud and wake someone up 😂
        Um, okay 😂
        THE MAD HATTER clears throat sorry…I got excited

      2. OMG natertini 3al kelmi 😂 she used to go over night or when I leave her for some time, she was on balcony not inside the house and there are wide gardens (the time I used to spend summer at my grandparents house)
        el do7k ktir mni7 mesh mashkal 😂 let them wake up!!😂

      3. shurgs i can be literal sometimes😏
        “What chu laughing at?”
        “Oh, I don’t know…SPREAD YOUR PEANUT!” Um, what? 😂

  2. Not much comment this time. I love the 11 facts. #8 I love that kind of outfits too. ❤
    But my most favorite is #9. 😂 so cool and spot on!

  3. Oh wow, you forgot about it? Did Nour forgive you? OMG! 😮
    I was just kidding! 😝😝😝 Congratulations my dear Huguette! I’m glad you answered to Nour’s questions too 🤣🤣🤣
    See? A few days back you were searching for your dreams ….. A good thing answering the questions was finding out one of your dreams: being Human Rights Activist! Now you just need to find out how you can achieve it! But you are one step closer to do it 🤗🤗
    Yara, pretty name 😉
    Oh, our body is a mystery 🤪🤪 unfortunately…even us that we own it we don’t understand it well sometimes or maybe most of the time 🤪🤪🤪🤪
    Comfy outfit 😉😉
    Don’t want to think about death and life “Simple, unfair, beautiful, bright”….perfect words to describe it! It is really simple but most of people complicate it themselves forgetting to enjoy it since is so short!
    The heart 💓 Yes, true, but not sure if I would like these kind of people to see my heart….it would be too exposed to stupidity 🤣🤣🤪🤪
    Spread your peanut 🥜 ahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Zakzuk, nice name for a pet 😉
    The eagle 🦅 uses the negative energy to fly even higher! Exactly like Huguette! From negativity and sadness creates beautiful things!
    A watch? Ahahahaha 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
    Exactly! poor zebra! Just leave her alone to live her life 😉😉
    Great invention! I hope will work one day! Would be great! We would see all people electrocuted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Oh no, we don’t wanna bet! We’re pretty sure! 🤪🤪🤪
    Read minds and transport objects and people with your eyes, wow 😮 Please transport yourself here for a drink now 🥂 😉
    Wish you a lovely Sunday dear Huguette 🤗🤗🧸🧸💕🌸🌸

    1. Can you imagine ?? 😂😂 totally forgot it!!
      Nour questions don’t scare me I still believe mine are harder because they are about real shit 😌
      Human rights but not like what’s actually happening practically, something more noble 😊
      Yes I was always fascinated how our body functions! We certainly don’t and even doctors hardly do actually
      Life is simple people are complicated that’s for sure 😊
      Well it will be like everyone is seeing everybody hearts so fair enough I guess and at least we can spot the asswholes 🙄🙄🙄😂
      Zakzuk for a pet? Hahahah i use it for humans
      All people will be electrocuted and I’ll be entertained 😂😂😂😈😈😈😈
      Thank you for the kind and lovely words dear Riby 😊 well let’s hope I will have this gift hahah so I can fly and have a drink with you 🥂 😊
      Enjoy the few hours left from Sunday 🤗🤗🤗💕🧸🧸💕

      1. Oh yes, being able to see the hearts, we may be able to spot the assholes 😂😂😂
        Can you imagine? The whole world will have the same hair cut 😂😂 electrocuted 😂😂😂
        Will wait for you 🥂 😊
        Wish you a wonderful week my dear Huguette 🤗🤗🤗💕💕

      2. 😂😂😂😂 it sill be hilarious in both cases, showing the asswholes hearts and then being electrocuted 😂
        Hopefully one day 🥂 😊
        20 minutes for your first day! Great! 🤗🤗🤗💕💕

  4. Congratulations! I quite liked our answers.
    “Don’t fear death, Fear a life unlived” Love that!
    And ooh, I like that invention 😂
    And the outfits, they are pretty nice too…

    1. Thank you Saania 😊 yes life has no meaning if we didn’t live it
      Cool invention right? 😎😎 😁
      Thank you for your time to read and comment 😊💕

  5. Congrats dear Huguette❤️❤️
    Well, I loved that outfit…. but I don’t how they look super cool, and me even have this outfit, never be satisfied and never look so awesome like them😂😂( maybe I look 😉😉)
    Wow!! Human Rights Activist- that’s amazing!! Yara is a nice name indeed!! Your invention is pretty cool 😂😂😜
    Your peanut butter name 😂😂
    I think your personality matches with eagle..🦅🦅🦅
    U want to read minds and transport things….. seems so fascinating 🤩🤩

    1. Thank you dear Jyoti for this kind interaction 😊
      Well each one is unique and different but these are top models and it’s their job to look that perfect, but we look greater without comparison that’s for sure 😊
      Happy you loved the answers 😁 it was funny answering them actually
      Thank you for the kind words about me and I used to be human rights activist before I leave, it was great indeed 😊
      Appreciate your interaction and kindness a lot 😊💕💕

      1. My pleasure dear ❤️❤️
        You are right!! We too look smart 😁😉
        Enjoy the evening😍

  6. Hi Huguette✨😉 A seventh nomination✨👏 Wow! and Look at those gif✨😂😂 Its so interesting to know about you, interesting questions by Nour. Gifs are So funny. Truth or dare 👏 an interesting game when i played with myself😄, am a sweet person too 😊, alrights tatsa 3 questions😉, 11 turtles as a pet 🤔 oh tats new. Nice names. Good Quotes, when it comes to quote u have an interesting choice always✨👏 ha ha spread your peanut😉, oh i learned a new word Zakzuk by the way is it english?🤔 zebra is black 😂 and white 🤔 wait! what? whatever🙈, So interesting invention, oh arent u supposed to be flash 🤔😉, Always be awesome✨😁 Enjoyed reading Huguette✨✍️ Happy Sunday✨🤗

    1. Thank you Simon for your time as usually and your good read 😊 first it supposed to be your nomination but as I said this one was forgotten and I didn’t wanna be more late 🙂
      I will wait a bit because many Liebsters as you see
      Glad to know we have some things in common 😊 always happy my Gifs are funny and you like them 🙏🏻
      Yes I loved turtles as a child, I names my turtle Jessica haha
      Zakzuk is from Arabic but I changed it so now it’s invented 😊
      Well let Barry Allen run, I need to do more than running 😁😁
      Thank you Simon for the lovely interaction 😊😊👍

  7. Congratulations Huguette or maybe that should be double congratulations since it was double questions!! You did a great job on the answers as usual. Great new name for peanut butter. Turtles can be an interesting pet. You must spend a lot of time looking for all these quotes!! You always seem to have something to fit the situation! Scientists have actually spent years trying to figure out if zebras are black on white or white on black! Have a great day Huguette!😃🌞😺🌳

    1. Thank you so much Steve for your time to read and for all the kind words and appreciation 😊 these awards take lot of time to apply what I’m thinking of through quotes and Gifs, glad you like them 😊
      Yes always loves turtles, they were interesting actually
      Didn’t know that about Zebra 🦓 just read that they can be both actually
      Thank you Steve and hope you will have a great Sunday 😸😸🌞🌞

      1. Yes, it would take a lot more time with your quotes and gifs but it sure makes the award post interesting! I’ve been told I should do that too, right, I get enough complaints now that my award posts are not serious enough, stop using Muffin, etc.😲 Sorry, that’s just not my style, if I changed, it would not work out. And it would be a chore instead of fun. That’s me and my blog. Just lost a couple more followers because of that.😕 Oh well, I’m thinking I just have to be me, do things the way I’m comfortable with.😀 There will always be people to read I’m sure. Hope your day has been great!😃🌞😺🌳

      2. As you said it’s you and your style, each person is different and has their own way to make things, I believe we should do these awards less often so they don’t become a duty and so… but losing followers is too much I guess! It’s weird I never saw negative comments on your posts!
        Day has ended so hopefully yours will be great and enjoyable 😸🌞🌞🌞

      3. I’m a terrible person, I’m very quick to delete the negative comments.🙄 I would leave it if it was done properly, but these were not. 😀

      4. Hi Huguette, I have a question that maybe you can answer for me. On my stats page is something called clicks. And sometimes a blogs site address appears there, like yours did today and has before as well. Do you know what that is all about? Is it something you put there? Today I had several sites show up on there, some days there is none at all. I’m curious. Thanks!

      5. Hello Steve, hope you’re having a good start of week 🙂
        Actually I didn’t care about it before but here’s what I found about it, hope it’s helpful:
        This stat counts the number of times your readers have clicked on external links that appear on your site. These may be (but are not limited to):

        Links you add to your post and page content.
        Links placed in comments by your readers.
        Links that appear in your blogroll.
        Links attached to the names of users who comment on your site.
        Links to media files.
        Links to images in a gallery.

      6. Hi Huguette, thanks for the info, I think I understand it now. Hope your Monday is going well. Cloudy, cold (15C) and windy here.😬 But it’s supposed to hit a high of 17C today.😲 Amazing really.🤪🙄

      7. Glad you did Steve 🙂 it was a usual working day, hope your day is good despite this low temperature and cold :/ Have a great day 😺🌞

      8. It has been a good day for drying my raspberry leaves for my winter tea supply. Think I have enough now to last the winter, but I might do a few more just to make sure.😁🥶☁

      9. So true, and the leaves are at their best flavor right now too.😀 Also I’m getting time to sort through all my stuff. I am going to get rid of a LOT.😲 Just have way too much stuff. Time to get rid of it.🤪😂🙄

      10. This is hectic, always choosing what to get rid of and so…
        too many things and even if we don’t use them, hard to let them go actually 😸😸

      11. That is the problem, I have things packed away since I moved here 3 years ago, why keep them,🤔 but then I look at them and say, well, maybe I should keep for now.AAAAAAAAA!!!😜 I need to just say, time to go!😂😂😹😹

      12. 😂 same here! I always say I might need them so let’s keep them for now 😂 Yes we need to be firm about it I guess 😀

  8. Well designed 11 facts answers! Congrats!🎉
    Life is never a lie, Cats and turtles, eagle, spread your peanuts!🌸
    Hm only one sister of 3 brothers!💕 Enjoy your Sunday! God bless! 😊💙

    1. Thank you Suni for reading 😊 always appreciate your interactions 🙏🏻
      Yes only 3 brothers, no sisters 😊
      Have a great day as well 😊 almost midnight here 😊💕

  9. You are really a great blogger dear. You are the only person whom I saw, valuing each and every award nominations. 😍Taking time and preparing best of it. It’s possible that we all forget something somehow in long run of life. But you really made it. The original questions of Nour, it was once answered by me too.😃 You had turtle as your pet. Oh, that’s amazing. I wonder how it will be.🤩 I really loved your answers to Special questions. Ha ha ha. It really made me to laugh a lot. Your sense of humor is growing high day by day. Eagle is a clever answer. The name you suggested for boy and girl is really pleasing. The answer for zebra question. Ho..its really grand. 😂😂Again your only response for it is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Happy happy blogging dear Huguette 💖💝😍🥰👍

    1. Thank you Tushara 😊 always appreciate your lovely and encouragement words 😊 it’s true they’re taking lot of time but when I see bloggers enjoying, I don’t wish to do any less 😄 yes I had more than one turtle, last one named Jessica, very nice animal and calm but she always ran to be in the nature
      Glad the answers made you laugh and you love the Gifs 😁 it makes my hard work pays off when I hear such words 🙏
      Thank you so much dear for this lovely interaction 😊💕🥰

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