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2018 Resolutions and Lessons!

2018 is over; It was mostly and generally a dull year full of disappointments, sad events, loss of great people and economic crisis that led many to lose their jobs and a certain level of living. Despite, we always learn and improve: Personally, I was convinced that exercise and workout should be a habit, a… Continue reading 2018 Resolutions and Lessons!

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Winter is here!

I was always a summer person, I love the sun appearance and sensation, love to feel the warmth, the peace that a sunny day brings. I feel good, I feel happy just from seeing the sun! Winter has started and it seems serious this year! The winter starts officially in Lebanon on December 21st. I… Continue reading Winter is here!

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Flashback – 2

Soldier: where are you heading? Mother: to our house Soldier looking at the teenage girl: what do you have in this bag? Girl: clothes He took the bag and dropped all the clothes on the floor and the girl felt so angry so mad...this soldier supposed to protect her not humiliate her... She gathered the… Continue reading Flashback – 2

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Little girl: Mom, let me take my dolls with meMother: no, we don’t have time, we need to leave now! Little girl: but mom, please! I will carry them! Mother: we will return, it will not be for long!Little girl: at least my favorite doll, please momMother: let’s go The little girl was so sad,… Continue reading Flashback

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I don’t recognize the reality anymore, it’s annoying and disgusting. I feel disconnected from this real world, ugly world… Sometimes I look into people eyes and I hear nothing from what they say…I look around and I don’t see anything! I’m just living in a virtual world...I’m stuck in my story, I’m stuck with you!… Continue reading Disconnected