The Last Man In This Generation Has Gone

“Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice”
i.e. it’s not enough to have balls or sleep with 100 women to be a man, it’s how you act in certain circumstances, it’s your decisions, your strong attitude and personality, how you stand for what is right, is what makes you a man!

Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir الكاردينال مار نصر الله بطرس صفير(Al-Kardnal Mar Naṣrallah Buṭrus Ṣufayr The former patriarch of the Maronite church in Lebanon has passed away on May 12th 2019, before turning 99 on May 15th (which is today).

I’m not speaking as a Maronite because many know already that I believe in God but I hate men of religions, but I promised to confess when I find a good man of religion and this man was a real man!
So May your soul Rest in Peace!

Lebanese Prime Minister has announced that Wednesday, May 15th  and Thursday, May 16th  will be national mourning days over the death of former Maronite patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir and that all public administrations and municipalities and public and private institutions will be closed during the funeral ceremony on Thursday.

It is well known that the Maronite church has always intervened in the Lebanese politics and played major roles throughout the decades, sometimes they were good and sometimes they were not.

Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir is the last man standing in this generation as per my opinion, we had a few good men and they are all gone for good.

Sfeir became the leader of the church in 1986 until he resigned in 2011 due to his declining health, and held the title “76th Patriarch of Antioch and the Whole Levant”. But the reasons behind the resignation are beyond the health issues. They just needed a puppet.

Sfeir was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1994.

He was a respected power broker during the 1975-1990 civil war, which saw bitter infighting between rival militias including opposing Christian factions.

His backing of the 1989 Taif agreement that brought the 15-year civil war to an end bolstered Christian support for the accord, but reduced the powers of the presidency – a seat reserved for Lebanon’s Maronite Christians under the country’s confessional power-sharing agreement.

Many blamed him for supporting the Taif agreement but he just wanted peace after the brothers were killing each other’s literally!

Why I admire this man? Because he never changed his attitude and national positions, he was a man of his word, about me as a person that was against the Syrian occupation in Lebanon and the awful things they’ve done, the patriarch Sfeir represented me when he refused to bend the knee to the Syrian regime and he never visited Syria!
Sfeir refused to visit Syria during his time as patriarch, even when John Paul II made a trip to the country in 2001.

Many information can be found on Google or else but what interests me is his biggest struggle to end the Syrian presence in Lebanon, which we all thought was impossible because of the divisions in Lebanon.
His outspokenness helped swell the anti-Syria movement in 2000. It eventually lead to the withdrawal of thousands of Syrian troops from the country five years later, in 2005 following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, whose murder the opposition blamed on Damascus. The Cedars revolution has started upon Hariri’s assassination and Sfeir  is dubbed as the father of Lebanon’s second independence in 2005 after campaigning for years against Syrian occupation.

Today, May 15th 2019 was supposed to be Sfeir 99th birthday, oh yes I hope that many will live until 99 but still historical men are always missed! Especially when puppets rule over!
The last man standing is gone, another pillar has fallen, Lebanon is weaker each time we lose such men as history has proved over and over, I hope we won’t reach a day of a full destruction and demolition and then all we can do is cry over the ruins!  

Rest In Peace
15 May 1920 – 12 May 2019

The coffin has been made by Rudy Rahme, a Lebanese sculptor, painter and poet, from Lebanese olive and cedar wood. The coffin is carved on the trunk of an olive tree that bears witness to the history of Lebanon, and edged with brass. The patriarch’s face is engraved on a slab of marble capping the casket.

Thank you for reading.

Huguette Antoun – May 15th 2019

45 thoughts on “The Last Man In This Generation Has Gone

  1. Wait…I’m confused..,why did he kick out the Syrians? And ah yes I’ve heard about him, news spread like wildfire. Indeed, good men aren’t so apparent now.

    1. Let’s not speak politics, he didn’t personally but he helped, we were occupied and we needed our freedom
      Thank you for reading and for your kind words 😊

  2. May the soul rest in peace! May peace dawn upon the people of your country and the entire world!
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article! I respect you for the way you use your voice on the platform!
    Very informative! I got to know a lot more about Lebanon!
    Have a great day ahead!😊

    1. Thank you dear Gauri for reading and for the kind words 😊 I used to write political articles in a Lebanese newspaper, I published one already translated so yes I’m a bit firm and freedom lover
      Glad you find it informative 😊 thank you for your time
      Have a great day as well 😊

      1. The pleasure is all mine!😊
        Wow! Great! That’s so cool! May I please have the link to that article! Would love to read it!😃
        That firm and freedom loving personality adds a lot of value to your blog!😊
        Yeah! It was very informative! I heard about all these incidences via media, but it was great to have an insight from someone who saw all of this as a citizen!😃
        You too!😊💕

      2. Thank you for your interest and support dear Gauri 😊 Don’t know if you’ll love it, not exactly a positive one, it was the last time I write something because I fed up after several incidents so check it anyway 🙂

        And to not be so negative, when you have time, read the below 2 posts I published about Lebanon because I’m a positive born and love to see the positive always but sometimes stating the true might seem negative but it’s just the truth 😊

      3. The pleasure is all mine!😊
        Of course! Not every article that we come across should be positive. That blinds us to the reality, which isn’t bound to be sugary. It just hits you in the face someday, so I like to consume brutally honest content!😃
        And thank you so much for the other links as well! I’d love to know more about Lebanon! Absolutely! You don’t even know. I am gonna pounce upon these articles, first thing this evening!😊
        I’ll get to them ASAP. Have a great day ahead! Thanks for the links, once again!😊💕

      4. Appreciate your approach and insights so much dear Gauri 😊 I’m honored that you’re interested in my articles and don’t worry at all, whenever it suits you, life is hectic and you’re Eager beaver so 😀 😀
        Will catch you later I guess 😊

      5. Thank you so much! Sincerely, the pleasure is all mine! I am so excited to read your articles. I am gonna get to them soon.😃
        See ya later! Have a great day!😊💕

  3. Thank you Hug for sharing this post through which i came to know about this great personality. I salute him for the quality as mentioned by you bcz i too stand for such admirable quality.
    May This great soul rest in peace for ever.

  4. Sadly, a lot of men (at least where I come from) thinks that having as many women as possible is what makes a man.
    Closing all institutions is a bit too much in my opinion. National mourning means that everyone should mourn him. I don’t know the Sfeir, or anything about him before reading this post, so what if I moved to Lebanon just yesterday, must I mourn him too? Don’t get me wrong Hug, Sfeir sounds like a great man but I hate any kind of enforcement, even passive ones. Just an example of this thing is that high up here in Benidorm if you’re in town you’ll see a large cross symbolizing Christianity which light up in the night for everyone to see. No one said it but it’s almost as if this is a land of Christians, but how about those who aren’t? They are the minority, so they’re not taken for consideration.
    And this is not only in Lebanese politic, but every country in the world is also dominated by religion. As my husband use to say, religion should be separated from politics.
    To end my comment, I hope that he rests in peace because as I said Sfeir sound like a great man.

    1. Not from where you coming from dear Jess, in the entire world
      First I respect your opinion and if you read my posts you know how I think about men of religions so I won’t repeat
      It’s obvious why I wrote this post, I did explained even though I don’t have to
      I know what you mean and you are right, religions should be something personal not rule over I agree
      Regarding the mourning part, I don’t find it wrong, it’s a sign of respect even though I’m working regularly today and tomorrow but the government has to respect the great patriotic men even if it happens that this man is a head of some church, it goes both way, you can’t deny the respect just because you’re against religions if you know what I mean
      Hope you get my point, coz last time I spoke religion when like now my post wasn’t about religion, I lost a blogger friend for good
      Thank you for reading and for the kind words
      Left a comment on your post but can’t see it 😕

      1. No worries. I do get you and I respect your view completely. I’m just vocal with my opinions in your blog because I know that you’ll accept it open heart 😄
        It’s kind of sad though to know that you’ll lost a blogging friend because of one post 😦

      2. Yes of course you can say whatever you want as long as you’re ready to hear me as well 🙂 😀 for an example I have good atheists friends and I dont’s accept people saying atheists are bad and going to hell, I always say: they might go to heaven before you, because you’re so judgemental. This is me, I’m a fair person and it happened that this man was our patriarch but I’m speaking about him as a man, and as a real man of God. The ones that I respect and I respect very very few…
        Well I guess I’m a short-tempered when someone insists after I explain :/ the show must go on

  5. Love is all there is. I am sure he will keep helping you, your country and the whole world : from whichever dimension he is in.
    Aum Peace Amen 🙏

  6. May his soul rest in peace , and my sincere condoleances for you and all the Lebanese 💙

  7. I didn’t knew about him until, he was right we need more peace in this world, those days even families turning against each other, which is so wrong. RIP

    1. We are a small country so not many people know about us
      Yes this is a very sad time and good men are so so few! Thank you for reading ❤️

  8. Thanks for sharing this Huguette, I must admit I don’t know much about the history of your country which is a shame really. He sounds like he was a good man indeed. I agree with you that people have a wrong idea of what makes a man these days. I was going to share something about that but I won’t, it’s your blog, not that would hurt your blog, it just shows the wrong thinking of people these days. Maybe I should write about that one day. I hope you have a wonderful day anyway and that other strong men will take up the place of this man in your country.

    1. Thank you Steve for stopping by and for the valuable interaction 🙂 don’t worry at all, we’re a small country and I don’t think our history is important to the big countries but I do appreciate your respect so much!
      Let me tell you that I hate men of religions but this one was different and anyway I;m speaking about him as a man, as an historical figure, same as Gandhi, Mandela…Yes he was that great! And now you made me sad! why you didn’t share? you know you’re welcome here and you can share anything!
      I hope we will have strong men that are not underground…
      Appreciate your insightful comment 🙏🙏😊

      1. Sorry about that, didn’t want to make you sad, I shouldn’t have mentioned anything but sometimes I type faster than I think! Nothing real important, just a little something that shows the twisted thinking of the definition of being a man. Probably not a good enough illustration anyway. Have a great evening!😄🌙

      2. I mean I will not die Steve hahah don’t worry at all! but just share it, I know I would love it 🙂 I want to see this definition but at the end whatever makes you comfortable 😊
        Have a good day as well 😊😸

  9. I hope his soul can rest. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing. I don’t know Lebanese history at all (I shamefully say that I don’t know much history except what was taught in school.)

    1. Well dear Elizabeth, for USA we are bunch pf terrorist, I’m not sure, we have history there 🙂 a small country 10452 KM2, and won’t speak politics now 🙂 I respect this man because he was a man of peace and a man of his word, and I respect few men of religion…it happens he was a man of religion, but for us he’s like Gandhi and Mandela, he was that great
      Thank you for reading and for your kind words 😊🌸

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