Love Has No Gender! And Hate Is A Pure Choice!

Disclaimer: this post is around 3000 words! So, it needs around 15 minutes to read.

June is “the pride month” as I recently knew, probably I heard it before but maybe I thought that why certain feelings need a month? So the information was dropped probably from my brain! We are whom we are and we feel what we feel and we are free as long as we’re not hurting anyone or imposing anything on anyone. So simple!

Nice words of course but the practice and reality are really disgusting and they are not simple at all.

Why choosing June as a pride month?

The month of June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the riots held by members of the LGBT community against a police raid that took place at the Stonewall Inn in New York City on June 28, 1969.
The so-called Stonewall riots were a “tipping point” for the gay liberation movement in the United States, according to the Library of Congress. The uproar also paved the way for the modern fight for LGBT rights. Previous presidents of the United States have, on several occasions, officially declared June as LGBT Pride Month.

I don’t want this post to be from Google and bringing you information about gays and LGBTQ community and the latest decisions and accomplishments, so I’ll stop here with Google information and refer to a post some fellow blogger posted months ago and she said while speaking about her little daughter “I want her to grow up in a world where ‘gay relationships’ are just referred to as ‘relationships…” and she discussed how we judge that a person is a straight or not from some points that we decide.
And at the time my reply was:

“I want that too! Because I believe love has no gender and it’s really useless to keep fighting people because of their sexual orientations! I mean why you don’t fight people for loving or hating this kind of food or clothes or…!
And assumptions or playing the smart ass is not right, actually it’s judging, not only on this subject, I believe it is in all aspects of life, we judge that this person is bad, sad, stupid…etc…And on this subject in particular, it’s so hard because people are having double lives…
For an example I live in a country that most people rather you have cancer than being gay so how many people will be bold enough to come out? None! Some stay true to their selves, even if they will stay alone and others get married and have children…But they either have an affair secretly, or they just don’t…They just flirt maybe or more…And I can only imagine what kind of misery they live in!”

This was my opinion and still of course, because it’s happening on daily basis.
Just because we’re women or men, people decide what we love!
No I don’t have to tell you: hey I’m homosexual, or whatever name it is from LGBTQ names, do you meet people by telling them: hey I’m straight? It’s enough to say “Interested” “Not interested” I don’t need labels at all!
But of course declaring your identity is even better “if you know your identity for sure” and you’re not confused or if you have the privilege to declare this identity without being rejected and whipped by each and every person in your life! If you have this privilege, please do it!

I wrote this post mainly to speak about a person I really admired and respected and he was murdered on November 26th 2018 here in Lebanon: Gavin Ford.

Gavin Ford is a British citizen; he arrived in Lebanon in 1995. He worked as a radio host and worked also in voice over field and it happens that part of my work is voice over casting and recording in different languages for TV commercials since we work mainly on TV commercials so I know all the VO talents in Lebanon and it’s always easier to record with foreigners resident in Lebanon than recording with UK and USA for English dialect and same for all other dialects such as French, Egyptian, Saudi, Urdu….and these accents are not found in Lebanon.
I met Gavin in 2005 maybe or before. I called him for a VO session at the time and he used to come more often because the workflow was very good years ago. But I started to deal with voice over talents directly in 2007-2008.

His morning show: “Gavin in The morning” at “Radio One” Lebanese Radio station was the most successful show and kept running for more than 20 years until his death!

Gavin was always kind and gentle and he charged for recording a TV commercial less than all the talents here in Lebanon, even less than his fellow British talents resident in Lebanon.
Of course from the moment he stepped in the company I started to hear that “too bad he’s gay” and sentences like that, but I didn’t actually care, and anyway I’m not the kind that believes anything I hear especially judgments and accusations, regardless the fact that being gay is a pure right, for me it’s not an accusation, he’s free (for them it was) but why would I believe what people say anyway? This is how I think in general.
And my friends always mock me: Huguette needs a proof! Oh well, yes I do!

I worked with Gavin Ford until months before he was killed, that make them around 10 years, at some point I thought it’s unfair he’s charging 150$ per TVC while other are taking 300$ and 400$ so I took the initiative and told him: listen Gavin I have a budget so we can increase the fees a bit what do you think? And Gavin was like: this is great, this is so nice! (Hope my manager is not reading this🙄🙄) and then I just increased Gavin’s fees to 250/300$ and he was so happy! Well I was happier! I always loved him and admired his traits!
He was modest, gentle, professional, loving. He was so respectful, so easy to deal with and extremely kind! Never acted as a celebrity or acted as “not available” or “busy”, he always answered with no delay or called back immediately!
And despite increasing his fees, he was so flexible, whatever budget available, he would take the job gladly! The moment I ask, hey Gavin, tight budget for this one, he answers immediately: yes sure: without knowing how tight it is!
And as a British man, he used to pronounce my name right and I was always impressed how smart and caring he is! While some of my friends and family can’t pronounce my name and don’t bother to!
He was and still the nicest person I ever met! And I always say that!

I remember I called him once in the morning and he was on air in the middle of his morning show, and he said: “oh this is the postoffice calling” after his phone rang live and he forgot to put it on silent mode, so he had to make it natural! But he didn’t answer.
I totally forgot about his show! I needed to record that day urgently!
Seconds later my friends started to send me: you called Gavin? I was like what!! How you knew! It was funny and he called me during his break I guess that day.  

By chance while checking his Facebook profile I read his favorite quote and it tells a lot about the person he was: “Never Think you are any better than anyone else…and never think you are any less.”
Elizabeth Wright (my Grandmother)

On November 27th 2018, I was working, it was a Tuesday, and since I walk from my house to my work, I rarely listen to his show unless I have something before work and I have to drive so I didn’t know that he didn’t show up for his morning show (and he never was late during his 23 years at Radio One). 

A friend sent me and I thought it was a joke! “Gavin Ford was killed”!
What? Killed! Why! Who will kill Gavin Ford for God sake!!

I opened Facebook and this photo was on Radio One page and another VO talent was announcing the bad news. I lost my mind, I sent a message to another British talent I work with on daily basis and they were friends of course to know that this friend was from the first people that were there and discovered the body.
He was killed on Monday in his apartment he was strangled to death, and they stole his money and his car.
After celebrating his 53 birthday on November 25th.

He was murdered by 2 Syrians, he knows one of them and they plotted of course for this murder. 

And then suddenly this man deserves to me humiliated after his death by sending the crime scene pictures in a rude and unprofessional way on Whatsapp and other mediums!
My friend received the pictures and refused to even send them to me! I was curious but she said no, you don’t want to see this! I was so pissed that the official party handling the investigation, thought that since he’s a gay then who cares! They allowed themselves to humiliate him because of his sexual orientation! Suddenly he doesn’t deserve respect because he’s gay! I was sure nobody except the official officers published this because I trust the persons that were there first and it wasn’t them who took pictures!

And of course people found a new topic to gossip about: oh yes the men he was with, the night before, killed him!
So you deserve to die because you are gay and you love the men instead of women! Oh wow! I wonder how much your lives have changed when you gossiped, when you shared pictures, when you said Yuck! When you gloated and hated and thought that you are better people because you are “straight” (if we’ll assume you are!).

For 23 years Lebanese have listened to “Gavin Ford in the morning”, a live morning show, starting 8:15 AM until 10.30 probably. They called and participated, they enjoyed Gavin jokes and news while driving and stuck in the traffic.
He has many co-hosts, the last co-host was Olga Habre and they were great together. When I asked how Olga is doing, the answer was: “she’s not doing any radio hosting anymore”.
And each morning on Radio One, there are various songs, no one is able to fill this big hole that Gavin left! Last picture shared on this page was November 24th 2018.

Instagram Story after driving to work one day after Gavin death
Funny advertisement with Gavin & Olga

Olga was Gavin’s co-host for six and a half years—the longest lasting co-host he had in his 23 years at Radio One Lebanon.
He was a wonderful colleague and mentor as she said in a very great tribute she wrote!  She’s a very strong woman and also a loss for the radio hosting field.

Olga said in the above article that Gavin had no intention of ever leaving Lebanon. Many have said over the years that he loved Lebanon more than the Lebanese, and that he deserved honorary Lebanese citizenship.
Gavin’s will was to be buried in Lebanon and his wish was granted of course.

A Tribute has been prepared by Dan Harper and Olga Habre and it was aired on all Lebanese radio stations on December 7th 2018.
This show raised money for Gavin’s favourite charity, The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL).

Here in Lebanon, there are many gays and of course they manage to live (in secret of course or there are special places to hang out) and it always depends on how much money you have and how powerful you are, otherwise you’re arrested and humiliated. Anyway there’s an article in criminal law penalizing the gay sex.
In general, the Lebanese society is not open at all about this subject. Probably a small community of educated people, some NGOs, but if you try to open some random post on an NGO page defending the LGBT rights, and you check the comments for an example, you rather die than ever admitting that you’re gay or support LGBT rights!
People mock them the entire time, some think they deserve to die, some think that it’s disgusting and they are sick and need cure! That they’ll be burned in hell etc…

So basically, if you are a very kind person, loyal, honest, funny, generous, empathic and amazing, you can suddenly and in one second become disgusting and awful when you reveal your sexual orientation and I really don’t know if the name is accurate “sexual orientation” as if it’s about “sex” not love and feelings and an entire life you want to have with another person.

LGBT Pride Flag – Originally designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978

Even in the field I work in, the production and TV commercials / advertisement I can tell you that despite how ”cool” the people are, when a person steps in the company, you’ll hear mockery  and whispers… Speaking of course how obvious it is (Some people have hormones problems and therefore it is obvious) they will mention their sexual orientation even if it’s not relative to business!
And even if they didn’t say anything humiliating, they will just mention it!
Imagine the situation in other society aspects, like you are in some family event or with your “Proud straight friends or family” and by mistake this subject is open: here you can take wonders! And you imagine yourself telling them that you’re gay and then you imagine their reactions! Oh wow! They will crucify you or stone you, or throw some acid on you probably, all the civilization and education will vanish just because you’re attracted to same gender and you don’t even know why or neither have a choice! They won’t care about the amount of pain and suffer you endure on daily basis.
“Straight” is the magic word!

I will also post a part of a comment I made on a fellow blogger yesterday and she thought with another blogger that this should be a separate post so I told them I’m already writing a post and will include the comment that was a reply for this post written by Jessica Larsen:

Regarding this subject, it’s like all other disrespect and phobias we face in this society! Probably the gays subject more than others…I don’t know why someone would be bothered about a person’s sexual or love orientation, why people care? They don’t need to love it but they can at least not bully and hurt! Who’s forcing them to read? I believe that all these people that show hate and aggressive attitude are probably fighting their true identity which is really sad…because if no one is hurting you or bothering you, why would you care? Why would you hate and be hostile?
Anyway, I want to say more but I’ll stop here and for me anyway even categorizing people shouldn’t exist! Straight, gay, bisexual…Why should I be labeled? I can simply say “Interested” “Not interested” when someone approaches me…This is how I see it, because sometimes we think we’re gay or bisexual then we discover there’s another name of our case….(Like the example you gave, you had a crush once or twice on a girl, so doesn’t mean you’re gay or even bisexual…) And some people get married and have kids and later on they have feelings to someone from same gender and discover their identities…I think people should focus on important things like famine, wars, social and economic issues, child abuse, women rights and violence, poverty….Child and women trafficking etc….how to make this world better instead of worrying of the people sex preferences!

Why do you care whom this person is sleeping with and whom they love? Why do you really care if you’re not fighting your own battles regarding this issue! Ask a psychologist and they will tell you better!
Why do you care while people are dying in 2019 from famine, wars, depression, and loneliness….But you care if someone loves men or women or want to sleep with the fucking tree!
You should focus on your miserable neighbor that you don’t bother to even say hello, on your depressed and lonely friend that you totally ignore, on the sound you heard yesterday of this woman that was beaten by her husband or father! And you pretended that it’s none your business but if the same woman was out dating someone, it will suddenly become your damn business right? What a hypocrite society!

Your concern should be that no human being should be abused under any circumstances!
Your concern should be that nobody should be touched against their will no matter what the circumstances are! But as long as it’s their choice, their will, their life, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s none of your business or concern! 

Please people just focus on what matters to make this world a better place, we have enough judgmental people and hypocrisy and hate!

Remember that hate is a pure choice and the moment you hate people without any reason, just because they have other preferences, you need therapy, not them, you are sick, not them, you are going to hell, not them!!

You need to dig deep and ask yourself why you hate people that never hurt you; why you hate people that are perfect human beings but they are not “Straight”!
Does hate is “straight”?
Does judgment is “straight”?
Does bullying is “straight”?
Does hurt is “straight”?
Nope, it’s not! So you need to question your “straight” perception.
And you need to ask yourself, is this some achievement being “Straight”? Is this some personal effort and struggle?
Nope it’s not, but the great achievement is how you build your character and how you choose to treat other human beings especially those who are different from you!
The big achievement is to choose love!

Last but not least, I hope life can be as simple as Ellen DeGeneres makes it look! This woman is amazing and I really wish that life one day will be that simple and easy and being gay and married will be that acceptable! But her journey wasn’t easy at all and she managed to be that great, that successful, that humanitarian and happily married!
This speech is worth listening to and it’s also funny! She’s hilarious!

PS: Haters and homophobics are not welcome, and no I don’t respect your opinions at all so take your ass away from my blog!

Thank you for reading! Your opinions are always welcome, your hate and ignorance are certainly not.

Huguette Antoun – June 18th 2019

70 thoughts on “Love Has No Gender! And Hate Is A Pure Choice!

  1. Well said!! Everyone is born different. Loving a person from the same gender is no different from loving a person from a different gender, love is love after all.
    Wait what you knew and met Gavin?! Total envy, I used to listen to Gavin in my teenage years (It’s being years since I stopped listening to radios, I used internet to listen to music), and I always found him funny, down to earth guy, always full of positive energy I loved his accent, and he really loved Lebanon. I was really sad when I heard he was murdered, he was the best thing in our dull mornings. There were mixed reports about his death some said the cause for the murder was robbery while the other said it was because of his sexuality/

    1. Thank you Nadine! So glad to hear a Lebanese speaking this way! You made my day!
      Yes as I explained part of my work is voice over on TV commercials, and he was a VO talent and dealt with him for over 10 years, I really loved him a lot, he’s the nicest person you will ever meet! I know it’s a big post but when you have time re-read it, and read what Olga wrote and the tribute video…if you loved him, it’s worth it believe me
      ana ba3ref el ashkhas yelli kenu fo2 awal ness (dan harper and Maximus) el darak heni yelli sarabu el suwar wel jareemi saret kermel el ser2a bass staghallu el sexual thing, you know? ye3ni fetu 3a baytu w darasu el wad3 w sar wethi2 fiyoun w henni kenu 3am ykhatetu ta yesr2u
      ye3ni she could be a woman doing this…basss akid eza bel te72i2 3tarafu b gheyr shi ma ba3ref, i should follow up with Dan, huwi ken bteba3 aktar wahad, ken gavin ydal 3ndun, best friend with him and his wife, i guess 3erab wledun kamen! he was a sweetheart!

      1. There are more Lebanese who think this way, Lebanon still better country than other arab countries for LGBT community, but yeah still Lebanon and other ME countries looks at homosexuality as sort of disease and are full of hates crime against them.
        Ma hada byestehel 7eik mawteh, w nasher souwar el jara2em sayr chi be2aref bi hal balad la ehteram lal mayet w la mhibino. You should always cherish your memories with such an amazing human like Gavin, people like him are a rare gems nowadays. Can’t watch that vid the coonection 7on te3tir

      2. Of course it’s better but still all are hidden, they don’t have the privilege to declare and live normally but in some societies they are living very normally but they are few
        Akid ma 7ada byestehal! Ka2anu shi injez nashr el ma3lumet shu ma kenit!
        Don’t worry at all and hope you’re having a good day 🙂

  2. Hypocrite society! You said it perfectly well!
    When I’ve started reading your post, I felt goosebumps and a deep sadness. Killing an innocent and kind person for what? Because he’s gay? So what? What did he do? Entertain you every morning for 23 years? Oh yes, definitely this deserve a homicide 😦 You stupid bastard! I hope who killed him received his Oscar!
    And then continuing reading, the sadness was replaced by anger! Anger to this hypocrite society! And you know what? All this is because religions! The various religions teach people to be “straight” and that not being “straight” is a sin and you deserve to die. As per today 19th June 2019, I cannot understand how people can be so blind? How they cannot understand that all this is a manipulation? Why they like to be marionette?
    Instead of focusing on making this world a better place, people are concentrating in gossiping the others life, and sadly they are happy living in this way! That makes me very angry and I hope one day some aliens will show up even if we don’t deserve it, because we are of not good for this universe, but at least all this religions will fell apart and hopefully people will open their eyes.

      1. Thank you dear so kind of you to say that 🙂 Oh well my French silly name is pronounced as following: Uget (the U is the french pronunciation, I can’t write that haha and the H in my name is silent) hope it makes sense? actually the problem with English educated people is to pronounce the U in French
        after writing this comment, I thought to search my name pronunciation and guess what? hahaha

      2. Oh it’s the same link but probably the previous one didn’t open 🙂 exactly! This is my name 😀 French is a classy and fancy language but I still prefer Italian haha
        Thank you! Kind of you to say so 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Ribana for this lovely comment 🙂 preparing this post made me so sad and I’m still sad and down because of it! I don’t know if they killed him because he was gay but I assume they thought: who will care? this is why they were so bold! but the rudeness of people handling the investigation and circulating his photos! this is awful! Glad I didn’t see them!
      yes religions ruined this world, lately I read a post that Vatican has issued some shit that only men and women exist no such a transgender thing…they are deciding and stating any bullshit! While it’s okay to harass innocent children sexually and the church seems sleeping and not giving a fuck about it! I would burn the Vatican down if I have a kid and someone sexually abused them! (not only the church but because it’s stinky there! there are lot of stories about sexual harassment behind the closed doors that even the previous pope has resigned because of that)
      I hope aliens will invade and take all this shit away! I don’t mind actually 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great day ❤

      1. No respect at all 😦 It is really shameful! I’m just angry that people that do such things are still called human…they are worst than animals 😦
        How the religions or Vatican calls these kind of people? The problem are the ones with orientation disorders, phhhhhh….
        See, they just want to hind these problems and manipulate people in focusing in other matters of non sense…marionette….that’t it! A world of marionette! Very sad!
        I hope in an alien invasion soon :))
        My day is almost over so very happy 🙂
        Hope your day is going smooth 🙂

      2. They are worst! Animals are kind! They don’t hurt you without any reason…they attack for survival needs in forest while we attack each other’s for hate and greed!
        Well speaking about religions and their manipulation is really annoying and useless
        I wish they will burn in hell! If there’s hell worse than the one they created here!!
        Glad your day is over 😊 relax and enjoy 💕😊🤗

  3. Very well said…
    Still today people look gay as if they did not belong to this Earth…. I don’t understand the reason for this disgust….I personally believe that love has no gender and anyone can love whosoever they choose.
    I am really very sorry for your loss!!

  4. You are right. Don’t know why people poke their nose in someone’s personal matter. If you can’t help, then atleast don’t criticise.
    We should live our lives as we want not as others want.

    1. Thank you dear Sohanpreet for reading and for your kind comment! Yes we should, but we don’t always have this privilege I guess
      Have a good day!

  5. your post is a fitting tribute to Gavin and i love your gesture to him through this post!
    Another example of who you are-cheers for Hug!

  6. A good time i want to spend on this post. Glad i got time to read now.

    Poor Gavin Ford. It is so painful how can someone who is charming loveable and kind is suddenly hated in a second? For what ? and they killed him for that? How rude they are? These people ever thought themselves in their shoes. Same point as you asked. Im sure they never ever had thought from a gay point of view. It is just love. and love has no gender. This post is a tribute to your friend Gavin Ford. And again Olga she must have missed him badly. When i read that line you can live with cancer but not as a gay. It is such a painful deep quote sad to see people still hate in name love, gay, caste, religious things and they are in 2019 for god sake please someone enlighten these morons about what are they hating. These people definitely need a serious theraphy. And about Ellen .. I watched her story before, it was not an easy path at all. But the way she took her life is amazing, She is an inspiration to many. Finally reading the comments again felt good, How people are so supportive 😍. I hope they extend their support in all directions.

    I support, We are Them, They are US we all are Human. Everyone should start seeing this way.

    1. Thank you Simon for taking time to read and for this valuable and wise comment! Let me start that I don’t know if Gavin was killed because he’s gay, I didn’t get to have an update on investigations but it’s too bad how the official duded acted! And the society! But so many love him a lot and they don’t care, but not the majority of the society anyway
      This is the fact actually: it’s better to have cancer and die than being gay, oh well, what to say? how can we educate people and make them understand? we just can’t …they need to do it themselves and people only learn when something happens to them or their loved ones!
      Ellen is really an inspiration, how she managed to have the life she wanted, I really admire her big time! And loved your last supportive line, it’s amazing!
      By the way, you won’t see hateful comments because they are not allowed here…some subjects are not open to discussion! Like this one
      Thank you Simon! your interaction is highly appreciated 🙂

  7. Good morning beautiful ❤
    Really I don’t know from where to start ! First of all , I’am so sorry ,deeply sorry for your lost , when I was reading about your friend Gavin , I literaly felt pinches in my heart , how cruel and brutal can mankind be ! It happens always to the nicest and most kind person ever , I dont even know how to comfort you about that !
    I will tell you a story that I’ve read recently on facebook , and it happend here in Algeria , it really pissed me off ! A girl had posted on a facebook page that , she works with another girl and a man in an office , she said that this man was so very helpful, kind, adorable ,caring always smiling , bottom line an amazing person ,one day she discovered that this man was gay , so she told the other girl about that , Imagine what , the other girls despite of this man being king and a beautiful soul , this Bitch wanted to report him to her superior so that he fires him ! Then one girl commented this post saying ” I hope that they will fire this good person , replace it with a vicious manly man , who is going to rape you , and make your life a nightmare and that’s when you’ll realize the value of this man you wanted to report ”
    You see , people are so jugemental when it comes to sexuality , like what the f*** they have to do or we have to do with other one’s love life or orientation ! Me , I have this concept which says , mind your own business , I mind my own shit ! who gives you the right to interfere with other’s life !
    I salute you for this post , reallu admires you , tha,k you dear Huguette ❤

    1. Good morning lovely Souad 😊 always amazing and a sweetheart ❤️ appreciate your time and your kindness and uplifting words 🙏🏻🙏🏻
      This story is happening I guess on daily basis and I don’t know if I second the girl with her wishes! Even if she deserves this….!
      So basically people that hurt us and fuck us over are better than great people just because of their love preference… guess I said enough!! and I admire your way of thinking and your philosophy in life 👌 it’s obvious that you are a great human being and a role model as well
      Thank you my dear ❤️❤️

  8. Every one has the right to live and a person has his own right to love the same gender. Not degrade them.That depends on the genetics. Great article about Gavin and Allen.!👍

  9. Good evening, in France we have many gay people you can see two girls kissing on the street and two guys doing same and is not bothering me at all, to be honest it was a bit painful to read this post because of my extra sensitivity, how can people hate other people choice and hate them for the choice they made? If i take an apple pie you will hate me just because you prefer chocolate one? For me its sounds same, crazy.. When people say that finally we live in free world, not at all, we very limited specially our feelings, knowledge and brain not of all the people, but more than half for sure❤️🌈we have rainbow flag in front of the sea just near the flag of France, i hope, that things will change in other countries as well, i was reading from phone i have left 5%of battery, read only half of the post, i will finish the rest from pc soon😁

    1. Good evening dear Ilona or good night probably😁 Didn’t know that France is open about gays, I guess it’s enough that the country regulations protect them, then people won’t be able to hurt them even if they don’t like what they see
      I loved your approach about choosing and the example you give (apple pie and chocolate) so simple and so powerful at the same time 👍
      I don’t believe we live in a free world, we are slaves to our own rules and to ignorance and hate…
      And appreciate you reading this long post, was planning to split it into 2 posts …it’s too long and to be honest I didn’t expect many people to read it, also because of the subject and I was right…here where the true colors of people show…
      Anyway, your interaction and effort and honesty are always amazing and I appreciate them a lot! ❤️ enjoy your weekend 🤗❤️

  10. I’m so sorry about your friend, THATS should be huge emotional shock for you, one day you are talking with a person, next day he is gone, just because he is gay, how sick is it, i never even understood in general how some idiots can take another life, how they even can think, that they have the right to decide for someone. Yes in France people are very open about it they dont hide, at least many of them walking freely together and holding hands. I guess there still some who hiding it because they are scared, what the family will think or scared to be killed, because we never know. For me its somehow has connection with race as well, when people hate chinese or russians and making jokes, specially when you hear that someone talking badly about russians and they dont know, that i’m russian. The same comes with gay people when people dont know that you are gay and talking badly about gay people, so imagine if they knew?
    Todays world is not kind its very cold and rude, there are very minimum of kindness and most of times for the selfish reasons.
    Watched the video so funny😂

    1. Thank you Ilona for taking time to read and it was some very long read! To be honest the murder was for robbery but the investigation will never reveal the truth I guess especially after the humiliation of sending his photos!
      I envy the countries where people live in peace and respect the other’s choices as long as no one is hurting anyone
      Yes hate is for anyone that is different from us, race religion and all other things, we’re just afraid of each other’s and we hate each other’s without any reason!
      I don’t have much hope in this world but who knows maybe after we go for good, life will be better for next generations
      Have a great weekend ❤️

  11. Struggled him to death, but do people have right to use pictures without agreement? Even if someone is dead i think is not normal to share pictures..

  12. C’est fou qu’au 21eme siècle on peut etre tellement évoluer au niveau de la technologie, avoir fait tant de progrès sur beaucoup de niveau mais en meme temps être tellement primitif sur certain sujet comme les LGBT ou le racisme, du moins pour certaine personne, beaucoup trop. Nous sommes tous different et unique, on ne choisi pas son orientation sexuel, nos preference, notre caractère, ou notre physique. C’est dingue que des personne peuvent éprouver tant de haine face a la difference. Il n’y a rien de plus beau que l’amour quelque soi la forme du moment que c’est dans le respect de l’autre, les gens devrai s’acceter tel qu’ils sont, il devraient arrêter de juger constatent leur voisin ou leur proche pour ce qu’ils ont ou pour les choix qu’ils font. Il y a tellement de personne qui doivent se mentir a eux meme, prétendre d’être une personne qui ne sont pas de peur de “decevoir” leur proche ou meme pour le regard des étranger. C’est vraiment tant que ca change, toute cette haine inutile basé sur des education raté, par une idéologie que des parents on inculquer a leur enfants ou par peur de la difference. Aimons nous les un les autre et nous meme, respectons nous et le monde ne sera que meilleur. ❤️

    1. Je crois q’apres ce que tu as dis, je peux seulement dire:Amen! you said it all! J’admire la facon dont tu penses, c’est tellement adorable vraiment! J’ai voulu ajouter une conversation j’ai ecrit avec dieu mais le post est tres tres long deja, et beaucoup de personnes ont ignoré ce post ! Anyway, can’t force people to read…but it tells something about these people I guess!
      I Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and your burns are better ❤

  13. Oh, so it’s June! Haha 😀 But as you already know I agree with the title and every you wrote in the content, so my comment won’t be that long.
    It’s always easy to say words but doing it and showing it with all your heart isn’t easy for everyone.
    Wow, that’s one heck of a story Hug. Just when I thought I almost “know” you, you throw another info to throw me off.
    If I was single, I might agree to those who said “Too bad he’s a gay” for a completely different reason. Gavin sounds like a dream guy. And for a woman who prefers a man, I will feel bad that I won’t stand a chance in his eyes. 😊
    He probably practiced, making sure he said your name right because he knows that you accepted him without judgment for who he was.
    53 is too young to die, and so tragic how it happens that way. He doesn’t deserve the humiliation for being who he is. And of course, no one will be able to replace a unique person. 😦 Olga is most probably feeling it more than anyone. I will mourn so much if these things happen to my gay and lesbian friends.
    Sorry that you have to lose someone that way. The world is bad enough without all this tragedy.

    PS: It took me more than 30 min to read this post because of the weight of the story. So heavy 😥 but the videos give this bitter situation a sense of sweetness. I want to try those bee natural snacks!

    1. Yes it’s June 2019 😊 and I do appreciate the time you took to read my very long post! I was so hesitated and wanted to write 2 posts or more but then I thought, I guess even one post, many will not read it! And I was right actually…Many just skipped it maybe the length and maybe the subject…My best friend told me I confused people somehow on how I jumped from introduction to long story then to other things…so she confirmed my suspicions! But I won’t change the post now..
      Anyway, I have many things that you don’t know dear Jess that’s for sure…And appreciate your kind words and empathy and I know what you meant about Gavin and you would feel bad, it’s so clear and yes it’s totally normal! Guess many women thought the same…and they didn’t mean any harm at all…
      Olga left the radio hosting thing, I asked through my other friend if she’s interested in voice over field and she said okay no problem but her time is tight so hope I will work with her one day…
      I guess also I said it all in this post, so I have nothing more to add on this topic, writing this post made me sad and down for some time! Glad you enjoyed the videos and yes you should try these snacks 🙂
      Have a great day ❤

      1. Yes I should. I think they exist in some international supermarket here in Spain.
        Good luck with Olga but when it comes to your post… maybe it was a combo of both. But my guess is it’s more about the length. Probably got intimidated of how much it will take for them to read it. I personally, bookmarked this post until I was sure I had the time.
        Also, I can’t speak for someone else but I never had problem reading your post. I can easily follow them without getting lost 🙂
        Yes, it’s easy to understand why constructing a post affects out mood because we are in a way living it over again, but I hope you have a wonderful day Hug.

      2. Firstly, sorry I’m having hectic time at work due to some stupid official decision to adjust some papers..anyway I really appreciate your words regarding my posts and happy you have no problem following, it means a lot<3 Oh well, I’m still affected for many reasons but no issue it will go I guess
        Hope your day is great ❤

  14. Hi Huguette, I just read this post now, of course I am late again 😦 I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend Gavin. And to be exact it took me 18 minutes to read this one, and that excludes the videos. Gavin’s story is heartbreaking. Losing a friend from a murder is horrible. When I was 23 I also loss a dear friend, not from strangling but from beheading. She was my same age and we were called to identify her in the morgue. Excuse my french, but it is really fucked up.

    I support LGBTQ, I have family members and close friends that are gays/lesbians/bisexual. 🙂 🙂 For me they should have the same rights as we have, and they should get the same respect that we are receiving. Looks like in Lebanon LGBTQ community is not yet accepted. It will probably take decades for your country to be open to them, and it is kind of expected because of culture and religion. However, it is totally unacceptable if people end up killing / beating / shaming somebody because of their sexual orientation. Take for instance the photo of Mr.Gavin in whatsup after his death. This is totally unacceptable, aside from the murder itself. I am not pertaining to Lebanon, but for sure this is also happening everywhere.

    People need to understand, being gay is not a disease, not a weakness, and not definitely a choice. It is being born special. Some people are born having two sex organs, only having 9 fingers, or with chromosome issue ending up with delay in mental development. And these things were definitely not their choice and not their fault. So why should we judge and condemn them? People don’t understand, because they are not in their position. And these people that are shaming the LGBTQ community are totally DISGUSTING.

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read this long post! 18 minutes is not easy, so I do appreciate it! And thank you for the lovely words you said and I’m also sorry for your friend, must be horrible feeling! Lot of hate in this world!
      I really loved how reconciled you are and the way you think, your level of accepting the others, it’s amazing! It makes me happy to know that the people I interact with are that educated, and that smart and that humanitarian mostly…Religions have the biggest effect I guess and it’s very very sad! I wanted to add a conversation between God and a straight person, but the post is too long!
      Appreciate this lovely interaction and the words of wisdom you said from all my heart ❤
      Have a great day!

      1. Hi Huguette, Thank you for the wonderful response. I am excited to see that post live in your blog. I don’t mind if they are long. I know you produce quality content may it be long or short. Have you watched the last Music Video of Madonna? The Dark Ballet ? You need to see it, it is about LGBTQ and Religion – very bold.

      2. Always appreciate your admiration words and your respect to my blog 🙏🏻🙏🏻
        Now after reading your comment I have watched it for the first time and you’re right, it’s very bold 👌 I wonder if the Church has replied to this video! They did before with Madonna I guess
        But the message she delivered is very powerful in this hypocrite world

      3. I really don’t know what happened after the release. This was just out this month. 🙂 Goodnight for now gurl, need to take a nap for work tonight.

  15. I experienced so many emotions reading this post, Huguette. I felt so very sad to read about the awful murder of your friend and colleague, Gavin Ford (someone I hadn’t heard of so I’m grateful for your tribute to him). You write about him with such genuine respect, admiration and fondness that it’s clear how much he meant to you. Then I found myself laughing at the end watching the brilliant Ellen deliver her “common cement” speech – absolutely hilarious. You give such an important and powerful message in this post that just can’t be said enough – love has no gender. All of us have the right to be who we are and love the people we want to, without fear of criticism, judgement or attack. Happy, well-adjusted, fully-functioning people have no reason to attack others. It is only those who are fearful, insecure and unhappy who feel the need to condemn others for their sexuality. Congratulations on an incredible post, Huguette.

    1. Thank you dear Julie for taking time to read my long post and leaving such kind comment! Sorry to make you sad, well this post still affecting me for many reasons…And I usually say what I feel with no filters so glad I could transmit all these feelings to the readers…
      I’m a positive born person and didn’t find better than Ellen to finish this, this woman is amazing! As I said I wish life can be as simple as Ellen makes it look like!
      ” Happy, well-adjusted, fully-functioning people have no reason to attack others” Perfectly said! and I mentioned that when you attack, you are sometimes fighting your identity, I read it once…
      So glad you loved the post, it means a lot! I didn’t miss your Monday post, it’s bookmarked because I’m having a busy week at work and I’m catching up 🙂 Have a great time!

      1. No worries! I know what it’s like to be busy and wouldn’t want you to feel pressure to read my posts. I realised your posts weren’t showing up in my Reader (this happens so often with other blogs I follow, it’s really frustrating) so I missed this one. Now I’ve put an alert on so I’ll be notified when you publish so I won’t miss any – yay! Hope the rest of your weeks goes well.

      2. 😊😊 I have an alert too when you post, thank you for that
        Many glitches are here in the platform, I keep seeing bloggers following me again and again and many are missing my posts also
        Nothing to do I guess
        Wish you a great evening as well 😊

  16. Great post and well needed! It’s abhorrent that people are being killed based on being part of the lgbtqia community. Glad to see people raising awareness of the injustices that they face 🌷

    1. Thank you for taking time to read and comment! It’s appreciated 🙏🏻
      Too bad that despite all the education and progress, many parts of this world still dark and retarded
      Have a great time 🙂

  17. I’m sorry to hear not just about the loss of your friend, but about the circumstances in which it came about and the disrespectful activity in the aftermath. Evil thrives in the midst of kind human beings.

    I thought the Ellen DeGeneres clip was clever and funny.

    After I read your comment about the Vatican I looked it up on Google, but I did not read much, because what the Vatican has to say about transgender people is not worth reading. This is an organisation that has covered-up countless sexual offences against children. Their opinion on anything is worthless to me.

    There is a lot depth and quality in this post. You never skimp on effort.

    1. Thank you Ronny for reading this long post and for your kind words and empathy! I do appreciate it a lot
      You are right, an organization that closes its eyes on sexual abuse against children not worth anyone time I guess!
      This is a sad world we live in I guess and it’s not getting any better
      Thank you for your time 🙂

  18. Beautiful post Huguette.
    For me Hate is nothing but absence of Love. And life is simple – it is only about becoming Love.
    You are such an intelligent and loving young lady and I wish a happy and fulfilling life for you 🤗

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